There Are a Few Problems - Let's Play Sven Co-op!

FINAL EPISODE - 4/16/2018

Years ago, Panzer and I LP’ed Saints Row 2 and since then we have been struggling to find another game that could live up to that level of “quality”. Unfortunately, nothing we toyed around with really clicked with us. We shrugged it off, figuring that after I moved to the same area as her that would open up a ton of possibilities via local co-op games. So here we are – four years and nearly 3000 miles later – and we’ve finally settled on this trash fire incredible experience that doesn’t require us to be in the same room at all.

Welcome to Sven Co-op

Sven Co-op was a mod initially created so that people could play the original Half-Life together… but that’s not exactly where we’re going to go with it. You see, as a mod for a popular computer game in the early 2000s, things quickly got out of hand. Tons of custom, user-made maps were created and, well…

Episode #00 - Half-Life Fake-Out
Episode #01 - Authentic Experience
Episode #02 - Pizza Preparation
Episode #03 - Pizza Assault
Episode #04 - Ocarina of Shit
Episode #05 - Irritating (Deku) Stick
Episode #06 - YES, YES
Episode #07 - Ha Ha to You Bowser
Episode #08 - Pizza Delivery
Episode #09 - Pizza Security
Episode #10 - Night on the Town
Episode #11 - Wreckhouse
Episode #12 - Grand Prix
Bonus #01 - F-Zero
Episode #13 - Dumpster Dive
Episode #14 - Punishment
Episode #15 - Donnie Day
Episode #16 - Christmas Time
Episode #17 - The Best of the Best
Episode #18 - Trash Xprase
Episode #19 - Classics of Game
Episode #20 - Classics of Game 2: The Sequel
Episode #21 - The Hunt for BLU Obama
Episode #22 - shit [VLP]

Toon Run: (comes with installs of Sven Co-op)
Bot Party:
Pizza Ya San:
Zelda OOT Conversion:
Fun Waterpark:
Marioland 1: Greenblock Zone:
Shopping Centre:
Metal Bar:
Mat Club:
Wreckhouse 2:
Wreckhouse 3:
Keen Race 2017:
Snark Race:
Train Racing:
Terminator Run:
F-zero X:
Robootto’s Big Map Pack:
otokotati no kouzan:
The Prison:
Big Room Guy 3:
Party 2:
Hotline Svencoop:
Sniperwar Xmas:
Sveney Christmas:
Santa’s Revenge:
Mario Land Escape Series:
Marioland 2: Waterville Zone:
Sonic The Hedgehog:
Fire Temple:
Metal Gear Solid:
Legend of Zelda:



All these years and I had no idea you could pull the sample back out of the testing area. I always assumed it was stuck in place once things start popping off.

Wowee, I’m definitely keeping up with this.

So very here for this.

Unexpected outcomes is right. This is going to be a very fun ride.

I never really got into Half-Life or much of PC gaming until very recently, but I’m excited to learn more about what makes this game so special to everyone else! Just from the opening, it seems like Gordon is going on a WILD adventure here, and I’m glad he has someone like Kaubocks to help guide him through the chaos.


I am unreasonably happy about this LP. I just yelped a bit when Panzer showed up and now my dog is upset.

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I’ve seen dozens of Half-Life LPs, but this really brings something new to the table.

Gotta say, Black Mesa seems to have diverged pretty widely from its source material.

AS someone who has never played Half Life 1, I was genuinely confused and a little unnerved about this video until around the end.

Kind of just a little sad because I’d of liked a good Half Life 1 LP, but this is also good.

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Prepare for unforseen consequences.

Holy cow it’s gonna be good

I was interested in a new half life LP but then I realised, its 2017, i can download the game in like 12 seconds and be playing it if I really cared about returning that much. Can’t make this chemistry on my own though, looking forward to the sven stuff.

half life got weird

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New thread title!
New OP!

:siren:New episode!:siren:

Sven Co-op - #01: Authentic Experience


That was an incredibly authentic Mario Party experience.

GoldSrc isn’t Source but it also totally is.

This was more amazing than I could have hoped.

Tropical Trevor for character of the year

Man fuck yeah, this owns. I cannot wait for y’all to get to the trash I’m actually aware of.

But there’s a little part of me that’s like, “man I would’ve been really happy for another Half-Life LP.”

Photographic evidence of me after the realization.


Everything is beautiful and I can’t stop laughing help