The Screaming About E3 2017 Experience: Mario's Magic Mind Control Hat


Wow, Ubisoft finally managed to do it. Nobody thought they could or would, but they did. They made a show that was only, like, 35% cringy.

Also they ended with a trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2.


Very sad that Mr. Caffeine was not in attendance


Didn’t expect a physical Undertale to be a thing, let alone a game sold directly on Fangamer (and possibly published by them too?), but here we are.

PS4/Vita/PC, with a special edition.


Was undertale literally the only time the Vita got mentioned?


That was a pretty solid conference overall. I like the looks of Moss, Shadow of the Colossus getting an outright remake will be great, and while I don’t play Monster Hunter people are probably happy about that. And as per usual, David Cage is outdoing himself in writing video games very badly.

I think so, yeah. Their focus was mostly PS4 and VR, and nothing else seemed like it would fit on Vita.


I can’t wait to see Skyrim announced again at E3 2018.
(come on bethesda give us a new bug-ridden fantasy set somewhere a little more colorful already)


Only Nintendo left to go, but they promised to talk only about the games coming out this year, so we know most of it.

I’m honestly surprised that Ubi of all companies would have the best conference so far. M+R and BGE2 blew it out of the park,

Sadly it appears, at least from the info available, that BGE2 will be some “shared world” (Buzzword of the conference right there, btw) game and that it’s very early in development.


So the good news is: new Kirby, and it looks like it’s taking a lot of mechanics from the earlier games.
The bad news is: Mario has gained too much power. He freely takes the bodies of those he deems useful, and uses them to his own ends. They finally ditched lives, and instead you only lose coins upon death: a feature I would normally welcome, but now it means that Mario can no longer perish when we need him to the most.

So Odyssey looks fun, but Mario is unstoppable and will end civilization as we know it.


Metroid Prime 4 is happening.

Hell. Yes.


While it wasn’t announced at E3 proper, there’s a Tyranny expansion in the works and there was a massive balance overhaul patch today, and I am very happy.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Metroid Prime 4 and a remake of Metroid 2! :heart_eyes: IT’S A GOOD DAY TO BE A METROID FAN :confetti_ball:


Other M Ruined My 23rd Birthday: A Memoir

I hope it is not bad. It is my dream.



god that cronch is disturbing