The Screaming About E3 2017 Experience: Mario's Magic Mind Control Hat


There was literally a game trailer that was nothing but a man screaming about games.


And what’s the best way to follow that up?



Great presentation. If you play on PC.


I dont even own an Xbone, I’m just glad we got a date for Cuphead and The Last Night looks sicknasty which was that pixel/3d art style.

I have work in the morning so I’ll have to miss Bethesda.


It was decent for a Microsoft presentation. They waded through the usual garbage and eventually there was color. The Last Night and that one game with the Conker/Tails hybrid looked pretty neat. The latter seems like it was timed well, given Yooka Laylee didn’t go over well.

Xbox One X is still a stupid name, though.


The thing about Lucky’s Tale is it’s already out on the Oculus but I think this is now the first time you can play it in not-VR


Something I haven’t seen anyone mention yet, the letter X sounds pretty close to the letter S. Especially if one’s voice was heavily processed, say through a phone. So not only does it sound incremental like the Wii U (of course, this time it actually is), it could also be pretty easy to misunderstand which one someone is talking about.


I saw nothing but twitter jokes about that

It’s the Wii U all over again.


Really disappointed that Anthem is an MMO / co-op only. I’m hopeful that the Life is Strange prequel is good, but it looks like none of the original game’s writers are working on it, which is worrying. The Last Night looked great, until it turned out that the lead dev is a Gamergater.


well shit that sucks


Ah, shit.

(RIP @Bearpigman’s mentions.)


It looks like the Life Is Strange prequel is being developed by a different studio, Deck Nine Games, while DONTNOD works on the second season that was announced not too long ago. Looks like the only notable thing Deck Nine has done before pivoting toward narrative games (previously they were known as Idol Minds) is Neopets: The Darkest Faerie (yes, I watched that LP) and the Ratchet and Clank Collection. So I guess we’ll see what happens.

Bummer about The Last Night.


Apparently, Anthem can be played single player as well. Then again, the same is technically true of SWTOR. I really wish that they would have released a story trailer instead of a boring scripted MMO speak trailer.


So hyped for the Dishonored 2 DLC. Wolfenstein looks nice as well.


I think the weirdest thing is new Metro has pretty much been the only announcement to surprise me so far.

And yeah, good to see more Dishonored. They’re going with standalone DLC this time, right?


Watching the Microsoft conference and i’m blown away at the vape box and CAR!


Also I haven’t seen Assassin’s Creed in a while was it always this ridiculous?


In recent years, yes.


Mind arrows and bird vision including?

I’m digging Bethesda’s cartoon presentation style but like i’m not really at all interested in more Elder Scrolls & Fallout stuff.


Wolfenstein trailer is amazing. Love the bit at the end where the dude drops acid, also MONKEY CAT


So on the list of things people expected the Mario/Rabbids crossover to be, I don’t think Xcom was one.