The Cool Crime of Robbery: Let's Play Persona 5



Normally, in the real world, it gets under my skin when a customer says, “Can’t you hire more workers?” or something to that effect.

But in a world where the boss will hire anyone who calls in without an interview or without even meeting them, I’ll let it slide. Boss man has to do a better job.


[details=Part 25]Part 25: 5/9-5/10

Anon: Admin has to be trolling
Anon: I searched… makes no sense
Anon: Who’s spreading this?

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

You going snowboarding or something?

Guh… Pollen allergies suck… I couldn’t go to the mountains even if I wanted to… My eyes and nose would gush like rivers.
That sounds awful…
That’s right, the news said pollen season was starting later than usual this year. Looks like the pollen problems have only just begun. People are about to have some itchy eyes. This might affect Mementos the same way weather does.

Uhh… ……

…Allergies? Oh, uh, maybe! I do feel kind of dazed, and everything feels weird! But… um… actually… I’ve been having this feeling that someone’s watching me… I hope not… Oh! Maybe I just can’t shake off the feeling of infiltrating a Palace! At the Palace, we’re always cautious of not being noticed, you know! So it has to be my imagination… Yeah…

He got what he deserved…
I wonder who put up those postings.
What’s his problem? Casting shame on the whole school like that…
Your life is pretty much over if you do something like that.

Anon: Sounds fake, but…
Anon: gtfo with that shit LOL
Anon: even kids aren’t that dumb
Anon: ugh another online rumor?
Anon: played too many games
Admin: No trolling please ;-;

Ha, poor Mishima.

Music: So Boring

I wish someone’d just thank us for it or something…
Either way, everything has worked out for the best.

I wonder what’s gonna happen to him now. I mean, he’s a famous criminal at this point, right? He’s gonna have to deal with people hating him forever…
That might be true, but I don’t have any sympathy for him. He got what he deserved.
For sure.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

I saw it on the Phan-Site, but I’ve heard about it at school too. Anyway, there’s a guy at school whose bullying has gone too far. I want to help the victim, but that’s impossible for me…

You’re amazing! The bully is a brown-haired guy frequently seen standing out front of the school entrance. And from what I can tell, his name is Daisuke Takanashi. Just make sure nobody knows I told you the name!

Maaku immediately goes up to the blackboard and writes “MISHIMA’S A NARC.”

What good timing! I know this is a small case, but we have a name, so we should be able to consider him a target. Let’s go gather at the hideout and discuss!

And we’re immediately whisked away to the hideout (that hasn’t been closed off yet, oddly) to talk about Mementos.

Music: Suspicion

What are you talking about? Don’t we need to study for exams?

Pff, nerd.

Eh, don’t worry ‘bout that stuff. Let’s ignore the details and just go chargin’ in head-first!
That’s easy for you to say… but we don’t even have a target.
That’s actually not a problem anymore. Some intel has come in from Mishima.
Ooh, perfect timin’! Let’s just go in right now then!
You’ll really do anything to avoid studying, huh…?

So, we have two options here. Despite the game spitting us out at the hideout, we can actually duck out of here and go raise Confidants, or we can do what the game wants and head into Mementos. For today, we’ll be exploring… both options. First, we’ll very briefly head into Mementos to explore the weather effect, then reload and raise a Confidant instead. This isn’t because I’m afraid to deviate from a schedule, but more because there’s something I want to do ASAP and I can’t afford to lose my night time as well if I want to get to it. We’ll see that in the next update, though.

Before we head into Mementos, though, we need to confirm the target by hitting “View Requests.”

C’mon, just tell us…
Oh… do you mean the calling card!? But wait a sec… did we send one the last time?
The Treasure materializes when we change the target’s subconscious with a calling card. That’s the rule when dealing with a Palace. But in Mementos, it seems like we can just go for the target immediately.
Wait, what? We don’t need a calling card or nothing?
Something else already exists that fulfills that role. Fortunately for us, Mishima put a comment up in the forum saying the Phantom Thieves are coming. For a small target, that’s enough of a calling card. That alone will put some fear in them for a while. Even that Nakanohara must have seen Mishima’s comments about him on the Phan-Site. And that’s why the Nav picked up on him.
…Can we really leave something that important to someone else!?
The desires of the Mementos Shadows are nothing compared to those of the Palace rulers. Still, we need to unanimously agree on our target. No ignoring the rules, even for smaller ones. Anyway, let’s get to discussing the intel we’ve gathered! This intel is on an arrogant brown-haired bully. He’s a student at Shujin Academy. Things have gone a little too far for just bullying though. He’s abusing and blackmailing kids.
He’s the perfect target! C’mon, let’s take him down!
Are you sure you aren’t just excited to go to Mementos? Then again, we can’t really leave a guy like that be… We should go.
No objections, right? Mm… we’re good to go if you’re OK with it. That’s a unanimous decision! OK, all that’s left now is to take down the target in Mementos!

Music: Mementos

We can warp around to certain floors of Mementos, which is a life-saver.

Oh yeah… I have something for you before we head in there.

Those were the last I had. You’re on your own now, OK?
The target’s really in here, huh?
Definitely. I’m sensing them deeper than before, but their presence is certainly here.
All right then. Let’s go look for ‘em!
Achoo! Achoo! The pollen’s out of control today… It’ll definitely have an impact on Mementos…
Huh? Whaddya mean?
Well, Mementos is affected by the emotions of the public.
Wait, so you’re saying… weather changes people’s feelings, and that in turn changes Mementos?
Not just Mementos. The Shadows inside too. The type of change will depend on what kind of weather it is. This might turn out to be useful.

More dangerous Shadows, but more items as well.

What happens when there’s a ton of pollen?
I’m not too sure… but the impact on Mementos is determined by how the public is feeling. How have other people been seeming to you?
Come to think of it, some of the kids in my class have bad allergies. They all seem really out of it. Apparently the medicine makes them sleepy…
I see… There might be a similar effect in Mementos then…

Sleepy shadows means free ambushes and avoidable fights, which is a really great effect.

So it’ll prolly be easier to beat Shadows or ignore ‘em completely. C’mon, let’s go find out.

Sure enough, this Shadow is asleep. But we’ll leave actually dungeon crawling for a later date. Reload!

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Out in front of the school, we find that bully, Daisuke.

I don’t know wh-what you want from me…
Only good thing you got going on is that you’re loaded. Understand me, you two-legged volleyball?
Harsh, Daisuke! Oh man, Hippo looks like he’s about to cry!


She looked tired, especially because of the Kamoshida incident. I heard she’s been acting under direct orders by the principal. I wonder what she’s doing.
I don’t know. She hasn’t said anything to me.
I guess she can’t rely on us for some reason. I wish she wouldn’t handle everything alone like that.

Seems like Makoto’s got her hands full.

Let’s go check on her.

Was he acting any different after that strange posting went up?
Ummm… I think he was the same as always, but I’m not sure… I heard he’s dangerous, so I try to keep my distance from him…

I’m sorry, I don’t know anything else… Is he involved in this?

Whoever could they be talking about? Dangerous? Better steer clear of that guy.

…All I’ve done till now is avoid you though, so I’ll hear you out if you wanted to ask me anything.

I haven’t found much on them at all. I haven’t seen much info on the internet, either…

They have a fucking website.

Let’s hang out with Ryuji today.

So, y’know how we were lookin’ for somewhere we can train? Well, I finally found a spot. We’re free to do whatever we want! How ‘bout we head on over there?
>Hang out with him
It’s a gym over in Shibuya. Pretty damn cheap too.

Music: What’s Going On?

It’s pay per visit, so you don’t gotta worry about any bullshit contracts or nothing. The equipment’s kinda crappy, but they got tons of variety. Plus, it’s real damn cheap. Totally worth, even without a pool or hot tub. Oh yeah! You bring your stuff?

I’m talkin’ about spare undies! Gettin’ back into your sweaty clothes after a nice hot shower is like, the grossest goddamn thing. …Oh, but don’t go gettin’ your hopes up. No way I’m gonna let you use mine. Anyways, let’s head in.

Music: Break it Down

Phew… My form’s… comin’ back… but I don’t got… any stamina… cough

Don’t you mean “good morning”? Hahaha, you’re as eloquent as ever, Sakamoto.
Heck yeah, man! I’ve been studyin’ my words n’ shit!
Of course you have, haha. Oh, and you don’t need to call me senpai anymore. I’ve already graduated, remember?

This game does away with most of the honorifics as compared to Persona 4, which just makes it weirder when they do pop up.

Hm? He’s, uh… a friend! By the time he showed up, the track team was already… well, y’know.
Speaking of which, how’s your leg?
Eh, I’m managin’… How ‘bout you, Senpai? You still runnin’?
I actually joined my university’s track team. You’d think I would’ve quit entirely after what happened…
About that, I’m real sorry…
No, I should be the one apologizing.

I was supposed to be the leader of our team, yet I just resigned myself to Kamoshida’s will…
That’s ‘cause you needed him to write your letter of rec, right? You were just lookin’ out for your future… but I still managed to eff it up anyways.
Kamoshida clearly never intended on writing my letter of recommendation. You were just his excuse not to. And honestly, I enjoy where I am now. The track team isn’t anything special, but it’s perfect for me. So in truth, I should be thanking you for what you did, Sakamoto.
I’ve always regretted not doing more to protect you guys… But I heard some good news recently… The Shujin track team’s being reinstated!

I mean, Kamoshida confessed all the horrible stuff he did, right? I guess the school got the old team together and told them they want to try starting it up again.
…Nobody told me about that.
Huh, odd… The rumors got as far as me, and I’m not even a student anymore. Anyway, I heard they’re going to get Mr. Yamauchi as their new advisor.
Yamauchi…? Hold up, THAT Yamauchi!?
Yup, the one who was basically Kamoshida’s lapdog. Apparently he volunteered. He’s really enthusiastic about pulling the track team up from the ashes.
He is…?
You know, now that the team is being reinstated, there’s no need for any bad blood, right? Why don’t you go talk to them? I’m sure they could use someone with your passion.

Ikeda leaves.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

…Good for them.

For real though, I’m glad the team’s comin’ back. It’s sweet that Nakaoka and them can start trainin’ again. But I’m still worried ‘bout their advisor, Yamauchi. He’s basically like a mini-Kamoshida.

He’d always yell at us at practice, but then be a huge kiss-ass when our parents were around. Ugh, I can’t believe a moron like that’s gonna be advisin’ the track team. He doesn’t even teach PE! …He’s gotta be up to something. I’ll do some research… There’s a chance I’m gonna need your help too, mkay? You’d be free to lend me a hand if I need it, yeah? I’ll be countin’ on you!

I feel like my bond with Ryuji is growing deeper…

All right, we don’t got time to be messin’ around here anymore! Let’s head home! Wait, I gotta shower first…! Seeya!

Music: Beneath the Mask

He apparently gives speeches at Shibuya Station, but… you can’t judge a book by its cover.
…Another box came for you.
…What did you get?

Must be what you ordered off the TV.

These Calming Masks give us Resist Confuse.

The students found it hard to hide their bewilderment at the scandal surrounding a popular teacher. The police plan to finalize the arrest once they collect more evidence and finish investigating.
The school is swarming with police. Anyway, it looks like that’s the end of this case.

I’m in trouble for anything that’s not English. I haven’t been studying at all… Oh! Maybe we can make some progress if we keep an eye on each other! Wanna study together?

We can choose to study with Ann for increases to both Knowledge and our relationship with her, but I’m pretty sure we don’t need any more points with her right now, and studying’s for losers.

Whatever could you possibly be referring to?

Remember that lottery ticket we bought weeks ago? Neither did I. We won 300 yen from a thousand yen ticket.

You won, but… Well, I guess it’s better than nothing.

Let’s talk to the speech man again.

Oh, you were working at the beef bowl shop before! You have a lot of perseverance for a young person. Well, if you’re interested, I could use your help. I want to change the state of this country, and to do so, I need the power of the youth. …However, due to certain regulations, I can’t offer a job to a student. I was thinking you could learn some things if you chose to attend a few of my speeches though…

This sounds shady. I’m in.

Really!? That would be helpful indeed! Well then… would you mind telling me your name and contact information? You’re a student from Shujin Academy, hm? It’s nice to meet you. I am Toranosuke Yoshida. I used to be a member of the Diet… but no longer.

The Diet is kind of like Japanese Congress, if you know nothing about Japanese government. I happen to know only slightly more than nothing, so I’m sure someone will respond telling me how that’s a really inaccurate analogy.

In the past twenty years, I’ve lost seven straight elections… This isn’t good. I’m dwelling on the negative right before my speech. Well then, I hope I can count on your help immediately.

Maaku looks so goofy holding that sign, though I have no idea what it says.

With common sense no longer our guide, we make decisions based on our selfish wants and desires. This has resulted in a deluge of self-centered people who delight in taking advantage of the weak.

A world where it is acceptable to trample on the rights of others for your own benefit… A world where the young exist only to be exploited… Is a world that must be changed!

Music: Suspicion

Nothing’s going to change. We’ll just keep getting exploited.

You mustn’t base your decision on whom to support merely according to the party they belong to…

I can’t wait for the inevitable political discussion that will arise from this update, by which I mean don’t you fucking dare start that shit in this thread.

Ah, shut up already! You’re just a washed-up politician!
If I am chosen to represent the will of the people, then I am fully prepared to…
“In the best interests of all”!? Hah! Save your blathering for when you get elected! …IF you get elected!

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Well, what did you think of my speech?

Indeed. Do you feel the same? Such as I am, I’d like to believe that I’m capable of giving a moving speech. …However, there are times, like today, when the audience has a difference of opinion on a topic. Some feel I should concentrate on getting elected before I worry about others… Do you agree?

Thank you. It’s encouraging to know that my message has won you over. Besides, I have grown quite accustomed to those types of reactions… Although… I don’t know if that is necessarily a good thing. Regardless, no matter what they say, I must continue on…

Perhaps I’ll ask for your impressions again sometime.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

You also seem pretty close with Takamaki-san if you’re both coming to school together. You just transferred here though… I guess you two really click.

…I see. You seemed a lot closer than that yesterday morning. I heard she was a victim of Mr. Kamoshida, but was there all there was to it…? Either way, closer inspection should clear everything up… Goodbye.

Makoto’s got an interesting strategy when it comes to spying on me, in which she walks right up, asks me direct questions and then admits that she has been watching me and will continue to do so in the future. Genius play.

Music: So Boring

…Shit, I’m fucked aren’t I?

Now then, pickng up from last time… The end of the Heian period marks the rise of the samurai, which I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for. As described in “The Tale of the Heike,” it was a time when all that was great would fall from grace. It wasn’t unusual for the heroes of yesterday to be struck down as rebels of the present day. By the sympathizing with the loser or the weak is called “magistrate’s patronage.” That term came from the name of the position that a certain hero held. Now then, Hamiru-kun. Who do you think is the origin of the term “magistrate’s patronage”?


Although Yoshitsune helped defeat the Taira, he was driven out by his brother and killed himself. However, in the centuries that followed, Yoshitsune became more popular as a tragic hero.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

Rather than siding with the one who has overwhelming power, people prefer the underdog opposing them. It’s sort of like rooting for a minor-league baseball team instead of an all-star, major-league one.
I can understand that. It’s like, if I don’t root for them, then who will?

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Nah, I’m fucked anyway, might as well continue blowing them off.

It’s his fault I have to live such a shitty life…

…It’s got nothing to do with you. He’s fooled everyone. You’re all idiots…

People without charm or popularity always use force to get their way… Push, pull, and then the smooth follow-up. Without these skills, can you call yourself a man?

Between these dudes and the fucking PUA manual we bought from the bookstore I wonder if Atlus has some weird conception of what a pick-up artist actually is, because in real life it’s just about the most hilariously skeevy thing in the world.

Eating away at humankind… The “Sun God” is the only one who can oppose such an evil force!
Ahhh… the power of the Sun God flows through me…!
Yes! YES! This is the promised land! Feel the warmth of the Sun God radiating within you!

That’s why I’ve poured my soul into this song—to help restore our hope. I give you… “Breaking School”!

This should be interesting.

Breaking, breaking, class schedules/Breaking, breaking time to go home/Be firm, be strong/Don’t lose resolve/Who the hell hid my sliiippeeers/I’ll fill ya desk with fried dooough

Well, that was…

Thanks, bay-bee! Could you feel the passion of my soul?

You don’t get it? Well… I guess American pie is more rock n’ roll than fried dough…

Finally, let’s talk to that homeless guy who said all that terrifying shit when we visited him at night.

Haha, I’m touched that you’re concerned about me. Don’t worry, I’m used to it. I’ll be just fine. I was living this kind of life before I knew it. My memory’s a little foggy though. I actually have trouble recalling anything that happens at night… Well, I guess it’s not a problem.

I don’t like where this is going…

Let’s just hang out with Ryuji again.

Hey, uh… Do you remember that guy Yamauchi I was talkin’ about before?

The hell’re you talkin’ about!? That’s a dog, man! And besides, it’s “daschund”! I actually know my dogs, dude!

Ironically, they spelled “dachshund” wrong.

…Anyways, Yamauchi’s the teacher who’s gonna end up bein’ the new track team advisor. He don’t give a rat’s ass about the sport though… or even the students. So, y’see, I heard this rumor… Apparently he’s got in trouble at school before with his drinkin’… but that hasn’t kept him from goin’ out. I was thinkin’, maybe he’d let some shit slip when he’s drunk. We should totally try and tail him sometime. I’ll look into where he goes to drink. What’s the plan for today though? You gonna train with me?
>Hang out with him
Let’s get changed then. We can meet at, uh… Hmmm, somewhere’s gotta be open. Let’s try lookin’ around at school.

Music: What’s Going On?

I mean, we’d prolly run into Nakaoka and them if we stuck around here… You got any ideas?

I bet we’d just end up eatin’ ice cream and playin’ video games all day long. That’s just kinda what happens, y’know? …Eh, I guess it won’t hurt to peek ‘round the gym. If they ain’t there, maybe we can–

Music: Suspicion

So what, you gonna ask him questions with your fists? And anyways, ain’t a three-on-one kinda cowardly?
The only coward here is Nakaoka! All the shit Kamoshida put us through is his fault… He was telling that bastard secrets about us the whole time…!

Plus, ain’t the track team comin’ back? You don’t gotta fight!
…Sh-Shut up! I’m telling you, this piece of shit sold us out! How do you think Kamoshida found out about your parents, Sakamoto?

He’s gotta be a snitch!

If you think that’s gonna make you feel better, go for it. …But you’re gonna wish you didn’t. Trust me, it feels real bad lookin’ back on shitty stuff you’ve done.
Look… Even if Nakaoka was workin’ with Kamoshida… ain’t it fine now? The bastard’s gone, so you guys can just put this crap behind you. There’s no reason to fight, yeah…?
We can’t keep people around who’re gonna try and undermine our team.
But… I didn’t do anything. I wasn’t working with Kamoshida. No matter how much you hit me, my answer’s gonna stay the same.
Oh yeah…? We’ve got proof. Yamauchi told us all about it.

C’mon Takeishi, we gotta get out of here. It’d be real bad if anyone else showed up.
…Nakaoka. Shit like you isn’t welcome on our new track team. You’d better remember that.

Track team is apparently serious business.

What the hell was all that?
Just stay out of this, Sakamoto. It has nothing to do with you.
When you hit Kamoshida, you were really hitting all of us who tried so hard to endure his bullshit. You might’ve felt relieved, but it only made life harder for us… ‘Cause of you, we lost the one place we could vent our frustrations… the one place we could really belong. Tensions got pretty high after that… and things’ve just been kinda rough from then on. …You really think it’s all fine now, huh? Well what if I told you they’re right about me…? Would you still think it’s “fine” if I was the one who told Kamoshida about your parents?
…… Yeah. If you told him, you told him. I’m over all that stuff with my parents anyways. Besides… I’ve realized something, Nakako. I might’ve messed up with Kamoshida back then, but hangin’ on to the past ain’t gonna help anythin’. I’m just gonna focus on bein’ myself now… on bein’ free.
What’re you talking about…? Free, huh? Haha…

Nakaoka leaves.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

I guess bein’ free is like… It’s like how I feel when I’m talkin’ to you, man.

Uhhh, I don’t know what else I gotta say. I just feel… free.

What, we stuck on repeat or something? Hahaha!

Ryuji and Maaku share a laugh.

I feel like my bond with Ryuji is growing deeper…

Harisen Recovery allows a party member with the ability to cure a status ailment on a party member when their turn comes up. Status effects can be debilitating, so it’s incredibly useful… when it triggers.

Mannn, that was some funny shit. …So much for trainin’ though, huh? C’mon, let’s get outta here. Oooh, we should grab ramen on the way home![/details]


Given that Morgana’s reaction to the PUA book and the fact that the PUA guy winds up being pretty pathetic in the end I’d say at least someone at Atlus or the translation team had something of an idea about them. It’s still kind of a weird thing to have in this game though.

I’m not sure what Tora’s sign says but according to the wiki his sash apparently reads: friendly society, bright future


Thanks Ari!


[details=Part 26]Part 26: 5/10-5/14

Music: Beneath the Mask

I get it, my life sucks, get off my case.

The high school where he worked and the board of education have been inundated with protests. Even in town and on the internet, many parents can be seen speaking out about their anger and unease.
They’re talking about Kamoshida again. Sounds like a lot of people have been complaining about him.

Let’s go talk to Yoshida again.

Hey, about Yoshida’s speech skills… We should make use of them when you negotiate with Shadows.

Right? You should ask him.
…Teach you how to give speeches? Why?

I’d love to help you, though… how shall I teach you? …It’s time for my speech. Let’s talk about this later.

They lack jobs, security, savings… The next generation will lead us into the future and yet they have no plan for how to arrive there.

Music: Suspicion

This isn’t good…

Yes, let’s.

What is the point of bickering over such a trivial matter?
This is none of your business!
Yeah, seriously. Just shut up!
What’s with this guy…?

The two men walk away.

Together, we can create a bright future for the next generation.

As if anyone would actually vote for YOU! Are you planning to embezzle funds again? Or maybe criticize one of your constituents again? You criminal!

Wait, what?

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I can’t do that in my situation. Regardless, whenever someone calls me “No-Good Tora,” I panic. I went through quite an ordeal 20 years ago.

…Let me explain. I used to be a member of the National Diet. I was elected during the rise of the “Kuramoto Children.” We were backed by powerful Diet members. This was about 20 years ago.

If you’re wondering what the “Kuramoto Children” are, the game seems to have made them up entirely.

I was very inexperienced back then, both as a politician, as well as a human being. That inexperience led me to be involved in a series of major political scandals.

The first was being caught missing a legistlative meeting to take a personal vacation. Then, I was accused of embezzling a large sum of money from the party… giving me two strikes.

I don’t know, I feel like “You likely stole a fuckload of money” should probably count for two at the very least.

Finally, I called a voter an idiot at an open forum, which resulted in scandal… and strike three.

Yeah, one of those seems way worse than the others, just saying.

I was out… and branded a washed-up politician. You said you wanted to become a member of the Diet. But do you see the man before you?

However, he has conviction and wants to change the world. Public speaking skills could be useful to the Phantom Thieves, so I’ll make a deal with him.
Do you really want to receive my guidance?

I’m happy to hear that, however… Everyone says I have no chance to get elected, so why come to me?

chuckle You’re doing a good job of cheering me up… …But you may be right. The most important part about giving a good speech is believing in yourself. Perhaps one day, I will believe in myself… again. But you sure got me there. You’re a strange young man, Hamiru-kun. Very well. If learning how to give a great speech is what you seek, then I’d be happy to instruct you. In exchange, I would like for you to continue assisting me. Let’s get started, shall we?
I’ve made a deal with Yoshida…

Music: Interrogation Room

An adult—for example, someone talented enough to move people with words—perhaps they coached you. …Isn’t that right!?

It’s kind of hard to parse what Sae is actually asking here. So… what? You think because we used calling cards that we had a coach? And not only that, they were skilled at using words? What? The two halves of this interrogation sequence have pretty much nothing to do with each other. I get what she’s saying, that we needed someone skilled with words to help us write the calling cards, but that’s not actually how it ends up working in the reality of the game, which adds to the confusion of the weird phrasing.

The Sun represents victory, positivity, and vitality, but also when reversed the very opposite, foreboding depression and failure.

Sun is, well… Sun is my favorite Confidant in this game. Hierophant’s close, but I think this one ultimately beats it. Tora owns and I won’t hear any bad talk about him. He’s the best.

Diet? What? Oh, yeah, sure, whatever.

…Oh my, we’ve been talking for far too long. Let’s call it quits for today. Well then, I shall see you again soon.

Anon: Thieves should be arrested!
Anon: Isn’t it just a prank?

Anon: It’s possible

Shoot, I haven’t studied at all…

I hear you, disembodied voice.

Have you heard what’s happened since then?
This sucks… I pulled an all-nighter last night.
Really? Did you get caught?

Music: Life Goes On

Oh boy, time for exams. Like in previous Persona games, we get no free time after school or in the evenings after exams. The clock will automatically jump forward to the next day. It sucks, hard.

That sounds about right.

I bet Ann can hear Morgana telling us the answers and is super pissed at us.

This looks tough, but let’s calm down and think it through.

If how they’re seeing things is different, it probably has to do with this kind of information…

Right. How you see something is visual information. What takes the visual information from your eyes and processes it is the, uh…

Right. The brain process visual information. So, the reason people see things differently is…

“How the brain interprets the same visual data—how one perceives the world—differs from person to person” Ooh, this sounds pretty good! You finished in time!
Time is up. Put down your pencils and put your hands under your desks.

That sounds about right.

That sounds about right.

Anon: thief! give it back! Lol

That sounds about right.

That sounds about right.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

I ended up pullin’ an all-nighter once I realized today’s the last day of exams.
You? Staying up studying?
Nah, I gave up on the exam. I was playin’ some games, then before I knew it, it was morning.

Eh, it’ll be fine. Nobody’s expectin’ anything of me, so I don’t gotta worry about grades.

How lackadaisical.

Yo, look who else is yawnin’.
Exams are almost over, so I thought I’d make one last effort over the finish line.
Impressive, Lady Ann. You’re quite different from this stupid monkey I know.
Huh? Don’t gimme that crap. Your brain’s tiny compared to mine.
Size is meaningless if there’s nothing inside, you know.

Ugh, will you please shut up!? You’re gonna make me forget everything I memo–

What, you see a groper or something?
No, that’s not it. It’s… nothing.

Suspicious Person

As she gets off the train, Ann looks over her shoulder nervously.

Someone follows behind.

Isn’t this bad?

Ryuji stretches while yawning.



Music: Suspicous Person


Is there something you want?

Stalking you…? That’s outrageous.

That’s because…

So this is where your passion led. All is well that ends well.

Seems like this is all some kind of wacky misunderstanding!

But, uh, if this dude who’s been not-stalking Ann got out of this car and then boarded a subway, how did the guy in the car find him again?

…Let’s not think about it.[/details]


[details=Part 27]Part 27: 5/14-5/15

I didn’t even notice the calls from Sensei… But thank goodness, I caught up to you.

You’re the woman I’ve been searching for all this time! Please, won’t you–
W-Wait a minute, I–

Huh, seems like this dude’s slightly less shady than we took him for. Slightly.

Music: My Homie

All that I’ve drawn till now has been lacking, but I feel a passion from you unlike anyone else.

Ain’t this a recruit for some shady business?
Will you cooperate with me? What do you say?
Hold your horses! Who’re you anyways?
Oh, where are my manners? I’m a second-year at Kosei High’s fine-arts division. My name is Yusuke Kitagawa.

Yusuke brushes Ryuji aside.

I’m Madarame-sensei’s pupil, and I am being allowed residence at his place. I’m striving to become an artist.

Huh!? Do you mean THAT Madarame? The one who was on “Good Morning Japan” the other day?
The very same.
You know who that is?
He was introduced as a super-famous Japanese-style artist who’s been recognized all over the world. But we heard that name the other day in Mementos…

That old guy’s Madarame…?
Madarame-sensei’s exhibition will begin at the department store near the station tomorrow. I’ll be there to help out on opening day. Please come by. It’d be great if you could give me your answer in regard to being a model then…

You’re not plannin’ on goin’, are you?
…I think I will.

Yusuke’s gonna find himself trapped in a dark alley at night with a feral cat launched towards his face.

Music: Interrogation Room

That’s a little too convenient. It makes me wonder if you’re even telling the truth. But so be it. What I want to know most is your method. It’s true that Madarame was an unforgivable criminal worthy of the scorn thrown at him. He was an adult who cultivated his own fame and fortune by sacrificing the livelihood of children… But how did you discover such horrible deeds that were hidden all these years in such a short time?

This “Metaverse” business again? …… Fine. Let’s suppose that people’s hearts can be changed by stealing their Treasure, like you’ve said. If so, a different suspicion arises. People have gone mad or lost consciousness, never to recover… like the subway accident in April. Depending on how you look at it, that could be taken as a phenomenon for a sudden change of heart too. …Were you related to those as well?

…… …I see.

Sae checks her watch.

Fine. Continue telling me about Madarame’s case. Keep it concise and only of the truth.

Music: Life Goes On

What’s wrong? You’re taking a lot of time to get through these. …… Hmm… This isn’t going too well. I wouldn’t expect a great score.

Your score on the final day of exams is determined by your Knowledge rank… and considering ours is still at 1, we’re not doing too hot.

Music: Break it Down

How ‘bout you…?

C’mon, you two need to get your act together.
Anways, can we stop talkin’ about the exams? Like it or not, they’re gonna come back graded next week. Rather than focus on stuff that’s over with…

…It’s no use. There ain’t any useful info. The number of posts are gettin’ less and less too…
I am not letting this end as a one-hit wonder, OK?
There’s no point in getting antsy though. I know! Why don’t we go eat lunch somewhere? We still have some money left over from the other day.


We don’t have THAT much left. Oh right. There are those tickets to Madarame’s exhibit! …Wait, that’s tomorrow.
Don’t tell me. Was it love at first sight with that Yusuke guy…?
It’s not like that.
O-Of course not.
When I was watching that special on TV, his artwork was pretty nice. Plus, we’ve got free tickets. Besides, this could also be related to what we heard in Mementos.
…Madarame, was it?

That aside, what should I do about the other two tickets? Want to go appreciate some fine arts for once?
Fine arts, huh…
I suggest, we should all go together! Appreciating the fine arts builds character. A phantom thief who can’t identify an original is lame.
Well, if everyone’s going…
It’s settled then!

Just the phrase “going to an art exhibit” sounds kinda mature. Let’s meet at the exhibit entrance tomorrow.

Music: Beneath the Mask

I’m curious to know if this Madarame has anything to do with the name we heard in Mementos… Whatever the case may be, we can’t be late. Better get to bed early!

Getting a little overbearing with the whole bedtime thing, cat.

…Oh, wait, you think they’re the same person? Wow, Ann, that never crossed my mind. What a genius you are. I never would have thought that Madarame and Madarame could be the same person. Nice catch!

Well, it is a pretty rare last name.
Yeah I mean, you guys ever heard of someone else called Madarame?
It’s really not common at all. If what we heard is true, Kitagawa-kun is studying under a corrupt teacher.
You mean a teacher who treats people like tools.
Kitagawa-kun’s life is probably pretty terrible…
We gotta look into this.

An exhibition featuring Japanese artist Ichiryusai Madarame opens tomorrow in Shibuya. Anticipation for the exhibition is high, with specials broadcast on TV and great ticket sales.
Hey, it’s that old guy! I didn’t think he would actually be famous…

Pff, I know good art. Look at this room. Completely empty except for that fuckin’ beef bowl statue, because I only have room for the important shit.

“Ichiryusai Madarame: An Infinite Font of Ideas,” huh…? I read the blurb on the ticket, but it seems that this Madarame is actually an amazing artist… Some of his pieces might be worth looking at, after all…

Oh, that exhibition must be opening today.
It’s really packed… Wanna come back another time?
I want it, but it’s so expensive… Maybe I should take out a loan.
I wanna see that! Let’s go together sometime!

Music: Break it Down

It’ll be a pain in the ass if someone sees you, so don’t stick your head out too much, all right?

Um… yeah.

Make sure that you don’t get in the way of the other visitors.

This guy seems pleasant.

(to Ann) Come now. I’ll show you around. I’d like to speak more about the picture I’d like to draw too.
Well, see you guys later.

Are we really gonna “appreciate” the fine arts? Can’t we just go home?

I guess we should do a quick pass through it once… Uh… Which way are we supposed to start?

It’s that old man from the other day.

You have such expansive styles, it’s hard to believe that it all stems from one person… Where in the world does all your inspiration come from?

They naturally well up from within my heart like bubbles rising one after another in a spring.

What’s important is to distance oneself from worldly desires such as money and fame. My atelier is a modest shack, but it is more than enough to pursue true beauty.

I see… So the act of emptying one’s mind gives rise to inner beauty. Still, to think we could hear the word “shack” coming from the great artist Madarame.
You would understand if you saw it. Hahahaha…
Wasn’t the word “shack” something…

Hey, stop pushin’…! There’s way too many people!
I’m getting crushed…
Anyways, we gotta head for the exit! Don’t die on us, all right!?

Usually one concentrates on their own style. However, Sensei creates all this by himself. He’s special.

Ah, the girl from yesterday. Are you enjoying the exhibit?
I don’t know how to put it into words… but it’s really amazing.
You’re sensing something from the artwork… That alone is enough to give us artists satisfaction. I hope this becomes a wonderful piece, Yusuke. Well then, if you’ll excuse me.
You’d imagine artists would be difficult to approach… but he seems really friendly.

I guess it’s the painter’s anger? I’m not sure, but I sense this… strong frustration from it. To think such a cheerful and gentlemanly person could make such a piece…

Something wrong?
Don’t mind me. There are better pieces than… this one. Come now, this way!

…But thanks to that, I remember now.

Let’s not worry about it for now… It’s about a post online.

Music: Disquiet

Ann walks up.

…Eh, anyways. You gotta look at this too. This post might be about Madarame.

What’s it say?
“A master of the Japanese arts is plagiarizing his pupil’s work. Only his public face is shown on TV.”

I didn’t think much of it when I first saw it, but hearing “shack” and “Madarame” triggered it.

“He treats them inhumanely, as if disciplining a dog…”

That’s all terrible, but what about it reminded you of the word “shack”?

Abuse on top of plagiarism, hm…?
If this is real, it’ll be a huge scandal.
I wonder if Kitagawa-kun posted this. I mean, he IS a pupil of his.
Who knows? It’s anonymous and all…
In that case… It’s possible the Madarame we heard about in Mementos is referring to the same one.
A man like that doing such a thing…?

Don’t act so surprised. All old people are evil. Once you make it past 60 it’s pure survival instinct pushing you forward.

I wonder if we can ask that Shadow from earlier about this. Oh. Actually, we just need to talk to him in reality.
And how are we gonna go about that? Are we gonna explain it all, startin’ with Mementos?
Besides, if we make a move out in the open, there’s the possibility that Madarame will find out.
Oh… Yeah, right…
(to Maaku) Hey, what do you think about Madarame? Doesn’t he seem suspicious?

I know, right? This all fits way too well to just be a coincidence. If this post is legit, ain’t this the kinda target we’ve been waitin’ for?
Well, yeah, but… Is it really true…?
By the way, what’d you do about the whole modeling thing?
Kitagawa-kun gave me his contact info. And, the address to his sensei’s atelier.
He said he lives there, right? Perfect timing. Let’s try goin’ tomorrow. We’re off to Madarame’s house right after school!

This is too sudden…
What? We’re just gonna talk to Kitagawa.
Oh, that’s what you meant…

If it is, this might just be exactly what we needed!

Here’s what we’ve got for you today! Four bags of Protein! Drink this, and you’ll be musclebound in no time!
Yes, if you really want to build muscle, you’ve got to try this.
This is a limited item! Today’s the one and only day it’ll be available! And it can be yours… For the incredibly low price of 4800 yen! We’re offering it for 4800 yen because it’s on sale for today only!
Oh, the phones are already ringing off the hook!
Once we’re sold out, that’s it! Don’t miss out on this deal!
Four bags of Protein, huh? They’re just 4800 yen. Thinking of buying them?

4800 might be a little steep considering our current monetary situation, but it’s a steal considering what these are actually worth, and having more healing’s always nice.

Roger that.[/details]


Oops, all italics!


Hell yeah.


[details=Part 28]Part 28: 5/16

Today, we’re heading over to Yusuke’s right after school to get more information about Madarame.

Music: So Boring

I’ve gone to see his works a number of times. Goodness, are they magnificent! The moment I saw them, I knew he was something else. By the way, you seem far removed from the arts, Hamiru-kun. Do you know who created the piece which sold for the highest price back in the 20th Century?

That’s correct. It seems you know a thing or two after all. That piece was purchased for the equivalent of eighteen billion yen, and it sold for even more later. However, since the turn of the 21st century, a new record has been set practically every year.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

People put a serious amount of passion and money into art. If I had that kind of money, I wouldn’t mind having a painting or two myself, haha…
Seems like art can make you a tidy sum. Let’s see with our own eyes whether or not the accusations of him stealing art are true. You’re meeting Lady Ann and the others at the train station, right? Let’s go when class lets out!

The train is the fastest way to go. Plus, we can bring pets on here.

Music: Wicked Plan

Dude, be quiet! We didn’t pay the pet fare.
I’m the one guiding you to your destination! You should be calling me “Master”!

Er, shoot…!
Is that your pet, Mister? I heard it meowing!

Yeah, it’s just a toy. It meows when you press on its head.
You heard her, Maaku. Press on its head.
This is ridic–

Wowweeeee! Again! Again!

Time to terrorize this cat.


Ahahah, that’s so funny! I wanna hear it again!
I just threw up in my mouth…
The next stop is Shibuya. Shibuya. Doors will open on the left side.
Oh, this is our stop! Well, see you later! Bye bye!
Mm-hm! Bye bye!

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Doesn’t look like there are any stations close by to that address… If anything, this is the closest station.
What!? Then we gotta walk the rest of the way!? What kinda phantom thief takes the train, and then walks to their destination!?

The kind that shouts loudly in public that they’re a phantom thief, I suppose.

Stop your complaining.
It’s supposedly a shack, but this is the neighborhood he lives in… As expected of a famous artist. Looks like the fastest route is to get to station square and then go to Central Street. Let’s move!

You sure it’s this way? I don’t remember seeing a house.
It’s supposed to be in a residential area past Central Street. We’ll have to walk a bit though. OK, let’s get going!

Music: Disquiet

Reason for turning himself in is… a heavy conscience, huh… The human mind doesn’t change that easily… let alone their natural temperament. Shujin Academy… Seems doubtful… Perhaps I’ll have someone look into it, just in case…

Uh-oh. Looks like the SIU Director is hip to our bullshit.

We’re at the right address… The door plate does say “Madarame.”
Uhhh… You ring the bell.
Me!? The walls won’t collapse when I do, will they…?
No one sneeze or we’ll blow this house down, OK?

Sensei is currently–
Um, it’s Takamaki.
I’ll be right out!
People really do live here…

‘Sup dude. I’m never gonna get tired of Yusuke’s reactions when Ann shows up with her entourage of morons.

Sorry, but we ain’t here to talk about the modeling thing. There’s something we gotta ask you. Is it true Madarame’s plagiarizin’ stuff? He’s abusin’ people too, yeah?

This is a really great deadpan line read, for the record. You can hear the exasperation in his voice for having to deal with these idiots.

We read about it online.

Yusuke begins laughing hysterically.

Preposterous! Not only is the plagiarism impossible, but abuse? If he hated children so much to harm them, he would never allow pupils into his home! And I’m the one residing here and studying under him. I’m saying it’s not true, so it’s beyond doubt.

That… …That is utter rubbish.

…You really think that?

What’s the matter? I heard you yelling.
These people are slandering you with baseless rumors!
…Forgive them, Yusuke. They must’ve heard some bad rumors and came in worry for their friend’s safety.
…Understood, Sensei.
Well, even I doubt that a cranky old man like myself could be liked by everyone.
That’s not what we meant…
I’m sorry to have butt in on your conversation. However, I do have neighbors around. Won’t you please keep it down? Now, if you’ll excuse me.

…I know! I think you’ll be able to believe in Sensei if you saw that painting.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

This was the painting that inspired me to become an artist.
It’s so beautiful…
I don’t know all that fine-art stuff, but even I can tell that this is impressive…
When I first saw you, I felt the same powerful emotion as when I saw this painting…
I wish to pursue beauty like this.

I’m sorry that you took the time to come all this way, but I must assist Sensei today. I hope that we can discuss this further another time. If you’ll excuse me, then.

Maybe the Madarame we heard about in Mementos is a different person.
Man, right when we thought we found a new target, too…
How’s the Meta-Nav?

Hey, the app…

Music: Disquiet

Was it picking up our conversation…? This display… it means that Madarame has a Palace too, right!?

“Madarame,” “plagiarism”… and then “shack,” huh? These seem to be the keywords.
For real though, what the hell’s goin’ on!?


We have the person’s name and the location. All that’s left is the “what” that Madarame mistakes this shack for to enter his Palace.
You mean… like how Kamoshida thought the school was his castle?
That’s right. Let’s try saying some things. They can be random guesses.

Here we enter the crucial, plot-critical scene of the protagonists needing to guess random words to advance the story.

It’s a bit sudden, though…
Why don’t we start with “castle”?
No candidates found.

You fool, they wouldn’t recycle assets that blatantly!

Then, what about “prison”?
No candidates found.
Ugh, what a pain!

Ryuji, ready to give up after two guesses.

“Jail”! “Warehouse”! And “guidance counselin’ office”! Might as well add “farm”!

I feel like we’ve learned a lot about Ryuji from these guesses.

No candidates found.
Not a single hit…?
…Should we come back another time?
A building that’s related to artists… If we think from there, what would it be…?

Didn’t have much of a choice. I think we just happened to get it right.
What if I hadn’t noticed, and then wandered off and got caught by an enemy!?
You prolly woulda figured it out once you started walkin’ on two legs.
So even you can slip into the Metaverse without realizing it, Morgana?
Yup. In a place with minimal cognitive distortion, the differences can be subtle.

Let’s go check it out!

Music: A Woman

It’s a museum… right?
This is Madarame’s?
A Palace is a scenery driven by desires, just like how Kamoshida’s Palace was a castle.
Madarame’s artwork is on display at museums in reality too, though. His exhibit was popular, and people already respect him. Why would he fantasize about a museum?
You got a point… It ain’t related to plagiarism or abuse either.
Let’s try looking around. Racking our brains here won’t do us any good.
…Right. That aside… Ain’t a museum a must for phantom thieves!?

Now that’s our Joker. I feel the same.
But man, just look at that insane crowd…

Ugh… Are we gonna have to wait in that gigantic line?
Don’t be stupid. We’re not going in the front door.
But there’s a high wall around the building…
We’ll just have to find our way up over it then. In any case, let’s get going!

Our way over the wall is this conspicuous truck.

It’s just not hitting me that this is that old guy’s Palace…
That’s why we’re here, right? C’mon, let’s go check it out.

Once we make it over the wall and through the garden, we see an open window.

Ooh! The skylight’s open! I think we can get in here.
But it’s a pretty far drop… Will we be able to get back out this way?
Hehe, don’t worry… I have a rope! I’m our tool specialist, after all! So, what’s your call, Joker? Want to head inside?
>Let’s do this.

H-Hey… This…

The painting shifts, the colors swimming, as if beneath the surface of a pool of water.

C’mon, we’re in a Palace. That ain’t anything to be freakin’ out over.
Hm, the Palace reflects its ruler’s heart… We may want to check these paintings out.

…It’s someone’s name and age? What the hell?
That can’t be the title of the painting… right? Do you think it’s the artist’s name?
…… Let’s check out the other paintings too. I think there might be something important about them…

There’s something uncanny about all these portraits.

But the portraits on display here look the same… This is way different from what was at the–
Wait a sec!

Natsuhiko Nakanohara. His name’s written on the plaque.
Dude, I don’t get it! Why’s there a paintin’ of him in here!? And more important, why’s his name written under it?
You’re right… Doesn’t art usually have like, the title of the piece or the artist’s name?
Hm… This is quite the mystery… All right, let’s keep looking around for now.

Further in, we see something else that alarms us…

What…? No way!

It says “Yusuke Kitagawa.” There’s no mistaking it.
Huh…? Wait a second… What do you think these paintings are…?

I think you’re right.
For real? All of ‘em…? But it was only Yusuke when we went to his place before…
This must include former pupils as well. Only one remains now… Taking into account what that Nakanohara guy said earlier, things are getting clearer. All right, let’s keep investigating. We need something to further confirm our deductions.

Nothing good.

What’s up? You find something?
We’re here to investigate, so we should check everything that catches our attention.

This is gettin’ way too detailed for a freakin’ Palace… Why’d he bother makin’ something like this?
Oh, there’s a museum guide on here. Let’s take it with us!

That is a possibility. At the very least, it should be good reference for the scale of this place.

I see… It says it’s one out of two.
…Then the two outta two’s gotta be around here somewhere, right? Just how big is this place…?
We can worry about that another time. Right now our objective is looking into Madarame’s cognition. We may have to reconsider our plan depending on what we find.
I mean, he’s got a Palace… Seems pretty fishy to me.

Before we proceed, we find another locked chest. We happen to have two Lockpicks at the moment, so let’s open it.

The Training Whip is a rather decent upgrade for Ann, the Pearl can be sold at a high price, and the Snuff Soul is 50 SP back. We made out rather well on that one, I’d say. Also they didn’t so much animate Morgana jumping off your shoulder as much as they had him just fall off.

Up ahead, we see a weird sculpture.

Music: Desire

“A conglomerate work of art that the great director Madarame created with his own funds. These individuals must offer their ideas to the director for the rest of their lives. Those who cannot do so have no worth living!” Hey… This is most likely about the plagiarism, right…?

In other words, his pupils are his property. He doesn’t even qualify as an artist if this is true. He’s stealing the ideas from talented students in exchange for securing their livelihood. I wondered about those portraits on display… They must all be his “pupils” through his cognition. This even says that they have no worth. Couldn’t this be about the abuse? Madarame will keep them around as long as they’re useful to him, but the moment they’re not…

He did say that he owes Madarame his life for being taken in…

When we were at the exhibit, I praised one of the pieces on display. But… Kitagawa-kun acted strange. Maybe that piece was plagiarized too…
What’s the call? Ain’t this enough to target Madarame!?

Hold on, you two. We should confirm these facts with Yusuke once more.
Confirm what though!?
It means we should get solid evidence that such crimes actually took place.
What a pain in the ass…
Besides, there’s too much we don’t know about Madarame yet.

That’s true. We haven’t seen that much of his Palace, and this rabbit hole’s only getting deeper.

…Mm, you’re right. I’ll try contacting Kitagawa-kun. I might be able to get the truth out of him if I accept his modeling offer.

I love whenever Morgana’s eyes go tiny from shock.

A famous, renowned artist, huh? This might be tougher than Kamoshida. Well, we’ll just prep ourselves until we get confirmation from Yusuke. This is our first mission as real phantom thieves. We’re gonna succeed no matter what!

Music: Beneath the Mask

I’m not so sure anymore.

Something wrong?
I mean, I know Madarame is a bad person, but still… Maybe I’m so hesitant because I haven’t actually met any of his victims.
Yeah, I guess that part’s totally different from what happened with Kamoshida.
This might be an extreme line of thinking… But if an evil person isn’t causing any trouble now… Is there really a point in us stepping in?
Well… you got a point.

Yeah… I guess we could talk some more after that. OK. Let’s meet in Shibuya after school tomorrow.

Looks like it’s all about what Yusuke wants to do. Somehow, considering the interaction we had earlier today, I don’t see this going in our favor…

Detective… You’ve got me. I’ll confess. I was the one who killed him.
Huh, he figured it out pretty fast. I wonder if actual investigations are like this.

Morgana’s the kind of person who watches Detective Conan for its gritty realism.[/details]

Part 29

Part 29: 5/16-5/18

Music: Beneath the Mask

I just can’t forgive Madarame, but what Ann said made me think… To Yusuke, are we just a bunch of thugs?

I knew it… It ain’t like he thinks it is! Pisses me off just thinkin’ about it! Good people have to put up with so much crap while shitty adults do whatever they want. Makes me sick. I’m not wrong… am I?

Aww yeah! Don’t tell Ann I called you, by the way. Seriously. Well, see you tomorrow.

Ryuji seems pumped. Good to know.

Music: So Boring

Still waiting for his response.

Can you at least try to take this seriously?
Look, you don’t gotta go all out for this. You’re only doing it so you can get dirt on Madarame, remember?
That is true. It sounds like Kitagawa-kun wants this to be a private picture of his though… Well, I guess I’ll let you guys know when he contacts me again.

Music: Wicked Plan

Perfect. He prolly changed his plans immediately just so he could get you over there.
We need to find out from Kitagawa-kun if what we saw in the Palace was true…
Hey, quiet down. It’s that student council president.

Yikes… She got hold of Mishima today? It’d suck if she noticed us. C’mon, let’s split up.
OK, see you later.

C’mon, let’s get some dirt on Madarame. But man… Ann’s late.

I was thinking about some things and didn’t notice how much time had passed.
Thinkin’ about what…?
Don’t you think Kitagawa-kun has to be protecting Madarame? I mean they live together, so he’d have to be aware of Madarame’s true nature. The only reason I can think for him doing that is that Madarame has something on him…

Or maybe he’s in on it!

Yeah, that’s weird. But that’s why we’re goin’ to check it out, right? You ready to be a model?
Yeah, I’m prepared.
Whaddya mean prepared? Prepared for what? Something seem different about her to you?

Ooh, nice eye!
I didn’t cut them.
H-Huh. Well… let’s get goin’.

And so this mystery will go forever unsolved.

We gotta talk to Yusuke.
Kitagawa-kun seemed really happy when I agreed to be his model. Once he finishes drawing and gets a little friendlier, we should bring up Madarame.

Music: My Homie

It’s amusing that Yusuke keeps getting upset that we’re showing up, but he should really be realizing by now that Ann is a Power-type Stand that can’t exist more than a few meters outside of our presence, and that joke was absolutely not worth the laborious effort it took to make even for the few of you who got it.

Wouldn’t you get nervous too, if it was just the two of us?
We’re here to keep an eye on you, so don’t try anything perverted, ‘kay?
Stop making such odd assumptions. I have absolutely no interest in her as someone of the opposite sex.

Is there a problem?
…No, not really.
Well then, let’s get started.

About ten seconds later…

You hear her?
…It’s no use.
This isn’t what we planned! We were gonna catch him off guard and make him spill his beans, weren’t we?
How were we supposed to know this was gonna happen…? Guess we just gotta wait ‘til he’s done… What an effin’ pain in the ass…
Perhaps I should try going outside this room…

Heh, who do you think you’re talking to?

It’s weird how flashy that door is… And… is that a lock? A door with a hefty lock… What could be in there?

It’s no good…

I’m sorry… Am I the problem?
No, not at all. It’s just… I’m having trouble staying focused today. I’m sorry, but we’ll have to resume this another time…

I’m sorry… We had another reason for seeing you today… We needed to talk to you.

Music: Disquiet

It’s about those rumors regarding your sensei.

That painting I saw at the exhibit… You’re the one who actually painted it, right?
I knew it.
Your sensei’s seriously messed up. He just thinks of his pupils as tools. That’s why he doesn’t give a damn whether he steals their work or physically beats them. I’ll make this clear, there’s no point in hidin’ stuff from us.
Hahaha… I have no idea what you’re talking about…
You couldn’t go against him, could you? I’m sure we can help you out though…
Stop it…

Maaku’s got the “!?” going on too, but we can’t see it due to the vignetting.

Don’t misunderstand me though. I offered my ideas to him myself. As such, it can’t be called plagiarism. Sensei is simply suffering from artist’s block right now.
Dude, still…!

Then why’re you stickin’ around!? All his other pupils ran away! Aren’t you the only one left!?

There are no victims here! Stop pushing your self-centered righteousness on me!

……! I’m supporting Sensei as his pupil. Where’s the wrong in that?

Then you leave me with no choice…

I’m reporting you to the police.

I asked Takamaki-san to be my model today, but I don’t recall ever calling you two here!
What the eff, man!?
Ryuji! Stop it! Calm down, OK
I won’t report you… but only under one condition.
What’s that?
I want you to continue being my model, Takamaki-san.
But you said that it wasn’t working out today…
That’s because I was unconsciously being modest for your sake… However, I have nothing to worry about anymore. If you’re willing to bare everything to me…

Uh-oh! Seems like the Phantom Thieves have gotten themselves into yet another wacky situation!

Music: My Homie

Of course, you two won’t be allowed in, and I ask that you forget about our discussion today, as well. If I don’t submit a new piece to Sensei soon, there will be some… inconveniences.

Because those are my terms.

Sweet blackmail, bro.

But that’s–
Wait, ain’t that bad!?
(to himself) Sensei is out during the afternoon while the art exhibit is on, so I can use this place freely… I should buy more art supplies…
Will you give me a second here!?
Of course, I’m willing to wait. I’ll make time according to your plans. But, please come before the exhibit ends.
No! That’s not what I mean! Why are you not listening…!
Sensei will be returning home soon. We’re done for today. Takamaki-san. I’ll be waiting for you to contact me.
No no no! We are not done talking here!
Hey… What should we do?

Maaku is getting a headache from this shit.

Yeah… Dammit. He got us good this time.
Don’t give up so easily!

So, to recap: currently, a teenage girl who has been previously sexually harrased, trying to protest against a situation that also makes her uncomfortable sexually, is being completely ignored by the (otherwise sympathetic) character putting her in this situation, as well as her friends. This scene is kind of a clusterfuck of weird, bad decisions. But uh, hey, comedy!

You moron!

Ryuji bends down to pick Morgana up.


Music: Wicked Plan

How dare that Yusuke…!
The way he said it, it’s not gonna be semi, but full-on nude…
F-Fu-- F-F-Full nudity…? Lady Ann’s gonna…
Drop it!
You know, you won’t have to worry about that if we make Madarame confess before the exhibit ends.
But Kitagawa-kun thinks he owes his life to him. Is there a need to make Madarame confess?
Then, Lady Ann… you’re fine with baring it all!?

Madarame’s no different from Kamoshida. That asshole’s usin’ Yusuke, who doesn’t have parents. You’re tellin’ me we should just ignore how he’s bein’ treated horribly like the other pupils?
No… It is frustrating to leave this along, even if Kitagawa-kun is fine with it himself…
You can’t leave it be because you’ve endured a lot yourself, with Kamoshida.
Anyways, we gotta go after this guy. Madarame’s the kind of target we’ve been waiting for. Let’s help Yusuke come to his senses too… before he ends up like us.
We need to look into Madarame first.
There might be tons more stuff that hasn’t been exposed yet, too.
It may become easier for us to investigate his Palace if he’s preoccupied with his exhibit.
Also, there’s the thing about me modeling! Kitagawa-kun said there’d be “inconveniences” unless he submits a new piece. Maybe that’s going to be announced soon as Madarame’s next work…

We must deal with Madarame, no matter what, before his exhibit ends!
Let’s start after school tomorrow. It’ll be a pain if Miss President finds us on the rooftop again, so where to meet up… Let’s see… I guess that walkway-like place in Shibuya would work. It’s near Madarame’s place, too.
…Changing our hideout periodically, huh? That’s a plan I don’t mind backing.

And just like that, our hideout has changed.

From the looks of things, you don’t seem like the ordinary, stalking fans.

Music: Suspicion

Oh, sorry. I should’ve been more clear. I’m actually looking for people that know Madarame’s pupils. There’s this painting, “Sayuri,” that was supposedly stolen in the past. But there’s this rumor that it was taken by one of his pupils in retaliation for being abused. Have you heard anything about that?

I don’t know nothing!
I see… There’s no case unless there’s a victim, and if there’s no proof of abuse… I can’t write either. Looks like I’m back to square one. Sorry for taking your time.

Hey random high school student, got any hot scoops???

See you then.

…I guess we should go home for today.

Music: Beneath the Mask

Two calls in 24 hours? Geez, Maaku’s Mr. Popular. I just want to know what kind of sociopath still uses a phone to call people.

Oh, of course.

I have some interesting news. Someone who received a change of heart contacted me on the Phan-Site. Said he wants to meet with you to discuss another person who needs a change of heart.

You’re better off talking to him in person if you want specifics. All I know is his target is a terrible person. And that it might complicate things if he posted the name online. I’ll have him wait for you at Shibuya Station after school.

Um, Mishima, why are you referring people to meet us in person? You’re new to this whole discretion thing, huh?

The guy’s name is “Nakanohara.”
Nakanohara… That’s Madarame’s student.

Nakanohara! It seems like this can only be about one thing…

I told him to approach you. Good luck.

That journalist was looking into Madarame too. It could be real.
Someone died though. No one’s talking about it… I bet it was covered up.
I wonder if Kitagawa-kun has heard anything… It’d be great if he could come help us out.
Ain’t that asking a bit much? After today, he’s prolly gonna be on edge about us. Well anyway, Madarame’s still a piece of crap! Let’s meet up tomorrow. It’ll be our first time at the new hideout.
It’s that passageway in Shibuya, right? Got it. See you guys tomorrow.
If the rumor Ryuji just spoke of is true, there have to be other victims…

This scandal has rocked the sports world—everyone ever involved with him is being pressed for answers. The volleyball association is currently considering banning him permanently, and…
Drummed out of the volleyball association, eh? Well, he deserves it.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Speaking of Shibuya, didn’t Mishima say Nakanohara would be there, now, too?

Music: Suspicion

We’re about to head to the hideout too. Who’s that…?

That’s Nakanohara. Mishima told us to meet him here in Shibuya today.
For real…?
…My name is Nakanohara. Natsuhiko Nakanohara, the one who was posted about on the Phantom Aficionado Website.
He seems pretty nice. Doesn’t seem like the stalker type. I think the change of heart must have worked.
The administrator of that website contacted me… They told me to look for someone in a Shujin uniform with a cat…
So? Whaddya want?
You may have already heard, but there’s someone I wish to trigger a change of heart in. …An artist by the name of Madarame.

Music: Disquiet

Ooh, you think this is it? Is the pupil gonna confess his master’s secrets?
His Shadow did mention Madarame as well…
I’m… one of Madarame’s former pupils. He gave me lodging at his home, where I thought only about art. I genuinely wanted to be an artist… There was another pupil as well. A very talented man, multiple years my senior. Obviously, Madarame kept tabs on him. Everything he made was claimed as a Madarame original. He wasn’t the only victim though…
All right, we got some real proof of the plagiarism.
In response to Madarame’s actions… that senior pupil committed suicide.

He must have been unable to bear seeing his work praised under Madarame’s name. That was when I disobeyed Madarame’s pleas and left. …But he quickly pressured other parts of the art world, and my life as a painter was destroyed. I tried to turn over a new leaf working at a ward office… but it was no use. My attachment to art warped my emotions. Soon I began getting attached to everything… In the end, I even turned into a stalker… Ha… Haha…

Nice supervillain origin story you got there.

…I’d like to ask again. Please, make Madarame have a change of heart. Not only for me. It’s… to save the life of another man as well.

Even now, there is still one young man remaining under Madarame’s tutelage. I think he’s about your age.
That has to be Yusuke.

Not only is he a talented artist, he also owes Madarame for taking him in after his mother passed… He is the perfect target.

I actually spoke to him a few times back when I was still living at Madarame’s. I asked him if he found it painful to stay with Madarame… and do you know what he said? “If I could leave, I would…”
I have no right to say this given my prior cowardice, but I don’t want to see another suicide…! I’d like to find a way to save this young man. He has a bright future ahead of him… Please consider that when thinking about changing Madarame’s heart.

Nakanohara leaves. I guess he just knows we’re the fucking Phantom Thieves now.

It sounds like we don’t have the time to deliberate whether or not to change Madarame’s heart.

Yeah, let’s save the dude who’s blackmailing us!

Hell yeah! Madarame’s just a piece of shit who preys on the weak!

Plus, we finally got to hear how Kitagawa-kun really feels!
Well, since we’ve reached a unanimous decision, how about we continue this at our new hideout?

Music: Tokyo Emergency

We all saw that Palace. We’ll pay dearly if we assume it’s just going to be like the last one. And furthermore… Lady Ann’s chastity is on the line!

You know, I came into this update not thinking much of this weird plotline except that it was really silly and dumb and not that great, but these jokes are actually pushing me over the edge and now all I can think about is the word “regrettable.”

We’ll need to do what we did with Kamoshida. First, we secure an infiltration route in the Palace. After that, we send our calling card. Once the Treasure has materialized, we steal it.
Oooh, I got a question! Madarame doesn’t know that we were doin’ stuff in the Palace yet. Why are we already gettin’ treated like criminals in there?
You’re learning, Ryuji. Well done. It must be because he doesn’t trust anyone. Any unknown person may as well be an enemy.
Or maybe he’s just super salty from all those rumors that have been spreading about him…

I’m super salty that I just heard the words “super salty” in this motherfucking video game.

Then his Palace bein’ so crazy had nothing to do with us…?
Either way, we should stay on our best behavior. It’ll be harder for us to steal the Treasure if we needlessly increase the security level.
We need to be careful of Kitagawa-kun this time too. I’m sure that whatever he sees will just get passed on to Madarame.
That’s right!
Hey, what is Madarame’s Treasure going to look like anyway? Another crown?
I’d doubt that. But my sixth sense will know when I see it.
Oh yeah, you go completely nuts, huh.
Our time limit is when the exhibit ends, right? That means… June 5th.
We’ll carry out the plan after we’ve sent out the calling card. So, our infiltration route will need to be set in stone two days prior, on June 2nd.
Now listen here. We can’t mess this up, NO MATTER WHAT! OK!?

Time to get to work.


I want you to know that I appreciate it.

It really is weird and bad. When I was at this point in my playthrough, it felt like the game was being extremely heavy-handed in trying to make me think it’s serious.

Also, I thought it was weird how physical abuse came up again. Using abuse as another reason why Kamoshida was just awful makes sense. Using it as another reason Madarame is awful makes it seem like it was the only idea they could come up with to say, “Yo, this dude is a bad dude.”

I don’t think it would have hurt anything if they took that detail out from Madarame’s story.


The weird thing about this is there is no visible evidence of the abuse this time around. I’m not even sure it’s explicitly called physical abuse, unless I missed something. For example, I’m not sure if the “disciplining a dog” comment means physical abuse or harsh verbal abuse. If it isn’t physical abuse this time, it would have been nice if translation made that clear or used a different word since, yes, it is otherwise a bit repetitive.

Part 30

Part 30: 5/18-5/19

Let’s just forget about the last update’s unpleasantness.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

Come on, it’s time to get this mission started!

Cool detail here: the “Mission Start” logo casts a barely-visible shadow in the lower-right corner.

Um, what? This sounds like an annoying complication. I have to leave in the middle of a Palace infiltration?

But let’s just leave for now.

That’s all for today?

Everyone knows whatever’s been on TV. You could talk about the Madarame exhibit. Some witty wordplay, maybe an impersonation could work too. Just get their attention first, OK?

Fucking impressions? What, are you going to pick up chicks by appearing on SNL? These are the lamest pick-up artists ever, and that’s saying something.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Hey, not so loud. He’s been showing up pretty regularly, so it looks like he’ll be sticking around.
I see, so is the thing about him having a criminal record not true, then?
I don’t know, I’m too scared to ask. Anyway, it’s probably best not to get too involved with him.

Looks like we’re still not gonna make many new friends here.

Y-Yes…! Kamoshida tricked people into thinking he was a hero, but he wasn’t! Oh, and don’t tell anyone my true identity. No one can know that I’m a Phantom Thief!

This dude owns.

Over on the first floor, we find… Uh…

…Excuse me for a moment, let’s move somewhere a little less crowded.

…Yeah, okay, she’s definitely following us while pretending to be reading that book.

I had heard you were quite the troublemaker, but you seem to be behaving yourself.

You are adorably bad at this.

Music: Butterfly Kiss

Has anyone ever studied the correlation between the rise in temperature and weirdos…? So, what are you here for today?

…Looks like I have a patient with an emergency.

I’ve heard rumors about this place. I’d like for you to examine her. She was diagnosed with bronchitis, but the medicine she was given hasn’t been working at all. She has a fever that won’t go away, and she’s losing weight because she’s not hungry…
A young girl losing weight is definitely not good. You should go to a bigger hospital. I can’t provide a thorough examination here.
We’ve been going to a big hospital! A university hospital in East Shinjuku! But all they tell us is that it’s persistent bronchitis…!

Music: Suspicion

The doctor there performs exams like he’s on an assembly line. I think he’s famous or something…
A famous doctor, huh…? I’m just a general practicioner out here in the sticks. As you can see, I don’t even have any staff.
W-Wait! I’ve heard there’s a medicine that can only be acquired here…!

Back off, pal. I was here for that sweet, sweet panacea long before you were.

Please! I’ll pay you! Please, at least just examine her!

cough cough Doctor… My chest really hurts…

sigh …Fine.

Is your vision blurry? How about your throat, does it hurt…? Hm. No signs of swelling. (To the father) Are you sure you’ve told me everything about her symptoms and treatments you’ve tried so far?
Yes, I’m sure!

This is likely a reference to the Devil Social Link from Persona 4, who was a nurse named Sayoko Uehara.

There’s something I’d like to ask him about a case that was in last month’s medical journal.

Takemi puts the phone away.

I see. Guess the ones in stock will have to do…

You’ll need to help me administer the medicine. Also, bring the beaker with the red label in the fridge, a towel, was basin, and measuring spoon…


Music: Butterfly Kiss

It was a very unique strain of an infectious disease. It can’t be detected by conventional exams. I temporarily suppressed the symptoms. We’ll make adjustments as her condition improves. OK, that’ll be one million yen for today.

A-A million yen…!? Th-That’s outrageous! You’re completely taking advantage of… …… I mean, all right… I agreed to pay. You don’t… take credit cards… do you? I’ll go withdraw some cash right now!

By the way, that famous doctor you mentioned earlier… Was it Medical Chief of Staff Oyamada?
Yes… are you familiar with him?
…I knew it. In that case, I’ll make this free of charge.


…By the way, thanks to your outburst earlier… I’m going to perform a very special exam on you today…

So, is he your… assistant? He seems awfully young…
Yes, my assistant… guinea pig. He’s about to put in a LOT of hard work today. Aren’t you?

Please help me.

It feels like my bond with Takemi is growing even deeper…

Um, Doctor…? Can I go back to school now?
Not for a while. You need to start eating and regain your strength first. Can you do that for me?
Yes! Thank you, Doctor!
Don’t mention it…

Maybe you won’t even be able to make it home…

I feel like cooperating in that shady clinical trial has increased my Guts

Maaku gains Guts +1.

OK, good work today.

Music: Beneath the Mask

Shut up Morgana, we can’t do that yet.

…Another box came for you.
…What did you get?

Recently, personal info stored by several domestic companies was decrypted and leaked online. Hundreds of thousands of people’s info is believed to be leaked, and many are voicing their anxiety. According to experts, there is a high chance that an international group of hackers is involved…
So someone stole all that personal information about all those people…? Wow.

The world’s fucked up. There’s no joke here, only the quiet dread of having to continue to interact with this hellfucked species for yet another day.

Whaaat? But I want to watch TV. There’s a special on that guy they call a “Detective Prince,” Akechi.
It’ll still be on the news. You can watch at home. That pretty boy’s been on TV a lot lately. You can see his face any time, actually. Well, thanks for the coffee.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

This taste…

…The flavor profile is bland. You should practice more to bring out the roast’s full potential.


You see a lot of different customers come through when you have a cafe like this. Even if someone looks like trouble, I’ll serve them the same cup of coffee I serve everyone else. That’s my job. I have pride in what I do. You’re like a customer, too. One that takes a tremendous amount of effort. You have the potential, so keep training.


Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

…I hope you understand.

What’s there to understand? You’re blackmailing us so my friend will get naked for you. Simple.

I warn you. Don’t involve yourself any further.

Don’t play dumb. I’m saying you’re an inconvenience. I won’t forgive you if you continue making a mockery of my sensei. Am I clear? This is a warning.

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain (Instrumental Version)

It looks kinda dumb…

I didn’t realize you could actually examine this until I tried again.

But today’s the day. Let’s head into the Palace… next time, because it’s gonna be really long and I couldn’t find a good place to split that update up to include part of it in this one.


We will find out next update but Yusuke is both the best and worst part of the game. He is definitely the best character


Yeah this is a pretty rough introduction to Yusuke but he is one of my favorite characters in a game full of really good characters. I feel like I forget every time I go through this game how bad the opening of this arc is almost purely because of how good Yusuke gets later.

Part 31

Part 31: 5/19

Palace time.

Music: A Woman

You’re right, I did already know that.

Then we send the callin’ card. Yeah, yeah, we know the drill. Anyways, let’s get ready!

But first, let’s enter the Velvet Room.

Music: Aria of the Soul

You must surely be accustomed to infiltrating Palaces by now?

Regardless, you have yet to obtain a truly acceptable number of Personas. This is not the full potential of the power of the wild card. Hm, I suppose this is a prime opportunity to help further your rehabilitation along. Don’t worry… This assignment is not mandatory. Think of if almost as a test of strength.

We will have you bring us the mask we specify.
You just gotta show us the Persona we ask for!
First off… we would like for you to bring us a Jack Frost.
That’s too easy, Justine! It should be a challenge. Hmmm… I want it to have Mabufu too! You got that, Inmate? Bring us a Jack Frost with Mabufu.
Very well. We ask for a Jack Frost with Mabufu. Please speak to us again when you have it.
This will not be mandatory for your rehabilitation, but you will be handsomely rewarded for it. I encourage you to at least try your hand at this.

These requests are more-or-less identical to Margaret’s requests from P4, but with greater rewards. We won’t be attempting to fulfill this request just yet, but I just wanted to show that it was available.

Music: A Woman

We’re back inside the museum.

See those tiny red lines, barely visible through the image resize and compression? Those are the lasers.

Hold on, there wasn’t anything like this last time though!
The rumors might slowly be making Madarame become more wary of us… Joker! They’re not easy to see, but you should be able to do it with your skills. Be careful!

Note that you can just dash or hold X to totally cheese the entire system, ha.

More lasers have been added all around this area.

As for enemies, these Mokoi like to boost their own Attack.

Hua Po attacks by casting Fire.

And Apsaras uses Wall skills to guard the weaknesses of its allies.

The security will probably get a little more fierce as well. Make sure you don’t touch anything or run into any of the displays, all right?
…What’re you lookin’ at me for?

Up ahead, we come to a room with many paths and a lot of enemies.

These Koropokguru are weak to Fire, so they go down real quick and don’t get turns to show off.

Finally, these Onmoraki mainly just attack, and they’re only weak to Gun, which is annoying but easy to exploit. Occasionally, however, they cast Mudo, an instant-kill Curse spell, which suuuuuuuucks on the off-chance it actually hits.

Soon enough, we’re at the stairs to the next area.

Maaku hammers the button repeatedly, but the door doesn’t open.

Dammit, it ain’t openin’…

In this room, two areas are beyond our reach, sealed by glass walls, and we’ve also got this suspicious vase in the center.

No time for that, Panther. Let’s move.

I know it might be tough to take it with us, but don’t you think it’d sell for tons?

Hold on, you’re steppin’ on something!

Music: Run, Run, Run!

Isn’t this bad!?

Joker immediately does a sick backflip…

…dodging out of the way of the lasers that pop up.

Urgh, and you were the one makin’ us be careful too… So, whaddya wanna do? Run outta here?
No, passing through all of these lasers will draw far too many enemies to my location!
Oh, hold on! Joker’s not trapped!
Sorry Joker, but we’re going to need you to search for a way to turn off these infrared lasers! This is a museum, so there has to be some switch to let the workers avoid these lasers. Find it…!

Music: A Woman

Over in the corner, we can climb up on top of this vending machine to reach a higher level.

There’s a guard roaming around, but the fight is just a single Hua Po.

Down on the ground, we find a button.

I wonder if I should press it…
>Press the button

The glass lowers, freeing Ann.

It looks like Panther was able to get out…

By climbing back up, we can also reach the other side, and find another button. Pressing this one, however…

…spawns an enemy. Damn.

If we follow the footprints on the ground, we see a crooked portrait.

>Move the painting

>Press the button

The glass lowers, freeing Ryuji.

You did it! Let’s hurry up and get back together with him!

Welp, bye cat. I’d say it was nice knowing you, but, well…

There has to be a control room for them! I don’t know if it’s nearby though…!
…We just gotta trust him. C’mon, let’s try lookin’ for it!

We find a vent in the corner.

Conveniently, it leads into the security room.

But… it looks like we need a password to use it.

Uh, they probably ain’t gonna just leave it lyin’ around.
Then what are we supposed to do…? Look for someone who might know it?

Outside, two guards have appeared.

Hey, did you hear about those intruders?
Yeah, you mean the thieves sneaking around in here? I got a call telling me to change the password, just in case.
And? What did you change it to?
I said, hello! 07734. If you read the numbers upside-down, they spell out the word hello.
…Isn’t that a little childish?
Eh, it should be fine as long as nobody else find out. It’s not like anyone’s eavesdropping on us.


Anyway, don’t forget: when you see the code input, be sure to say hello.
Did you hear that?
Sure did. C’mon Joker, let’s go say hello to that terminal thing!

The password should be 07734…

Sweet! Let’s go grab that stupid cat and get movin’!

Sheesh… Weren’t you the one tellin’ us not to go around touchin’ shit in the exhibit?
Urgh, that is true… I can’t believe I made such a novice mistake, even for solid gold… But something was drawing me to this vase…
What do you mean…? Isn’t it just an ordinary gold vase? I wonder if there’s something special about it. Should we take a closer look just in case?

Joker swipes the vase…

…and a giant diamond appears out of nowhere!

Music: Run, Run, Run!

What is this!?
Oh, I see… So that’s why I was drawn to it! Joker, catch it! I’ll explain the rest of this later. Just get after it and attack!

Music: Last Surprise

So, now we’re fighting… a villain from a rejected episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog.

It doesn’t attack.

And for good measure, it resists everything.

We manage to take it down nonetheless, getting a large helping of money and experience for our troubles.

Morgana learns Lucky Punch, which is Miniscule Physical with a high chance of Critical damage, resulting in a knockdown.

Meanwhile, Ann learns Maragi, Light multi-target Fire.

Music: A Woman

What was that…?
That, Lady Ann, was a rare Shadow that occasionally resides in pricey items. I call them Treasure Demons. They’re great. Not only do they give you a lot of experience, they are useful for your Personas too. However, they run very fast, and attacks don’t deal very much damage to them.

These guys are the equivalent of the rare Gold Shadows from Personas past. They’re more frequent when the security level is higher (which is part of the reason I rarely see them), giving you an incentive to keep it high, and can also be fused into Personas if you convince one to join you. Ironically, the skill we just got for Morgana helps with that greatly, because again, they resist everything, so critical attacks are the only way to knock them down.

Up ahead, we run into a hallway blocked by more lasers, forcing us to climb up and around.

Wait, what!?

Calm down. Look at where the security guard is walking…

…oh, you bastards.

Anyone have to use the restroom?

Might as well check out the ladies’ room too.

Further in, we come to a large room full of more paintings.

In a shocking development, we’re barred from exiting.

Music: Tension

Crap, let’s get outta here, fast! Which way’s the exit!?

Both entrances are sealed, so we’re locked in here with these enemies until we can find a way out.

For the record, the strong Shadow fight here consists of five (!) Onmoraki. It’s rather trying on our bullet reserves.

Eventually, we find another crooked painting.

Does this painting look crooked to you?
>Let’s take it off the wall.

Who cares about that shit? Just hurry up and try pushin’ it.

The barriers deactivate.

Music: A Woman

All right! It looks like it’s unlocked now!
This should let us move forward. Nice work, Joker!

Further in, we have our progress halted to look at this shiny building.

It definitely looks like something important would be hidden away in there…
Let’s go find out!

The walls open to allow us to pass.

Are these… infrared lasers? There’s no way we can get past them…
This level of security only proves there’s something worth protecting up ahead.

Wait, there’s something written on the sign… “All personnel: This door can only be opened via the security room that lies beyond it… Please be cautious, as it is impossible to open from the outside.”
So, it’s never gonna open!? How’re we supposed to get past…!?
Wait… That door… I think I’ve seen that pattern somewhere…

Guys, let’s head back!
Huh? Why!?
I think I know what real-world door that’s based on. There may be another way to open it! In any case, I’ll explain later! Come on, let’s go!
I suppose we should listen to Morgana for the time being…

There’s a safe room nearby, so we can just check out.

>Return to the real world
Now returning to the real world from Madarame’s Palace. Thank you for your hard work.

I think we’re almost halfway through. I’m starting to get a faint sense of the Treasure near here.
That means we’re at least making some progress, right…? Hey, when do you want to come in here next? Let me know when you decide… I’ll be waiting!

I dunno… You think there’s some kinda off switch somewhere?

Music: Wicked Plan

I have a suspicious place in mind.

Remember? This shack is the basis for Madarame’s Palace. I actually scouted it out the last time we were here.
Whoa… So this was your plan from the start…?
…You only went “scouting” because you were bored.

So? Where’s this suspicious place?
It’s on the second floor. I noticed an unnaturally hefty lock on a door up there.
If it’s locked, that means there’s something in there he doesn’t want people to see.
But don’t we wanna be openin’ the door in the Palace?
Yes, and we’re going to do that by opening the real one in front of Madarame’s eyes. Basically, we’re going to change his cognition that the door is unopenable.
In other words… when we open the one in Madarame’s house, that area in his Palace will open on its own?
I’m not really gettin’ it… Is that gonna work?
Trust me! There’s no chance it won’t open! …I think! You understand, don’t you, Joker?

Well yeah, but…

But even then, there’s still that hefty lock we have to deal with in reality, right?
Oh, that’ll be a breeze. Just give me a hairpin and I’ll handle it. It will take some time though. Doing everything by myself in front of Madarame would be impossible. If only there was someone who could distract him for a while…

Oh… Ohhh! i[/i] Man, how are we even gonna get into his house? We’d get reported for sure if we force ourselves in…
I guess the only way is… having you go nude.

Goddammit, we’ll never escape this.

Fancy you say that, Ryuji. I was just thinking the same thing.
This isn’t funny!

You’re telling me!

We’re not sayin’ you should really get naked.
It’s simply the best excuse for you to enter Madarame’s house without raising suspicions… So, we’d like for you to play the role of decoy, Lady Ann.
This is way too sudden… I mean, I don’t even know where the locked door is.
Don’t worry, I’ll accompany you.
But that’s still technically only me… Worst comes to worst, what if I get found out…?
We can run into the Palace! …Or something?

I mean, you’re not giving me much confidence in this plan! Do I have to be the bait…?

Why can’t one of you guys go nude!?
That ain’t what he wants.
Then make it so he does!

All right, let’s go change Yusuke’s cognition!

All you gotta do is trick Yusuke, have him take you to that room, then just open the door.
You make it sound so easy…!

Urghhhh! God!

Seriously, you better pull this off!

We’ll be countin’ on you, Morgana! Don’t let Yusuke notice ya, all right?
If he tries to force my clothes off… I’ll tear that house down! I’m really gonna lose it if we do all this and the Palace door doesn’t open. Got it!?
We’re workin’ to get dirt on that guy’s crimes either way. It won’t go to waste. All right, let’s get down and dirty tomorrow.
Earlier the better.
Um, b-but… will Kitagawa-kun agree?
I dunno, just say something like “I really need it to be tomorrow.” That should work, yeah?

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain-

This is the rainy night theme. It’s pretty close to the normal theme, but it’s still good.

I’ll get it open right before his very eyes.

Mm-hm. He asked me to come by tomorrow.

Man, this is such a pain… We gotta open that door AND have Madarame see it, right?
Yeah. Morgana said that’ll change his cognition.
Oh, and one more thing. Let us know if any weird shit goes down and we’ll be there to back you up ASAP.
Kk, got it.

Shit like the “be careful” option and what Ryuji just texted make me think that they knew how weird and skeevy and scary this all was, but it’s already in the game, so it’s too little too late.

A Palace is a reflection of how its owner views the real world. So if Madarame’s cognition of reality changes, it’s only natural that his Palace would be affected. And all jokes aside, we really will need Lady Ann to strip for Yusuke. It’s the only way.

Shut up, cat.

A: Unconsenting cutting of hair; B: Using noise to cause distress; Which of the two would be considered a case of bodily harm!? You be the judge!

B seems ridiculous, so it’s probably right.

The correct answer is… B! If you drive someone crazy with noise, that’s bodily harm! If it disrupts the body’s functions, it counts as bodily harm, even if there’s no physical contact! Hair grows back, so it doesn’t count as a wound. That’d be a case of “assault,” not bodily harm.
Hey, you got it right. I’m impressed by how much you know about law.
It feels like I’ve improved my Knowledge.

Maaku gets Knowledge +1.

Occasionally there’ll be a quiz show on TV, and answering correctly will increase our Knowledge. It’s silly but helpful.

Next time, though, we’re going to open that door in Madarame’s cognition! What could possibly go wrong?


Most treasure demons do have one attack type that they don’t resist. If I recall, this first one is actually weak to lightning. But since it’s just one attack type, it can take a while to figure out which one it is. And when you’re only likely to run into one or two of these during a normal palace run where you aren’t actively seeking them out, it may be hard to figure out what they don’t resist.

It should also be noted that they are rather special in fusion, since they have a bunch of skills that can be passed on (which is likely one of the reasons why they can’t be used in battle). I think this one has all of the first level single target elemental attacks.

Well, I’m not looking forward to the next update, but it needs to be shown…


The first treasure demon, Regent, is weak to Psi and Nuclear elements which you are rather unlikely to have at the point where you first run into it. As such the best way to knock it down is to just use basic attacks (and lucky punch if its available) and hope for a crit. While most of the different types have a weakness some of the later ones don’t have any so you need to either rely on crits or use a certain technique you get to down them.

As for their encounter rate you can boost that greatly by use of a Treasure Trap, which is a craftable tool. Its especially useful if you’re grinding in mementos as it affects every floor of mementos up until you leave (at least in my experience). Its also nearly vital if you’re trying to complete the compendium as there are two treasure demon types that only show up in Mementos to my knowledge.

Treasure demons are also useful in fusions (regent in particular) for completing the compendium as it is often the most cost efficient component to make various persona. They are also useful when you get a later ability to turn persona into items, as each treasure demon has an associated accessory and from what I remember they’re pretty good.


Oops, maybe I’m thinking of another one that’s weak to electricity. Oh well.

I avoided mentioning the other uses of and methods encountering treasure demons since those mechanics haven’t unlocked yet. But that about sums it up.

Part 32

Part 32: 5/20

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

I thought you liked that place ‘cause the pay was good. What happened?
Sure, the pay’s fine, but I’m the only one there at night. That job magazine said it was a “fun, friendly workplace.” sigh Maybe I should just quit…
Like he says, work can be pretty trying… But it’s a worthwhile experience. Don’t give up.

What would you know about work, cat? You spend 80% of your time in that bag.

How’d you do?
Damn… I’m dead…
I can’t believe it… I at least wanted to hit the average…
I wonder what score I got… It might be faster if I counted from the bottom up….
Hm… Nothing notable.

Welp, we sucked. All right answers and still that Rank 1 Knowledge was enough to drag us down to below the average. We’re dumb-dumbs, sadly.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Ryuji, we’re kinda busy right now with Madarame, maybe this could wait?

Apparently he’s been hanging out at a monjayaki shop a lot. I heard he gets real drunk there and brags to his coworkers.

Right! That’s where you come in. He knows me, so I ain’t gonna be able to get anywhere near him… But that ain’t the case for you! I bet you could even sit next to his booth if you wanted! Prolly. Soooo… I’ll let you know once I figure out when he’s going drinking. Til then, we’re gonna put a hold on our training. Well, I’ll be counting on you!

Well, looks like Maaku’s gonna be going after Yamauchi soon.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

Me and Maaku’re banned from goin’ there, so all we can do is wait here…
No, you two have something different you’ll need to do.
Whaddya mean…?
You have to wait inside the Palace. Once that door opens, sneak in and look for some kind of control room. We need to make sure the door can’t close anymore after it’s open.
Ohhh, I get it. Mkay, you can leave that to us!

Music: Wicked Plan

I’m sorry it was so sudden.
Oh, it’s not a problem. But as I told you yesterday, Sensei will be returning in about twenty or thirty minutes. So um… I’m sorry if that causes some anxiety on your part.
i[/i] That’s why I’m here today, dammit.
What was that?
Oh no, it was nothing!
By the way… Have you gained some weight?

As uncomfortable as everything surrounding it is, this is a really solid joke, and it’s accompanied by an amazing music sting.

Music: Everyday Days

You think so? I weigh the same as always… Maybe I’m bloated today?
So, then… can you, um… get ready here?
I… need to take my clothes off, right?
Y-Yes please…
I’m embarrassed. Could you look the other way…?

Clothes continually land on the floor near Yusuke.

Phew, that was tight…
Tight…? No, I’m doing this for art…!
Don’t look over here, OK…? Hey, your sensei’s coming back soon, right?
I believe so…
Hm… Do you think we could do this somewhere else then? A little more atmosphere would be lovely…
This should be good enough…
But wouldn’t a room with a lock be a bit better?
A lock…?
Must a girl say more…?

More clothes land near Yusuke.

Wha!? But the only one with a lock is… Sensei’s room…
Then why not there?
I can’t intrude… Besides, I don’t have the key…
i[/i] He says he doesn’t have the key.

I’ll just use this hairpin…
Takamaki-san, are you about–

Yet another dumb music sting accompanies this reveal. And don’t think I don’t see you, Morgana, peeking behind that door. Get to work, cat!

Music: My Homie

You were wearing all this?

I suppose so? The sun is starting to set…
Riiight? That’s why a change of location would be nice… I mean, I’m gonna take it all off.
True… (to himself) It might make for a better picture if I can brighten my model’s mood…
Uh-huh! That’s right!
She may even be willing to try out various expressive poses for use in a dynamic composition…

Ohhh… It’s sooo hot.
W-We really can’t use any other room…

Ann’s jacket lands on the ground.

Hey, why not this one?

Music: Disquiet

I’m counting on you, Mona…!

She was sayin’ stuff like “I’ll just seduce him with my acting,” but that sounds outta her league… Plus we ain’t got one sign this place is gonna open… Isn’t Madarame comin’ home soon? On top of that, even if Mona’s able to unlock the door, how’s he gonna show it to Madarame? And then even if they do show it open, any normal person’d just close it right up again. Doesn’t that mean we only got a few seconds to get in? To be blunt, won’t it be a miracle if this works?

Don’t be such a downer, Ryuji.

I wanna think that too, but… …It’s almost time.

Music: Tension

What’s past here?
So the door Mona mentioned is up ahead…

It’s a storage area for old paintings.

I won’t be embarrassed if we go somewhere nobody can find us…
Only Sensei can go in there.
Pleeease…? I wanna be alone with you. Somewhere like, quiet. You know, where we won’t get interrupted.

Ann’s acting straight-up sucks. It actually crosses the line into annoying so hard it comes back around and is funny again.


Kitagawa-kun, do you not like girls like me…?
N-No, that’s not true…

Please? We can continue this… inside…

It’s locked anyway, so…


What do I do…?

Music: High Pressure


Ann grabs Yusuke and pulls him inside, which is kind of a genius move to keep Madarame from shutting the door.


Music: A Woman

They seriously did it!

Yeah, for real!

But it’s just gonna be me and you for a bit if we run into any enemies. You good…?

Yeah, I’ll be countin’ on you!

Music: High Pressure

Up ahead, we see more security.

Hey, whaddya wanna do?

Yeah… The real problem’s the fact that we gotta handle this with just the two of us… Anyways, I’ll leave the timing up to you, dude.

Hm!? Who are you!? I see, that attire… You must be the thieves who dare threaten Lord Madarame!

Boss: Security Shadow

Music: Keeper of Lust

…You cannot go any further! You are trespassing on Lord Madarame’s territory!
You guys ain’t got nothin’ on us! I’m more scared of screwin’ up and havin’ Ann yell at me!

Nue here primarily attacks with melee and Skull Cracker. We take him down pretty quick, even just with the two of us.

From this fight, Ryuji levels up and gains Adverse Resolve, which is a very, very situational skill that increases his Critical rate when surrounded. It’s honestly not that great, especially because you want to avoid those situations whenever possible.

It’d be a pain in the ass if we got spotted again. Anyways, let’s turn off that security system!

Are these the lights…?

Music: Desire

What the…!?
Isn’t this… “Sayuri”? Why are there so many of them…?
I have no idea…

I suppose I can’t keep quiet now that you’ve seen this… Truth be told… I’m in severe debt. I handmade these “Sayuri” copies and have been selling them through a special connection of mine…
But why…?
The real “Sayuri”… was stolen by one of my pupils long ago. I assume they begrudged my strictness… That moment was quite a shock for me… Since then, I’ve been mired in a terrible artist’s block… Because of this distress, some of my pupils handed their ideas over to me from time to time…

I knew I couldn’t keep that up, so I attempted to recreate the “Sayuri” a number of times. However, it resulted in nothing more than replicas… That’s when someone came to buy the paintings, knowing well they weren’t original… …It’s all my fault. I couldn’t pay the price of being famous. As expectations for me rose, it reached a point where I had no choice but to keep making them… I… needed money to further your talents… I ask that you please forgive your cowardly teacher…

This is, uh…

Hold on… Something doesn’t add up.

…complete horseshit, that’s the phrase I was looking for.

I… happened to find a finely detailed photograph of it in an artbook.
So you managed to sell copies of a photo of the original? I’m not sure how this works, but… Don’t people who buy paintings generally have a keen eye for the fine arts? This sounds like a lie to me.

Something just doesn’t feel right!

This one seems different!

This… This is the real “Sayuri”! But you just said a moment ago that it was stolen…!

What’s wrong with your faaaaaaaaaaace

No, it’s nothing of the sort! This painting kept me going… It’s the reason I made it this far… Sensei… Don’t tell me…
It’s fake… Yes, a counterfeit! I heard there was a counterfeit spreading around, so I bought it!
So you’re telling me the actual artist behind the painting bought a counterfeit? That’s pushing it.
You’re lying, Sensei…

You too…?

I’ve reported you to my private security company!

Wait what

I had it set up to deal with some problematic paparazzi, but I never thought it’d come in so handy.

You can talk all you want to the police… That includes you, Yusuke.

There’s no point! They’ll be here within two minutes!

Well, fuck. Out of the frying pan and into the fire, it seems.

Music: High Pressure

So… which one’s for the security?

Sweet! Now the lasers in the courtyard should be off for good. Well, that’s mission complete! C’mon, let’s get outta here!

Crap…! Let’s make a run for it!

Let’s get back and meet up with the others!

Music: A Woman

Ann and Yusuke fall out of nowhere.

Yusuke miraculously lands on his feet with Ann in his arms.

Morgana bounces off Yusuke’s head with a solid thunk.

I thought I was gonna die…

Ann shoves Yusuke off of her.

Music: Disquiet

Calm down, Kitagawa-kun! It’s me!
…Takamaki-san? That means you two are… I don’t recall ever seeing this cat costume before though… What is this place…?
We’re inside Madarame’s heart.

Inside… Sensei’s heart?

She ain’t lyin’. This is what that bastard truly feels. He’s nothin’ but a greed-filled money-grubber.

Kitagawa-kun! Didn’t it cross your mind that something wasn’t right about Madarame!?
You may not want to believe it, but this is another reality as viewed through Madarame’s eyes. …This is his true nature.
This repulsive world…? Just who are all of you!?
I guess you could say… we’re a group that changes the hearts of rotten crooks.
If everything you say is true, then the sensei I know doesn’t exist…
You gotta snap out of it.
Still… he has kept me safe these past ten years. My gratitude for that won’t just disappear.

Yusuke collapses to his knees.

Are you OK?

The security level’s gone through the roof! We need to get out of here, at once!
pant pant

…No, it’s all right.

Music: A Woman

That said, we have an amateur with us now. Let’s try to avoid fighting as much as possible!

This is made much easier by the fact that all enemies in the Palace have miraculously disappeared.

Music: Regret

A vain museum such as this…?

Do you recognize it? We were thinking these might be his past pupils or something…
But… why are there paintings of them here…?
Technically, those aren’t actually paintings. They’re the pupils themselves.
Madarame saw ‘em as objects, so that’s what they are in here… Oh, and uh… we found yours too.
We’ll talk more later. For now, let’s get out of here.

We’re now automatically warped back to near the entrance.

But we’re not leaving anytime soon.

The exit is right there!

Music: Desire

Who is it!? …What the–

Welcome to the museum of the master artist Madarame…
Huh…? Sensei? Is that you? That attire…
This… This is all one big lie, isn’t it…?

Besides, a famous person living in that shack? I have another home… under a mistress’s name, of course.

Hmph. Such insincerity.
If the “Sayuri” was stolen, why was it in the storage room? And if you had the real one, why make copies!?

Foolish child. You still don’t see?

What do you mean…!?
Let me see… How does this sound? “I found the real painting, but it can’t go public… You can have it for a special price, though…”

That seems like a really stupid plan that any idiot would see through, but whatever.

Haha! How’s that for preferential treatment!? Art snobs’ll eat it up, and pay good cash at that!

Yusuke collapses to his knees.

Though I doubt a brat like you would ever come up with such a brilliant scheme!
You keep goin’ on and on about money this, money that… No wonder you ended up with this disgusting museum!
You’re supposed to be an artist, right!? Aren’t you ashamed of plagiarizing other people’s work!?
Art is nothing but a tool… A tool to gain money and fame! You helped me greatly as well, Yusuke…
God… Pisses me off… That’s your teacher.

…I’ll tell you this alone, Yusuke. If you wish to succeed in this world, I’d advise you don’t rise against me. Do you believe anyone could find success with my objection holding them down? Hahahahaha!
To think I was under the care of this wretched man…!
You thought I took you in out of the goodness in my heart? Plucking talented, yet troubled artists allows me to find promising pupils and take their ideas… After all, it’s much easier to steal the futures of children who can’t fight back.

Man, fuck this guy.

I can’t believe this…

…But I tire of this little chat. It’s time that I…


So… you repay my keeping you around for all these years with ingratitude…? You damn brat! Men! Dispose of these thieves!
Get back!
How amusing…
chuckling It seems the truth is stranger than fiction, hm…?
I wanted to believe it wasn’t true… I had clouded my vision for so long…

Music: Awakening

Yusuke’s Awakening (Watch this)

A deplorable imitation indeed… Best you part from that aspect of yourself!


Music: Will Power

Imitations they may be, but together, they make a fine spectacle…

Hmph… Who do you think you are!? The price for your insolence will be death! Where are my guards!? Kill them all!

The children who adored you as “father”… The prospects of your pupils… How many did you trample upon…? How many dreams did you exchange for riches!?

Very well! Bring it on!

Oh man, that devilish grin, you might be alright after all Yusuke.

Not in battle though, sadly. Yusuke’s probably the worst party member in battle by a fairly wide margin. He’s got a few interesting gimmicks that don’t really amount to much, but his main problem is that as a physical damage dealer he will always be outclassed by Ryuji. He’s got ice too, and a larger SP pool, and some useful buffs, though, so that’s not nothing.

Yusuke is voiced by Matt Mercer, known by some as “the guy who sounds like Troy Baker” but that’s not fair at all because he’s so much more than that, I love him so much even if Yusuke isn’t one of his meatier roles (but his Goemon voice, holy shit). He’s also voiced in Japanese by Tomokazu Sugita playing waaaaay against type.

From the Megami Tensei Wiki:

“Ishikawa Goemon was a Japanese outlaw. The historical Goemon is only mentioned in two sources, both of which were created after his death. The first one, the Toyotomi Hideyoshi fu, details his attempted assassination of the shogun Hideyoshi Toyotomi, his capture, and his execution alongside his young son in 1594. Goemon’s death by being boiled alive was also described in a second historical source by Pedro de Morejon who transcribed his name as “Ixicava Goyemon”. As time passed, Goemon’s story was expanded to make him a hero similiar to Robin Hood, robbing the rich and giving his spoils to the poor. Stories from the 19th and the 20th century also make him out be a skilled ninja. Goemon and his infamous death eventually became the subject of various Bunraku and Kabuki plays. The legend was also adapted into movies, anime shows and video games, the most popular of which is the Ganbare Goemon series by Konami.”

So, he was a real dude who was posthumously made out to be a Robin Hood-type. Sounds like a good fit for our band of outlaws.