The Cool Crime of Robbery: Let's Play Persona 5



I assume they give you the option to make tools before the heist if you wanted to make lockpicks to get the golden chests you had to pass by. Of course, I think the only worthy locked treasure in Kamoshida’s Palace is a weapon upgrade for Morgana but seeing how he’s mostly healing and magic, its not really a big deal.


Aww, you didn’t talk to Sojiro. He says something unique on nights before stealing the treasure, though it’s minor and will be the same for future palaces.

Also, with the tool making, it took me forever to notice there are multiple tabs in that menu. Why they did that, I have no clue.


[details=Part 16]Part 16: 4/22

It’s the day we’re stealing Kamoshida’s Treasure. Time to head to school and see what Ryuji’s prepared.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

I haven’t been able to get any even once.
Oh, don’t you know? It’s always sold out on Mondays, but there’s usually some left over on Fridays.
Are you serious!? I’ll finally be able to get some yakisoba pan today!
Huh, I guess there’s a lot in this world you can only get for a limited time or during certain seasons…

Do you want to try to get some? I’ll come with you.

Nah. We’ve got other things to do today, Morgana.

I heard it was already posted by the time everyone got here this morning.

“We know how shitty you are, and that you put your twisted desires on students that can’t fight back. That’s why we have decided to steal away those desires and make you confess your sins. This will be done tomorrow, so we hope you will be ready. From, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts.”

Music: Disquiet

I looked up a bunch of similar stuff online for reference.
Um… Yeah… I know what you wanted to say, but it sounded like an idiot trying to be an adult.

OK, y’know what? Th-That ain’t true!

Does this mean the rumors are true!?
Wait a sec… Is someone gonna take something from Mr. Kamoshida…?
What’s with this weird logo? And who’re these Phantom Thieves of Hearts people…?
…It got everyone excited, so it’s all good, yeah?

Who’s responsible for this…!?
…Look at that. A predictable reaction for someone who knows what we mean by distorted desires.
I think it’s hittin’ him pretty hard.
Did you do this!? Or was it you!?

The students scatter.

What garbage… Eh, it’s not a problem. You’ll be expelled soon enough anyway.

Music: Tension

The scene returns to normal, and Kamoshida walks away.

Does that mean the Treasure’s appeared!? We’ll be able to get it today, right?
It’s not just “today.” It’s ONLY today. The impact of seeing a calling card doesn’t last long, and it cannot be repeated. This will be our one chance to steal the Treasure.
One day’s more than enough for us!

Music: Life Will Change (Instrumental Version) (Worth a listen)

Before we steal the Treasure, we have one last Persona to fuse.

It’s this Mokoi, from Saki Mitama and Kelpie.

I am the soul of your shadow… So that would be why I’m becoming your mask…

Mokoi are evil spirits in Australian folklore who used dark magic and kidnapped children in the night to eat them. One of them’s part of our soul now!

All right, let’s head into the castle.

Huh? The door’s open.

This place is probably undermanned now that they all got assigned elsewhere. Either way, we win as long as we can steal the Treasure! Let’s keep going!

Worth noting: The pillars flanking the entrance are a pair of giant legs. Ugh.

Man, it’s huge!
What do you think!? It’s just as I said! Now we can steal it! Ahh… this shine brings tears to my eyes…
…It kinda pisses me off. Why’s it so pretty…? Isn’t this Kamoshida’s desires?

Uh, the cat’s actin’ awfully excited.
What’s wrong? Is something…?


You were completely out of character too. What was that about?
I couldn’t stop it either… To think I’d be drawn to human desires this much… Doesn’t that prove that I’m human!?
How should we know!?
A-Anyway, you guys need to carry it!
All you do is bark orders…

His Palace will disappear if we take this back, right? And Kamoshida will change too…
…That should be the case.
Good. Now’s our chance then.

To think it’d go so well… I’ve even found three Persona users in the process… My judgment was correct. I made the right choice in making a deal with you!

I feel like my bond with Morgana is growing deeper…

We finally get Baton Pass for Morgana, far too late for it to actually help us with this Palace. Whatever, let’s just drag this giant crown outside.


Kamoshida spikes…

Right on target.

Kamoshida does a magnificent leaping spiral.

Music: Blood of Villain

He should really shave those legs, though.

The crown shines a brilliant blinding light…

…and reappears, small, in Kamoshida’s hand.

That rat bastard… That’s how he sees me, isn’t it!?
Yo, pervert. Were you waitin’ to ambush us?
I just made it easier to find you. I’ll dispose of you myself. Right here, right now.

What a selfish misunderstanding…

This translation could probably have used another pass, yikes.

The people around me were the ones who kept it secret. Adults who want to share in my accomplishments, students who have the drive to become winners… They willingly protect me so that we all may profit from it.
There are too many imbeciles who don’t understand that! Including naive brats like you and that girl who tried to kill herself!

Wow, Ann. Harsh.

But no matter what kind of fool someone might be… They don’t need your permission to live their lives!
Drop the attitude, you mediocre peasant! There’s no wrong in using my gifts for my gain! I’m a cut above all other humans!
Above…? You mean beneath! You’re a goddamn demon obsessed with your sick desires!

Music: Blooming Villain (Worth a listen)

…Well, that’s certainly a change.

I’m allowed to do whatever the hell I want!

Boss: Suguru Asmodeus Kamoshida

So, this is the ultimate form of Shadow Kamoshida. He’s known as Asmodeus, a reference to a king of demons from the Book of Tobit. He represents the deadly sin of lust.

We should catch him off guard and steal it! Let’s attack him and wait for that opportunity!

We use three Personas in this fight, primarily: Bicorn for Tarunda, Genbu for Rakunda, and that Mokoi we just fused for its Skull Cracker, which as a Medium Physical attack is stronger than anything else in our arsenal.

Tragically, however, I’m too much of a dumbass to realize it’s Medium instead of Light, so I waste Ryuji’s Tarukaja on himself instead of Maaku.

Volleyball Assault is the main reason we want to keep Tarunda up. It doesn’t hit for much even unhindered, but it can strike up to three times. Oh, and Asmodeus gets to attack twice per turn. If you don’t reduce his attack, healing can become a full-time job.

A funny thing happens when we get Asmodeus down to about half.

He eats one of the figures in his trophy for a full heal.

Come at me, you pieces of shit! I ain’t lettin’ you sleep tonight!

So, we’ve just got to focus down the trophy instead. Gotcha.

You don’t know what this is worth, so stop touching it! Don’t do it anymore, got it? I’ve warned you!
When someone tells us not to do something, it makes us want to do it even more!

While we work on destroying that trophy, we have to deal with Asmodeus’ Tongue Whip, which hits everyone…

…as well as his Lustful Slurp, which raises his attack, meaning we need to Tarunda again.

He’ll also follow the lead of the Torn King of Desire and stare at Ann.

He then… licks her. All right.

One smashed trophy later…

No way… This was from when I won the national…
All right!

…I am Kamoshida! Don’t you get it!?

Huh…!? Like I keep saying! I am Kamoshida! I’m the king!
You look down on everyone… but you’re seriously lame right now.
We came all this way to steal that! Will you just give it up and hand it over?
Silence! I won’t let the likes of you have this!
You still have the energy to say things like that!? Then we’re going to up our game as well!

I’m the king…! If I’m not, then who is!?
We won’t get anywhere with brute force…

This is an explanation of a new mechanic to the series, wherein we can send party members to perform tasks for us in the heat of battle to help us out. It’s not super involved or even always that useful, sadly.

What do we do!?

I see… In that case, time for Plan B!

While the others are drawing Kamoshida’s attention, have someone go there! Let’s steal the Treasure without him noticing!

Kamoshida will now start using Golden Knife to deal a ton of damage, which is a good incentive to keep Tarunda up.

Sure, let’s send someone.

Ann’s got too much heat right now, so a poor choice for a stealth mission.

And let’s keep Morgana just for the sake of healing.

Alright, you’re up, Ryuji.

Gotcha. Keep him distracted by attackin’ him!

Now Ryuji will be unavailable for a good portion of the battle.

Slaves! Bring over you-know-what!

Time for my killshot from when I was active and rockin’ it! Killshot… as in I’ll make the kill!

So, at around this point I’m thinking, “They’ll probably give me two turns, right? For ultimate moves, the boss generally gives you two turns in Persona games, so you get a chance to heal and what-not. I’m probably fine this turn.”

“But let’s guard to be safe and have Morgana heal Joker, it’d really suck to die here because you still game over when the protagonist dies.”


Morgana, sadly, was not guarding, and is KO’d instantly because the attack deals only slightly less than his maximum HP.

In the middle of all this, Asmodeus will mix things up by recycling old moves like Lustful Slurp, forcing us to Tarunda again. Eventually, we deal enough damage between heals to move onto the next step:

You’re the only ones who don’t respect me, you know!

Anyway. Now’s my chance!

Some more damage later:

They came on to me because they wanted to get on my good side!

But at least it’s lettin’ me get closer to the Treasure.

Ryuji’s finally in place. Just a bit more to go.

…Ah, I get it! You want to see my killshot again, don’t you?

Ah shit.

I ended up healing Maaku and Morgana here for… some reason. Morgana was fucked no matter what, but I guess I assumed that Ann could survive the attack.

I was wrong. Welp, that’s the story of how I managed to fuck up both killshots.

Eventually, we manage to get him down to half.

I knew it! They’re missing! Where’d they go!?

All right, way to go Ryuji.

Kamoshida’s now “dejected.” What does that mean? Well…

We now do about four or five times as much damage. Now we just finish him off.

And that’s Asmodeus down.[/details]


Blooming Villain is such a good song. Probably my second favorite in the entire game. I also love Asmodeus’s design. So creepy and sleazy, fits perfectly with Kamoshida. Also, as a ‘fun’ detail I didn’t notice until my second playthrough, the body in his wine glass is the Cognitive Ann. So that lustful slurp move has an even creepier addition!


It’s always really cool to see bosses where the strategy is more than just “attack until dead.” That was a really good way to end off the palace.


[details=Part 17]Part 17: 4/22-4/23

Now that we’ve handled that ordeal, we just have to escape the castle.

Music: Desire

Kamoshida does a sick diving somersault to grab the crown.

What’s wrong? Not running away? Why don’t you run…? Aren’t you a great athlete?

I’m doing this all for them! What’s wrong about demanding a reward for that!?
Now you’re makin’ excuses…? We’ll do something about that distorted heart of yours.
Scared? Right now, you’re seeing the same view that Shiho did. I’m sure she was scared too… except she had no choice but to jump… What will you do? Will you jump? …Or would you rather die here?

Do you want to finish him off? It’s your call.

Music: Regret

Shut up. I bet everyone told you the same.

Go ahead and finish me off… You do that… and my real self will go down too… You have that right since you’ve won…


You’re kind, Lady Ann…
I’ve lost. You’re through when you lose…

Hey, just so you know, we don’t have time to waste. This place is about to collapse!

Castle Escape

Music: Collapse of Lust

This goddamn cat, I swear.


Despite the fact that we were in a tower, the exit to the Palace is now a massive hallway. That’s animated cutscenes for ya.

Morgana, back in cat form, jumps atop Ann’s head.

No fair, you jerk!

Suddenly, Ryuji starts limping.

…It’s true. We can’t go there anymore.
What about the Treasure!?

Well, we weren’t holding it during that cutscene, so…

What the…?
…A medal? Wait, where’d that crown go?
What’s goin’ on…?
It means, that was the source of Kamoshida’s desires. To him, this medal is worth as much as that crown we saw in the palace.

So, that perv kept clingin’ to his past glory and couldn’t let it go…
But… this means that Kamoshida’s heart might have changed, right?
Our expulsion’s on the line here!
This is the first successful example for me too. However, there’s no doubt that this has affected Kamoshida’s personality quite a lot. The entire Palace disappeared, after all.
Ugh, I feel all antsy! Ain’t there a way to check now?

Come on, why the gloomy faces? Be happy! We completed this with great success, you know.
We just don’t know if everything’s OK yet…

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I’m pretty sure it’ll be fine. Remember how Kamoshida’s Shadow said that he’s returning to his self in reality?

I promise you that line sounds exactly as awkward when voiced as you’d think.

Still… He did seem to regain his conscience somewhat at the end.

There are definitely those who have been saved thanks to what you’ve done.
Anyways, I guess we gotta wait. It all boils down to what’s gonna happen to Kamoshida… or if we’re gettin’ expelled for real…

…Yeah, let’s go.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

You think? I’m glad to hear that… Anyway, that cognitive world was pretty crazy, huh? What a mysterious place. I can’t believe we actually stole someone’s heart… Speaking of mysterious, there’s also the matter of Morgana’s transformation. When we were escaping, didn’t he turn back into a cat even though we were still in the Palace?

Basically, the Treasure changes the shape of things. Once that’s gone, the power no longer works. Though the real reason I changed quickly back then was because I’m so incredibly skilled! How’s that? Isn’t that amazing!?

Oh yeah, I forgot Morgana is reading these messages too. I think I feel a little better after talking with you. Thanks. We still haven’t seen any results, but it feels like a weight’s been lifted off my shoulders. I hope you don’t mind talking to me too much. Well, see you tomorrow.

Nothing goes your way in life. Let it get to your head, and you’ll get the rug pulled from under you.

Geez, Sojiro, way to take a shit right in my lap. This dialogue plays after clearing a Palace. There’s an additional bit of dialogue that you get the night before, but I forgot to include it last time.

It’s called a bank transfer scam, and they’ve been happening much more frequently in the city. Many young people have been victimized, and the police are being told to stay on the alert.
The victims are mostly young people? Oh, you’d better be careful, too.

Yeah, sure thing, cat.

It’s such a pain to put on makeup, and I hate shopping, so I usually end up just lazing about the house.
Same here. Good thing there’s home shopping. They always have the best stuff on Sundays.
Oh, I know exactly what you’re talking about! They even sell surgical masks for when you’re sick.
I’ll have to check it out tomorrow. It’s so popular they always sell out if you don’t call the same day.

I slept in, so I ran out without eating breakfast… I feel so weak because of it… After we took down Kamoshida, I just feel so spent and out of gas, you know? You get me, right?

Right? Now all we have left to do is wait for that board meeting… Anyways, I’m hungry. I guess I’ll buy some bread at the school store…

Music: So Boring

You kids are lucky to receive direct instruction from a world-famous athlete like him. Sports have been regarded as sacred things that invigorate people since ancient times. So much so that the emperor himself even participated once.

It’s Nero. sigh It’s good to throw yourself into your club activities, but you shouldn’t sacrifice your studies.
…… Sorry…

What event did Emperor Nero add to the Olympics so that he could participate?

Nero’s the crazy one, right? Or was that Caligula? Singing seems like a pretty batshit answer either way.

Correct. Hm. It seems you’ve been studying after all. Apparently Nero was tone deaf, but he ended up winning. The emperor held absolute power, after all. Because of these kinds of selfish actions—not to mention a lecherous side—he became known as a despot.
Whoa, he actually knew that?
Maybe I should ask if I can borrow his notes…
Wow, you must be really smart to be able to answer a question like that!

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

That said, recently people have begun reevaluating Nero’s reign. Regardless though, he was lacking in sportsmanship. He should have taken a page out of Kamoshida-kun’s book! Hahaha!
Don’t give us that crap. Kamoshida’s the real despot.

Music: Disquiet

shakes head
You really think he changed?

Well, yeah…

Mr. Kamoshida has taken the day off.
He ain’t here…?
Don’t tell anyone that you heard this from me… But we received word that Mr. Kamoshida is placing himself under suspension. It’s such an important time before the tournament too… Principal Kobayakawa went to talk to him about it, but he supposedly wasn’t making any sense…

The talks about your expulsions may be put on hold too… I don’t know too much about it though… Anyway, I’ve relayed what’s going on to you.

At least it sounds different from a mental shutdown… I guess all we can do is wait…

Well, that’s nerve-wracking. We have no idea when Kamoshida will come back or what his reaction will be when it does. Let’s hope for the best.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

Of course, waiting is pretty boring… I wonder what Ryuji and the rest are up to?

“The rest?” There’s only one other person you could possibly be referring to, Morgana.

We should go on a trip or something. Whaddya think?
Sorry, I’m gonna have to pass.
What, you busy?
Yeah, I’ll be visiting Shiho in the hospital after school for the next few days.

Yeah, thanks. I’m totally down to go somewhere once things calm down though.
It sounds like we won’t be able to see Lady Ann after school for a while. How unfortunate.

This cat is way too thirsty for this girl.

I hear Mr. Kamoshida’s taking a leave of absence. Maybe it’s because of that calling card. I’m sure this Phantom Thieves stunt is just a prank. Still, the newspaper club should follow this.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if they were real? As a member of the newspaper club, I’m going to see what I can dig up on them!

Oh, are you talking about those psychotic breakdowns? It’s nothing that crazy. Maybe I’m just tired.
Hey you might feel better if you eat something. Let’s stop by Big Bang on Central Street.

Just down the hallway…

giggle I’ll post online and everyone will know what me and Ikesugi-kun share… giggle I’ll tell them, “He seemed a bit tired… so I massaged his shoulders for him. ☆” giggle

Yikes. Well, none of our business.

This time, let’s try using the phone to make an appointment.

I’ll prolly end up going easy on myself if I do it alone… Anyways, it’d prolly be the most efficient if we trained together. How ‘bout it?

This message plays if you have a Persona in your current arsenal that matches the Arcana of the Confidant you’re about to hang out with. It gives you bonus points, and it’s really annoying because you always want to have a matching Persona so it forces you to structure your Personas around it or just constantly resummon. It’s actually much less of an issue in P5 than in previous games just due to how many of the Confidants in this game are gated entirely by the story.

I feel like my bond with Ryuji will grow stronger soon…

I was trainin’ for nationals back in the day… but now I totally suck balls.

Music: Suspicion

…Running, huh? I saw you from the window.
What, you gonna try to come crawling back to the track team?
Huh? H-Hell no…
Sure… Speaking of which, this was your secret training spot, wasn’t it? Well, it’s our spot now. You know, us. The former track team.
We don’t even have a locker room anymore, thanks to someone I know.

Yeah, this isn’t anything like a fight. Not even close. Hold on, aren’t you that transfer student? You’re really gonna hang around with this loser?
You better watch out. He’ll hit you the second he gets pissed off. I heard his dad was the same way. Like father like son, right? Now that’s some scary shit.

Look, back then, I…
I don’t need to hear your excuses. Everyone was going through the same bullshit with Kamoshida. The beatings, the impossible exercises… but we put up with all of it for the track team.

Man, I was stupid for ever thinking you were my teammate.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

I haven’t changed at all… But y’know… you actually helped me calm down a little. I’m glad you were here with me. Thanks man!

Time for another Weird High-Five.

I feel like my bond with Ryuji is growing deeper…

Ryuji can now follow up an attack by Maaku that doesn’t down the target randomly. These don’t come into play that often but they’re still handy.

…Let’s call it a day.

The hell’s your problem!?
Now they’re just arguing with each other… …I should stay out of it. Anyways, nice trainin’ with you.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

And I told her we settled things with Kamoshida. She still hasn’t regained consciousness… but I had to go make amends.

But I wasn’t there when she needed help. I’m a failure as a friend… I have to do all I can to make up for that, starting now. Otherwise I don’t think I’ll be able to move on.
Man, I didn’t know you were so passionate. I totally didn’t notice that back in middle school.
I think it’s because of you guys. I’m a little embarrassed though… Anyway, Ryuji, Maaku… I hope we can keep helping each other out from now on too.

Somethin’ I wanna ask you. C’mere, let’s have a chat.

Oh fuck Sojiro knows I’m a Phantom Thief my life is over oh fuck

Care to have a little chat with me? What, it’s just some small talk.

Good. There’re a lot of things I want to ask you. I’ll clean up, so just wait there.

Okay, we’ve been through this ringer before. Just stick your face in the TV, Dojima’ll have to believe it.

Music: Alleycat

Okay, stay calm, that could mean anything.

You’re not causing any trouble, are you?

Maaku starts sweating profusely.


Seems like we’re safe, but I’m not convinced he’s not going to Columbo us here.

I’ve gotta report to your probation officer twice a month. It’s already a pain in the ass as is, so please don’t make me have to write even more crap.

You can go and get yourself killed if you want, but don’t go dragging other people into your mess. The last thing we need is more idiots like you roaming around.

Harsh, man.

Yeah, I’m heading out now. Sorry about that. …I know. The usual, right? OK. I’ll see you later.

If you could lend a hand, it’d really be a great help…

Sure thing, Fake Da-I mean, sir.

Now, we’re talking. Either way, I won’t ask you to work for free. If you agree to help me, then… I’ll teach you how to make the perfect cup of coffee. Not a bad trade, eh?

All right. Looks like we’ve got ourselves a deal.
The distance between me and Sojiro seems to be closing slightly…

Music: Interrogation Room

You may call yourself a phantom thief, but you’re still a minor. Someone had to support you. Furthermore, they did so knowing you were a part of that group… …Isn’t the owner of that cafe an accomplice of yours!?

“And where did you learn to brew such delicious coffee, you hooligan?”

Music:]The Spirit

The Hierophant, also known as The Pope, is associated with religion, conformity, and tradition, but also restriction and challenging those very norms that confine you.

No Confidant bonus for Sojiro just yet.

“There’s just one more thing.”

See ya later.

Sojiro is one of my favorite characters in this game, and he’s voiced by Jamieson Price giving what might also be my favorite performance. He’s just fantastic all around.[/details]


So, one thing I noticed is that Kamoshida’s treasure in the real world is a gold medal. In his security/danger icon, the picture of Kamoshida shows him holding a medal! Not really anything more than a neat connection, but I thought it was cool.

And Sojiro is best.


[details=Part 18]Part 18: 4/24-4/28

Time for some side events. A lot of side events.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

What, no jingle? YOU’RE NOT TANAKA

Here’s what we’ve got for you today!
Oh, so this is the shopping channel that everyone’s been talking about.

It only takes a day for the items to be delivered this time instead of the three in P4.

Oh, they’re perfect for big gatherings!
This is a limited item! Today’s the one and only day it’ll be available! And it can be yours… For the incredibly low price of 1980 yen! We’re offering it for 1980 yen because it’s on sale for today only!
Oh, the phones are already ringing off the hook!
Once we’re sold out, that’s it! Don’t miss out on this deal!
A Party in a Can four pack? They’re just 1980 yen. Thinking of buying them?

I have no idea what it does other than restore HP from the icon, but sure, let’s spend some money.

Oh, another buyer’s just called in! Thank you so much!
We’ll try to get your order to you as quickly as possible! Goodbye for now! We’ll see you again next time with another fabulous product!
Goodbye for now!
Now all we have to do is just wait for it to arrive.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Now, let’s head to Shibuya and find the drink vendor. There’s something special we can do here on Sundays.

If they have special drinks, it may not be a bad idea to try one…

The only special drink I need is hot cocoa mix poured into cold milk.

Welcome! We’ve got fresh fruit juice! What’s that? Special drinks? This is what we have today!
Ooh, I wonder what it is.
It’s incredibly bitter, but it strengthens your body. It’s called aojiru! Every week, we have a different kind of aojiru.

So, we can come here every Sunday to get an aojiru drink that will boost one of our stats.

Unfortunately, it costs fifty bucks, what the christ.

You really need to get pumped up and tell yourself it’s for your health.

From that, Maaku gets Charm +1.

OK, now that you’re healthy, let’s go somewhere else!

Next up, the movie theater.

Note that it only works our first time seeing a particular movie.

Right now, we’re just in time to see Tanktop Millionaire. It’s a story about a teenager who becomes the “tanktop millionaire” with money he won on a quiz show…

That sounds really terrible, I’m in.

It looks like watching this movie might give me some Guts.
Oh yeah! You need to go buy a ticket first.

It’s almost time for the movie to start. Let’s grab a seat.

(Gangster voice) “How the hell does some slumdog brat win so much prize money? It’s just not possible. You must have cheated.”
(Borderline offensive Indian accented voice) “No! It wasn’t cheating! It was destiny!”

Wow, that’s… pretty blatant. There’s a few spots where it’s clear that the translation team probably had a lot of fun and one of them’s these movie knockoffs.

How does a little kid like him have guts like that…?
I could really feel the courage of that boy and his attitude towards life…

Maaku gets Guts +3.

And we rank up for our trouble. Nice.

Music: Break it Down

All right, let’s go home.

At certain points in the game, the loading screen will become this cityscape with word bubbles, allowing us to get a feel for the opinions of the general public.

It’s just been one bizarre incident after another this year…
Our country is going to hell!
Aren’t there any honest politicians out there…?
How can I have hope in a country like this?

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

I dunno, I’m just feeling kinda anxious. I keep thinking about how even with all you did… we might still end up getting expelled.

Sorry, I guess now’s not really the time to be getting down in the dumps. Anyways, I’m feeling a little better now that I talked to you about this. Thanks, man. Oh, and don’t tell Ann I was doubting us, mkay? She won’t have anyone to rely on if we’re getting all worried about this shit. Well, seeya!

Ryuji’s surprisingly mature.

…I see. You’re the only one here at night, so I’m not gonna bother setting a curfew or anything like that. So long as you’re taking school seriously, I don’t mind if you stroll the streets at night.

Sweet, now we can explore Yongen at night!

…Well, it would be sweet if there was more than one thing to do in Yongen at night, but whatever.

But only around these parts, got it? You go back on your word, I’ll kick you right out.

Well, let’s not go exploring just yet. Instead, let’s read this book we checked out from the library.

All right, I’m headin’ home.

For the sake of my own sanity I’m going to have to cut out a lot of the incidental dialogue that repeats every single time you perform one of these actions if we’ve seen it before.

While you read this, be sure to pay close attention to the greatness of Zorro in detail.

We don’t finish the book, but that’s okay.

We get another chance immediately afterwards.

Zorro was not only strong in mind and body, but he also cared greatly for the common people. Hmm, it seems you really understand the qualities that made Zorro so great.

Maaku gets Kindness +3.

Have you ever tried the Nostalgic Steak at the diner in Shibuya?
Yeah, it’s good! It kinda makes me think of my childhood. I get this warm feeling inside whenever I eat it that reminds me of my mom…
Yeah, if comfort had a taste, that’d be it! Just thinking about it is making me hungrier…
A comforting flavor, huh… Hey, what does the chief’s curry taste like?

I’m jealous. I can always smell a faint hint of it on you. When I’m human again, I’m going to eat so much of that curry… Then I’ll decide which is better: the curry or the Nostalgic Steak!

Music: So Boring

“I could care less indicates that you still have some cares left to give! It’s “I COULDN’T care less”! I’ve seen this a lot these days, where people are using a phrase differently from its real meaning. One word I often hear misused is the Japanese “kakushinhan,” used now to mean a crime done in cold blood. Like the word “literally,” the real meaning of kakushinhan is pretty much the opposite of how it’s used. Do you know what it is, Hamiru-kun?


The true meaning of kakushinhan, huh… This seems tough. I’ll help you out, so let’s think this through. What’s the common usage of kakushinhan again, regarding an action you take?

For certain complicated answers, we cannot consult the answers of the internet. Instead, Morgana will help us cheat by talking us through it. I believe we have a limited number of tries, but I’ve never tested it.

Right, of course. Everyone knows that.

Right. When people say something’s a kakushinhan, they usually mean the culprit did it knowing it was wrong. But the real kakushinhan is the opposite, right? So the opposite means…

I guess the teacher’s just ignoring us talking under our desk.

That’s right. A kakushinhan is when someone takes an action, believing that it’s right. So if someone “raised their hand against another in kakushinhan,” they thought it was right to do so.
He’s pretty smart!
I didn’t expect that. He might not be too bad…
You’re on a roll today!

Maaku gets Knowledge +1.

Kakushinhan was originally a term that referred to a crime driven by moral or political conviction. These days it seems like the wrong usage is becoming more commonly accepted though.
Taking action with a conviction that what you’re doing is right, huh… Think that applies to us too?

Way to just spell it out for the audience, Morgana.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

Let’s trade in our Zorro book for one about Carmen.

It’s also Monday, so the vending machines around the city have all restocked.

Because we now have Rank 2 Guts, Takemi will automatically text us asking for a new clinical trial.

I want to test it on you as soon as possible… Could you stop by, my little guinea pig?

>I’ll be right there.
Thanks. I’ll be waiting at the clinic. I’ll have everything ready for you. Don’t you run away, OK?

This lady is terrifying.

Music: Butterfly Kiss

Or at least some good old-fashioned caffeine in my system…
At my current level of Guts, I should be able to handle that medicine. I should suggest a clinical trial…
So, what are you here for today?

I developed a new medicine. Could you come to the back?
>Hang out with her
In that case, I’m going to start setting up, so go wait in the examination room.
Well, I’m gonna walk around. Let me know when you’re ready to leave.

I made various adjustments to the previous drug, based on your trial results. All right, drink it down in one gulp.

A powerful taste, both sour and bitter, overwhelms me… The smell is terrible. I’m having a hard time breathing…

You feel a bit dazed, hm? Yes, I mixed in some special… components. OK, let’s take your temperature and blood pressure. I’m also going to draw some blood. I also want to perform a few motor skill tests. But those might be too much for you right now. Anyway, since we’re in the final stages, I should first stabilize the fundamental formula…

Music: Suspicion

I’ve told you before, Officer. If you want to investigate me, you need to show me a warrant.
Hmph! I’m here because we received a report. I’ll need to see a detailed statement of medical expenses and full medical records. I bet you didn’t have enough time to hide any incriminating documents, huh?
…Must be under the orders of the Medical Chief of Staff. Here you go.
This kid here is my only patient today. If you’re asking for his medical expenses, I’m guessing I’m under suspicion of improper billing? But without a receipt, I’d say you’ve been sent on a wild goose chase.
Wh-What’s going on here…?
You’re being manipulated. That “report” is fictitious. It’s nothing but an attempt to harass me.

The cop turns to Maaku.

…Hey, you! What’re you doing here!? You don’t seem to be sick… Are you up to something illegal!?

A-A bad heart…?

So, is there anything else? As you can see, I’m pretty busy here.
…Fine. You’re infuriating, you know that? Hmph… but I’d expect nothing less from the “Plague.”

The cop leaves.

It’s nothing to worry about. I’m sure it was my former superior who made that false report. You eavesdropped on our conversation the other day, remember? He’s just trying to put pressure on me… by having the police investigate me and my practice. Anyway, I need to draw some blood. There’ll be some mild anemia, but only temporary. You’ll be fine. …It’s part of our “deal,” remember?

I guess I have no choice…
I like kids who listen to their superiors. Enjoy your medicine.
It feels like my bond with Takemi is growing even deeper…

I’m going to draw more blood than usual… since you’re healthy and all…

…Only kidding. OK, please lie down. You can go home once I’m done.
I feel like cooperating in that shady clinical trial has increased my Guts

Maaku gets Guts +1.

All right, take care.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

I’ve got some time today if you want me to show you the ropes.

Let’s see what’s inside…

40 HP to all allies, nice. Probably can’t be used in battle, but still good to have.

Criticism of the ruling party has surged, following the resignation of the Minister of Transport. A survey we conducted shows that approval ratings of the cabinet have dropped drastically. People’s overall disapproval is higher than expected, as well as distrust toward the government.
It seems like everyone’s not happy with the government. Being in a position of power must be tough.

Yeah, cry me a river. Anyway, let’s head outside.

I’m the one who has to lock the door. Just make sure you’re not out there for too long, all right?

Shoot! I wish we could go check out the nightlife in Shibuya or something. Shibuya, the city that never sleeps. I wonder what that’s like…

Hello, random drunk idiot.

Firsh, a serious o-of… incidentsh. Guys all o’ a sudden falli’ uncon… unconsch-- barf

Hahaha! Who am I? I tell the newsh to people. I’m a neeeewscashter! I’m broadcashin’ live from… From right here… Aaaand… Ooh! Thish just in-- retch

What a nice man.

Bathing is the only thing we can do in Yongen at night, unless you’re really into spin cycles I guess.

I have absolutely no idea what the benefit on a rainy day is. I just know that going on a Monday or Thursday gives you +3 Charm instead of +2.

Hm… Do I smell a medicinal bath? Oh, that’s gonna feel good.

Oh, and you smell good too… You’re looking great.

Maaku rakes his fingers through his hair stylishly and gets Charm +3.

We also rank up in Charm.

Come on, we should get home before you get a cold.

How do you like being packed in like sardines, city-style? I bet you’ve had enough. …I don’t mean to joke around. I just don’t know what to do. I get anxious unless I’m doing something, yet here I am suddenly with nothing to do. It’s so awful just waiting for the results. isn’t it? It’s so worrying…

You’re right… All we can do is believe, and wait. Thanks. I feel better after talking. It’s not good to be a downer in the morning. Well, let’s have a great day today!

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Now, let’s head to that diner we heard about in Shibuya.

We can get +3 Knowledge instead of +2 on rainy days. The food we order also affects what other stat ranks up.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I got it. I’ll be right back with your order.

Maaku gets Kindness +1.

It looks like you were able to focus, even with all this noise.

Maaku gets Knowledge +2.

Well, that should be enough for today. Come on, let’s go home.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

I think there was a laundromat by the public bath… We should be able to wash it there, right?

We’re not fucking doing that.

Ah, is there a special reason why it’s called a Happy Central Rook?
Well, the first shogi player to use that move was the kind of person who’s always smiling. That’s really where the name comes from. It has nothing to do with the strategy itself.
So the name doesn’t clue you in on the strategy. It’s really just named after a shogi player…

This has been today’s installment of Fun Shogi Facts. To unsubscribe from Fun Shogi Facts, text “STOP”.

If you’re up for it, why don’t you learn how to work here…
What are you going to do? Will you help the chief out?
>Help him out
You really got things figured out. All right, put your stuff down and come back here. It’s about time one of the regulars arrives. She’s a talkative one…

Music: What’s Going On?

You know what I’m talking about, right?

This store’s not the busiest around, but I’m real particular about how we make coffee here. And I’ll kick you out no questions asked if you serve a bad cup, you got that?

It goes so well with his special curry, I can’t help but order the set meal every time.
What can I say, each of my regulars gets an experience personally tailored to them.
Can you tell me the key to that wonderful flavor, So-chan? I’d love to make it at home sometime.
Sorry, that’s a trade secret. You’re free to try and guess based on the taste though.
Cheapskate. Keeping secrets from me even though you know your food’s already stolen my heart…
How about a nice dessert then? It’s only three hundred yen.

The woman leaves.

That’s what being in food service is all about.

Hello there! It’s been quite a while, Sakura-san! I heard you opened up a shop, so here I am! It wouldn’t have hurt to mention it to me though. Huh, you’ve got a real nice location here. Right by the station and everything.
Your order?
No small talk? That’s cold. Oh, but this smell… Sure brings back memories! You’re still making that curry, huh? I guess you haven’t gotten over her yet…
Your order, sir?
Haha, so pushy. I just stopped in to say hi today… but I’ll be back again soon! Bye.

Anyway, if you have time for questions, you have time to be learning about bean types. You’re not gonna be any use to me if you can’t pick up on the ABCs sometime soon. Besides, ladies love a guy who knows his coffee. This isn’t such a bad deal for you.

Either way, I’m gonna teach you right. That way I’ll be able to sit back and relax while you work.
I feel like my bond with Sojiro is growing deeper…

Alright, now we can make SP-restoring coffee. This’ll be a big help.

Only at night though.

Let’s start closing up. And no slacking off, you got it?
After learning about customer service from Sojiro, I feel like my Kindness has improved…

Maaku gets Kindness +3.

And yet another rank up.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

We had an amazing conversation after I brought up some of the stuff I read about! We’re going to go out somewhere together soon!
Well, don’t get ahead of yourself because it happened to go well. Look, Knowledge isn’t enough. You need Proficiency to adapt on the fly. You also need Kindness to be acceptant, and Guts to be honest and direct. Plus Charm, to draw people to you. The quality of your character says a lot about you, so it’s important to better yourself every day.
Really? But it takes so much work… But I’ll do it, if it means I’ll get a girlfriend! I guess I’ll start by showering every day. I hear girls prefer a dude who’s hygenic.

Yeah, good start there, buddy.

Hey, this applies to you, too.

You get it. That’s a good attitude to have.

Music: So Boring

People are theorizing that it’s these sudden psychotic breakdowns, but the cause is still unknown… Well, unexplained occurrences like these are commonplace in the world of math. For instance… Hamiru-san. Please look at this.

Pff, get outta here with this second grade shit.

Correct. I suppose the four-color theorem is common sense.

Many people have realized this principle based on experience since ancient times. However, it’s difficult to prove, and was an unsolved problem for a long time.

Maaku gets Knowledge +1.

I hope the psychotic breakdowns don’t just end up as another unsolved mystery. My heart hurts just thinking about the economic losses this string of incidents has caused.

Oh no, the poor numbers lost when all those people died. What a terrible tragedy.

The world’s full of dangers, huh? I guess even the world outside school is no good, either.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

Let’s go check, Morgana.

I guess we just gotta wait and see what happens… Yo, whaddya think about trainin’ a bit? We’re gonna get rusty if we don’t keep ourselves active.
>Spend time with him
Mkay, go get changed. We’re gonna do some joggin’ today.

This message pops up when we don’t have enough points to reach the next Confidant rank. Instead, we have to spend time building up those points.

Music: What’s Going On?

I feel like my bond with Ryuji will grow stronger soon…

This just means we got enough points to ascend to the next rank next time we see him.

Welp, seeya.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Sweet, we can make coffee now.

Are you going to try making some coffee?
>I’ll brew some coffee.
You know how to brew coffee? Help yourself to the beans on the shelves. I’ll show you how each kind of bean is different later. All right, I’m headin’ out to buy some cigarettes.

That was the last time we ever saw Sojiro.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Maaku does a hilarious little fist-pump he’s so pleased with himself.

The way you’re drinking it makes it look delicious. This coffee has a lot of thought and love behind it, huh… Maybe if you drink it in the Metaverse, it’ll heal your wounds too.

Leblanc Coffee restores 30 SP, which is nuts at this point in the game, even if we have to spend time to make it.

Here, let me have a sip.

This aroma and soft richness… You used Blue Mountain, huh…

You have been subscribed to Coffee Facts. To unsubscribe from Coffee Facts, text “STOP”.

These Coffee Facts rule. They’re not narrated like the Beer Facts from Catherine, but they’re great anyway because Sojiro shouts LET ME EXPLAIN when they start.

…The flavor profile is bland. You should practice more to bring out the roast’s potential.

Aww, our coffee sucks.

But we get points with Sojiro, which is the real reason making coffee is so worth it. It takes a lot of points to rank him up around this time, so making coffee kills two birds with one stone.

You look like a real barista standing at the counter like that. It seems you’re following all the rules and instructions I gave you. I can’t believe this kid in front of me is a troublemaker with a criminal record… …… Well, there’s no need to have a lengthy conversation about this. Just keep up with your training.

People would treat you with respect if they knew you could serve great coffee. We should get some rest. We have a big day tomorrow.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

He had a change of heart for real, didn’t he? It’s kinda hard to believe right now… I’m gonna cry if we still get expelled after all this.

You’re so calm, man… Aren’t you worried at all? Oh yeah! You free today? If you got nothing to do, come see me after school. It’s not like I got something to say, but I find talkin’ helps calm the nerves.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

How about we hit the batting cage? There is one right by the supermarket in Yongen, right?

No thanks, cat, time for Ryuji.

You wanna grab some ramen? I’ll show you my go-to place.
>Hang out with him
It’s kinda far, but it’s totally worth. The flavor’s outta this world. Anyways, it’s in Ogikubo, so let’s take the train over there.

New hangout spot unlocked!

If a Confidant isn’t ready to rank up yet, we can invite them to a hangout spot we know about to get a boost with them. We can only invite certain people to certain spots, however. Ann’s probably not going to want to hang out at the ramen joint, for instance. Whatever. Her loss.

Finding new hangout spots is a process unlocked through certain Confidant ranks or through reading books.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

This shit’s the best, man! Ramen is life! Light soup like this really gets your body goin’ again after a good run, y’know. We used to come all the way out here after practice and… Uh, I guess that’s all in the past… By the way, I’ve seen Nakaoka around a few times… But for some reason it don’t look like he’s gettin’ along with the others.

I’ve been thinkin’ about what he said… How the whole track team was puttin’ up with Kamoshida’s shit… And how I effed it all up for ‘em… …I think he was right. They don’t even got a club room anymore, so they’ve been storin’ all their stuff behind the gym. They can’t use any school gear either, so they just run laps around the block for practice. …There ain’t really a place for outcasts like that. I should know better than anyone… It’s good they’re keepin’ their heads low now though. I don’t want ‘em endin’ up like me.

I guess now that I’m thinkin’ about it, tryin’ to fit in is a real pain in the ass. I mean, I’d never’ve met you guys if I wasn’t an outcast, right? So, uh… it’s all good.

I feel like my bond with Ryuji is growing deeper…

Now Ryuji can occasionally help us if a Shadow negotiation goes south. It’s more helpful than it sounds, trust me. Negotiation can be a huge pain.

…I just hope there’s something I can do to help those track guys. Though it’d prolly mess ‘em up if I tried to butt in… Oh yeah, we still gotta find a new spot for our trainin’. Hm. I’ll think about it. No slackin’ off ‘til then, mkay? Later, dude.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

However, users of public transport have expressed unease in regard to the frequent accidents of late.
Golden Week, eh? I want to go out somewhere with Lady Ann.

You’re really not helping your case.

For tonight, let’s head to the bathhouse once more, since it’s Thursday. Maaku gets Charm +3.

Oh jeez, still three more days until the deadline. We’ll power through the rest of that next time.[/details]


Bathing on a rainy day lets you soak longer (since there’s no one else in the bath I guess) which makes it a random chance to gain either +3 charm or some amount of Guts (I’d imagine +3 but I have no idea, I only tried it once and it rolled Charm).

I kind of wish the game had a forecast system like P4 so that you could better plan around the weather without looking up a guide.


[details=Part 19]Part 19: 4/29-5/2

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Let’s go find out, cat.

The original Detective Prince was Naoto Shirogane, but people are excited about this new one!
My daughter’s a big fan of the new Detective Prince. He’s a sleuth in high school and sooo handsome!

New Detective Prince, eh? Wonder what that’s about.

That reference to Naoto and the Rise poster we saw earlier are the only direct references to the main characters of previous Persona games whatsoever. This game taking place in “20XX” isn’t a joke. They’re thoroughly detaching this game from the previous entries in the series, which is fine by me, as I don’t actually like Persona 3 that much and as much as I love Persona 4, it’s had more than enough time in the spotlight.

I finally remember to sell that useless piece of armor we found in the castle, which is good, because we’re running low on funds from that aojiru.

Let’s hang out with Ryuji today. He hangs out at the arcade on days off.

I don’t think my bond with Ryuji will deepen just yet…

Shit. Well, we’ll have to find something else to do with him if we can’t rank up.

Sure thing. Where we goin’? I think I’d prolly pick somewhere with good food if it were up to me…

As I pointed out earlier, we can spend time between rank ups gaining points with Confidants at hangout spots, but only certain Confidants like certain places.

“Hey, remember that ramen spot you introduced me to yesterday? Let’s go there.”
“Uhh, okay…”
“Also you’re paying.”

The etiquette here is absurd.

Oh, that ramen place!? Sure, I’m pretty damn hungry. Let’s go, then.

Ryuji doesn’t seem to care though.

Music: What’s Going On?

We’re gonna look like we’re just goin’ for the new fad, but my stomach’s already in ramen mode. C’mon, let’s get in line!

Ain’t you totally fallin’ for this soy sauce flavor too!?

I love how snobbish these other answers are.

Anyways… thanks for askin’ me here today. I’m all cheered up now ‘cause of you! C’mon, let’s get goin’. There’re tons of people waitin’ for our seats.

Here, you can have mine.

I’m not crazy enough about ramen to be showin’ that off in my room.

“It’s perfect for you, though, you weirdo.”

I feel like my bond with Ryuji will grow stronger soon…
All right, let’s run to the station and work that meal off!

Another minister has resigned? What is going on…
How stupid do you have to be to commit adultery?
They must be nuts… Swinging that knife around on a train…
There are too many crazy people! Where are all the sane people?

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

It’d be nicer, though, if we had something to put on them… Oh yeah, you have something you can use to spruce up this room, don’t you? Why don’t you try decorating your room a bit?

Why don’t you try decorating your room a bit?

This is a totally pointless addition to the game that has no gameplay benefits. That said, it’s pretty funny, so I’m cool with it.

Ryuji was right about me.

Looks like you’re starting to get interested in this. Hey, you’re not trying to impress me, are you? Well, whatever… All right, I’m headin’ out to buy some cigarettes…

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Here, I’ll have a sip.

…This must be Guatemalan SHB…

…The flavor profile is bland. You should practice more to bring out the roast’s full potential.

You still have a lot to learn, in coffee and in life. Be patient.

Thanks, man, that was almost profound.

Music: Everyday Days

Not just her looks, but her way of life was also very beautiful…

Still one more session needed to finish that book.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

…I wonder if Kamoshida really has a change of heart? What if we failed? That’s all I’ve been able to think about…

We did what we could. I guess all I can do now is believe… But how strange… I feel a bit better now. Maybe it’s because of your composure? We’ll be able to avenge Shiho, and you won’t get expelled! After break, we’ll all be able to laugh together! That’s what I’ll believe.

Music: So Boring

These days, it’s expected that you know colloquial English—even idioms based in other languages. I want you to forget you’re Japanese during this class and make yourself believe you’re a foreigner. What’s important is becoming someone else. In this day and age, being able to swap your mask depending on the situation is a critical talent.


How will you fare, Mr. Hamiru? Here’s a question. “Are you a wunderkind?” See if you can work out the answer based on what you know.
“Are you a wunderkind?”… Well, seems to me like we need to work out what that is, so we can answer her properly. My German is a little rusty, but I’ll give you a hand if I can! First off, the “wunder” part probably means…


Right, wonder! So something… wondrous, I guess, or impressive. Next, the “kind” part. That’s probably…

I don’t know much German, but I know at least this much.

Oh, huh. If the “kind” in “kindergarten” refers to all the kids in it… Yeah, that’s gotta be it. “Kind” means a child… or at least a young guy, in your case. So a “wunderkind” would be…

Real tempting to pick “Persona-user” here, I gotta say.

That’s right! I was asking you if you were a wonder child—in other words, a youth of uncommon talent. But I suppose if you were able to think and adapt so quickly, that proves you certainly must be! Oh, the word, “talent” comes from the Greek “talanton,” a sum of money referenced in the Bible. The more skilled a servant was, the more coins they would receive from God—their talent led to wealth.
You’re on a roll today!

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

The English word “talent” didn’t originally have anything to do with our modern concept of celebrity. But the ability to change one’s mask depending on the situation is surely a talent given to one by God. It’s not too far off calling people who can react to things on the spot on TV “talents.”
The talent of changing masks… Does that make us all “wunderthieves”?

Music: Butterfly Kiss

>I want to do a clinical trial.
I refined the medicine from the other day a bit. Could you come to the back? I’m going to start setting up then. Head into the examination room.

…Let’s see. Eyes are focused. Look this way. One, two, three, four… …Nothing yet, huh?

Your weight was the primary reason it took longer to kick in than expected… …Yes, this is what I expected from a teenager. We’re making great progress. Practice makes perfect, right? OK, hold tight. Once I compile all the data, we can move on…

…An emergency, huh? But we’re not a designated hospital. …Besides, the head physician here is Tae Takemi. Ah…?

Oh, he basically just called the wrong number. An ambulance driver was looking for a transfer location. All the designated hospitals are full. But to think they’d accidentally call a general practitioner… Must’ve been a new paramedic. …He seemed to at least know my name though.

Music: Suspicion

I’ve been blacklisted by the larger medical community. They call me the Plague… due to a grave medical error I made.

This goes back to my old job… I used to work at a university hospital in the city. I was never actually convicted of anything, but I’m still considered a pariah in the medical industry. …Does that scare you? Participating in clinical trials run by a doctor like that?

Takemi, I’m not gonna lie. That sounds dope as shit.

It’s for my exams.

I guess we’re both equally shady, hm? Well, that’s fine. Being ostracized has enabled me to focus on my own research and development. Regardless, I look forward to working with you. I’ll be sure to add some additional “medicine” for you, my little guinea pig.

It feels like my bond with Takemi is growing even deeper…

All right, more healing items at the clinic. Sounds great.

Huh? One order of teriyaki chicken?

…You’re all good for today. You can go home now. Come again soon, if you’re still alive.
I feel like cooperating in that shady clinical trial has increased my Guts

Maaku gets Guts +1.

OK, take care.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Is there any way they can regain their lost memories? Revive and fight, Phoenix Rangers! Next episode… “Don’t Take Three Steps! You’ll Lose Your Memories!”

This is just a fun nod back to Phoenix Ranger Featherman R, a sentai show in the universe of Persona introduced back in Persona 2. Ken Amada was a fan of it, you could dress up the party as them in Persona 4 Golden, and in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Yukari Takeba, at that point a model, had an acting gig as Pink Argus. Her character design in that game was even based around her still wearing the costume.

Now that we’ve made coffee, we have enough points to hang out with Sojiro again.

Then you clean up. I’m going to finish preparing the curry.

Music: What’s Going On?

Hey, how’s it going? You getting any better at remembering how to handle different bean types?
Now then… there are three factors that determine the flavor for a cup of coffee: grind, heat, and time. First up is the grind. For the siphons we have here, we’re aiming for medium-fine. …Are you listening to me? What grind are you supposed to use?

It doesn’t net much profit given the effort it takes, but hey, money is money. I’m not gonna forgive you if you serve our customers crap coffee though. Just remember that.

Music: Suspicion

Now? Where? …Fine.

…It’s nothing you need to concern yourself over. Just do the dishes while I’m gone. Oh, and remember to shut off the gas before you close up shop. It’s nice having someone around to help at times like this. Turns out you’re actually a harder worker than I thought. Keep it up.
I feel like my bond with Sojiro is growing deeper…

OK, I’m off. Don’t eat all our food while I’m gone.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

The board meeting is tomorrow. We’d better hope the Kamoshida situation is sorted out, or we’re fucked.

I sure hope so, cat.

In the course of addressing the accident, the Minister of Transport ended up resigning. Many questions, however, still remain unanswered, as police struggle in their investigation.
That accident happened right after you moved here to Tokyo, didn’t it?

I fail to see the appeal though. Adults swinging bats, screaming their grievances at society…

Heh. You don’t need to relieve your stress like that. Not until the hardships of adulthood. And you’re too old to try becoming a baseball player. Even so, it could be a pleasant distraction. Visit the batting cages if you’re ever free. Though, it’s ill-suited to an intellectual like me… Gah…! Aggh, my back…

Man, fuck this dude.

Takemi doesn’t gain much in the way of new medicine, sadly. She gets these items that let you get rid of stat buffs on enemies or debuffs on party members, but they’re pretty cost-prohibitive at the moment.

Time for more aojiru, fuck my stomach and my wallet.

Maaku gets Proficiency +1.

And some more Bio Nutrients, for more Kindness later on.

What are your thoughts on all the recent accidents that seem to have no explanation?

Do you hear what he’s saying? The incidents have shocked him and he doesn’t understand what’s going on. He can’t hide his uneasiness! And that’s all for our on-the-spot coverage.

That’s why I’ve poured my soul into this song—to help restore our hope. I give you… “Metropolitan Fire”!

Fire say hello to the modern city/Fire say goodbye to the countryside/Light a fire in your hearts now/let this music spark the flame (Ow!)
Thanks, bay-bee! Could you feel the passion of my soul?

Yeeeaaah, I rock! It’s all finally happening for me!

Actually, I was making fun of you.

Yet the investigation into the cause bears no progress! This is evidence of the power behind them! Don’t bow down to the oppressive authority that deceives you all! Break free from its subjugation! Yes! YES! I, the Sun God, will protect you all, blessing you with peace and security!

…Let’s just head to the diner.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I can’t believe you stayed this long ordering just coffee. You’ve got some guts.

Maaku gets Guts +1.

It looks like you were able to focus, even with all this noise.

Maaku gets Knowledge +2.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Don’t worry. I’m sure the change of heart worked.

He’ll definitely change. It would be a real problem for us if he didn’t.
You’re right. It’s a little too early to be giving up now. Guess we’re gonna find out one way or the other tomorrow. We just gotta brace ourselves for all the possibilities.
I’m sorry I can’t offer more reassurance, but he should have the change of heart. Let’s just believe in that while we wait for tomorrow.

A nice relaxing bath should help distract us.

Maaku gets Charm +2.

Music: Disquiet

Why couldn’t they give us today off, too? We have the rest of the week off starting tomorrow…
Yeah, it’s ridiculous. Speaking of, what’s up with that calling card? The one sent to Kamoshida. Didn’t it say something about “stealing his distorted desires” or something weird like that?
Yeah, something like that… I’m sure it’s just a prank. No one’s taking it seriously.

I bet it’s about that girl that jumped the other day.
They don’t have to tell us not to commit suicide.
There was that weird calling card too, so I guess the teachers are freaking out?
We were lucky that morning practice got canceled though.
I feel like I may faint if this takes forever.

As you all know, a tragic event took place the other day. Thankfully, we have been informed that she has pulled through, but it will take time until she recovers. Everyone here has a bright future ahead. I implore that you rethink the importance of life and–

That is why I will confess everything to you all…

Music: Regret

What’s wrong with Mr. Kamoshida?
What’s this about?
Confess? Did the volleyball team do something?
I have repeatedly done things that were… unbecoming of a teacher. Verbally abusing students… physically abusing my team, and… sexually harassing female students. I am the reason why Shiho Suzui tried to kill herself!

Sexual harassment? What? Why would he say that himself?
Ugh. He is the worst!
The volleyball team, really? Physical abuse?

There were even students that I sentenced to expulsion, simply because I didn’t like them… I will, of course, rescind those… I am truly sorry for putting innocent youths through such horrible acts. I am an arrogant, shallow… and shameful person. No, I’m worse than that…


What? Did he just say that?
Kill himself?
Mr. Kamoshida is, um, not well! (The rest is unintelligible and unsubtitled)

Everyone, return to your classes!

You have no right to run from this!
You’re right… You’re absolutely right… I should be punished under the law and atone for my crimes… I did horrible things to Takamaki-san, as well. In return for giving Suzui-san a position on the team… I tried to force her into having relations.

Ugh, for a position on the team? That’s horrible.
I feel so bad for Takamaki-san.
So the rumors were true.
As of today, I will resign from my position as an instructor and turn myself in.

The police!?
For real!? He’s gonna get arrested!?

This morning’s assembly is over! Return to your classes immediately!
Isn’t this just like what that calling card said…?
Does this mean the Phantom Thieves thing was for real!?
Was something done to Kamoshida!?
C’mon, there’s no way you could steal someone’s heart!
But why else would he start saying things like he’ll kill himself or turn himself in?
Maybe because it almost got leaked? Don’t they go easier on you if you turn yourself in?
I wonder what happened…
Who knows? But man, Kamoshida turned out to be one sick bastard.
Hey, is this for real? He’s turning himself in, just like that? This makes no sense!
What’s going to happen to the volleyball team?
(More unintelligible chatter)
Return to your classrooms at once!

Seems like it. But, was this really for the best?

I’m not sure I understand the question, Ryuji. This is exactly what we wanted and needed to happen.

Yeah… it’s gotta be. But things’re happenin’ way too fast…

We all knew… but we pretended we didn’t.
Takamaki-san, I had you all wrong… I’m sorry that I spread rumors about you!

I don’t mean to keep harping on the translation, especially because the situation seems to be that the pronunciation was out of the hands of the localizers who were trying to appease Japanese clients, but this girl is the only person in the entire game who pronounces “Takamaki” with the correct emphasis and it’s really weird.

I didn’t know at all… Kamoshida was forcefully pushing himself on you… It must’ve been so hard for you…!
I’m sure there’s a ton of people who want to apologize to you. We’re so sorry…!
No, it’s OK. The same goes for me too… Besides, that’s all in the past now.

W-Well, see you later then…

…I swear I’ll make it up to you someday.

Man, I’m glad for you. Looks like those weird rumors are gonna go away.
My thing doesn’t really matter. We made Kamoshida apologize about Shiho… That’s more than enough for me.
You should hurry and tell her about it then.

We changed Kamoshida’s heart. Now to figure out what to do next.[/details]


Actually, I think some people figured out that Persona 5 takes place in 2016 mainly due to the game’s calendar and the real life calendar matching up. This is purely my own speculation, but seeing how Persona games always like being a few years ahead than when they’re actually released, (Persona 4 being set in 2011 when it was released in 2008) I assumed that the game was going to be set in 2016 if it had its original 2014 release date.


There actually are additional Persona 4 character references in the game, but most won’t happen for a while. And even then, it’s just TV spots, so it is still at a minimum. There are also a few Dancing All Night references, including another poster you can find in one of the subway areas.

And yes, the game does appear to be set in 2016 based on the calendar and the nature of those P4 references (some of them wouldn’t make sense if it was further in the future). There is a real world reason why the game doesn’t actually say it’s 2016 though. I’ll avoid saying what that is for now since it would be a minor hint at future plot themes.


[details=Part 20]Part 20: 5/2-5/4

Does this mean that they won’t have a mental shutdown even if their Palace disappears…? I see… So we need to persuade the Shadow without killing it, and then send it back to its real self. Our targets won’t undergo a cognitive collapse if we do that.

We lucked into the correct way to solve the problem, huh. That’s rather convenient.

So, we can get ‘em to confess with no bad stuff?

Don’t worry about it. So… how’d it go? With Shiho, I mean…

Music: Break it Down

For real!?
It was only for a little bit, but I got to talk to her…! I was able to tell her that Kamoshida admitted to what he did…! Shiho, she… she told me she was sorry… Looks like she found out that I was flirting with Kamoshida for her sake… And here I was, wanting to apologize to her.
Kamoshida’s at fault for all this.
I know… Shiho’s mom is thinking of transferring her to another school after she recovers. The whole sexual harassment and attempted suicide… people will label her after that. Sounded like Shiho had the same idea too.
It’s gonna get lonely…
But, I think it’s for the best… I’m sure it’ll be hard if she stays here.
She’s alive. You can see her anytime.
nods …I need to change too.
That aside, I was surprised you could hold yourself back against Kamoshida’s Shadow.
It wasn’t like that… I just wanted Kamoshida to apologize himself.
You’re so kind, Lady Ann.
No matter how much of a shit bag he was, finishing him off woulda left a bad aftertaste, huh?
Huh? That’s not it. I think revenge is better served if I make him repent. Realizing what he’s done, he’ll grovel for forgiveness the rest of his life, you know? I just believe there are fates worse than death.

A-Anyways, that’s all settled… But you know, there was one more thing I was wonderin’ about that castle. Why was Kamoshida the only one who had that Metaverse thing?
It isn’t necessarily limited to him. It’s something anyone could have if their heart became warped from their desires.
Wanna check it out?
N-Not right now. We better lay low for a while. People are still gonna be talkin’ about Kamoshida. Then again, it’s totally impossible for someone to find out what we did at his Palace.
Yeah, about that… Weird rumors about you guys are already going around. Stuff like, you got together and threatened Kamoshida with something close to physical violence…

Oh no, my sterling reputation!

People aren’t going to easily believe that phantom thieves really exist. The calling card’s being treated like it was a prank by someone who knew what Kamoshida was doing.

We’re the ones who did it, and I still don’t completely believe it myself.
Let’s wait for things to settle down for the time being.

It’d be better if we pawned it off ASAP. Ooh, got a hit!

Remember that time in middle school? I lent you some money.

Wouldn’t it be around that much with compounded interest?

I’m not saying that I’m taking all of it.

Hey, that’s not Ryuji’s money to give you, Ann! I’m the one who fucking pays for everything. Goddamn, I’ve been spending all my money on shitty vegetable drinks and food for my plant, I need this!

I agree on laying low and keeping an eye on the situation. However, you dragged me into this. It would be nonsense not to celebrate a successful mission.
I guess we could blow this dirty money on something fun.


Discussions among phantom thieves are to take place over luxurious food. How about it?
Hey, wait-- …Nah, I guess it’s fine. There’s somewhere I want to go then.
Where’s that?
It’s a place Shiho and I have been wanting to go for a while.
I owe money, so I can’t complain… You good with that?

Wait no I was being sar–

I’ll leave it to your discretion as well, Lady Ann.
I’ll call and check the prices later then.
When should we go? Wanna do it soon, like tomorrow?
Why don’t we go on the last day of the holidays? It’ll help energize us when school life starts up again the day after.
Then… the 5th, on Children’s Day.
So, who’s going to sell this?
Leave that to us. We know a store that’ll buy anything. Don’t we, Maaku?
OK, I’ll leave that to you guys.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

No, that one is a fake. It’s just a by-product of his cognition. The real medal should still be in his posession.

What…? You’re telling me Kamoshida’s still got the medal?
Who cares? What matters is that we changed his heart. And anyway, if we had taken the real thing, that’d be stealing!

Heaven forbid we phantom thieves steal anything.

I don’t think he’ll be proud of that medal anymore regardless.
You let go of stuff pretty easy, huh? Wanna forget about my debt?

Stop digging that up!
Back in middle school, we went on a field trip to the aquarium. But Ryuji had to spend all his money on a souvenir, so I lent him some for the train fare.
I said I was sorry… That was for my mom.
Well, I guess I can call it even after all we’ve been through.
Anyways, we don’t gotta worry about selling that medal off if it’s a fake! End of story!
Kamoshida will never be proud of that once-in-a-lifetime gold medal ever again. Depending on how you look at it, that punishment might be even worse than death for him.

For me, it just means more customers and even more work.

Poor Sojiro.

I-I have an alibi! I was nowhere near there! I wasn’t even close enough to hear the gunshot!
…Funny. I never mentioned anything about a gunshot.

Hah, these detective shows are so hackneyed.

This is a cop drama, right? It’s pretty interesting.

Let’s just take another bath.

Maaku gets Charm +3.

You don’t have plans, do you? Come help me out, instead of sleeping your life away.

I mean, I kinda do have pla–

We do owe it to him… …We’ll just have to wait. Hurry down and help him out.

Music: Alleycat

And now to our next topic… Fall from Grace: The story of a dishonored Olympic medalist. Just recently, a high school coach admitted to his school that he had been perpetually abusing students. Given his prior Olympic achievements, this has caused quite a stir. What caused this habitual offender to suddenly confess these heinous crimes to his entire school? The police are hoping that the upcoming interrogations will bring light to this question.
Hm? Isn’t this…?

It was scary, but I’m relieved that the abuse is finally going to end now.

I’m glad I don’t have to deal with that sexual harassment anymore…

Like, I’m totally shocked they were actually true. At least now I can go to school without worrying.

sigh Things might be getting turbulent at school, but you need to just keep your head down, all right? …More importantly, keep those hands moving. I’ve got some more stuff I need you to do.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

No way the school’s gonna be able to play dumb after that.
I saw it too. Shiho’s name didn’t come up, right?
Not that I saw. I’d bet they wanted to keep that part quiet.
I’m so glad…
It’s finally over then… All we gotta do now is eat some tasty shit and put all this crap behind us. I’m totally looking forward to this celebration party.
I’ll try not to let you guys down!

Even if the chief wants your help, make sure you turn him down, OK?

The next day…

Just do it. Don’t get cocky with me.

…Oh, hey… Sae. What the fuck are you doing here?

Am I interrupting something?
Not at all.

Police are hurrying to solve the matter as it may relate to the rise in psychotic breakdown incidents.
Oh, is that the thing everyone’s been talking about?
Doesn’t it make you curious? People who were living normal lives suddenly went mad or deranged out of the blue… Not to mention that it’s happening one after another… Could they really be coincidental?
Hmm… Leaving that aside… What’ll you have?
…… …I’ll have the house blend please.

I’m his slave. Call the cops.

Uh, that’s exactly the case…
Are you a high school student? Where do you attend?

Oh…? Someone I know goes there as well. I’ve heard that things are rough right now. A teacher named Kamoshida confessed his crimes like he was a completely different person supposedly.

What? I have no idea how to parse this sentence. Why is “all of a sudden” in quotes? Some of Sae’s dialogue feels like it was almost machine-translated, but the machine didn’t know English very well either.

Can a person’s mental state change so easily?
Is my drink ready yet?
…Coming right up.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

You know some place that’ll buy it off you, right?

We can’t actually head anywhere but the one place we can sell this medal or the game gets snippy.

This guy isn’t that menacing. Where’s the sweater tied around his neck?

You want a job where you can make stacks without lots of work?

Do I!

Hey, don’t listen! And I think we’ve seen him around before… Anyway, pawning off the gold medal should be our top priority right now. Ignore that guy!

Why won’t the cat let me ruin my life

Looks like word about Kamoshida spread fast. Anyway, let’s head to Untouchable, in case you couldn’t figure out that’s where we sell shit.

Looks like it. Let’s just take care of this.
Wait! We don’t have a search warrant yet. Just be patient. I’m sure we’ll get one soon enough. And they’d never think about running off down this narrow alley.

I’m sure that’s nothing to worry about. Let’s just head inside.

Music: Layer Cake

Huh? A gold medal? Why do you have this? We don’t buy any fake or stolen goods here, kid. …Hold on a sec. Lemme see it.

Hmph. 30,000 it is then.

Golly, thanks mister.

Sure, this all seems legit.

Glad you’re so quick to understand.

Music: Suspicion

…Go, kid.

Maaku isn’t very bright.

I dunno, lookin’ for evidence? You tell me, Detective-san.

Well, you guys gonna search me? Go on, do what you gotta do.
…What was that?
An upstandin’ citizen’s supposed to cooperate with the cops, right?
Hey, you sure that lead was legitimate?
I could’ve sworn it was…
Can you two hurry it up? I got a business to run here.
You bastard…

What’s in the bag, huh? Show me!
…The kid’s just a regular ol’ customer. You can check the tapes if that’ll convince you. They’ll show everything that’s gone down here today.

I should leave…
I won’t let you get away that easy! Show us what’s in the bag!

You piece of shit…!
Hey, you’re talking to a kid, remember? Besides, he’s not the one we’re here to see.
That’s right, Detective-san. Maybe next time try not harassin’ my customers, see how that goes.
Safe trip home, kid.

More importantly… aren’t you curious about what’s in the bag?

Come on, let’s open it up.

It’s incredible though! Miles ahead of the one Ryuji had. There’s something weird about that place… Hey Maaku, I just had a great idea… We should totally buy this gun from him later!

I mean, it’s perfect. Something this real-looking would work wonders in the Metaverse… Anyway, he told you to bring it back the next time you came, right? You should try striking a deal with him when we go to return it!

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I saw the news. You know, about Kamoshida. It’s getting a lot of coverage…

I don’t know… The reaction’s been bigger than what I was expecting… I guess I’m just… surprised. I don’t think we did anything wrong though. I wonder if we helped those people speak up about it…

That’s pretty amazing, huh? I didn’t think we’d actually be able to do it! And yet look at us now! This calls for a celebration! Let’s meet in front of Shibuya Station at noon tomorrow. Don’t be late! Oh, and did you pawn off that medal? You didn’t forget, right?

Good to hear! I already made reservations! You should be really excited about the place I chose, by the way. I’m sure everyone’s gonna love it! Well, see you guys tomorrow!

Hey, what do you think we’re gonna be eating?

Ooh, I could go for some wagyu beef! It better be Grade-A! In any case, I’m surely looking forward to it! Mwehehehe!

See you next time to see just how we celebrate our big success.[/details]


[details=Part 21]Part 21: 5/5

Time to celebrate.

Music: Alright

Of course it’s good. This is a famous hotel, after all. Oh yeah, I heard that the police are coming to interview some people at school.
That’s troublesome.
Our names are gonna come up for sure. People’re spreadin’ all sorts of rumors about us and Kamoshida… But we got ‘em pumped up! I keep hearin’ stuff like, “The Phantom Thieves really stole his heart!” I think most people don’t believe I, but some of them actually seem grateful.

“Well done, Phantom Thieves”… “Now I can keep going too”… “Thank you for giving us hope”…
Pretty cool, huh?
I was just desperate to deal with my own problems, but seeing people saying all this feels… strange.
Yeah… Hey… What do we do now?


Now, where should I start?
And she’s all about the cake…

Hey. Calories.

Ryuji delivers this line in his best “ain’t I a stinker?” voice.

How much do you think one of these costs!? I’ll never get the chance to do this again!

I mean, you are a model.

Mmm, the Wilton Hotel cake buffet… I’d heard rumors, but I never thought it’d be so amazing!
And… where’s our share?
I didn’t really know what you’d want… So I just grabbed you some beans.
There were some pretty bizarre things there too, so we got you a variety of those. Fried bananas, preserved eggs, and… some kind of beans.
M-More beans…?
We put so much on the plate that it got all mixed up, but it should probably still taste good.

See that yellow monstrosity Morgana’s looking at? Yeah, that’s us.

Let’s go, Maaku. These two just don’t know what fine dining means! We’ll show them!

You guys watch our things while we’re gone! Wait patiently for our return!

I’d just like to point out that Ann seems to have grabbed an entire pie.

They’re not even listening…

Music: My Homie

The ingredients and variety of dishes are crazy good. There’s a reason it costs 8,000 yen. They have a lot here… but fish should come first! Let’s fill our plate with all sorts of fish. Which table do you think they’re at…?

We can now roam the small area in front of us in search of buffet food.

I’d prefer it raw, but grilled is great too!

You sure you’re not a cat?

Have you heard, my dear? The news about that Kamoshida fellow was absolutely dreadful.
Ah, right. That teacher at Shujin Academy, caught doing such indecent acts. Shameful, really.
Hold on a sec…

Here we come to the real purpose of this gameplay segment: more goddamn eavesdropping!

And they still haven’t managed to solve those horrible psychotic breakdown episodes, have they? I wish they wouldn’t let themselves be distracted by such a tawdry scandal.
Perhaps it’s a sign of how peaceful this country is. I honestly pity those poor Shujin students though.
Huh. It sounds like the Kamoshida incident is the talk of the town.
Shoot, they noticed you! Just grab some food and act natural! On the plus side, we’ll get to eat the food later.
Tsk, how did a child like this end up in here? I certainly hope he didn’t bring friends. I prefer my meals to remain hooligan-free, thank you very much. Come, let us go.
What’s so bad about kids coming to enjoy a buffet…? Hm, I wonder how the other people here are reacting to the news. Let’s get some more food and listen in.

Yes, our new goal is to go table-to-table eavesdropping on folks to get information about their thoughts on Kamoshida. Maaku’s a pretty weird guy.

…Ah. I got distracted.

Over here, we find the dessert table.

News travels quick. It’s already all over the internet. You know, the story about how Kamoshida got his ass kicked by some world-reforming hereos…
It doesn’t sound like a serious story to me. Some of the details are pretty far-fetched.

This is a conversation between an IT Company President, and a… Reliable Woman. What makes her reliable? How do they know each other? These are mysteries lost to time.

Don’t worry about it. We just have to do what they tell us to do. It’s all rumors made up by school kids, anyway. If it’s gripping news, who cares if it’s not true?
So they don’t believe themselves, but they’re making up stories to make the Phantom Thieves seem real… …And they’re doing this in front of the actual Phantom Thieves.
Whoa! Act fast, and get some food! And make sure it’s got a lot of whipped cream.
What’s wrong?
Ah, nothing. I thought some weird kid was looking at us, that’s all. Why don’t we go? It’s almost time for the meeting.
Well, that was rude. Did you hear him? He said you were weird. Hm, I wonder how the other people here are reacting to the news. Let’s get some more food and listen in.

Rice is incredible! It’s the cornerstone of every great meal! …Sorry. I got a bit carried away there.
So the ratings for the news were really that good? It was because it was about that teacher who sexually harassed his student, huh? Was it Kamoshida?
It’s all about how you frame it. You’ve got to cater to the idiot public. Ratings go up when you show them crude, sensational news, and make it easy for them to understand.

This time, it’s Fancy Girl and TV Station President. I’m noticing a pattern here.

How can he be so insensitive? A student almost killed herself because of that Kamoshida…
By the way, do you think these “sudden changes of heart” might be real?
Well, that’s-- Hmm…?
Quick, grab some food! Oh, and don’t forget the crispy bits!

Doing this LP is making me hungry.

So because he had a sudden change of heart, he just confessed to all his crimes?
Haha, who knows? Sorry, but it’s time. I have to go. I’ll call you again after the meeting.
A sudden change of heart, huh? I suppose I can’t blame him for seeing it that way.

Finally, we head over to the meat table.

Ah, meat! I’m no Ryuji, but a meal is just not the same if you don’t have any-- …I got distracted.

…When you really look at it, he’s just an ex-athlete who overestimated himself. He should have just accepted his lot in life and quietly done his job as a teacher.
It’s not even an incident we can take seriously. The whole story is pretty ridiculous. We should probably look into it, but we can also just let the low-ranking scrubs handle it.

This time, two subordinates are having a chat.

Look into…? I guess they’re investigating Kamoshida? They don’t sound very enthusiastic about it though.
Gah, grab some food! Ah, get the part that’s not too fatty!
He’s going to be arriving soon. We don’t want to keep him waiting, so we better get going too.
What is he going to discuss with the higher-ups? Well, I’m sure it’s more important than lunch.
They were dressed quite well, but they still looked pretty shady to me. I don’t think there’s anyone else we can listen in on. But it’s shocking… So many of the adults here don’t seem like nice people.

That’s YA fiction for ya. Depending on how charitable your comparisons are this game could be considered downright subtle in that regard.

Now, according to what we heard… It seems most adults aren’t very interested in the news about Kamoshida. Well, now that we’ve got a nice variety of food on our plates, let’s head back to the others.

Music: Alright

Ann has now eaten a whole pie offscreen. What the hell.

Whaddya think about comin’ up against such ritzy food?

I was thinkin’ that too, but take a bite. Usin’ better ingredients makes stuff taste way different!
Look at you, acting like you have a refined palate all of a sudden.
Don’t you think you’re eatin’ too much, Mona?
There’s no knowing when we’ll get to come here again.
Sure, but you guys brought back loads of food… It’d be a shame to let it all go to waste. Why don’t you help them out, Ryuji?
We should both help.
Oh, me? I’m wayyy too stuffed! I couldn’t possibly help!
Yeah… stuffin’ your face with cake…

You are beginning to feel like your plate is a portal to the Buffet Dimension.

There’s still more…?
Don’t give up! Let’s keep at it!

Hey, we managed to eat everything, even that disgusting plate of garmonbozia Ryuji and Ann brought back.

My belt feels multiple sizes too small…
Y-Yeah… This is a victory… for all of us…

N-Not exactly…
Good job, you guys. How about one last disk to cleanse your palates? I recommend the seasonal tart! The grapefruit has both alluring sweetness and a tangy sourness!
Stop… I don’t wanna hear about sour stuff… burp This isn’t good… I gotta go to the bathroom…
M-Me too… Please… carry me gently…

They must not normally have the opportunity to eat such exquisite food.
I can only imagine what their parents must be like.

…Urp! We don’t got time for that… C’mon, let’s go…


Music: My Homie

I totally panicked when I saw the “Closed For Cleaning” sign at the bathrooms…
You were talking big about eating until you puked, but you really did puke… Are you some kind of moron?
Hey, same goes for you!

We came up to get here, so it has to be on a lower floor, right?

Music: Disquiet

N-Not yet…

I don’t care about your opinion, you incompetent buffoon! When I say pick up the pace, you do it!

We’re in a hurry.
Oh, I’m sorry. So you can butt in front of other people if you’re in a hurry?
It seems the customer base has changed since I was here last. Have they started a day care?
Sir, we don’t have time for this.
I know.

Ryuji steps forward and is shoved by the man.

Don’t bother with them!

The men step into the elevator.

The hell was with that bossy guy?
Shouldn’t we head back down?
Yeah, but…

Don’t lose your temper over this.
I just can’t forgive shitty adults like that…!



…What’s wrong?

That’s just gonna make me worry more, y’know.
I bet it’s because he rarely eats well. I’m always stuck with canned cat food too…
Ugh, that “sir” bullshit makes me sick…! …Dammit!

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Why’re you all pissy…?
Sorry… I had a run-in with some woman a second ago. She bumped into me, but then said it was all my fault when she dropped her plate…
Sounds like a real bitch…
Yeah… Thanks though. But… the restaurant workers all looked at me with this disapproving expression… I wonder if we’re out of place here…

We’re right to be here, fuck these people.

…… Hey, Morgana.
What is it?
…Anyone could have a Palace, yeah?
Anyone with a strong, distorted desire.
Same for them havin’ a change of heart if their Treasure gets stolen?
That would be the case.
Why are you bringing this up all of a sudden?
We had trouble earlier too. These selfish shitheads who just looked down on everyone else… …I was just wonderin’ if we’d be able to change those kindsa people too.

You mean… you want to continue as the Phantom Thieves?
…I’ve been thinkin’. We put a lot of work into changin’ Kamoshida’s heart, but nobody believes in the Phantom Thieves. Plus… those guys who had no other choice but to just deal with it are thankin’ us. Us, of all people.

I… I agree.

Well… that’s true. You’re under my tutelage. There’s nothing we can’t accomplish as phantom thieves!
Shouldn’t we be able to help ‘em out?

Music: Swear to My Bones

But it’s true that with that power, we may be able to help people out…
But… That means we’ll have to fight Shadows again, doesn’t it…?
Indeed. That can’t be avoided.
Eh, I’m sure we’ll manage. Right?

Heh… Even if you guys are still just fledglings, this means we’re an actual organization now.
Fledglings…? Haha, that’s actually pretty fitting for us.

We’re gonna catch all these shitty adults by surprise, and make ourselves known to the world!
…Are you OK being our leader?

No objections here! I can’t handle all that responsibility stuff.
Where’s my say in this…? But Lady Ann made the recommendation, so I’ll allow it.

I guess it’s Maaku by default, then.

Well, should we decide on a name for our group? I just went with Phantom Thieves of Hearts last time, but don’t you think a real name would be cooler?
Ooh, I’ve got it! I want it to be something both cute and luxurious sounding… Let me see… How about “The Diamonds”?
I’m gettin’ a real little league baseball feel from it.
Well, then, here’s my suggestion. How about “Tilefish Poele”?
Tile… what?
That’s what I ate earlier. It’s commemorative, no?
Hell no, you idiot! Ugh, you decide for us…

Time to pick a name for our group!

Blah, blah, don’t just make it your Social Security number.

guys please don’t enter any curse words or my mom will take away my xbox



[details=Part 22]Part 22: 5/5-5/6

Music: Swear to My Bones

You guys weren’t satisfied with being the nastiest group of crime-doers, no. You had to kill opera and late capitalism while you were at it! And then, noticing you had a space left, you added the hashtag for #brand #synergy. #Millennials truly are the sworn enemy of everything good and decent.

Huh, that’s not bad at all.
A good name, for a rookie.
#Millennials. We goin’ with that?

There are tons of rotten adults and all… …Why not just stick to targeting big names?

Let’s murder every rich person we see.

Yeah, something along those lines. If we go after some bigwig, it’s gotta get on the news, right? Don’t you think more people would believe in us if we did that?
That’s not a bad idea… for you, Ryuji.
True. If we become better known… we might be able to give courage to a lot more people. I don’t really like the idea of just picking someone out of the blue though.
Let’s narrow it down to someone we can all agree on then.
Hm, so we need a bigwig we decide on unanimously.
I like that unanimous decision part! It’s like we’re making some kind of pact!

Oh no! Our time for the buffet ran out…
I guess we’ll just have to talk more tomorrow.

Music: Interrogation Room

And on top of that, a talking cat told you all this?

Honestly speaking, that all sounds absurd. It’s hard to believe that this is even worth listening to. Still, it can’t be considered nonsense when parts of it align with Kamoshida’s confession. The same goes for the testimonies of the officers who arrested you. …But so be it. At any rate, you mentioned something more important. These two other accomplices, besides this talking cat thing that appeared in your story… From what you’ve been telling me, they’re students at the same school, aren’t they?

Accomplices? Maaku, you gotta stop confessing shit in between flashforwards, I can’t help you there!

Ahem My client would like to retract the statement about accomplices, and add: “Fuck off, pig.”

Very well. I’ll leave it at that. Let’s continue on. There are many more events that I must inquire on. Lies and false accounts are eventually exposed.

A master of Japanese arts. Ichiryusai Madarame. It’s even more incomprehensible than Kamoshida as to why this man was targeted. Where did you come to know him? And how did you learn of his crimes when you weren’t a victim of them? Start by telling me what you all schemed…

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

We officially established the Phantom Thieves, so it was totally worth it.

And just like that, we’re poor again.

I hope we can really help people. I’m curious about that Phantom Aficionado Website too. I wonder who made it…
No clue. More importantly, you see the survey on there?

I guess it’s not so bad if you put it that way…
But don’t you just wanna get it higher than that? I bet it’ll go up tons if we keep taking down big targets. It’s pretty damn exciting if you try and think about it like that.
You know, you’re actually right. Well then, let’s keep working hard from this point on!

“Charismatic” is certainly an interesting adjective to pick there.

A former Olympian in volleyball, he confessed to assaulting and sexually harassing his students. Police will be investigating his high school tomorrow to substantiate the claims.
It seems like the police will be coming to your school. Just act like you don’t know anything.

You mean… lie? To the police? Aw geez, I don’t know about this, guys.

Shouldn’t you give it some plant nutrients by now?

These are some reasonably priced nutrients. This ought to bring a bit of life back to this plant!

Maaku gets Kindness +2.

That should do it for a while!

That might not be a bad name!

Music: Aria of the Soul

To think our master would give words of praise…
You better treasure this moment, Inmate!
You have encountered allies who share your aesthetics, and you have found your place in reality. The time has come… Your rehabilitation will soon begin.

I shall explain it to you now… You have a special potential. However, that must be refined into a useful power. It is weak now, but refining it shall grant you the strength to stand against the coming ruin. …That is the rehabilitation cast upon you.

There are various means by which you may gain the power to resist the ruin. Fighting Shadows and gaining experience is one way. The fusion process I taught you prior is another.
This is all possible because of our master’s guidance, Inmate!
Though it may be presumptuous of us, we have words of wisdom as well.
When you’re out in reality, you better hone your relationships with those you have contracts with!
Spending time with those people… will lead to the cultivation of your relationships with them.
If you’ve got time to waste, you’d better visit your contractors, Inmate!
That is another source of power to evade the ruin that our master has mentioned.

Please stop alternating sentences, you’re making me dizzy.

It seems the rehabilitation is going well. This is a truly joyous occasion… I shall grant you an ability befitting of your newfound growth. Consider it a gift. May the devotion to your rehabilitation grow even deeper. …I have high hopes of you.

Yeah sure, dude, whatever you say.

I feel like my bond with Igor is growing deeper…

Sweet, we can now carry eight Personas instead of just six.

…The time has come. Return to your brief moments of rest.
And don’t forget to go talk to your contractors, Inmate!

This is just reiterating what Confidants give you, but also in case you didn’t take the hint with Takemi, not all Confidants start with the story. In fact, we’re going to get a lot more opportunities to form Confidants very soon.

Now that the Phan-site exists, we’ll get various postings showing up on the day transition screen along with our approval rating. Let’s see what else they have to say:

Anon: Is this some kind of cult?
Anon: viral marketing…?
Anon: try and steal it, asshats

…That’s rather disappointing.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

The Big Bang Challenge or whatever. If you go at night, you can eat for only 500 yen.
You gotta eat one of their giant burgers though, right? How can anyone actually finish that? Still… 500 yen is a steal.
A huge burger, huh? Interesting. I bet giving that a go will increase your Guts.

Music: So Boring

The gist is, don’t go around talking about the incident. That’s all. The police are still investigating Mr. Kamoshida, so I can’t say anything myself. As a teacher though, I’m ashamed for not having noticed that a student was suffering like that… I’m not defending him, but as a colleague, he just seemed like… well, a normal person. Honestly, it still doesn’t feel real. I guess people can have multiple sides to them…
The teachers have it rough, huh…?
Oh yeah, I just remembered something I learned about psychology. They say that humans have several different personalities hidden in their subconscious.
Different personalities…?
Oh, to be clear, I’m not talking about multiple personality disorder. These different personalities can be a different gender or a different age from you. I mean, if you think about how gods and monsters in myths were first based on the human image… If you actually saw one of those personalities with your own eyes, it might look like a monster.

This sounds like some pseudoscience. Are you sure you should be teaching us this?

Hm? You all seem more alert than usual. Did I say something wrong? Well, I’m just saying what I’ve heard. It feels like I just now understood what I learned long ago.

“Just saying what I’ve heard” is a really great thing to say as a teacher.

Subconscious personalities… It’s a fascinating topic, and it has a lot to do with us. That teacher’s surprisingly smart, huh?

Were we listening to the same thing? Am I crazy or is everything she just said batshit? I feel like she’s about to divine my aetheric resonance or some shit.

It feels like gaining that Knowledge made me a bit smarter…

Maaku gets Knowledge +1—wait, what

Music: Break it Down

“I want to make my friend apologize for not returning the stuff I lent him.” Ugh, deal with that yourself!

Hey, those girls…

It’s got to be made up. Do you seriously believe they exist?
But look at what happened to Kamoshida.
He probably just couldn’t keep hiding it after that girl tried to kill herself.
Yeah, you might be right. I guess there’s no way they really exist.
Most importantly, it seriously sucks that our school is gonna be known for stuff like this!
I wonder if it’ll affect our college entrance…

If we can take care of two or three famous guys, people’ll have to believe we exist.
So about those big shots… We don’t have any leads yet, right? Plus there’s that rumor about you two threatening Kamoshida too…
Looks like you’ll just have to live a normal, honest school life for the time being. Still, make sure you stay prepared just in case anything comes up, all right?
I’ll keep an eye out for info on any big shots that might be comin’ around.
And I’ll try to dig up some dirt online.
We went and formed the Phantom Thieves group, but we can’t even find a target…
There, there…
I guess sometimes things just don’t go the way we want ‘em to…

We’ve been looking for exactly one day, you guys. Relax.

Music: Disquiet

You saw the state Kamoshida-kun was in, didn’t you? It’s as if his personality has completely changed. Something is definitely wrong here.

I’m not sure I follow…
From what I’ve heard, it appears as though some students were meddling in his business. If they did something to him… Who could they be…?
Are you saying that these students may have caused Mr. Kamoshida to change…?
That is what I wish to know… Even if it takes some probing into student matters… I would like you to look into this for me.
It is true that there are many rumors regarding Mr. Kamoshida, but… Do you mean all of this talk about those Phantom Thieves?
It is undeniable that Mr. Kamoshida has “changed” in some way. I’d like to have a grasp of the cause. This shall also ensure that I handle the mass media and police in the correct fashion.
I will continue speaking to Mr. Kamoshida myself. Unless you find whomever did this, these irresponsible rumors will likely never die down. Don’t you agree? You have been at the top of your class since day one. Your conduct is good, and teachers favor you.

Another Niijima!? Uh-oh. I can only handle so many oddly translated interrogations.

Th-Thank you…
Your lineage must certainly play a part in this excellence. Your sister is still young, yet she holds an admirable position at the Public Prosecutors Office, no…?

If something disappointing were to happen here, that wouldn’t reflect very well on your sister… …Do you understand?

How wise. It’s no wonder you’re our student council president. I’d appreciate if you looked into this as soon as possible. I ask that you begin at once.
Yes. If you’ll excuse me then.

It’s me, sir. My apologies for troubling you at such a busy time… Yes, it’s about the matter we discussed earlier… I have all bases covered. The investigation will begin immediately… Of course… Yes, I will get results… I should be able to update you soon… Well then, I must be going. Thank you very much for your time…

The person on the other end abruptly hangs up.

The principal sits, dejected.

Music: Break it Down

I saw them too! They were talking to the teachers!
That change of heart thing’s seriously amazing, huh!?

I’m shocked the whole school isn’t blabbing about us obviously being the Phantom Thieves.

C’mon, don’t worry so much.
But I mean, haven’t rumors been going around about how you guys threatened Kamoshida?
This world’s Kamoshida shouldn’t know anything about what actually happened to him though.
We did what was right. Don’t go freaking out over some label.
I guess that’s true…
Man, I really can’t wait to keep living this double life! All right, Maaku! We’re gonna be counting on you!

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Have you seen that Phantom Aficionado Website?

I’m the one who started it.

…You guys are the Phantom Thieves, aren’t you?

Fuck. Well, it was nice for the one day we managed to keep that secret. Wait, maybe we can salvage this. Think Morgana knows anything about getting rid of a body?

…Sorry. Although… if things really are as I think, I should keep it a secret. Kamoshida used me, and I did some horrible things to you guys. This isn’t much of a way for me to apologize for it…

This guy really needs to take a hint.

That’s… all I needed to say. There are many more evil adults outside of Kamoshida. But I’m sure the Phantom Thieves will do something… They can’t let this end after just one target. That’s why I wanted to make a forum where people could post their problems. There are probably a lot of people who have high hopes for the Phantom Thieves’ next move. So I’ve also implemented an anonymous poll on the site.

I… hope someday my forum is filled with supportful posts. I’d really like to help out in the Phantom Thieves’ acts of justice! …Can I, please?

If it’ll shut you up about it, sure.

Yeah, I will.

Music: Interrogation Room

…Someone who enthusiastically cheered the Phantom Thieves on. Perhaps they were quite close… …What do you have to say to that!?

Okay, for one, you’re asking me if I know the person running my fansite. It just so happens that I do, but that’s irrelevant. It’s an absurd question. Also, how do you not know who Mishima is? If we’ve gained any sort of notoriety, and judging from this framing device we have, surely you’ve already looked into the Phan-site? You know that you can just run a fucking whois on that, right? Unless Mishima’s hiding behind eight proxies, scrub.

Music: The Spirit

Oh shit, it’s what P3 and P4 were sorely missing, the ability to have backup party members gain experience! Spoiler, I guess: we gain more party members. It’s not 1:1, but it’s still great.

The Moon Arcana represents illusion, fear, and insecurity, as well as confusion and unhappiness. It’s a card of mystery and the subconscious.

Geez… It was a little awkward tryin’ to figure out when to walk over here.
So that forum is Mishima-kun’s…
Has he figured out our identities?
Even so, I think it’ll be fine. He seemed to be playing it cool.
I guess we should have a little chat about this later.
I will say though… a forum where people can post problems may prove unexpectedly useful.

Anyways, we gotta get lookin’ for a new target.
And we need to stay sharp until we manage to find one. Once we do, we’ll have to head into another Palace, so we should prep our equipment and–

Music: My Homie

D-D-Don’t we have an exam comin’ up!?
…Judging by that reaction, I’d assume you’re going to struggle this time too?
It’s not like you’re any better! All you’re good at is English!

Even your Japanese is questionable at best, Ryuji.
What’s questionable is whether you’re really even a human.

A+, Ryuji.

…Let’s discuss this with our fists!

Will you two stop it!?

We still don’t have a target, and now exams are coming up! Seems like we have a lot on our plate right now. And here I was thinking the buffet was last update, hyuk hyuk![/details]


I can’t wait for Ryuji to have a fistfight with a cat.


My money is on Morgana.


[details=Part 23]Part 23: 5/6-5/7

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Don’t forget to study, though. I won’t have you blaming me if your grades start dropping.

Over on this side of the classroom is that crude logo of Ryuji’s design. The image drawn on this chalkboard will change as the game progresses to reflect the story, so I’ll make note of it.

Oh shit, cops. Let’s just calmly avoid them…


Oh, right, can I ask you something? Have you received any physical punishment, threats, or verbal abuse from Mr. Kamoshida? Even if it’s something minor, let me know if you happen to know anything at all.

I’m having war flashbacks to that speedo.

Huh? Hold on, so what you’re saying is that he’s exposed his naked body to you?
Physical punishment, threats, sexual harassment, and even indecent exposure. That fiend… I’m sure we’ll find that he committed even more offenses if we dig around a little more.

The cops only show up today, so we don’t need to worry about their presence later on.

Anyway, we find someone else worth talking to over in the Practice Building…

Heh, there’s no need for you to play dumb. My actions have been attracting too much attention lately. It’s no wonder you figured it out… Keep this just between us, OK? No one can know I’m the Phantom Thief who defeated Kamoshida…

I love this dumbass.

Anyway, let’s head back up to Ann, who seems… perturbed.

What should I do…? Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to at least ask… No, but then…
Lady Ann seems depressed…
U-Um… never mind! It’s nothing!
I should be able to invite her out with my current Kindness.
I’m fine, seriously! Besides, I wouldn’t wanna trouble you…

…Are you sure? You’re so reliable. I guess it wouldn’t be so bad talking to you about this stuff.
So, what do you think? Will you spend some time with Lady Ann?
>Hang out with her
All right, let’s go to the diner.
Well, I’m gonna go take a walk while you’re busy with her. Let me know when you’re ready to leave.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

…It’s Shiho. Well… I went to visit her in the hospital. She… She said she was sorry. Sorry for not telling me about Kamoshida… about all the things he was doing to her… But it was my fault too. I didn’t realize how much trouble she was in… I wasn’t there for her… So, I apologized as well.

I’m glad I finally got to tell her everything I couldn’t bring myself to say before. And, um… remember how Kamoshida threatened to take Shiho off the team if I didn’t sleep with him? I had only agreed to it so that I wouldn’t ruin Shiho’s dreams… But now that I think about it, he never would have put her on the bench and cost his team games… I seriously should have dared him to try and take her starting spot. …But in the end, maybe I just didn’t believe in her ability.

You actually get more points if you agree with her here, but to hell with that, I’m here to try to make her feel better, not indulge her bullshit self-loathing.

But… it all happened because I was weak. That’s why I believed Kamoshida’s authority outweighed Shiho’s own ability to earn her starting spot. Maaku, do you remember the last time I talked to you like this? When I got that phone call from Kamoshida… and cried. I felt so alone… scared, even… But because you were there for me, I decided not to go. I was a little surprised at how pushy you were about it… but I see now you just wanted to help. …Thanks.

Back then, people used to call me all sorts of names… “Prissy bitch,” “Kamoshida’s girl”… I got tired of it pretty quickly. But to tell you the truth, someday I want to be able to take labels like that in stride. Hey, um… Personas are the power of the heart, right? That means if my heart gets stronger, my Persona will too. So… I want to strengthen my heart. And I want to use that strength to help the people around me. I hope we can save people from trouble, just like we did when we changed Kamoshida’s heart. Though honestly… I don’t even know what “strong” is. But I’m going to find the answer, I promise.

giggle I guess that doesn’t really count though, huh? Well… I’ll be relying on you. Let’s train together and make our hearts super strong!
I sense a heightened motivation from Ann…

Girl Talk is exactly the same as Ryuji’s Punk Talk, just for Ann instead.

A strong heart… Hmmm…

I mean, they’re free, so not getting any would mean you have a strong heart!

…Is that not right? Well, I’ll see you later.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

Sojiro tosses Maaku a key.

You get to lock up from now on. I can’t keep waiting for you to come home. Don’t start any fires, OK?

Music: Beneath the Mask (Absolutely listen to this)

We finally unlock the full night theme, and it is amazing.


Do you want to go out now that we’re allowed to?


Oh, and come to think of it… shouldn’t we stop by the airsoft shop and ask about that paper bag?

But first, TV.

His many works fetch extraordinary prices, even overseas. He’s truly a world-renowned artist.
Madarama takes in children with no family as his pupils, giving the a home, right? He’s a saint…

Over here, we find a cop talking to that drunken souse from earlier.

Pleash, forgive me. I failed yoush as a mother, Kamoshida. Why’dya do those thiiiings?
Kamoshida? Oh, that guy who was arrested for sexual harassment?
sniff Suguru…! I didn’t raise yoush to grow up like thish! Suguruuuuuuu!

Isn’t crippling alcholism a riot?

Over by the station square, we find the man we met earlier giving a speech. Doesn’t seem like the crowd is into it though…

The runaway-train incident, mysterious psychotic breakdowns, a school with corrupt teachers… We have yet to discover the truth of it all! The apathy that permeates society is a direct result of negligence by our government and the media.

Are you interested in politics?

Are you a student? I’m delighted to captivate the interest of someone your age. …Hmmm, I could use the help of a young person, but I can’t hire someone without any experience. I’m sorry about that. However, I’d be happy if you stopped by to hear one of my speeches again. …Well then, that’s all for today. I’m heading to the beef bowl shop…

That guy seemed to want some help… He isn’t very popular, but his speech-giving skills might be helpful in the Metaverse. Hey, you should work part-time at the beef bowl shop. If he sees you working hard, maybe he’ll let you help him.

On the way back to the job magazines, however, we run into this random homeless man.

Tch… so you’re just messin’ with me. Whatever. You know about that huge accident the other day? Pretty funny stuff! Everyone’s been gettin’ all nervous because of it. I love seeing the fear in their faces.

Uhhhhhh, well… Let’s just go find the job magazines.

We now have enough Charm to accept this job.

A part-time job at a flower shop, huh? Being around all those flowers might boost your Kindness. It seems kinda hard. You sure you wanna do it?
Let’s call them right now.
Hi, this is the flower shop Rafflesia. Would you like to order some flowers? Oh, you saw our ad? Ah, I see. In that case, I can get you started right away. As for what days… We can work around your schedule. Just come straight to the store on a day you’re available. We’re in the Shibuya Underground Shopping Mall. I’ll be waiting for you.
You got the job! Nice going!

Instead of heading to that job, we’re just going to accept the other available job, because that’s the one we’re actually here for.

Ooh, a part-time job at the beef bowl shop, huh? Seems tough, but you might improve your Proficiency. What do you wanna do? Gonna apply?
Yeah, we can go to Shibuya at night now! Let’s call them right now!
Hello. This is Ore no Beko on Central Street. How many people are you ordering for? Oh, you’re calling about the job opening. This is great timing. We’re in need of some extra hands. I’d take just about anyone at this point. You don’t mind working at night, do you? Stop by any time you’re free to work. I’ll be waiting! We’re right by the entrance to Central Street. Hope to see you soon.
That settles it. You’d better work hard, OK?

Let’s head over to Central Street, then.

The world the way it is, a lotta people been finding themselves roofless. I had a life once, you know. I was an art student. Yeah, I was cool and everything.

Huh, poor guy.

Hey, man! Thanks for giving me the time of day. Everyone avoids me because my Japanese is pretty rough. I’m just trying to promote this bar, y’know? You’re just a kid, though. I can’t let you in. Sorry, man.

Based on this interaction, I assume that in Japanese he’s speaking rudely or informally by accident, but if so it simply didn’t translate at all, which makes the other options hilariously dickish for no reason.

Time to head to Untouchable to hand over that bag.

Music: Layer Cake

Are you gonna try and sell me somethin’ weird again?
That modified model gun should be a powerful weapon to use during Palace battles. Let’s ask him about what was inside the bag! …Don’t freak out, Maaku! Just ask him!

…Should we not?
Hey, you gonna buy somethin’?

Sorry, no. For reference, Dauntless is Rank 4 Guts. We’re still at Rank 2, meaning we’re going to be holding on to that bag for the next several months, and every time we come in here it’s going to notify us that we’re too chickenshit to talk to him about it.

It’s a shitty situation all around.

Let’s head to work then.

Time for work? All right, work hard and make that money.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

No need to introduce yourself. I actually need you to start working right away. Do you have any questions about the job?

Not quite. Our budget’s been cut despite being short-staffed… so you’ll have to do everything alone. You’re a spry young dude, right? You’ll be fine. I’ll pay you more to make up for the extra work! Anything else?

Take customers’ orders, prep them, serve them, ring them up, and then clean the store. The meals are all ready-made, so it should be simple. Just make sure you’re nice to the customers, OK? OK, I need to head out for a bit! Keep an eye on the shop until I get back.

Oh jeez, I’m alone on my first day.

Oh, well. Just give it your best shot, I guess. I’ll be cheering you on.

Hey, someone wants to change their order. Add an egg? They should have told us earlier.

This is your pay today. Thank you. Well, I hope you can keep it up.

But you still managed all those orders by yourself. If you ask me, you were pretty proficient.

Maaku gains Proficiency +2.

Come on, let’s leave.

Anon: laaame roflmao
Anon: not even worth a laugh
Anon: Who’s spreading this?

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

“Volleyball Beating Investigation!” The school claims to have left teaching methods up to its staff. It has denied once again that it had any knowledge of the beatings. “Pollen Warning as of Next Week!” Greater volume and arriving later than in previous years. “Hotspots of Tokyo!” Experience art in Shibuya! The Madarame exhibit opens next week.
People are really talking about the Kamoshida incident. No one in this car knows that we’re the ones who did it…

Music: So Boring

Anyway, today we’ll be talking about “The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter.” Most theorize it’s the oldest story in Japan; for some, it’s the oldest science-fiction story in the world. But if you ask me, it’s the oldest story in Japan about a terrible woman. I mean, Princess Kaguya gives her suitors absurd tasks, demands fancy gifts, then runs off to the moon. Some men lose their fortunes, some are humiliated, and some even get serious wounds or go blind. Women like Princess Kaguya actually show up in a lot of stories from around the world. Now then, Hamiru-kun. What do people generally call a woman who has a charm that sometimes leads men to their doom?

Really tempted to pick “Elizabeth” there, but alas.

That’s right. The answer is femme fatale. Literally translated, it means “fatal woman.” Some famous examples are the witch Morgan le Fay from Arthurian legen and Queen Salome from the Bible. Not to mention the wild, seductive dancer of opera, Carmen.

Maaku gets Knowledge +1

…Let me just warn you that exams aren’t so easy that you can pass them with a single night of cramming. Take your time and make sure you understand the material, OK?
…You heard her. Must be rough being a student. Well, you have nothing to lose from studying. Give it all you got.

Music: My Homie

There ain’t even a hint of a hint about a new Palace…
We can’t get everything online… Finding a post with a name and location is asking a lot…
Guess we just gotta find one ourselves then!
Are you seriously suggesting we look for a target that even the police have overlooked?
…Yeah, you’re right. We should prolly just hold off ‘til exams are done with, huh? We can wait and see for a little longer, then worry about comin’ up emptyhanded if it happens…

Morgana jumps out of sight via Ryuji’s head.


Music: Disquiet

…We’ll get outta here once we’re done chattin’. Anyways, what’s Miss Council President want with us?
The troublemaker, the girl of rumor, and the infamous transfer student… Interesting combination.

Great way to start a conversation…
By the way… It seems as though you got to know Mr. Kamoshida pretty well.

Are you playing dumb with me?
It just goes to show how little interaction he had with him.
Hm… I heard Mr. Kamoshida used a volleyball team member to spread details of your past record. Don’t you hate him? Mr. Kamoshida, I mean.
What’s all this about? My friend here’s an upstanding guy.
I don’t mean to offend. Many students have been shaken up by what happened with Mr. Kamoshida. The rumors about that odd, calling card-esque posting aren’t going away either.
I didn’t expect someone like you would care about tactless stuff, Niijima-senpai.

Anyways, we done here? We can’t leave if you keep talkin’ to us.
At least try to understand my position. Being forced to deal with this horseplay…
Ah yes, by the way… It’s been decided that this place will be closed off due to the incident. I heard some people are coming up here without permission, after all.

What was that about?

She figured us out! Damn, if only it weren’t completely obvious to anyone with half a brain!

That girl seems rather sharp. We should be cautious of her.
She really pisses me off!

Talk about a pain in the ass…
That reminds me… Study hard. Especially you, Ryuji. There are bound to be traps that will need to be solved with brains. Keep in mind that everything you do in your daily lives has an impact on your abilities.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

True, studying won’t be so bad if we just think of it as helping us prepare to be phantom thieves…
I guess you got a point… But man, it’s just so lame… I was all fired up about helpin’ people, not about studyin’…
Well, I do have somewhere interesting to show you beforehand. You guys did originally promise to help me out with my mission, after all.

Huh? Mission?
Follow me.

Just do as I told you.

Music: Wicked Plan

Look for a post with a full name in it.
I already said there’s no info on any big shots. Don’t you remember? But man, people actually go put someone’s real name on here. That’s some scary shit…

In this game’s world people are doxxing people they know so strangers they have almost no reason to believe exist will brainwash them. What a fucked-up future this is. Also remember that Kamoshida turned himself in like five days ago, which means that these rumors and the Phan-site have spread amazingly quickly even if it seems like no one’s buying them.

“He won’t listen to what I say”… No wait, there’s no name on this one.

Ignore those. Aren’t there any posts about more serious trouble?
“I don’t know what to do about my ex who’s stalking me. His name is Natsuhiko Nakanohara.” It says he’s a teller at City Hall.
A government worker’s stalkin’ someone…?
That should be a suitable target. All right, now get the Meta-Nav ready.
We’re just gonna jump right into a Palace? Fine by me!
Hey, what happened to all that talk of “unanimous decision”? What do you think we should do, Maaku?

That’s what I’m talkin’ about!
OK then. Let’s go.
We need a name and a place, right? So the name is…
Actually, we don’t need a location this time. Just enter exactly what I say. The keyword is… “Mementos.”
Huh? What’re you tryin’ to pull?
Just listen to me. It should work… I think.
Geez, that again…? Uhhh… “M-e-m-e-n-t-o-s,” was it?

Just as I thought!

Music: Tension

It… kind of feels like I’m walking on air…?
Is this that Nakanohara guy’s Palace?
That’s half right, but half wrong. This is a type of Palace, but it’s different from the normal ones. Come on, let’s head down. The Shadows here lurk underground. I don’t quite understand why. It may be because they’re drawn to something.
Underground? How are we going to get there?
How? You use it every day on your way to school. Follow me!

Music: Suspicion

Wait, our clothes changed!?
The Shadows know we’re here!?
Since the moment we stepped in.
You should’ve told us!
We’re still safe right here. I’ve come to investigate a number of times. Shadows never come up to this floor. But it’s a different story once you go down. This place is simply teeming with them.
More importantly, what is this Mementos!? It’s about time you start explaining.

A Palace as grand as the previous castle only forms when a person’s wishes are extremely distorted. So, instead of many individual Palaces, the general public has one gigantic shared Palace. That’s where we are now… Mementos.
Now that you mention it, this place feels a bit different from Kamoshida’s Palace…
When you say shared… you mean they’re all put together? Even though they’re just strangers…?
Think of it as the collective unconscious… No, never mind. You wouldn’t understand that.
So what you’re saying is… Using this place, we can even change the hearts of people who don’t have a Palace?
Correct! The steps to do so are slightly different though.
But this place looks pretty huge. Are we gonna be able to get around just by walkin’…?

Music: My Homie


A car…!?
No way!
This comes from the way cognition materializes in the Metaverse, plus a bit of extra training. It’s not dissimilar to how you guys transform.
You turnin’ into a car is totally different than our clothes changin’!

this is a really good joke

Why a bus though?
…No idea.
Wait, why didn’t you do this at the castle!?
I would have if I could!

Ryuji attempts to… board… Morgana. What the hell.

Ann notices and chases after him.

Hey, Skull! Ladies first!
Stop pullin’ me! That’s dangerous!
Panther! Please be gentle!

I should mention that any time Morgana emotes in this form he does so by jumping up on his back tires, it’s incredible.

I’m not going anywhere unless someone drives me.

THAT’S what you’re worried about?
Eh, who cares. We’re drivin’ a cat car through the Metaverse.
All right then, we’ll leave the driving to you!

Oh, there… That feels sooo goooooood…
Uh, is that purrin’ I hear…? What a creepy-ass car!
Don’t underestimate my meowtary engine.

I’ll admit it, I laughed.

We’re going full throttle! It’s time to fly!

Next time, we’re exploring Mementos and stealing the heart of this Nakanohara guy.[/details]


[details=Part 24]Part 24: 5/7-5/8

Music: Mementos

Loop that track about 40 times. Congratulations, you now have the Mementos Experience. Isn’t it great?

Yeah, I guess it’d be strange driving on the tracks like this in the real world… Anyway, Nakanohara’s somewhere in here, right?
Most likely in a segment of his own creation. Don’t worry, it won’t be the size of a Palace. Our next step is to find an entrance to that segment.
And what’s this entrance gonna look like?
I have no idea, but strong distortions should be a pretty obvious visual clue.
So we just gotta go wanderin’ around for it then? What a goddamn pain in the ass…

So, our objective now is to ride around the subway tracks looking for a distortion to find Nakanohara.

Over here, we see a roaming Shadow.

Our strategy: ram the fuck into it.

These Slimes make up most of the encounters on this floor, and have a nasty tendency to blow themselves up. Thankfully, they’re weak to Wind and Fire.

We also get a chance to see Ryuji’s follow-up attack down here.

It’s kind of a lot.

Eventually, we find the distortion.

Dude, the hell is this…? It’s all wavy and shit.
This is the place… I sense the target up ahead. Now, are you ready, Joker?

That seems to be Nakanohara’s Shadow.
Lemme see. Some front desk guy at City Hall became a stalker, right?
I don’t know how much evil he’s done, but we have to do something if he’s bothering other people.
All right, we’ll go talk to him.

Music: Desire

Are you that stalker!? Haven’t you ever stopped to consider how your ex feels?
She’s my property! I can do whatever I want with her! It’s not like she didn’t treat me like a plaything! What’s wrong with me doing the same!?
You can’t treat someone like shit just ‘cause they did it to you! What a load of crap…

There are millions of people far worse than me! What about Madarame…? He stole everything from me, but you’re letting him off the hook!?
…Madarame? The hell’s this guy goin’ on about?

Music: Keeper of Lust

Look… This is a winner-takes-all world. Come fight me and I’ll show you what I mean!

Shadow Nakanohara starts by increasing his Attack. This could be a problem, but…

Skull Cracker immediately inflicts Confusion, forcing it to spend its turns doing nothing, throwing items away, or throwing money away. Those last two are great for us because we get the spoils, but it also means this thing doesn’t get a single turn to attack before we kill it, which is why I didn’t even bother posting a video of the fight like I usually do. A lot of Mementos minibosses are susceptible to ailments, which can trivialize them.

Music: Victory

Everyone leveled up and gained new skills from this fight, too.

Ryuji learns Headbutt, which is Medium Physical with a medium chance of Forget.

Morgana learns Media, which is a light heal to the entire party.

Finally, Ann learns Tarunda, which is single-target Attack down. It’s pretty handy.

Music: Suspicion

That evil teacher used me, then threw me out on the street. That’s what caused my fixation on her…

Huh? Could it be that Madarame guy he was talkin’ about earlier?
Yeah… I just didn’t want anyone to throw me out again…
So some selfish bastard was making you suffer too… Still, you shouldn’t have dragged an unrelated woman into your mess.
Yes, I know that now. I’ll put an end to my love for her… …Hey you can change people’s hearts, right? In that case… Won’t you change Madarame’s heart!? Before more people fall victim to him…

Change… Madarame’s heart?
Hm? What’s that shinin’ thing?
It’s the bud of a Treasure. Had we left it be, it very well may have blossomed into a Palace. Joker, this will make a perfect reward!

Most likely.
But how are we supposed to know if we succeeded?
The lady posted the dude’s name online. If he really does change, she’ll prolly comment again.
Hm, you do have a point.
Either way, trainin’ against Shadows down here’s the best! It’s great prep for our next target!
It’s also nice to be able to give courage to the people who post their problems online.
On top of that, we can sell whatever treasure we get for some cold, hard cash!

…All right, we did it!
Hold on. There’s somewhere I want to show you guys before we leave.
What, there’s more?
Don’t worry, it won’t take long.

Music: Mementos

There’s something I’d like to check in an area further down. That platform we saw earlier should be the way down. Let’s head there first.
Wait, you’ve been here before, right? Don’t you got like a map or something?
That would hold no meaning in this place. The layout changes every time you enter.
Wait, so our path changes too!?
This place is the fused cognition of a countless number of people. It’s constantly shifting. Even so, our destination should be pretty close. I’m counting on you, Joker.

Before we head down, though, let’s check the item we got. This Attachment Pearl nulls Forget.

Of course they are. We’re in the subway, you know.
Yeah, but I thought this was a Palace!
Then maybe this is how the public views this place? I don’t know.
People go through this darkness… every day…?
Forget that! You sure we’re cool runnin’ around on these tracks!?
It should be fine as long as we’re not on the same ones… I think. I’m no train expert.
You’ve gotta be kiddin’ me…
Anyway, let’s head to the lower area. It should be right after we go down to that escalator.

Music: Suspicion

And a dead end at that. Why’s it even exist?
Now hold on… Just watch. This is most likely not an ordinary wall. If my hunch is correct…

A new area has been confirmed in the depths. Updating guidance information.
See!? It’s just as I thought!
What do you mean?
That wall wouldn’t budge when I came here by myself before. But it’d be weird for the deepest part of Mementos to be some normal place like this, wouldn’t it?
So you were thinkin’ there’s gotta be more?
Yeah! Now that Kamoshida’s Palace is gone and people are actually starting to talk about us… I knew something had to have changed down here!
How deep is it? Should we try going further down?
Let’s not. That’s not why we’re here today, remember? We’ve already accomplished our goal. We should head back and I’ll explain more once we’re home.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Oh, and what was that wall thing we saw at the end?
I’m not entirely sure, but it blocked us from going in past a certain depth. If Mementos is the public’s Palace though… it might be affected by the general public’s belief in us.
Why do you know so much about it, Morgana?
My memories are a little foggy in that regard… However, I need to know what lies in the depths of Mementos, no matter what.
No matter what…?
Mementos is not just everyone’s Palace, it’s the source of all Palaces. It used to be that Palaces like Kamoshida’s with one ruler simply didn’t exist. So if we can do something about the greatest cause of distortions, I’m certain my appearance will…!
You wanted someone to save you too…
I-I just needed pawns.
I see… So that’s why you came pokin’ your nose around with us.
…I’ll help you. I hope you can regain what you’ve lost.
I’ll… be relying on you guys.
By the way Morgana… are you a boy? Or might you be a girl?

There’s only one choice here.

That is a possibility!
I wish I could deny it, but… I just can’t be sure.

…In any case, of course I’m male! I mean, I…
…What is it?
No… it’s nothing. We’re done talking about that! Anyway, we now know that we can perform minor changes of heart in Mementos. If we come across any eye-catching leads, it may be worth dealing with them for a bit of combat practice.
There weren’t any other outstanding ones though…
I bet we’ll get tons of ‘em if we can change someone famous and make the Phantom Thieves well-known. The big fish are our main targets after all.
First you need to find a way to get through your exams.

The game’s all, “you should really just fucking chill. Study for those exams or whatever, you’re still at Rank 1 Knowledge, dumbass.”

A mysterious stranger stares at us…

Music: Beneath the Mask

If we can take down some kinda big target next, we’re totally gonna get famous.

I don’t think that you’re necessarily wrong… But should we really be doing this at all if we don’t have a reason like with Kamoshida?
You mean we shouldn’t be sticking our noses into other people’s business? I dunno, man. If someone’s in trouble, it’s only natural to wanna help ‘em out!
I mean, I agree with that. And I guess I was glad we were able to solve the stalker case.

The same goes for me.
We don’t got much time to be arguing over this either. That Madarame(?) guy bothers me.
Yeah. But no getting carried away, you understand? And don’t do anything to stand out like fail your exams.
Oh crap! Speaking of that, I haven’t studied at all…
Is it Ryuji? Did he mention anything about Mementos? If there’s anything you want to know, I can tell you.

Let’s take Morgana up on that.

Well, it’s the collective Palace of the general public. Deep inside each and every human’s mind is an obscured thought process known as the unconscious. These thought processes then meld together and form what I like to call the collective unconscious.

Yeah, sure, you totally didn’t just steal that from a psychology textbook.

In other words, Mementos is a shared cognitive world created by the joint distortions of society as a whole. You can just think of it as the big Palace made from everyone’s hearts though.

I would bet it was because of the shift in public opinion caused by Kamoshida’s change of heart. Those kinds of big changes in the tide will surely have an impact on what goes on in Mementos. In other words, we might be able to get even further if we can rouse up more public acknowledgement. We’ll need to take down another target in order for that to happen though!

In other words: It’s gated by the story, idiot.

I have a feeling that something deep within that place has caused me to take my current form. That’s why I’m so invested in reaching the depths of Mementos. If we can figure out the cause of my distorted form, I should go back to normal… I think. Either way, I’ll be counting on you guys to help me out.

Oh, and it’s important to note that both Mementos and the Palaces are affected by real world happenings. Weather’s a great example of that. I mean, weather affects your mood, doesn’t it? Same goes for Mementos. You should try heading in on a day with bad weather. I’ll explain in more detail then.

Tomorrow on Good Morning Japan, our guest is Japanese artist Ichiryusai Madarame. A master who brings fantastical scenes to life, how does he feel about his latest exhibition?

Duhhhhhhhh, I wonder if that could be the person we’re looking for.

No, I have to go work at the beef bowl shop so the speech man will love me! Damn you, cat!

Anon: gtfo with that shit LOL
Anon: ugh another online rumor?
Anon: ya rite lol
Anon: “of hearts”? what tryhards

I mean, I want to argue, but that last one is probably the exact reaction I would have.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

It’s OK, you don’t have to say it. I know deep down in my heart that it was useful.

Okay, I kinda wanna pants this twerp.

Anyway, I’m in Shibuya right now. I’d love it if you could come hear me out about your future actions! I’ll be waiting at the diner in Shibuya. You gotta swing by!

Either way, it sounds like he has something important to say. Why not go see what it is? I won’t be joining you though. There’s something in Mementos I need to go look into. Well, hopefully Mishima has something useful for you…

Music: My Homie

Oops, sorry about that. I haven’t been getting a lot of sleep lately. I’ve been staying up managing the Phan-Site all night, every night. I think it’s called… PR?

The Phantom Thieves Aficionado Website! Phan-Site for short. You need a catchy name if you want people to notice you. This is all a bit of P-Thieves propaganda! Basically, there’s no point to taking down bad guys if nobody’s gonna know about it. That’s why I’ve started a blog for posts from people you guys saved, while filtering out the haters. We need the Phantom Thieves to be seen in the proper light if we want to make the name popular, right?

Eh. let’s throw him a bone.

Though actually, I really wanna know how you punish people… Don’t worry, I’m not gonna ask. It wouldn’t be any fun if you just up and told me. After all, the Phantom Thieves have a reputation for being secretive!

But I’ll still be here to draw attention to the stuff you do! You can leave that part to me! I’m gonna use my Phan-Site to promote the Phantom Thieves, and weed out any negative comments. Your popularity is gonna be at my mercy… or uh, my fingertips. It’s like I’ll be your strategic image management representative, so to speak.

I’m gonna do everything I can to make sure that title’s more than just for show. yaaawn I’ve gotta say though, managing the Phantom Thieves’ reputation is tiring work… The forum gets all sorts of weird posts, including tons of things unrelated to reforming society… It’d defeat the purpose of the site if the truth of the Phantom Thieves was buried among all that garbage. Oh, but you don’t need to worry. I’ll sort through all the trash. Speaking of which, I’ve actually already found some worthwhile info about our very own school. Our quest to boost your popularity can start close to home!

Mishima seems motivated…

Mishima’s Confidant is somewhat irregular in that in order to advance it you need to complete certain Mementos requests he’ll send you.

I might be overworking myself though… yaaawn Man, I’m exhausted… I think I’d fall asleep on the spot if I weren’t talking to you. I should head home… See you later.

Music: Beneath the Mask

Whatever, I’ll study when I feel like it.

That reminds me, the home shopping program is airing today… You wanna check out the TV?

Here’s what we’ve got for you today! Two Calming Masks! Cover your face… and attain tranquility!
It’s a fashion statement!
This is a limited item! Today’s the one and only day it’ll be available! And it can be yours… For the incredibly low price of 1980 yen! We’re offering it for 1980 yen because it’s on sale for today only!
Oh, the phones are already ringing off the hook!
Once we’re sold out, that’s it! Don’t miss out on this deal!
Two Calming Masks, huh? They’re just 1980 yen. Thinking of buying them?

I have no idea what these things do, but sure.

Oh, another buyer’s just called in! Thank you so much!
We’ll try to get your order to you as quickly as possible! Goodbye for now! We’ll see you again next time with another fabulous product!
Goodbye for now!
Now all we have to do is just wait for it to arrive.

The other Sunday pastime that we can’t forget about is the aojiru, ugh.

Maaku gets Guts +1

Time for work.

Music: Everyday Days

Oh shit, that’s a lot of people.

Yikes… A lot of customers just came in. You’re going to be bombarded with orders at this rate. Make sure you memorize them all!

What did the first person order?

Yes, that’s right! What did the second person order?

Yeah, they did say that! What about the third customer?

Yep. That’s what I heard, too! What did the fourth customer order?

Yeah, you’re right! That was the order! All right, now you just have to make everything and serve them!

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Employees being overworked is becoming a real problem in the workplace. That’s concerning. Hm, I should remember this. I’ll leave my payment here. Thank you for the food.

He was worried about employees in the workplace, huh? Well, I think he knows who you are now. We should go to the station square again sometime soon.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

It seems there were a lot of customers today, but you handled it well on your own! I paid you a little extra today. Good work, keep it up!

Sweet, we got more money for having a notepad handy memorizing those orders!

I’m sure it was rough, but I think you handled it all quite proficiently…!

Maaku gets Proficiency +3

And we finally make it to Rank 2.

Phew… Well, I guess we should go home soon.[/details]


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