The Butz of the Joke - Let’s Play Final Fantasy V

Once again, four jobbers set out to save four crystals, but they gave these guys personalities.

A new day dawns, but the land is bereft of any morning breezes. The wind is dying, which means something has happened to one of the four crystals that keep the elements alive. The King of Tycoon leaves to investigate the Wind Shrine, leaving his daughter behind to worry over him. A pirate captain quickly notices the absence of the sea gales. An old man hopes to put a swift end to the crisis, but will soon find himself bereft of memory. And a drifter with his chocobo companion, who had long gone where the wind took them, must set off for a new destination. But things are more dire than they seem already, and the four of them will discover they are the only hope of stopping the oncoming crisis.

Welcome to Final Fantasy V! There’s a pretty good chance you’ve heard of this one before. After the success of Final Fantasy IV, Squaresoft continued on with the ATB system, but this time around they set their sights on the job system from III. On the first go around, nobody but Japan got to experience this new entry, which is a bit of a shame since it’s amazing. Thankfully, we’ve gotten just about every version afterwards, and nowadays this game’s popular enough that there’s a whole charity event based around a specialized run of it. I’ll be playing the Game Boy Advance version of V, but I’ll also be using a hack. The FFa: Custom Classes hack by ludmeister adjusts the amount of things that can be carried into a job, while also shuffling around the order you get some of the jobs. If you don’t know what any of that means, don’t worry. Final Fantasy V doesn’t take long to get to the actual meat of the game, so particular mechanics will be introduced soon enough.

As always, please don’t spoil anything in the story before it comes up.

Episode List

The Wind Crystal has shattered, but nobody yet knows what that entails. Or even that it happened. But the wind dying down has caught the attention of many people, including our hero Bartz. And if that weren’t already something worth investigating, a meteor also hit the earth near Tycoon Castle. What else is the boy (and his Chocobo) supposed to do but ride out to see it?

Bartz, Lenna, Galuf and Faris have joined forces, which means it’s on to the Wind Shrine! But just awaits the group when they make it to the top? Other than the giant bird which we all knew would be there, of course.

The Warriors of Light are on a mission to save the Crystals! … or at least the ones that are still around. But reaching the next one won’t be easy when we’re trapped in a large circle of land. The only way out is the canal to the east, but it’s locked up tight. So while the team has jobs to use for fights, our first assignment is to figure out how to unlock the canal.

The Wind Crystal is gone, and now so is Syldra. With no way to pilot the ship themselves, the Warriors of Light drift to a ship graveyard, where the undead lurk through the corpses of the other boats. Surely, there’s no greater early test of friendship than fighting ghosts and zombies with people you’ve known for only a handful of hours.

The Warriors of Light manage to escape the ship graveyard, but just where in the world are they? They can’t exactly save the next Crystal if they can’t reach it in the first place, so they’ll need to figure out how they’re going to travel. And as you may have noticed, traveling by land or sea is impossible, so just how are we are we gonna get out of here?

We’ve got a dragon, which means we’re a little less trapped than we were before. We’re still pretty limited though, so the checklist of places to go is short. But since we’re able to, we might as well visit Tycoon and tell everyone that Lenna didn’t die in the wilderness. And since we’re already visiting one castle, why not check out Walse as well?