The Binding of Issac: Pee Pee Doo Doo Jesus is a Bad President


What stared out as a jankie flash game by Super Meat Boy creator Edmund McMillen and programmer Florian Himsl turned into a full fledged pixel art remake by port house Nicalis. This is one part twin stick shooter, one part The Legend of Zelda dungeon, one part rougelike. You play as Issac, who one day finds himself retreating to his basement when his ultra-christain mother receives a message from god telling her to kill her son. From there, you journey through a world of dead pets, child abuse, and all sorts of terrifying body horror nightmares.


Using the power of your constant sadness, you journey through the ever shifting layouts of your basement whilst shooting flies and piles of meat with your VERY POWERFUL tears. Along the way, you find hundreds of items with effects ranging from simple health upgrades to barrages of blood that shoot out of your mouth. The main draw, besides the randomly generated room layouts, is the various ways that the items combine together, meaning that some runs will cause you to become a powerhouse of bouncing tears that split into a thousand explosions that instantly kills everything on screen, including you. This being a rougelike/likelike/lite, however, you’re just as likely to get nothing but trash items and get killed by the third boss.


The original is only available on steam. It has been basically completely overshadowed by the remake at this point, as not only is there less content and content, but being programmed in flash means it runs like shit on basically every system. If you’re still interested, you can buy it Steam or on Humble.

The Remake is also available on Steam and Humble as well, but has also been released on basically every system imaginable. You can pick up a copy on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, New Nintendo 3DS, Xbox One, iOS, and the upcoming Nintendo Switch.


Well, there’s the first DLC pack, Afterbirth, which adds a ton of content to the game, including a slightly contentious game mode, a slightly less contentious new character, and a very not contentious overhaul of the item combination system. It comes highly recommended.

The second DLC pack, Afterbirth+ (which strangely is actually a dlc for Afterbirth, not Rebirth) is the most recent addition of the game. Despite adding official mod suport, it was heavily panned upon release. Many felt that the bosses and items added to the game were not only sub-par, but also glitchy and annoying. Some problems with the pack have been patched out, but your mileage may vary. I came into it late and have been enjoying myself.
Probably not helping matters was the free fan-made overhaul Antibirth coming out at almost the exact same time. Adding several new alternate chapters, dozens of enemies and bosses, 2 new characters, and nearly 100 new items, it rivals Afterbirth in terms of content for none of the price. It also only requires the base game to run, so if you’re itching for more Issac and don’t want to drop the money for the DLC, it comes highly recommended. Either way, though, you’re most likely going to have a good time.

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I just beat the new final boss for the first time…

…I think I know why people hate Afterbirth+ now.

You don’t know the true pain of Afterbirth+ until you’ve entered a room and been mobbed to death by a dozen Fatties, or two goddamn dozen Blastocysts.

Thankfully I think they eventually patched those out.

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Been playing antibirth co-op with the bf, so happy there’s full co-op now instead of the baby only system they had.

So, I still am not sure I understand the hate against Afterbirth+. It’s literally more of the same thing - more items you don’t understand and have to memorize or look up, more bosses with increasingly annoying gimmicks, more pointless shift towards difficulty.

And I understand it’s difficult for people to understand my position on the game. I openly say “I hate Binding of Issac” while having over 666 hours played and still play it on occasion. The thing is, I use it like brain-chewing gum, or like, an idle fidgeting of my thoughts. It has enough structured randomization and weird choices that you can wobble the experience around like silly putty - It has no inherent fun or structure, and you can stretch it until it breaks, but it’s still satisfying to “play” with.

I can’t tell if I’m just way worse at getting back into the groove of playing in Afterbirth+ or if it’s much harder than past updates. I’m pretty sure it’s harder, though, even before any new bosses. Since it came out, I’ve only gotten past It Lives once.

I’ve been playing pretty consistantly since the original and I’ve also been having a lot more trouble in +. Although I also had trouble with Antibirth so maybe it’s just the new enemies.

I kind of hate a lot of AB+, but there’s some real real nice items. Smelter is one of my favorites in the entire series, and Cracked Crown is a pretty goddamn strong trinket (yes I literally attempted a 5-win daily streak 3 times before I pulled it off, yes I’m trying to 100% this expansion pack too, please kill me), so the two together can be heavenly.

I literally only have to play dailies until I get the achievement and I’ll be done with this game, meaning I can finally play it for real after I’m done unlocking everything.

wait, WHAT

e: also Delirium is a pretty cool boss IMO, and it just has a shitload of health instead of having the boss damage reduction that makes it no fun at all to replay Greed Mode or fight Hush. (Spoilered the names of certain bosses just in case there are people who haven’t encountered them yet. Feels like it might be arbitrary but I’d rather not run the risk of ruining names for anyone)

Binding of Isaac is my favourite game about infanticide.

I haven’t picked up Afterbirth+ yet, and from reviews im proooobably gonna hang off for a while. Besides, i literally just got Afterbirth (without the plus) this january, so I’ve got a lot of content to get through. Greed Mode is so much fun =o
Also I didn’t know Anitbirth was a thing, excited to check that out owo

Antibirth’s optional chapters are pretty neat, the treasure rooms in them have two items to choose from but if you’re in co-op and time it right you can pick up both items.

Antibirth is pretty much unequivocally an improvement over Rebirth. The only thing I’m not hot on is one of the new characters. That and the fact that it ate my save.

If you don’t have afterbirth like me and start up normal Issac and start a game it’ll wipe your antibirth file.

It sucks.

Well that explains it…

I’m still trying to confirm what exactly triggers it to wipe your file.

I’ve never actually played Isaac before but I’ve been incredibly interested for years, and seeing how Afterbirth+ is a Switch launch title, I’m definitely picking that up.

Issac is a great on the go game. I know lots of people who still carry around their vita/have bought ios controllers for it. Hell, its the reason I lug my xbox-huge laptop on plane trips and train rides, melts the hours away.

It’s been super useful for me lately, what with getting into video editing, because its low impact enough that I can render a video and play it at the same time.

I’m excited for it, I hear it has huge replayability and i’m a sucker for the Zelda dungeon esque levels. It’ll def be my most played on Switch with BOTW being close behind.

I just started trying to tackle the new challanges. Holy shit, I thought afterbirth had some shitt challanges, but these take the cake. These are stright up bad and unfun.

I played Rebirth a ton. I think I unlocked everything in it but never got real platinum god because there was a secret room item or two that I could never actually find in a run. But I barely played any of Afterbirth, and I didn’t even know Afterbirth+ existed.

I have it on PS4. Should I get Afterbirth+, or would I be better off getting the PC version and playing Antibirth? That looks pretty fun.