The Anime Thread: It's not just for kids! It's deep! It's EMOTIONAL!!!


I can’t stop watching Keijo. Send help.


You’re already lost. Farewell.


There is no escape from the Keijo hell outside of destroying your computer. I’ve gone through two of them myself to avoid your fate already


I have to say that even with how trashy it is Scum’s Wish may be my favorite show from this season. It’s not often that I care about romance anime but the show got me. It may be because the cast is all petty and terrible to each other even though it’s a romance.


Keijo’s great, my favourite character is the lady whose special ability lets her fart a spirit wolf out of her ass. It’s the dumbest show in the world and I love it.

I got really interested in that one after reading this article about it. Only reason I haven’t started it yet is 'cause the only way to watch legally is via Amazon and I don’t have access to their Anime Strike service thing. I’ll gonna wait for it to finish, then grab a free trial and binge through the whole season in a week.


The article is good but I have to stress something they brought up even more. It get’s very NSFW. To the point that I haven’t really recommended it to anyone because it even puts me off a little bit but it’s never gross in the way that say a fanservice anime is.


ACCA is a pretty cool anime that’s airing currently that’s all about the main character eating delicious looking food.

oh yeah and i guess there’s some interesting political drama too


Don’t forget smoking and peddling cigarettes


I should resume watching Gundam (the very first series, I mean) sometime, but I’m at a loss whether I should watch the rest of the HUGE franchise or lose my mind trying to understand which parts are actually worth watching :fearful:


Definitely finish the original, at least. It’s honestly one of the best, and even if you don’t watch any other Gundam series, it does a good job of standing on its own.

Also absolutely do not watch every last Gundam series. There are a lot of high points in the franchise, like Turn A Gundam and 0080, but hoooly shit are there some really bad series, too. SEED, SEED Destiny, and AGE in particularly are really bad.

G-Savior is probably the absolutely low point of the franchise, but it does have the benefit of being a hilariously bad zero-budget B movie where a man joins the Illuminati to fight against consent.


Honestly I’m probably gonna watch AGE just because I know who wrote it (the guy behind White Knight Chronicles) and want to see how badly he screwed up THIS time :sweat_smile: but thanks for the suggestions!


I would recommend watching Gundam Thunderbolt as well. And maybe Iron Blooded Orphans because it’s one of the better ones according to people that have watched a lot of Gundam(I also like it a lot too).


I’d recommend the original, G, X, Turn A, 00, and Build Fighters. I also strongly recommend the currently airing Iron Blooded Orphans, which will probably be one of my favorites unless they drop the ball in the final stretch.

A lot of people like Zeta. I personally don’t but I’m very much in the minority on that.

Stay away from Seed Destiny and AGE. The former is soul-crushingly boring. The later is so bad it nearly killed the franchise. The original Gundam Seed is okay IMO. It’s nothing special, but it’s not particularly bad either.


G-Savior has the fucking audacity to put a “G” by itself before “Gundam” and then not only not be as cool as G Gundam but be the worst Gundam ever


As someone who recently started Gundam, I’m gonna recommend the Mobile Suit Gundam movies over the show for pacing’s sake. Not to say the show is bad just has some chuncks of it I feel pad it out a bit much.


But the movies cut the Zakrello, the most magestic mobile armor in the entire franchise. That makes them the inferior version by default.


Okay while we’re on Gundam (only watched MSG movie trilogy and Zeta so far), I’ve been wondering this for like a year now: are you meant to like Kamille in Zeta? I could not for the life of me empathise with the guy who just seemed to angrily yell and punch at the world with whatever aides he could get his hands on, only to cry foul when he suffered direct or indirect consequences, and the whole time I was watching I couldn’t get over the feeling that he was meant to be a Budget Amuro with the same emotional arc, but just a little bit worse.


I felt the same way in the first couple of episodes of Zeta, but now that I’m well into it I really enjoy having an edgy teen protagonist.


I’ve contemplated making a Gundam/Mecha anime thread here, but for anyone curious I’ll throw out basic watch guide for Gundam.

Gundam is divided into two types of shows, Universal Century and Alternate Universe. UC works somewhat similar to Star Trek, i.e there is a definite timeline and continuity alongside some spinoff material. The basic watch guide for Universal Century starts with Mobile Suit Gundam. I personally prefer the movies, but the show is 100% viable.

After 0079, is Zeta Gundam which is largely considered to be creator Yoshiyuki Tomino’s magnum opus. It has some problems with how its aged, but it serves as a direct sequel to the original and it nails the character development as a result of time skips. I personally really like Zeta Gundam, but it has flaws with its pacing and the fact that the lead character is kind of a shithead.

ZZ Gundam is the sequel to Zeta and works really well as a coming of age story. It suffers from whiplash coming off the finale of Zeta Gundam, but it is my favorite of the UC trilogy. It can be skipped as it doesn’t affect Char’s Counterattack, but it is recommended to watch if you plan on checking out Unicorn. It explains the background of a central character.

Speaking of, Char’s Counterattack is the finale movie to the trilogy of MSG, Zeta and ZZ. It is really fucking good and the dub is excellent. The movie is well paced and has some of the best mecha action to be offered.

Gundam Unicorn takes place 6 years after CCA and is the finale to the early UC era. It can be consumed as a 7 episode OVA or a 26 episode anime. I personally recommend the OVA as the anime has pacing issues.

After you finish UC, there are 2 shows considered Late UC. The first is F91 which is a poorly paced, cut down from 50 episodes to a movie, but I adore it and it leads into the Gundam Crossbone manga which effin’ rules. On the otherhand is Victory Gundam, which I have bounced off multiple times and is a mess for the first 4 episodes. There are also UC Spinoff shows such as 0080, 0083, 08th MS Team and Thunderbolt. All 4 are perfectly enjoyable but 0080 is considered a masterpiece and Thunderbolt is fuckin’ clownshoes nonsense that is really fun.

After you finish UC or hell if you skip UC then you can literally pick and choose any of the AU Gundams sans Turn A, which I will explain later. Ill give brief descriptions of each one below to help.

G Gundam: Radical departure from the series by way of being a fuckin radical martial arts anime with Giant Robots. G Gundam is my personal favorite and is the most fun the series has had.

Wing: That one show from Toonami about space pretty boys in extravagant Gundams. Wing has a fair amount of politicking, but it is also fucking insane at some points in a way that makes it fun to consume. Wing is concluded by a movie, Endless Waltz.

X: X is a fun take on post apocalyptic Gundam, but the show is largely boring and was cancelled halfway in.

Seed: The original Gundam Seed is a soap opera take on the original Mobile Suit Gundam. It is both the most popular and heavily debated Gundam show largely on the trainwreck that is the sequel series, SEED Destiny. I could write a whole post on both series, but I do like SEED and I think both are worth watching.

00: What if Wing were remade but shit itself in the second season. 00 starts with an amazing premise and the first season is well liked. Season 2 is a victim of poor decision making despite having a fun villain. Concluded by the movie, Awakening of the Trailblazer.

Age: Age was supposed to be a collaboration between Sunrise and Level 5 that largely resulted in a mediocre mess that is unfun to watch despite having a really neat premise of a generational shift between 3 arcs.

Iron Blooded Orphans: Currently airing and admittedly a breath of fresh air for the franchise. IBO focuses on issues of child soldiers, economic independence and the abandonment of humanity to merge with machine consciousness. I cant speak of quality due to current airing, but I genuinely love the series so far.

Build Fighters: Build Fighters and its sequel Try are fun, toy themed spin offs and despite the childish nature are really fun. The first series contains some of the best fight choreography in the entire franchise while the second series is admittedly pretty mediocre. The concept of Gundam models as a sport is a good time and the series is largely a celebration of Gundam. This series stands alongside G Gundam and Turn A as the best non-UC shows.

Turn A: Turn A is the canonical end of Gundam. It has a really unique twist that ties it into the other series, but it is largely an experiment of what if Studio Ghibli made a Gundam series. Like Build Fighters you should have watched a few shows to appreciate it.


I watched G-Saviour last year. It was a huge mistake. The whole movie is basically a B-grade scifi flick and you only get mobile suit action in the last 15 minutes or so.

Initial D is one of my favorite series. I can’t get enough of it (aside from Fifth/Final Stage where it started to get really blah, also despite the new movies looking good I can’t shake the fact that they removed the Eurobeat)

Love Jojo’s as well, been watching it on Toonami and Battle Tendency really is when stuff gets good. Joseph is undoubtedly one of my favorite protagonists ever. I’m also sort of looking forward to UQ Holder’s anime but there’s been no news on the studio adapting it and I really don’t want another case of “Akamatsu series having an anime that basically covers 1/4th of the manga” since it actually got good as of recent (read: they brought back more Negima characters)

As far as Gundam stuff goes I love G Gundam and also Wing, but Wing is more of a “this has ridiculous moments but I still love it” kind of thing. Unicorn’s pretty neat too. I tried watching SEED though just to see if it had some merit and I couldn’t make it far because Flay was just so annoying…