The Acro-Belmont – Let’s Play Castlevania: Lament of Innocence



We continue on through the Mysteries Lab, through… another ring of rooms. Layout-wise it may not seem too exciting, but there are some new enemies. And some secrets… that we can’t do anything about. But I guess that’s to be expected in the second level of a Metroidvania game.


Leon is free from the loops, and can now explore the second floor of the Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab. What dangers lurk in this dungeon’s middle floor, and how many of them are fire-based?

I mean considering the episode’s header, I’d say “at least one.”


Leon has found the boss room, but with no sign of any giant monsters to fight, he turns his search to the highest level of the Mysteries Lab. What will he find up there? And what of the obligatory bad platforming section?


Okay. We’ve covered most of the Mysteries Lab. We got a piece of rock with an “e” on it. We can fight the boss now, right? Good. Let’s go beat up a rock.


With two bosses down, Leon moves on to the Dark Palace of Waterfalls. The good news is, it’s a water area with no water physics sections. The bad news is, it still manages to suck. A lot.


Sometimes, mistakes are made. Thankfully, none of those were on screen. Instead, we just have a nice romp through Dark Palace of Waterfalls. And by romp, I mean Leon gets bodied. A few times.


Today, we cover the rest of the Dark Palace of Waterfalls up to the boss. Which means a couple of bosses, a really weird minigame, and T H E W O R S T P L A T F O R M I N G S E C T I O N. You know, a fairly average day for Leon.


Okay, so we’re fighting the boss of Dark Palace of Waterfalls. It’s the first one with a cutscene, so I’m gonna suggest you watch the non commentary version because god… the voice acting is amazing.


Three areas down, two to go! Today, Leon enters the Garden Forgotten by Time. And sure, most of the new enemies he encounters aren’t that durable. But the ghosts have figured out how to use tools, so clearly they’re getting serious.


We’re done with stopping and smelling the flowers; Leon’s probably still quite mad, so why don’t we let him beat up some demons? This time, our new enemy of the day is: gargoyle.


Did you see that thunder?

No, because you can’t see thunder.


You thought you’d never see me again, didn’t you? Well too bad! I’m alive. But I’m afraid I cannot say the same thing for Medusa.

In today’s double feature, we finish the Garden Forgotten by Time! And it’s a double feature because I didn’t realize how little there was to do before the boss, and I’d feel bad about coming back with only one three minute video!


Four bosses down, one to go! Today, Leon moves on to the Ghostly Theater. What horrors await him upon this final stage?

Er… more or less the same monsters that he’s been seeing, actually.


Continuing on through Ghostly Theater, we find… uh… more lasers, more familiar enemies, and more inexplicable rocks being pelted from the ceiling. Walter’s got a weird idea of what goes into a theater.


Leon nears the end of Ghostly Theater, but little does he know he will soon face one of his oldest foes: platforming sections. In the meantime, though, Ghostly Theater actually gives us some fun tools to use. An unexpected, but welcome, surprise.


Bell in hand, Leon proceeds to the end of Ghostly Theater. Who is the final monster who stands between him and the castle’s master? Probably the one in the header, I’d imagine.


The way to Walter is open, which can mean only one thing: that’s right, it’s time for that classic Metroidvania tradition of bactracking through previous areas to find the items we couldn’t get before! I’m sure Sara can wait a few more minutes, right?


With the castle scoured, Leon can move on to the final area of the castle. And I’m sure nothing bad happened while Leon was robbing the vampire.


Leon has made it halfway through the Pagoda of the Misty Moon. Now, two towers remain. One which has the key to reaching Walter. And in the other, something else entirely.


:tw: Maggots, exposed organs, and a lot more blood than you normally see in this game. :tw:

Okay, so we’ve already taken one break from going after Walter, and now that Sara’s dead, another detour couldn’t hurt, right? Well, actually, it could. A lot. But that’s what happens when you decide you want to fight someone’s basement superboss.