Sworn to My Insufferable Gimmick: Play Chrono Cross.

I have this gimmick, it’s awful. If there is a game or media that features time travel and I consume it I will bring up Chrono Cross while discussing it. For example, Life is Strange? Max should have just Homuraed/Groundhog Dayed into an Ideal Timeline. She can carry stuff through time for Christ’s sake. She can get evidence, convince experts, and get everyone she can into basements. She can replay her arguments and efforts over and over until she finds the right combo of words and evidence to do it. And she doesn’t age, so she can do it for ETERNITY if need be. Hell, she could spend decades just gaying it up with Chloe and never kissing Warren (#nevergoape) before she got around to being proactive. My point is, she could Schala it and build an Ideal Timeline where she picks Bae and the storm ruins the town but kills no one.

See? I can’t help myself. Arrival was a great movie but if everything is foretold already and there is no choice (grim and gross) then those Heptopods are responsible for the deaths of every person in every other timeline they wipe out to save their own species by locking in this timeline that they don’t even live linearly. Speaking of, are they being massacred and and saving themselves at the same time? Because they’re experiencing it all at once? So many questions.

And Harry Potter and the Cursed Child? It sucked and was worse than Chrono Cross and there is literally a timeline that exists where Voldemort won. And yes, of course, ultimate Hufflepuff Cedric Diggory would become a Wizard Nazi because he is an entitled piece of shit.

Chrono Cross was a good game, I am very sincere about this and feel quite strongly about it. Let’s talk about Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger.

Spoilers for Bravely Default in this post:

I always like the way Chrono Cross/Trigger played around with the concept of New Game+ in interesting ways by giving you different endings by going and defeating the final boss at certain points, and I’m glad RPGs like Bravely Default are going back to that well and expanding on this idea of NG+ being this weird alternate timeline where things can go very different than in your first playthrough. It’s such a weird concept but it really appeals to me for some reason.

I’m playing Chrono Trigger blind for my stream!! It’s suuper cute and I’m really enjoying it!!! Really excited to get to play more tomorrow. My favourite character is Frog, because he is a frog. idk i was so excited when he showed up for some reason, and he turned out to be just really good. He heals u by licking you??? adorable!!! i wonder if i get to see him again ;w;
i tried to name him Dat Boi but the character limit was too small. tragic.

also how do i do spoiler tags? i want to talk about a certain scene

There are two ways:

You can directly type out the code like so:
([)spoiler] text [/spoiler]
Without the parentheses

Or when you are writing a post highlight what you want blurred and click the gear icon at the top of the box you’re typing in. You will see the options “hide details”, “blur spoiler”, and “build poll”. Click on “blur spoiler”. It will automatically add the code for you.

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One of the things I’m most enjoying about Chrono Trigger is how it is surprising me ALL THE TIME, despite being so old? My favorite example is the part where you have to stand trial for kidnapping Merle. I ended up doing everything wrong at the start so it was just an endless examination of how awful a person I was. i was losing my shit, im still cracking up at the thought of it now.

I didn’t expect it to surprise me so much; since it’s so old and popular i figured anything new or inventive it did would have been aped to shit in every RPG ever since then but like… nope. God i’m really enjoying this game u guys

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It’s funny how the trial pretty much boiled down to a bunch of flags around the fair being activated or not and ultimately has minor impact on what happens, yet despite being so simple it was a cool gag that called you out for selfish RPG conventions like stealing someone’s lunch because it happens to look like an item you can use.

I am an unapologetic Chrono Cross lover. That game blew my 13-yo mind when the switch happened. Holy cow.

Also the opening song is just brilliant. The whole soundtrack, really. (Though that’s not a controversial opinion.)

Chrono Cross had pretty much one of the best soundtracks of all time.

And I’m gonna be honest, I know it’s the part where they really start taking huge steaming dumps on Chrono Trigger but I fucking loved the entire Dead Sea and Chronopolis section. Even the Miguel fight (you fucker.) And I loved the ending, the whole music puzzle aspect? Really good. The music sells it and I tear up a bit every time.

What they really needed to do to make this game good was numerous though. Off the top of my head they need to:

  1. Make a whole new battle theme because it is awful.
  2. Cut the playable cast roughly in half.
  3. Change a few of the characters (for better story. Example, Guile should be Magus, like he was supposed to be and Starky should be a citizen from Chronopolis that you save and recruit who has the flying technology from the dead future.)
  4. Give the new cast of characters their own opinions, storylines, and characterization instead of interchangeable dialog.
  5. Change a few character’s elemental affinities (for better balance and characterization. After a certain scene, you know the one, Radius’ affinity should change to black.)
  6. Make a few characters guest characters instead of permanent ones (Riddell most notably.)
  7. Don’t sideline Kid at all, have her be ever present and more involved.
  8. Force @TheDarkId to voice the rock opera (this is a joke but I haven’t forgotten.)
  9. Make a handful of very specific storyline changes that I’m not going to detail too much right now. Suffice to say they all my ideas pretty much shit on Chrono Trigger more. (I’m sure I’ll post my fanfic eventually.)

I’m sure it needs a lot more adjustments beyond just the above but it was actually a pretty good game.