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Hey everybody! My friends and I will be streaming every Monday at 8pm GMT - a variety of games will be showcased, but more importantly, the streams will be fun, friendly and inclusive! Hope to see you there!

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Judge Kirby by Toon Pirate:

Not Even Trying by Toon Pirate:

Stratergy Expret by Toon Pirate:

Vorzac by Toon Pirate:

Molonymous by Toon Pirate:

Ruzzac by Toon Pirate:



Tonight, we’ve got a bit of Kirby and a bit of Drawful on the docket!

Edit: And stream over! A good time was had by all:

As well as the Superstreams, Molly and I have set aside a date to riff over the Kingdom Hearts x cutscene compilations. My birthday in fact!

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Judge Dredd tonight!

Edit: The Judge Dredd stream is all done. I chargrilled a lot of innocents:

I got some fanart for my first two streams! Idea by Death Sandals, drawn by Toon Pirate!

My 10 hour long birthday marathon stream starts now! Starting with a Kingdom Hearts Machinima Riff, and spiralling out of control from there:

Edit: Done. Holy crap I’m shattered. Saturday Superstream is still on tonight!

Streaming worms! Hurray!

Edit: That was a fun one.

And here’s more art from Toon Pirate!

Tonight, Molly & I are taking on Portal 2!

Edit: Done and Done. That was a nice, chilled out stream. Will probably just leave the VOD on Twitch itself.

Tonight, we’re playing Sanctum 2! FPS Tower Defense.

Edit: Well, that turned into a mass of Jackbox games very quickly:

Viscera Cleanup Detail.

Edit: Not advertiser friendly. lmao

Trying out 100ft Robot Golf tonight.

Edit: And apparently beating the whole campaign!

Aaaaand more worms!

Edit: Done and dusted.

Wow Toon Pirate is the best!

Team Fortress 2 starts now…

Edit: That was rad, we’ll have to do more in future.

Here’s a mid-week stream of Vagrant Story!

Edit: Stream over. Here’s the playback on YouTube:

And a link to the relevant playlist:

Tonight, we tabletopping!

Edit: Aside from the odd latency issues, that owned:

Molly is streaming Elite Dangerous tonight. Spaceships and stuff.

Edit: And here is a solid video of the stream:

'Scuse the missed week, I ran out of internet! Funemloyed!

Edit: Done!

Toribash tourney!

Edit: Done!

This is honestly my favourite stream video so far. And some of that competition, goddamn.

I am stream a sneaky.

Edit: Sneak achieved.