Spoiler and Details Tag finicky-ness.

When updating my LP today I figured I should spoiler-tag an image of the boss that is promintently displayed since I can’t do what I do on the two other forums I post my LP on, which is to just add a couple line breaks and timg it. Unfortunately I discovered a problem with it.

this is an earlier less spoilery image from the LP that has that same problem. You might not be able to tell, but this image is spoiler tagged. It displays blurred out in the preview, but the post itself shows it completely uncensored. Clearly, the tag is supposed to work as it shows correctly in the preview, but not in the post itself. The [detals] tag has the same problem by the way. This might be something worth looking into.

The weird part is it works for some specific images, but not others.

Yeah, that’s a known issue currently. Try downloading your image to your computer, then dragging and dropping it into the post area, then add the spoiler tags to it and see if that works.

As for the details tag, check the Known Issues thread for a workaround.