Sonic is.... good?


finally my oc, sonic the cat, not to be confused with sonic the hedgehog, can exist


I can’t wait to make Bear the Hedgehog.


I’ve decided that this game will not be good because it won’t let me play as my ultimate fantasy animal: a trout


in light of the new reveals I am creating another poll to determine what your furry persona (sometimes referred to as “fursona”) will be in the new Sonic game Sonic Forces.

  • Wolf
  • Rabbit
  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Bear
  • Bird
  • Hedgehog
  • SEGA has failed to implement an animal that I would be willing to choose, and for this I am quite angry.

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I wanna be a spider.

C’mon. They’re already fast. Do this for me, the guy who’s not gonna buy this game.


They should have a human option so I can recreate Elise


Oh shit wait you can actually make a Bear? I DID NOT KNOW THIS. Welp, that’s a no-brainer.


No Capys? Looks like it’s time to start the petition engines up…


I wanna be a bird so I can name him Chippy the Chirp Chirp.

The animal list seems fine, but kind of weird how they didn’t even add a fox option. This isn’t official or anything is it?

Kind of weird how they didn’t add a squirrel as an option. Wasn’t that like one of Sonic’s original animal suggestions?




I like how the elevator doesn’t have a button for Sonic 4 on it. They finally understand.


It doesn’t have CD on it either, or Chaotix


I mean technically 3 and K should be on the same button, but everything else checks out.


why can’t i be a red panda?

sega please correct this fatal error


So a fan game just came out, which is all about raising adorable Chao, and I can sincerely say that I’ve wanted a game like that since Sonic Adventure 2. :swoon:


Oh my god Sonic Mania feels really weird, like it plays like a sequel to Sonic 3.
12 zones it looks like.

E: Oh my god the boss to Chemical Plant is Special.


That chao game was shown off at SAGE 2017, I haven’t got to play it yet, been too busy, but I’m super excited to try.

(update) I booted it up, I love it
they have special holiday changes, including holiday items.

Look, you can give your chao a Halloween mask! THIS IS THE BEST GAME!
There’s also pumpkin bread you can feed them, and a skull and pumpkin hat!