Sonic is.... good?


I love Sonic for both the good parts and the bad parts. It just has a certain charm that always grasp me. Whether it be the fun of going fast at high speeds, or the bizarre poorly-made garbage of the 00’s stuff.

Been reading through the reboot-era Sonic comics, which I’ve been meaning to do since I got them in a humble bundle like a year ago.


…have you tried FurAffinity? :v


This stuff ends up being pretty fun, too. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sonic is… something alright. I’m not a hug fan of the classics on Sega, but I really like Sonic Advance and love Sonic Battle.

Sonic Adventure is weird for me because I don’t like all the characters playstyles. Usually I just unlock Tails and run through his campaign then stop. SA2 is worse for me because that game forces me to do the gem hunting, and Tails is in a robot??? No thanks.

Colors and Generations are A+ though, and I still want to give Unleashed a shot.


If you aren’t aware, there’s a modpack that ports the Unleashed day levels to the PC version of Generations!


Personally I think sonic is really good it’s my favorite game series, although there is a lot of bad design in the 2D and 3D games that put a lot of people off.


Sonic is good, even when it’s bad.


Honestly, I love Sonic. I think whether Sonic is “good” or “bad” is really besides the point, 06 might be a terrible game taken purely in terms of whether or not its well written or fun to play, but if you think about it from the perspective of how much enjoyment the game has inspired we’re all richer for it existing. How many great let’s plays of Sonic 06 exist, how many interesting analyses and discussions, how many friendships were forged in the comaraderie of experiencing “bad” media together?

I’m thankful for all the Sonic games. Even when they’re “bad” they beget fun experiences and I think that’s something special in its own right. And honestly Sonic games are fascinating to talk about, I mean really no other franchise has been reinvented so much, everytime you think SonicTeam are onto something and maybe if they stuck with it and refined it the games would take on a consistent approach they throw it out the window, whilst Unleashed > Colours > Generations do have something of a progression they’re still wildly different in a lot of ways, and although I wouldn’t say throwing everything at the wall until it sticks is a good way of developing a series, I have a lot of respect for SonicTeam doing it until they found something that’s actually working out for them. I’ll be disappointed if Mania and 17 mark a consistent direction for the franchise because honestly, it’d be something of a shame to see them both abandon concepts that could’ve become something, and stop trying out new things altogether.

Anyway if for some bizarre reason you’ve actually read all of this, here’s a great video by Innuendo Studios on the franchise that kind of expresses part of what I’m saying a lot more eloquently. Also while I’m plugging people with more interesting things to say then me, this Zeal article on Sonic 06 is really good, and a great example of exactly the sort of content I’m glad 06 exists to inspire.


Might as well post this here too I guess.


Guys, today is a very important day.

It’s the birthday of everyone’s favorite fighting freak, Knuckles.


Although I can’t say I like the rest of the game that much, I’ve spent many, many hours doing the chao raising stuff in Sonic Adventure 2. I like watching the weird pudgy guys transform into even weirder pudgier guys with pretty colors.


As someone who finds janky, but genuine, games endearing, I can’t say I hate Sonic.

At the very least, they’re entertaining. I mean, Sonic '06 is like a roguelike for bad game design. No two playthroughs are ever the same.

This series is why I think games need to be judged on both “competence” and “entertainment value”. Haha.


What I’m hearing in this thread is that Sonic '06 is The Room of video games


I’ll always have a soft spot for Sonic Unleashed.


Agreed. The day stages work pretty well and set the standard for Colors and Generations afterward. The night stages are rough, but that’s mostly because they’re just too long compared to the day stages and it completely ruins the flow. They could be really good if they were shortened and tightened up a bit.


SA2 had the ideal speed stages sorry.


I do genuinely think Sonic Unleashed’s daytime stages have slowly become my favorite incarnation of Sonic. I remember coming away from a level like Arid Sands actually, physically trembling from how intense it was my first time through. Once I got on top of the game’s difficulty curve it became incredibly rewarding.

Which also explains why I didn’t really find Sonic Colors or Sonic Generations to be as fun. Both of those games are more about trying to get you to slow down a little, and they surround you with safety nets that kind of neuter the thrill of how insane later Sonic Unleashed levels get.

So Sonic Unleashed remains in this weird perfect moment where I went in being super cautious, came out the other end loving the daytime stages, and never having Sonic Team even dare touching that level of white-knuckle thrill in anything else.




I am actually way more interested in this game now that I know I can make a god damn Original the Character.