Sling us a web, you're the Spider-Man (PS4)

Episode 19: Spider-Men

There is apparently a second Spider-Man running around and helping people around town. That’s admirable and all, but we should probably get to the bottom of this. Elsewhere, we encounter the most annoying character in the game!

edit: why does the image look fat all of a sudden, it looks like it gets auto-resized (except now it seems to be fixed, that was odd)

Episode 20: I Remember Halloween

As we search for leads on Devil’s Breath, we crash the Halloween party at the Empire State University in an attempt to locate Dr. Isaac Delaney. Unfortunately, we’re not the only ones after him…

I mentioned in the video that I wasn’t familiar with Fact Channel News. I looked it up, and apparently it’s a news channel (imagine that) J. Jonah Jameson worked at after his stint as the mayor of NYC in the comics, and also where Cindy Moon a.k.a. Silk was employed as an intern. Then, in the Clone Conspiracy arc which I haven’t read but is apparently a garbage fire of immense proportions, Ben Reilly (back from the dead in a new clone body, and now a bad guy because why not) attempted to use Fact Channel News’ signal to spread the Carrion virus all over the world. Wonderful.

Also, I seem to have kind of mumbled the name of that last challenge type. Just to clarify, it is called the Drone Challenge.

Episode 21: Uninvited

We do some spider-sleuthing at Oscorp to finally find out the terrible truth about Devil’s Breath (and discover that I am incapable of seeing the number 40 without immediately thinking about Lex Luthor stealing forty cakes), and MJ decides to sneak into Sable International’s main compound.

Episode 22: Connections

We learn more about Dr. Octavius’ story, and Spider-Man meets his biggest spider-fan. We also punch some Demons but who cares about them.

I love how this game has changed May’s character from “mollycoddling ancient damsel” to what is basically a stereotypical Jewish mother. It works really well.

I only just discovered this thread and I can’t wait to watch your LP when I have the time. I’ve wanted to see an informative LP of this game for ages!

SUPER MEGA QUADRUPLE SPIDER-UPDATE! (man, I really should pay more attention to this LPZone thread, although to be fair my updates have been pretty slow in general lately)

Episode 23: Trucking Hell

Well, at least we found Dr. Michaels.

Episode 24: Off the Rails

Mister Negative puts his evil plan into motion at the Grand Central Terminal, and it is up to the friendly neighborhood wallcrawler and one intrepid reporter to stop him and the Demons.

Episode 25: Cat’s Cradle

With Mr. Negative arrested and sent to the Raft, we’re free to go for a spin around the neighborhood and do whatever we feel like. That means it’s time to delve into the side content again, so we’re taking down a Demon stronghold and finding some collectibles and that sort of thing. We also finally locate Black Cat’s hideout, but what of Felicia herself?

On a technical note, I’ve decided to drop the video resolution back to 1440p. Spider-Man doesn’t benefit from the fake 4K treatment as much as something like Red Dead, or at least not to the extent that it’s worth the massively increased file sizes and rendering times.

Episode 26: Taken to Task

Our side mission marathon continues as we clobber some more Demons, retrieve stolen Fisk evidence, and search for a missing person. Not only that, but Taskmaster decides to set up a more hands-on type of test for us…

Episode 27: Just A Day

More side content! Seriously, we’ll be here a while if we just keep on doing the sidequests – if my admittedly limited math is correct, we wouldn’t reach the next story mission until Episode 34! That’s more consecutive side content episodes than I was expecting and probably more than you guys want to watch, so I’m honestly thinking I should leave most of these (not all, mind) until the end of the game, kind of a bonus set of videos in between the main story and the DLC. As you can do all of this side stuff at any point during or after the story, there isn’t much in the way of continuity problems either. At this point, I’d post one more sidequest episode (in which we hunt down Tombstone) after this one and follow that up with a video that is a mix of side and main stuff, and from there we’d get back to the plot.

The 1440p version is taking some time to process but should be ready soon enough. Also, I finally got a new computer, which has cut my video rendering times to a third of what they used to be.

Episode 28: Tombstone Piledriver

Because I don’t want to post yet another sidequest episode with a bunch of nothing happening, we are skipping ahead to an actually interesting side mission. That’s right, we’re finally going after Tombstone and shutting down his business operations! Next time, I’ll be showing off the final research station mission and taking on Taskmaster again, after which it’s time to actually continue the plot (the rest of the side missions, research stations and Taskmaster challenges will be shown eventually, I just didn’t want to post a million consecutive episodes only featuring that stuff).

I would’ve posted this a couple of hours earlier but there were some technical problems I had to sort out. Namely, I thought the audio was out of sync by a few frames, so I re-rendered and re-uploaded the episode. Then, while watching another video on Youtube I noticed that was also out of sync, so the issue was with my wireless speakers, screen or a combination thereof and was fixed after I restarted them. Thankfully I hadn’t actually deleted the original upload, because obviously now the “fixed” version would’ve had messed up audio. Ah, technology is fun sometimes.

As for the Ghost Spider thing I mentioned in the video, I looked it up and Spider-Gwen’s ongoing comic series is indeed named Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider, although the actual character is apparently still called Spider-Woman. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t really follow modern comics so I might get confused by this sort of stuff from time to time. Of course, the Spirit Spider suit that is briefly seen in the video and reminded me of Ghost-Spider in the first place is something very different (and I will show it off in action at some point, so don’t worry about that). It’d also be really cool if Spider-Gwen somehow ended up in Insomniac’s next Spider-Man game, but I’m not sure how they’d go about implementing that.

Episode 29: Jailbreak

I mentioned last time that the next episode would consist of a couple of side missions and some plot, but I decided to just forget about that and do a bit of re-editing to keep the side stuff in a separate video. So, we’re now back to the main plot, in which Spider-Man’s night quickly goes from bad to disastrous to an utter nightmare. Buckle up, because it’s going to be one hell of a ride from here on out!

This is one of the best parts of the game in my opinion. It’s just this really impressive setpiece that wouldn’t look out of place in a Spider-Man movie, with gameplay that does a fantastic job making you feel like Spider-Man as you effortlessly dispatch dozens of thugs while chasing down a bunch of super criminals as everything goes to hell around you. It’s pretty spectacular. Amazing, even.

Episode 30: State of Emergency

Armageddon is seemingly upon us. Hordes of escaped prisoners are taking over NYC and wrecking everything they can find. A private military on Mayor Osborn’s payroll is doing whatever they feel like, except for actually catching criminals. The Sinister Six is terrorizing the city. A deadly disease is infecting the population, with no cure in sight at the moment. It’s all starting to become a bit much for the battered webslinger, but with the Avengers away on the west coast and the Fantastic Four also nowhere to be seen (presumably trapped in the dreaded dark dimension known as the rights limbo, as Marvel didn’t want to promote the F4 while Fox owned the movie rights)… well, a Spider-Man’s gotta do what a Spider-Man’s gotta do.

EDIT: I accidentally cut out a couple of fairly important phone calls from the episode proper, so they’re in this bonus video!

Episode 31: Light Up The Sky

The motivations and plans of the Sinister Six are revealed, but the villains have laid a nefarious trap for the wallcrawler. How will Spider-Man withstand the combined might of two deadly foes?

1440p version is still processing so check back for that in a bit.

Episode 32: Running Through My Veins

Following the defeat of Electro and Vulture, Spider-Man is hunting down the Scorpion in an effort to stop him from feeding a lethal dose of poison into the city’s water reserves. However, it’s in fact the wallcrawler who is the one being hunted! Can Spidey survive the Scorpion’s sting?

Episode 33: A Friendlier Neighborhood

All these Sable outposts and prisoner camps are a real eyesore, so today we’re smashing them up good and proper! (That, then, leaves just the hundreds of mercenaries and escaped convicts running around the streets and shooting at everything that looks vaguely spider-shaped…) If you’re a fan of Just the Facts with J. Jonah Jameson, this is the episode for you because I’m pretty sure he talks more in this video than I do.

This is chronologically the last side content episode of the LP. From next episode onward, it’ll be a straight run to the end. I want to say there are four more story mission videos, and once we’re finished with the story I’ll post the rest of the side mission stuff I recorded earlier. After that, we’ll dive into the DLC.

Episode 34: The Rhino and the Scorpion

That title is pretty self-explanatory. That being said, Spider-Man is not the only one who has to deal with Rhino today, and the big man is a lot more intimidating when you don’t have spider-powers…

Episode 35: Answers

MJ explores Norman Osborn’s penthouse in search of information about the Devil’s Breath cure, and ends up discovering a lot more than she anticipated…

I rendered this episode at 4K so you get to see all the little details (which also means the file is gigantic and the processing time on Youtube was longer than the entirety of Infinity War). And just as a heads up for those of you who don’t care for actual spiders, the latter half of this video prominently features some creepy-looking ones on a couple of occasions.

Episode 36: Vanquish the Demon

Martin Li must be saved from himself before his Mr. Negative side hurts any more people. He must remember the good man we know is somewhere in there, and shut out Mr. Negative once and for all. Mr. Negative, however, will not go quietly. While all of this is going on, Dr. Octopus is lurking in the shadows as well, looking to exact his vengeance on Norman Osborn. In addition, the little spider friend we accidentally picked up from Norman’s creepy lab is still running around at F.E.A.S.T…

Episode 37 (STORY FINALE): The Hardest Decisions

Aunt May is dying, and Doctor Octopus has the only existing dose of the antiserum that could save her – not to mention the constantly increasing number of New Yorkers infected by the disease. Can Spider-Man defeat his former mentor and get the cure to F.E.A.S.T. before it’s too late for his dear aunt and the people of NYC?

There are a few postgame JJJ broadcasts and other random junk that I decided to leave out of the main episode and put in this bonus video instead. The bonus episode is still processing and only available in glorious 360p at the moment, but the processing for the HD resolutions should be done by the time you finish watching the actual episode.

Man, this is a good game. Well it feels like the start of a good series so to speak.

Though watching the LP makes me think of “Man either I would have played this game all the way through immediately or got to the final end bits and then dropped.” As ya do in video games.

Episode 38: Untold Tales, Part One

While my content in no way deserves to share a title with the excellent Untold Tales of Spider-Man book which followed the webhead’s surprisingly numerous adventures happening in between the original Stan Lee/Steve Ditko stories in Amazing Spider-Man, I had to come up with some kind of designation for this side content that was recorded during the playthrough but was initially cut out for pacing reasons. So, Untold Tales it is.

Episode 39: Untold Tales, Part Two

Today, we wreck the last Fisk and Demon hideouts and finish grabbing all of the collectibles, as well as locate one of the people Mr. Negative corrupted earlier. Only the remaining Taskmaster challenges, side missions and research stations to go, and then we can get to more interesting things.