Shin Megami Tensei // World Is A Fuck, Kill Em All


A Bicorn just one-shot the MC and I love this game!


I know the stylishness of everything in Persona 5 has been beaten to death as a topic by now, but damn the demons look gorgeous with their new high-def facelift. I’ve even started seeing features I never noticed in the Kaneko artwork for them in spite of having seen those sprites across the litany of handheld games, like the hearts pattern on Incubus’s massive codpiece.

I kind of hope they don’t just restrict themselves to these demon models when they finish SMT Switch, though (I know they showed Apocalypse Odin with the teaser, but one demon does not a compendium make). There are some really nice designs from Strange Journey and beyond, like the improved slime, while Persona 5 seems to have had Nocturne as the cutoff for demon designs it utilized. That and plenty of unused demons from various earlier titles.


Just… everything aesthetic about Persona 5 is just so perfect, I think. And I’m so glad they included some of the fusion mechanics from SMTIVA, like choosing inherited skills and letting you search by result. I also love the Baton Pass move in combat, and I’m grateful for having hints on how to negotiate effectively (even though I suppose it’s not TRUE negotiation from other SMT games). I even love how non-combat Social Links come with more concrete benefits. I’m not sure there’s a thing they didn’t improve on when it comes to actually playing the game.

Also, this is more personal, but it’s pretty liberating to play without following a One-Round Max Social Link guide. I honestly can’t remember the last time I played without one… probably the first time I played P4.


Negotiation finally just works for an SMT game.

Hard mode is actually okay so far, one thing that really helps in that mode is negotiation. So for example I can’t take down Berith in one all-out-attack and if he gets a turn and targets the MC he’s gonna one shot him.

Instead I hold him up and request money, ending the battle and still earning a little xp and sometimes getting a ton of money, latest run through the castle I ended it with 15,000 yen from negotiation (Not including all the treasures I’ve yet to sell).


Okay minor complaint so far: Please help my cat is controlling my sleeping patterns and forcing me to events.


My free time right now is divided between playing Persona 5, thinking about how good Persona 5 is, and watching this Persona 5 meme.


Okay no seriously game stop forcing me to go to bed. Like it would really be nice to break up some of these really long stretches of cutscene days if I could just do some extra nighttime activities.

Dungeon 1 is down I sorta had to grind a little cause I couldn’t outheal Kamo in the last phase and Ann &
Mona were one level away from Tarunda & Media. Otherwise hard mode Kamo is fine.

Dungeon 2 I feel weirdly overpowered so far thanks to some really good treasure I got in the Mementos which made me feel like I wasted money on the airsoft shop. Also I have 50,000 yen (Not including sellable treasures) and haven’t had the chance to shop in a while.

Also Gem tip: Rebellion & Lucky Punch is a surefire way to get em.

E: Please tell me that after the second dungeon they Stop putting Ann in kinda creepy scenarios.


Yeah I just got persona 5 and well its actually my very first persona game! i’m having fun though i hate how few things you can do in a day.
For example on my first sunday when i got some free roam I decided to start the day by making some lock picks, well guess what?? that fucking ended the game all the way to evening, like you spent 5 hours making lockpicks what the actual fuck! same thing happens if you go eat like how long does your guy eat for???

other then that your friends? real clingy like i wanna boost some of my stats up! i need more guts man! but the bonuses for the bond things are sooo good so like I have to do it! heck i cant even find one of my buddies to hang out with which is too bad i’d love to get her bond thingy up.


Hey guys it almost seems impossible to grind my stats to max and get all those bonds up I dont really want spoilers but in SMT thier was a kind of new game plus system is thier something like that here?


Morgana’s strict curfew is cruel and unrelenting. He is the bane of my social life.

E: Ended up having to take a break from the fourth dungeon just before the boss last night because it did one of those things I end up getting really annoyed at in games. Namely, the whole “enemy gauntlet between the save point and the boss” thing. I get that Futaba is extremely protective of her heart, but damnit don’t make me fight even more Anubises and Thoths on my way to actually beat this dungeon.


I haven’t actually looked into it, but I assume there must be New Game Plus. P3 and P4 both had it, and your social stats would carry over (among other things).


I got flattened three times on the second dungeon boss and then just floored him on the fourth attempt.

Rampage on Ryuji & the MC just let me destroy the top three paintings very quickly and the mouth either wasted turns reviving a painting I could kill easily or doing almost no damage.

Now I’ve got over 2 weeks of time to kill in game.


I finished Persona 5 just a little while ago! Final in-game time was 98:30. Since I didn’t use a guide for the Confidants, I didn’t max them all…

…which means I have the perfect excuse to start NG+!

…I’m only kidding. Sorta. After spending nearly 100 hours on this game over two weeks, I’m practically obligated to move on to something else.


I’m still around 65 hours in and just finished the beach day in August and WOW these devs are either ignorant as hell or actively malicious. Even Yosuke in P4 wasn’t as bad as that scene. And what’s worse is that is the second one in the game. This is the first time a game I’ve played has been so grossly offensive that it’s angered me. Like? Did nobody say anything about Yosuke in Persona 4 in the last ~8 years? Did they not hear it? Were they actively spiteful and doubled down?

Like I know I cant expect most developers(especially japanese) to be as progressive Yoko Taro, but jesus christ.

I was willing to ignore the previous scene and was having a blast, too. This and Ryuji’s constant hardon for the girl thieves are really my only complaints but god they’re enough to drag the game down for me.


You know what was a breath of fresh air after the scenes talking about Ann doing nude modeling for yusuke?

Having Ryuji & Mishima push me into calling a maid escort who turns out to be my teacher.

Mishima’s an ass by the way.


Temperance is so creepy.

[spoiler]Remember: A male teacher blackmailing female students is bad and requires a change of heart

A male student blackmailing a female teacher makes that teacher your waifu[/spoiler]


Welp that dinner scene before the 3rd dungeon was a thing:

Saying: “Your useless to me! You do nothing but eat away at my life!” to your sister’s face is not excused by being tired.

Also thanks Atlus for the stereotypical gay dudes coming onto one of your male party members. Always a treat.


Yeah, that dinner scene was full of yikes. I think that was the first time I felt like yelling at the TV, “get bent!”

Which, coincidentally, is how my sister decided to sign the confession at the beginning of the game:


That’s not really how it ends up playing out, or at least it wasn’t how I played it. [spoiler]It’s not that Joker’s like “be my maid or I’ll tell.” The way you start her confidant is by covering for her when another teacher’s sniffing around, and then she actually asks you to request her (because she badly needs the money, specifically).

I mean, she is still being blackmailed, just not by the player.[/spoiler]

Honestly, Temperance was my favorite confidant in the game by the end, or at least the friendship route ended up really nice.


I liked Temperance too.

Besides, if there’s any blackmail between you and the teacher, it goes both ways. She doesn’t want anyone to know she’s a sex worker, and you don’t want anyone to know that you, the 17-year-old on probation, tried to hire a sex worker.