Shin Megami Tensei // World Is A Fuck, Kill Em All


Oh I love the Persona games, they are easily my favorite; SMTIV:A was just to tide me over until P5 came out! No need to lurk!


Much as I love the mainline SMT games I’ll admit Persona 3 & 4 has really taken over as top quality for SMT games.


I am so close to finishing Persona 3 Portable. I am on the last day and I’ve been enjoying this game a whole lot this playthrough (third time’s the charm).

Even though my playthrough of SMTIV:A was smoother and in one attempt I think I’ve enjoyed Persona 3 more for the story alone. Some really interesting things have happened that remind me that I wasn’t satisfied with Apocalypse’s ending.


I wish I had more free time, because I would love to actually play Persona 3 again. I know I said that it was my favorite, but I think I neglected to mention how much I love the characters, which is a lot. Especially Aigis. I’m such a sucker for exploring what it means to be human through the eyes of a non-human, even if it’s only through her Social Link.

Ah, but I probably wouldn’t have time to finish it before Persona 5 comes out.

…Or… Would I…?


I am so happy that Shinji didn’t die because I loved him and got him his old pocket watch.


That’s one of the things they changed for the Portable edition, as part of a bunch of changes along the female MC’s path. (I don’t know if it’s changed for the male MC?) In general I think P3P is definitely the best version, but I’m a bit sad it doesn’t include The Answer (the epilogue where you play Aigis), as I really enjoyed that FES addition.


Which is amusing to me that you mention FES because everytime I tried to play it around my boyfriend, he’d always try to stop me. -shrugs- I CAN TAKE HARDER TARTARUS! LET ME AT IT.


Winter 2014 is almost here


So, this seems like a good place to mention it: Atlus just announced SMT: Deep Strange Journey for the 3DS.

And here’s the announcement trailer.

New graphics, new demons, full voice-acting, a new character… And, of course, no word of a western release yet.

But, hey, if they do bring it over, it’ll be a chance for me to see how the story of the Schwarzwelt ends!


I liked the setting of Strange Journey but it’s got some bad dungeons that feel like trekking through the old SNES SMT dungeons.

Buuuutttt I really liked the setting and characters so I’ll try and finish SJ and get this new one.


Part of me has wanted to go back and give SJ another try because I always felt bad about giving up so far into the game, but if they make any changes to make the dungeons more tolerable, I’m sold.

…But I might be sold already just by the fresh coat of paint.


May have misread that’s it’s a remake. I’m on board now.


Wow, I definitely wasn’t expecting a remake of Strange Journey, or for the poster boy for new demon designs in it to be a facelift for Andras of all things.

EDIT: Actually, looking at this full image of him, that’s definitely Ammon/Amaimon, not Andras. Still cool. Also, check out the sudden reappearance of Maria from SMT:NINE.


God damn those are some big red claws Amon has


The better to use Madness Nails with, my dear?


Holy shit here it comes, here’s the reviews:




Outwardly I still have to pose as a functioning human being, but internally I’m just screaming louder and louder and louder until I can finally play it.


Persona 5

is good


I had a lot of hesitations going in but god DAMN is Persona 5 amazing.I love Mishima so much