Scurvy's Stream Haus

Hey everyone I started streaming for realzies, and stuff. Right now I’ve been streaming LEGO Harry Potter, and hope to 100% all the games in the TT LEGO series. I’ve already completed LEGO Batman, Indiana Jones 1&2, and Star Wars: Complete Saga before I started streaming, and while I do enjoy them, fuck if I’m gonna do it again. Maybe if I run out of them, I’ll go back.

Twitch page is here, bop that follow button if you think mindlessly collecting LEGO studs is your thing. I might even stream other games too!

Will try to remember to post here when I stream when I can, but I’ll definitely post the stream sessions afterwards.

(Nothing to see here I am a dumb) Streaming some EDF 4.1 at 12:30PM EST! Come join me!

Streaming more LEGO Harry Potter at 2:45PM EST! Let’s find out if we run into the game breaking glitch in Year 3.

Streaming more Earth Defense Force 4.1 at 4:20PM EST (nice):

Gonna play some more LEGO Harry Potter at 1:15PM EST! Starting Year 4!