Roman Ruins Everything, or The General Wrestling Thread

So, with the Royal Rumble tonight, I figured we should have somewhere to talk about it and WWE in general! Which of these wrestlefolks are your favorite? What kind of matches do you want to see in the future? Will Roman Reigns ever not ruin everything? Let’s chat about all this and more!

I’m looking at the results of the Rumble and who won the thing and I’m just kind of shaking my head.

Those last 5 minutes were just awful

I used to psych myself up for the Rumble, but decided not to watch it this year, between RAW, Smackdown, NXT, 305 Live, there was just a little too much wrestling for me to handle

I feel bad, because it’s always the best match, but the last few years were not that exciting.

Please come back Finn Balor, I miss you.

They’re going to do John Cena & Randy Orton for the five millionth time, nothing is good. Except for NXT, I watch either show and yet reading the results of both, NXT’s didn’t enrage me.

I actually found the Royal Rumble PPV pretty enjoyable overall, but the Rumble itself was a bit of a snore. Tye Dillinger coming out at 10 was great, everyone called it but glad they actually went and did it. Kofi’s usual save spot was just, kinda dangerous this year instead of fun. Orton RKOing everyone in the damn ring was great; even if Orton is often stale that move still rules. Goldberg killing Lesnar again was… I dunno, are Lesnar and Goldberg gonna even have a real match at Wrestlemania? Then Roman tossed Taker out and Orton won (well fuck at least it wasn’t Roman again) and jeez what a wet fart of a finish.

Oh well, Takeover was cool. Cena vs Styles was cool. I should probably read a raw recap and see if they ruined everything.

I’m at the point where when Roman was revealed as #30, I just found it hilarious. They MUST have known that there was no way Roman was gonna get cheers, especially since he eliminated the Undertaker. However, I’m generally pretty easy-going when it comes to wrestling, and I was entertained throughout most of the Royal Rumble.

Also, question: this thread is called “General WWE thread”, but do you think it’s possible to expand that to just “general pro wrestling thread”? I also watch a lot of New Japan Pro Wrestling (and recently been watching some Progress Wrestling), and it would be nice to discuss wrestling outside of the WWE sphere without resorting to making a bunch of other threads.

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[quote=“TrenWolfman, post:7, topic:133, full:true”] Also, question: this thread is called “General WWE thread”, but do you think it’s possible to expand that to just “general pro wrestling thread”? I also watch a lot of New Japan Pro Wrestling (and recently been watching some Progress Wrestling), and it would be nice to discuss wrestling outside of the WWE sphere without resorting to making a bunch of other threads.

Hell yeah I can, pal

By the way, should we have specific threads for PPVs, just so we don’t spoil them here in the general thread?[poll]

  • Yes
  • No

this seems like a really good idea, also would make for a good space to react to things. I tried livetweeting the rumble but apparently my #brand is not on point and it wasn’t too engaging.

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Seth Rollins may be legit injured and everything is bad in the world.

My biggest problem with the Rumble is that I came out of it with no idea where most of these storylines are going, and not in a good way. Charlotte vs Bayley is obvious, as is Lesnar vs Goldberg, but everything else seems confused to me:

  • Why did Randy Orton win? Why is he suddenly getting a title shot after pretty much being in the background for so long? Is he going to feud with Bray Wyatt over the belt? Who even cares?
  • Why was Undertaker even in the Rumble if he wasn’t going to win? To set up a feud with Roman Reigns? Who could possibly care?
  • What is the deal with Kevin Owns and Jericho? Are they teasing a breakup to fight each other or are they gonna feud with Braun Strowman even though the logical feud would be Braun vs Roman? Why haven’t they done anything but goofy comedy bits for months, and why do we need the belts on them for this? I genuinely forgot Jericho even had the US Title until he came out wearing it.
  • What is the deal with the belts as a whole? It feels like none of the marquee matches going into Wrestlemania have anything to do with the championships aside from maybe the Women’s Championship. I know you don’t NEED a title match to be the main event every single time, but at this point it feels like even the top belts have been relegated to Mid-Card Status while the top of the card is a buncha old fat dads who show up 2-3 times a year.

I feel this is a problem that’s been compounding in WWE for a long time now, especially on RAW. The match quality is fantastic and they might have the most talented roster in the companies history right now, but they genuinely don’t seem to have any idea what to do with them.


The old guys draw in lapsed fans, which is why Vince still keeps them around. The problem is I don’t think there’s a grand new attraction to help retain them. If you go week by week some people get to do some great promos, most people perform well in the ring, but it all seems so rote. It’s either the same people feuding doing the same match for the fifth time or people with no story being thrown at each other so you don’t forget they exist. It seems like injury and backstage politics is the only thing that actually results in change.

What’s weirdest about it is that they have so much world class talent, but if someone asked me why I watch WWE, I couldn’t give them a simple answer. Maybe that’s okay, but if someone asked me “Why should I check out TNA” I’d be able to say “Matt Hardy” without even thinking about it.

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Praying that it’s a shoot, because Joe Vs Roman is not the feud I want if Seth is dead again (Joe V Sami is fine tho).

I highly doubt they’d do Joe vs Sami, considering they’re in the middle of completely burying Sami for no discernable reason other than vague rumors of backstage heat.

I really don’t know what they intend to do with Joe but if Rollins is injured that could very well kill his debut, given that he’s basically being introduced as HHH’s new muscle. They can’t just drop that and have him go fight Kevin Owens or something for a while, or maybe they’ll just do exactly that and pretend this week never happened.

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Honestly, is Sami even getting buried? Sure, he has a goofy character now (supposedly based on how he acts IRL), but he lasted pretty long in the Rumble AND pinned Jericho last Raw. Can’t really see that as a burial.


While I’m certain KO V Joe would result is some fine wrestle, I don’t want to live in a world where either of them are face. If Finn were in the picture sure, but I imagine he’s not popping up until Mania.

I don’t really think Sami’s being buried but it’s a bit of a shame the guy got used to showcase how big and tough Braun is. Then again, I’ve never been as enthralled by huge musclemen as Vince. You’d also figure Sami would get treated with serious respect, since he and the current champ beat the absolute piss out of each other so many times.

Hey folks who watch Lucha Underground (or you poor souls who have yet to start), rumours are saying the first two seasons are going on north american Netflix come the 15th

Unfortunately, rumours are also saying that El Rey is considering canning it after season 3 (although apparently Netflix is considering picking it up as an Original Series???)

The Netflix Canada twitter account actually tweeted to say it would be up in Canada on the fifteenth, so it’s confirmed in at least one region.

I hadn’t heard the El Rey cancellation rumour but I wouldn’t be surpised. I feel like AAA has to be less than happy with the show considering half of the people they send to take part just get exposed to how truly scummy they are and end up leaving. I would miss my demonic alien wrestle friends though!

since I posted that, Netflix has confirmed all of North America is getting it, and El Rey apparently has no intentions of canning the show any time soon. So that’s neat!