Roman Ruins Everything, or The General Wrestling Thread


Yo the UK Tournament in WWE was really good. It’s actually a breath of fresh air to actually have Cole commentate without Vince.

Plus I’m a big fan of Scotland’s ICW so Wolfgang being there was good for exposure and now that ICW is going to be on the WWE network because the UK broadcasters are self-inflicting idiots so this will be good for them considering there only TV deal at the moment is in Italy.


I really enjoyed the UK Tournament as well. Introduced me to some great British talents. I’m happy Progress Wrestling had a “one month for 99 cents” deal for their on-demand service. Been enjoying some great (and sometimes very silly) British wrestling this month.

Although I gotta admit, it’s getting to be a bit too much WWE wrestling nowadays. I watch Raw, Smackdown Live, NXT, 205 Live, their ever-increasing amount of PPVs and Network specials… and now there’s a rumor that WWE is interested in doing an Asian wrestler’s tournament as well as a Women’s tournament. It gets tiresome, but I can’t really pull me away from them due to the quality wrestlers WWE has employed now.

As for Lucha Underground, I just hope that the Netflix deal will someday apply to outside of North America. I really want to check it out, but finding episodes of it starting from Season 1 has been an unlucky endeavor.


Progress is my favourite promotion right now and I’d totally recommend it to anyone trying to get into Brit wrestling. The whole Jimmy Havoc and Will Ospreay rivalry is so well told, them managing to turn Ospreay heel while mirroring Jimmy’s heel turn was masterfully done. I’m hoping I can get Super Strong Style 16 tickets on Monday, even if I’ll have to buy plane tickets and deal with the hassle of getting my passport renewed to go.


Am I the only one who thinks that by including one Cruiserweight (Jack Gallagher) in the Royal Rumble and having them be the first one thrown out, WWE is kind of giving casual viewers the impression that they aren’t as good as the rest of the roster?


WWE has been treating the cruiserweights so poorly that I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if that was the intention, which is really a shame because the cruiserweight match at the Rumble was one of the better ones!


Agreed. It’s sad to see the difference between how the division looked at the CWC and how it’s being treated today.


Good to see Bret Hart beat prostate cancer. That grumpy man could beat anything, probably.


besides the sharpshooter in montreal, anyway.


Does anyone else find it relieving that with Mustafa Ali, WWE finally has a Middle Eastern wrestler that doesn’t have a gimmick of being a stereotype? And to think it only took until a few months ago for them to figure it out.

Of course, then they turned around and gave Ariya Daivari a theme song called “Magic Carpet Ride”…


It is nice but honestly there’s not much faith in WWE to handle any mid-card gimmick for long without finding a way to ruin it.

That said I’m weirdly looking forward to Elimination Chamber, I was always a fan of that thing even if it didn’t do well.


It’s a very dumb gimmick honestly but I can’t help but mark out for the elimination chamber. It’s just so elaborate and weird. It’s everything I want wrestling to be.


Tonight was the big Elimination Chamber PPV the Roadblock on THE ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA (trademark)

And in it, we saw the Chamber match, and a new champion was crowned, Bray Wyatt. Does this mean we are gonna get that Orton v Wyatt feud or is it gonna be all about Shaq vs The Big Show?


It’s all about that Shaq/Show feud. It’s a modern day Mongo vs Goldberg…

In all seriousness Elimination Chamber was a decent show. I really enjoyed the chamber match itself, and I was pretty relieved to see Bray win it. I’m glad he’s finally getting a chance at main event status but I worry the Wyatts have been a joke for so long that nobodies gonna care. Probably my second favorite match on the show was Mickie James vs Becky Lynch, mostly because I’m a fan of Mickie’s billowy pants. She’s a pretty good wrestler also but the pants are top notch. :toot:


In a perfect world, WrestleMania would be a Wyatt family triple threat match (Bray/Luke*/Randy) for the belt. But given it’s WRESTLEMANIA, I imagine Cena is going to be thrown into the mix as well.

*An AJ Styles would be fine as well.


And it was on the day before Valentine’s Day that our hearts got ripped out.



I really don’t know how to react to the JeriKO break-up.

On the one hand, Jericho’s starting to get up there in years, and even though he can still go, retiring while he’s still in decent shape would be understandable. Putting Owens over on his way out would be a pretty good way to help KO retain legitimacy as a main eventer.

On the other hand, I’m really going to miss the JeriKO segments. I swear, Jericho’s been doing his best character work in years during this angle, and I’m not just talking about THE LIST.


KO is a bastard man, make everyone cry.

Jericho’s taking another break this summer to tour with his band, so this doesn’t come as a complete surprise. But it going down like it did hurt, as JeriKO was the best thing on RAW for weeks.

That being said, now KO doesn’t have anyone watching his back, and I imagine the soon to be returning Finn Balor wants his belt. This should be good.


Seth Rollins really needs a finisher other than the Pedigree. I can’t exactly put my finger on it, but it just seems so wrong for him. Surely he has some old moves from his indy days he can still pull out, right?


Maybe they’ll let him use the curb stomp again at Mania.


Boy, this thread is like a time capsule. It’s been a year… are there even still people around who watch wrestling?

Well, I do. But I’m one of the ‘nerdier’ wrestling fans. I tend to prefer stuff that isn’t WWE Main Roster. My main sources of wrestling are NXT, particularly the killer Takeover events. Seriously, Takeover Wargames is probably WWE’s best all-around show of that year and the Takeover after had WWE’s first five star match in an eternity with Johnny Gargano vs. Andrade Cien Almas.

From the looks of it 205 Live is on the uprise since Triple H took over booking that part of the show, but I haven’t seen that.

I’m more busy with New Japan Pro Wrestling. NJPWs schedule is perfect for me with their tour schedule. Just a lot of quality wrestling on a few dates every month. I got into the promotion last year, like many, due to Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada’s trilogy of matches notorious for “breaking” Dave Meltzer’s five-star scale. With one match getting 6, the next 6.25 and finally 5.25. While this is just one person’s opinion their high rating shows just really how good their matches were compared to some other stuff.

Recently The Golden Lovers, Tag Team of Kota Ibushi and Kenny Omega, reformed in NJPW. And there’s this guy on Youtube who’s really good at explaining NJPW stuff. He usually focuses on in-ring storytelling, which makes it extra interesting since most others don’t. But here’s a really good summary of The Golden Lover’s story.

Yeah, just felt like talking about wrestling a bit. Maybe there’s still people here who enjoy people pretend-fighting for our entertainment around here.