Resident Evil: The Evolution of Crank-based Technology

I agree, I felt more sympathy for Eveline than most of the other characters in the game.

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Was anyone else thoroughly bored by Ethan? His primary character trait was saying “fuck” a lot. I would have preferred someone a little campier or wisecracky or really any personality besides what we got.


I actually enjoyed him a lot for that very reason. Resident Evil characters largely deal with ridiculous obstacles without much complaint. I thought Ethan’s remarks were a humorous way of poking fun at their own series, personally. Especially with: “Who builds this shit?”

I’m not going to deny that I would have enjoyed more of a focus on character, especially to deepen the emotional connection between he and his wife so we felt compelled to save her, but even with what we got, I liked Ethan and Mia quite a bit and wanted to see them survive. I do agree with you, but I’m a fan of Ethan “Too Tired For This Shit” Winters.

I didn’t mind Ethan much since the Baker family were the stars of the show.

The Bakers were great, Jack especially. I also liked Zoe for what little we saw of her. I wish she had bigger role.

I liked Ethan because he generally voiced my own opinions on things.


Tangentially related to Resident Evil in general, there is a real life company that will build secret doors and passageways in your house, including doors that are activated by solving chess puzzles. So if you’ve ever wanted to experience the crisis of being unable to get to your own bathroom because you lost your Medal of Eagle, you should give these guys a call.

I wonder if this company was the one responsible for installing the Bakers’ “Shadow Activated Door Locks”! Given the amount of security in the house Lucas might have been a frequent client of theirs.

there is, in fact, a file that says the house was designed by George Trevor, the same person who designed the Spencer Mansion in RE1

Does it just say it’s him who designed it or is there more context to the circumstances of it? Seems a bit weird that the Bakers would need that kind of house without being super shady from the getgo?

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There’s a detail that made me laugh where there’s a renovation contract in the attic of the kid’s room for the shadow activated doorway. Construction took from November 20th, 1992 to November 30th, 1992. Wonder how the hell they convinced someone to do that, and why they needed such a thing long before the plot of this game happens. Aesthetic, maybe?

Image attached below


well the end of the game suggests that theres more going on with Lucas than it seems, and the receipt is in his room so maybe he had something to do with it

Yeah, in 1992 Lucas would’ve been a little kid, and given his bedroom has a variety of trophies for technology, it’s likely he was really enamored with tech in general, so perhaps he saw a secret passageway mechanism in a movie and asked his dad if they could get one installed, so his dad placed the order. That’s my thought anyways!

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[spoiler]I would love to replay the game just to hunt for more details about Lucas, because based on what I’ve read I missed some things. I’ve read from many places that he was cured from Eveline’s control in order to spy on the rest of the Baker’s, and we learn on the radio towards the end that he was reporting to some unknown third party…

I’m fuzzy on the details, so that’s why I’d certainly like to replay and see where exactly I missed stuff. The only detail about Lucas I am for sure on is probably the most disturbing, because he locked a kid in the attic and left them there to die a long time ago, building upon the “bad egg” comment you hear at the start of the game…[/spoiler]

[spoiler]It’s fine! I enjoy talking about re7 haha. Yeah, I agree, this is the first RE game to actually make me feel something for someone other than a main character and I love it for that. That Jack scene on the boat was SO unexpected and instantly made me sympathetic. (Except for Lucas, who was actively evil even before infection)

And yeah my reaction to that was just a really long winded “??? Huh???”. That can’t be Chris imo. A few have tried saying it was totally just the “realistic” redesign of him, but Vendetta is coming out with an already more realistic redesign that /isn’t/ this. I doubt they’d put two redesigns out at once so I’m banking on it being HUNK or some other operative just using that name. (Also a tad frustrating seeing people use the “Chris Redfield” credits name as proof, as if they don’t know how plot twists work. They wouldn’t spoil the twist of a DLC at the end of the credits lol)[/spoiler]

I wish at the end when Jack is talking to you in the mold’s connection, he was just like “Ethan, me…my wife…none of us are killers, or bad people…except for Lucas, he’s just an asshole who got god regeneration. Whoops”

I wanna say they MEANT to imply Jack didn’t know about Lucas besides him being a shit kid, but like how would Jack not find out about Lucas locking the kid in his attic to starve to death. It’s really weird.

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I think it’s one of those RE moments where they went for the cool/creepy thing over the plausible thing. Like how zombies rise from the grave in Code Veronica even though the virus doesn’t work that way. It’s just a cool moment. The part with Lucas is kind of “wouldn’t it be cool if this one character was a genius psycho, that would be different from the rest of the family!”

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[spoiler]Yeah! I really wish there was a bit more information there… There’s such a large gap of time where we actually learn about the Baker’s, and during that time Lucas is apparently a homicidal child genius who gets away with it and Zoe…? Forgive me if I just missed it but I don’t remember learning a single thing about her.

Although, it is kinda amusing that their house is apparently decked with complicated security puzzles long before the infection… I guess if you can afford it somehow, then why not spoil yourselves? Ultimately, my point is that I think the game could have benefitted from more notes, because the ones that were in the game were very well done IMO, but regardless, I still thought the game was excellent and perhaps leaving us guessing and interpreting was their intention.[/spoiler]

“Ethan, I tell you hwat…That boy ain’t right…”

I really wish we’d learned more about Zoe! I understand there was perhaps a desire to have us piece together what happened to the Bakers, but she was such an integral part of the plot and the player/Ethan is asked to trust her and her orders/requests very early in the game. Getting some more context clues about her role within the family structure pre-game would’ve been really helpful to assessing her as a person. I think this also would’ve lent much more weight to that final choice between Zoe and Mia? Because, as it stood, I think even with Mia’s murderous impulses almost everyone picked Mia solely because we’d formed no real attachment to Zoe. Notes/hints about her strewn around could’ve remedied that a bit, y’know?