Resident Evil: The Evolution of Crank-based Technology

Talk about the Resident Evil series in this thread!

  • What is your favorite Resident Evil game?
  • Do you like the actiony bits or the horrory bits more?
  • Who is your favorite character and why is it Barry?
  • Talk about the series’ deep and rich lore, immortalized in the official Resident Evil novels by S.D. Perry
  • Post fanart of Leon’s perfect hair.
  • And I guess talk about that new one, Resident Evil VII biohazard

(Keep spoilers for the latest one properly spoiler tagged, please!)


Resident Evil is one of the weirdest franchises that has been a part of my life, because while I have played a good bit of them (1,2,3,4,5), I have never completed one, some less than an hour, but have seen friends and LPers play the game constantly.

I am like the worst person when it comes to jump scares in video games. I am not one of those “ahhh!” reaction cam and put it on YouTube types, I am a scream, turn off the game, take out the game, stop playing it, and see if I can get sleep.

So something like Resident Evil 7, going back to basics, but having realistic visuals, just creeps me out on stills alone, which means mission accomplished.

I know I am missing out on an amazing franchise, but I feel I need a friend guiding me through the game, almost holding my hand, as I try and figure out how Herbs work while shooting zombies and probably telling me it’ll be okay, as I open possible trap doors.

I have been told that Resident Evil 4 is the one to play, as it is a bit creepy, but overall an over-the-top action game, but most of my time has been spent in Mercenaries Mode in RE5.

I think it’s because of it’s amazing soundtrack. I also think I had Leon Kennedy’s hair back in High School, but I am not sure.

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I’m seriously loving Resident Evil 7! It’s been years since I was this excited about a RE title and it’s definitely filling the Silent Hills void in my life :frowning: (I’m still not over its cancellation)

I was a little nervous given that it was FPV and that usually makes me ill but given how slow paced the game is generally (and that you can turn off the head bob) I’m having a lot of fun. It took a bit to get used to but it didn’t take too long. I’m already on a Madhouse Run and boy is it hard!

I think what I love the most is the details in the environments.They’re so deliciously creepy and I like the hyper realistic look and all the sound effects. I would say it’s tied with RE4 as my favorite RE game of all time. I can’t wait to see what the DLC will bring!

Favorite RE Game: RE4 (it was so fun to play. It was the one I put the most hours into) and now RE7
Action or Horror?: Horror. RE1 was my introduction to survival horror in the 90’s and I never looked back!
Fav Character: Jill Valentine
Novels: Oh man I loved those stupid books in highschool! I should try and reread them sometime.


I might be in the minority on this, but I like RE6’s action movie nonsense. Like, it really shines in the Mercenaries mode where you have to fight a bunch of different types of infected, and you have to know all the different counters to survive.

Also any game that has a power slide is alright in my book.


I’m one of the few people who just generally loves literally everything Resident Evil. Every game, movie, spinoff, though I’ve never read the books or comics.

My favorites in the series though are definitely 5, Revelations 2, and VII now.

Chris was always my favorite guy protagonist and I loved Wesker’s cheese and the entire ending sequence of 5 to bits. Goofy and fun. Sheva quickly became my favorite partner in the series and all around is the character I hope returns(In Rev3 hopefully) the most.

Revelations 2 was a fantastic blend of horror and self-aware sense of humor and every character in it was top notch, I especially loved Moira. Claire and Barry returning and Alex Wesker finally being addressed was the best part though. Plus, gotta love the game that made Barry come back as a bear.

Resident EVIl was just an all around hype trip and it had me engrossed the ENTIRE GAME. A mix of Evil Dead and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, it was just sublime. And being the first RE with Almost every villain being sympathetic to some degree, including the big bad. I actually teared up a bit when the final boss fight began. Plus, this is the first game ever where I legit sang along to the credits song.

Fav game: Revelations 2 or 7
Favorite character: Besides Bearry, of course, it’s Sheva Alomar.
Action or horror: Both, honestly.

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Resident Evil 2 was the game that convinced me to buy a playstation. I saw my friend go from the start of the game to the first licker and I was hooked. I was never a big zombie fan in horror games/movies but the way RE did it just did it so right for me. The atmosphere and soundtrack in RE2 just felt so right and grand (and even the more goofy soundtrack in RE1 worked so well) that when I got my playstation I played through all 4 campaigns in about a 2 week period, finishing one and immediately going to the other to find what little things got changed.

The more actiony ones were good, but definitely not my favorite. I felt that RE4 was a fantastic game, but not the best Resident Evil game, if that makes any sense. I actually still feel the best marriage of action and horror was in Revelations for the 3DS, but I love the direction they’re going with RE7

Favorite Game RE2, RE7, Revelations (in that order)
Action or Horror Horror
Favorite Character Barry, because he has THIS (I also like Parker Luciani)

Also, my favorite random resident evil tidbit is the random ass second Tyrant that you fight in the Biohazard Saturn version (as well as the gold Tyrant) that port was odd in the best way

  • I have played so, SO much RE4, but I have messed around with Code: VERONICA nearly as much, and I feel like it gets overlooked a lot.
  • I do enjoy the horror, but more as window dressing for silly/cool action. I dig RE6 a lot for what it attempted, I just think the scope ran away from them and stopped them from refining it.
  • I like Claire because she has to put up with so many doofus partners in her games. And she has a cool jacket.
  • I guess this goes back to how much I like the silliness of the games but, the point where you find out the Dracula mansion with complicated knight armor shredder blade traps is owned by a pharmaceutical company in 1 is where I’d say the series jumped the shark. And that’s GOOD. I should find SD Perry’s novelization of CV.
  • Post Leon’s hair? no thanks… bro
  • I watched my pal Bohampscious stream RE7 and I’m glad it’s actually quite silly on top of the actually good horror atmosphere. I gotta nab it sometime soon once I beat all 5000 other games I own.

Time to roll into this thread like Claire rolled into that ‘top secret’ Umbrella facility!

I’ve not been QUITE as keen on the new entry as everyone else seems to be. I don’t dislike it, necessarily. It’s possible I let myself get too excited and too drawn into the hype of getting a ‘return to survival horror’ after RE6 (which I hated) and RE5 (which I enjoyed but only because of co-op experiences with dear friends). But it just feels like the last half of the game really dragged and fizzled, and that the way the virus (the lynchpin of the game’s visual and plot design) functioned and was portrayed just felt like a bit of a let down after a while. The regeneration concept was neat, as was Mia’s internal struggled against it–but it would’ve been even more interesting if perhaps those ‘normal’ moments were a sham, a method the virus itself used to draw in new infection vectors. Instead, it was a weird Alma-esque ghost girl’s plan to concoct a found family. I know the RE series hasn’t had the strongest plotlines, but I was honestly hoping that one of the things that would be refreshed/reinvigorated here would be the way RE approached story, I guess? This ended up being a very negative sounding discussion of the new entry, so I want to stress that I did in the end enjoy the game overall, there were just a few components I felt disappointed by! The gameplay and the house design/scares were well crafted and executed.

  • My personal favorites are tied between Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil CV, which I know is an unpopular choice. I literally cannot explain fully why I love it, I just do. It’s terrible but I adore it.
  • Horrory bits! I’m a horror fan overall, and that’s what drew a younger me to the series. I’ve played every horror game I can get my paws on.
  • Fuck you, Barry. Parent your child. It’s Claire.
  • I have read every single one of these novels and the worst part is how much S.D. Perry loves Rebecca. Why Rebecca? Why did we need two extra novels full of Rebecca and boring OCs?? Where is my Resident Evil 4 novelization???
  • Prove your worth first, please! Only the most valiant can look at such a masterpiece.

I’m an avid Resident Evil fan, and I must say RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard does not do it for me. It’s not even that I love me some action RE (which I do, I enjoy playing 6 and 5 and even Umbrella Corps which the internet tells me is trash-garbage and I’m wrong for doing so) but the style of the game rubs me the wrong way somehow. It feels very not like Resident Evil. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s suddenly 1000% less anime. I dunno.

From a lore perspective it’s neat, tho. So many new plot threads for the series to ignore completely going forward. Oh yeah, I’m super into the lore of the series. If you ever hang out at the Resident Evil Wiki, I’m a chat moderator there, though school work precludes me from being active much.

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I loved Umbrella Corps because it let me become an ice-skating tornado of zombie nard-punching


I was ridiculously giddy about Resident Evil 7, although I didn’t play it myself, but rather sat with a friend and watched him play through the entire thing in a single sitting.

I thought it mixed old concepts with new technology in a wonderful way! I enjoyed how the story was handled, and the only real complaints I can offer is that I think it could have been a little longer and could have had more enemy variety… but I walked away from the game immensely satisfied, and eager to discuss every bit of fresh hell I had just experienced with the friend I played it with.

Favorite RE Game: This might be an odd one, but I loved the Outbreak series? If I had to pick one of the more popular titles, I’d say REmake and now, RE7.
Action or Horror: Horror. I enjoyed the horror with action elements that was RE4, and the action with horror elements that was RE5, but eventually the action-oriented style of RE6 left a bad taste in my mouth, and I’m happy to see the series moving away from that.
Favorite Character: Chris Redfield, but I very much enjoyed the new protagonist from 7: Ethan Winters.
Novels: Haven’t touched them, although I’ve heard interesting things…

I actually felt incredibly sad when you stab the young version of Eveline, to then have it be revealed that she is the grandma from the dinner table that’s been moving all around the house mysteriously. “Why does everybody hate me?” legitimately broke my heart, so props to her voice actress.

My only experience with Resident Evil is recording myself reading fanfic of it for a certain sadistic Bear. The newest one looks pretty wacky, though!

Exactly! Hearing that line was heart wrenching and made me sad finishing her off.

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That’s a major part of why I enjoyed the game as much as I did, because I was able to form an emotional connection to it in a way that I haven’t really been able before, going beyond just a desire of wanting your protagonist to survive, and to also actually have empathy for the infected.

Pardon my continued rambling, but might I ask your reaction to the introduction of “Redfield”? There’s a fan-theory of it actually being Hunk, and considering they’re evacuated in Umbrella helicopters, I’m inclined to agree. Can’t wait to see the Not A Hero DLC and find out if that answers all my questions.

RE7 SPOILERS: That’s probably Chris Redfield. Hence the Not a Hero DLC. It’s him, he’s working with mercenaries now. Keep in mind that Umbrella Gmbh is dead as doornails. This was an Umbrella Corps (note the logo). Umbrella Corps are mercenary organizations sardonically referred to as that due to the way they constantly go after old, quarantined, biohazarded areas to obtain samples and combat data for organizations and corporations that profit off of bioterrorism and B.O.W.s.

This was introduced in the much maligned Umbrella Corps and expanded slightly in heavenly island. As for who created the E-series and owned the cruise liner with the Evelyn, we don’t know. Could be Shéng-Yā Pharmaceutical who seem to be the one company most gearing up for a comeback, but it’s unlikely since it seems the company behind that was based off the US rather than China. It could be the unnamed organization for which you work for in the single player of Umbrella Corps.

It’s think it’s not HUNK, is what I meant to say.

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Ah, okay, I haven’t played Umbrella Corps, so I wasn’t aware of that information. If it is Chris, then I’ll be happy to see him again, although I do find it strange that he looks so differently… I suppose weirder things have happened in the Resident Evil Universe though… I can overlook a new face.

I think it’s just an artstyle and voice actor change. Also with the new engine they capture the likenesses of the actors who work voice them (I think?) so they switched his voice to that. This is supported by the fact that they kept the same JP VA introduced in REmake HD. Which is unfortunate, Roger Craig Smith really made Chris for me. :frowning:

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I see! I’ll be a little saddened to see his old likeness go then… but hopefully I’ll love the character just the same. With that suspicion out the way, I can be properly hyped about being saved by Mr. Boulder Punch himself!

Resident Evil: Climbing Axe Corps is a real trip.