Racing Video Games For Our Own Suffering! Let's Race Thread!



abandoning doing the tyme attack and storm races, i had a previous post detailing why but had removed it since alot of the information inside of it was no longer relevant, the actual reason is because i don’t want to attract negative attention from the community these races were hosted in and because i wanted to lighten my workload and focus on the stuff with a smaller audience over something hosted on a large server.


Back to doing race uploads again with an all new overlay and timer, and what better game than Greendog: The Beached Surfer Dude for the Sega Genesis for Terrorible Tuesday:


right, so this thread is pretty much dead these days. college and health problems regarding my breathing and heart are ruining my life and once i’m done, i don’t really plan to return to them much, unless i find the time to.

people stopped watching them, the interest in running them is dying out and really i’d just like move onto bigger and better things, such as making reviews on games i stream on twitch.

i have a large project coming out hopefully in january, but as for races, they are pretty much on a “whenever i get the time to do them” basis. not outright killing this thread, but it’s been untouched by me for so long for a reason.

if i finish a race, i’ll update the thread on it, otherwise, this place is just a archive now for the races we’ve done in the past. i may have one up for december, may not, again, this is just something i’m doing on the side now.

races, for the most part, are dead now!