Racing Video Games For Our Own Suffering! Let's Race Thread!



I’m going back to Premiere Pro in April. I can’t edit with any of these other inferior programs, Vegas is extremely limited in my editing options and I’m getting frustrated with all my other options. Rather pay for something I know and understand than adapt to something more complex and limited. I’ll be back in April.


Update: Because of his big mouth and having the audacity to attack me on stream by saying I’m bad at video games and quit races often, Sudokuwiz’s footage is hereby barred from being featured in anymore of these race videos! Clearly he only races for the competitiveness and not to have fun, when I or any of us forfeit a race, it’s because we aren’t enjoying said game or something comes up for us that warrants a forfeit. Alot of the time I also forfeit because I have school that I need to go to bed for, so there is also that. My life takes priority over winning a video game!

Until he understands that, if he ever does understand that, I’m no longer featuring or even acknowledging his presence in these races!


Tried to renew my Adobe contract but they won’t accept my debit card as payment, so tomorrow I’ll have to see about replacing that so I can renew my contract and return to editing videos. Next race upload I’ll be working on is No Rules, Get Phat for the GBA, a Terrorible Tuesday race. Will only feature 3 racers now with that ban I mentioned prior now in effect. Look forward to that soon!


Another update, 2 new things to mention:

  • First, I admittedly went a little overboard with my stance on Sudukowiz and barring him from future race uploads. Sudoku recently came to my server, saw my previous update post and apologized. I’ve no longer got a problem with Sudoku, we got off to a wrong start, hopefully things can improve between us in the future. As such, the ban on Sudokuwiz has been lifted!

  • Second, could be a while yet before I can get a new contract with Adobe. Recently got a new debit card, but it won’t accept my payment and my bank is no help. Gonna go there tomorrow morning and see about getting that fixed and if not, I may need to get another bank account set up for online banking which may not be something I can do immediately. I’m not using Paypal because getting money in the account takes 10 - 12 business days for me!

Because of this, I still cannot work on videos and I hate it! I’ll post an update regarding this tomorrow!


Haven’t been all that active here as of late. Been unable to work on videos, lost interest in alot of the races going on as of late due to depression, so i haven’t been promoting them as such and generally just been sleeping til my college funds come in, which will be in a day or 3 now. Once they do, I can return to uploads in due time.

Just a minor update on me and the lack of uploads


Update: I ain’t dead… yet

I miss not being able to edit these videos together. Other editing software I’ve tried is clunky and just doesn’t feel good to use. Like I know Vegas 14 was in the latest Humble Bundle for $20 but I have 13 and I kinda hate it for making these videos with due to the lack of freedom I have with it. I’ll be back soon though, this thread isn’t dead yet. Latest I’ll be back is in 2 weeks, earliest could be tomorrow, just waiting on tax return to come in so I can renew the license and get back to pumping out content.


I’m back!!!

And I got a new video out:

No Rules Get Phat is now up on YouTube, I got alot of catch up to do for this month, so I’ll be trying my best to get these out as soon as possible, just waiting on my order of more RAM for my PC to get here before continuing to edit videos. Should be back to editing again Friday and have the next race up either Saturday or Sunday.


Been slow on uploads and I have a good reason for it.

Recently, myself and my friend GenoKirby kinda dealt with alot of drama regarding a former friend of ours. Together we listened to their lies and bullshit for a while the both of us, and when we finally walked away, it wasn’t without fallout.

It wasn’t easy and it led to me having to ban and block them from all means of communication and social media to prevent harassment, blackmail and potentially being doxxed (because this person has doxxed people’s home addresses in the past), redraw alot of artwork, abandon and trash my secondary community that I ran with them and deactivate my Twitter.

Adding this on top of college, depression and personal life, its been a stressful week for me and I don’t mean to bring my own personal drama over here, just that I’ve been slow on uploads as a result of these recent events. Not going into details or gonna call out the person in question here, just that I’ll be back with more content soon. Hoping to get a Tyme Attack race of a cheap indie puzzle game called Dark Echo that we raced back in March uploaded this week.

Edit: Abandoning Dark Echo due to only having half of the racers footage because of the other half either having their vods corrupted or lost


new race uploaded to youtube now, Bonus Spraceshu, Sonic Adventure 2 Dark Campaign now finished:



Discontinuing Falconeering Fridays from the thread, as least as a featured series anyways and I’m doing this for a number of reasons. Our friend CaptainFalconXNess is really specific on when he can set up these races and tends to want to race alot of RPG’s, which aren’t really good to race. Not to mention he also cannot stream these races he hosts. On top of that, traffic for these races dwindled alot over when Falconeering Friday began as we postponed a Kirby Super Star race for a month and could only get 3 people for his most recent race, Paper Mario, which of the 3, only one person finished.

Falconeering Fridays are now gonna be listed as low priority bonus races, meaning if there is a good crowd for a race and there is request to upload it, eventually I will. As it stands, 4 race series is good enough for me!

Also, Bionic Commando, the first STORM race I am gonna be uploading to YouTube, is now finished editing. It will be up today or Tuesday.

Sorry for the long update!


Another thing to add, I am changing the way I upload these races. The way I did it used to be in chronological order, but starting with Bionic Commando, it will now be STORM, Tyme Attack, Terrorible Tuesday, Spraceshu, back to STORM again unless I am missing a race from one of those series for that cycle (I skip alot of Terrorible Tuesday games because the games he races don’t always work for a race in hindsight), and with any bonus race material in between whenever I have the time for it.


Bionic Commando now up on youtube:


New logos now made for Spraceshu and Terrorible Tuesday! Special shoutout and thanks to Wobbly Python for designing the Terrorible Tuesday logo!


Been really sick and preoccupied with finishing off college lately, as well as working on setting up a charity marathon, which I’ll go into maybe in a different thread I make. I’ll be back with uploads soon but I have been on a break from doing them since finishing Bionic Commando.


Alright so regarding this race thread, kinda let it fall down the wayside a bit in updating it. I’ve been working on a better method of editing these races and making the videos look more professional than before with borders around the racers videos and new logos for the races hosted here. I’ve got a Typing Of The Dead Terrorible Tuesday, a TMNT IV Tyme Attack and a Pac Man World 2 Spraceshu in the works at the moment, so look forward to those hopefully soon. I’m not dead and neither is this thread.


Thread updated. The Typing of The Dead race for part of the Terrorible Tuesday series of races is now finished editing and is up on YouTube (bit late with the thread update):


TMNT IV: Turtles In Time race for Tyme Attack edited and uploaded to youtube:


Pac Man World 2 race for the Spraceshu series finished editng and is now up on Youtube:


Renegade race for STORM up on Youtube, thread updated:


I’m gonna be turning a new leaf. The uploads here are gonna be taking a hiatus for now so I can work out personal life matters and draw up overlays for these races. I’ll probably be back with uploads in August unless I straight up come to the decision of abandoning this thread