Racing Video Games For Our Own Suffering! Let's Race Thread!

Note: I know that Lolo De Puzlo made his own Race thread back in April 2017, but that currently only promote his races he was doing over on his server and to my knowledge is currently on hiatus with his race series and instead moved onto the Ranking Of Shmups series. The thread has not been updated since April 2017.

This thread however will be used to promote a multitude of races taking places over on a few different servers, which I will explain momentarily and will be updated periodically or I’ll try to anyways.

(dijon du jour also suggested to me that this was where this thread best belongs, so yeah, while it isn’t 100% about streaming, that is just how the majority of us record our footage and is also a way to introduce people intreseted in racing into joining our many race groups and communities. New members are always welcome!)

Have you ever thought video games were a mistake?

If not, you’ve never tried racing a video game over the internet with a group of 5 other nerds all talking simultaneously at once.

Originally starting over in a Discord community I’m no longer a member of, these races have since branched off into a multitude of servers, however I will only be covering the ones I am actively a part of as well as my own series of races. Let’s go over them:

Terrorible Tuesdays: Hosted by Terror Van over on his Discord server Terrorcord. As the name suggests, these take place on Tuesdays at 8 PM EST and are races of bad retro games, ranging from the NES to Genesis era.

Thanks Wobbly Python for designing the Terrorible Tuesday logo

Spraceshus: Races that I host myself over on my Discord server The Splash Zone (which is no longer open to the public). These take place every other Friday at 10 PM EST, a bi-weekly event. Typically these are either Steam games or harder to emulate games requiring participants to need to be able to use more powerful emulators like Dolphin, demul or Project64 to compete, though I do intend to also do easy to emulate games as well that use BizHawk or RetroArch at some point. The game we race for Spraceshu is voted on by the community on my Discord server.

Falconeering Fridays: Races held by our friend CaptainFalconXNess, now hosted on The Splash Zone. These take place the Friday a Spraceshu does not, meaning it is a bi-weekly event, or on a specified date and time set prior by Falcon himself. They are a bit more sporadic in terms of the games we race, covering numerous platforms.


Terrorible Tuesday:


Falconeering Fridays/Bonus Races:

I’ve got many videos still to work on for this race series and will be trying to get more and more finished and released periodically over the next few weeks, it’s hard work honestly and is rather time consuming. Be sure to check back for updated posts and content!

These races will be uploaded to my YouTube channel Sprasshu, the more views they get, the more entitled I will be to upload them and update this thread.

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Race thread updated with new information regarding Falconeering Fridays, the time slots for when the races take place, and the addition of LTTP rando races, Ancient Caves and Impromptu races. I’ll be posting updates pertaining to new thread updates whenever I change information within the thread or whenever I finished editing a new race and it is uploaded to Youtube.

YouTube Update: The second Spraceshu, the Sonic Adventure 2 Hero Race, is now finished and uploaded to YouTube. Next up on my list will be Portal, which was last week’s Tyme Attack. This race will be a 2-parter. I’ll try to get it uploaded this week.

Also tomorrow at 8 PM EST, the Terrorible Tuesday race will be Micheal Jordan: Chaos In The Windy City. Check it out!

Tonight at 11 PM EST, Mystery Race Tyme Attack. The game we race will be decided by Tymestalker wife, Aya. We currently have 18 participants racing and counting.

Going live in a minute is this week’s Spraceshu race of Crash Bandicoot The Huge Adventure for the GBA.

Also, the Portal races that happened last week for Tyme Attack has been added to the thread.

This week’s STORM race will be taking place at 10 PM EST tonight. The game will be DuckTales for the NES, currently standing at 7 racers and counting. Check it out!

Been a bit slow updating this on account of college taking control, but next race video will be up today. As for races coming up, Friday night at 11 PM EST will be Falconeering Friday, where we will be racing Super Mario RPG.

The goal for that race is still being decided, some people suggesting it be first to beat Mack, some suggesting first to beat Bowyer and some even suggesting first to beat Bundt, though the majority seem to be content with Bowyer as the goal. Check it out!

Scratch that upload, I accidently threw away the winner’s footage without realizing it, so TMNT will be skipped over. Next race going up with be the Spraceshu of Super Mario 64, then 5 different groups racing through last week’s Tyme Attack Mystery Race.

We all got hit with copyright on the DuckTales vods, which muted them on Twitch, so the DuckTales race will not be uploaded to the race thread. In the meantime, still working on editing together Super Mario 64, should be finished and uploaded tomorrow or Tuesday

3 things:

  • First, Super Mario 64 race will be uploaded tomorrow. Would of had it tonight, but I also have to work on a film assignment for college
  • Second, no Terrorible Tuesday this week, will be postponed for next
  • Third and perhaps the biggest one, my contract with Adobe ends on March 16th and I do not intend to renew it. Instead I will be moving down from using Premiere Pro to using Open Shot as my editing software and in April, I will be buying a license for Affinity Photo to replace Photoshop, as well as Audacity to replace Audition

I don’t want to renew the contract because it is expensive for one and for two, Premiere Pro as much as I like it really takes a toll on my computer’s GPU and memory, plus these races aren’t that complex to edit and Open Shot has all the features that I use to make these videos in Premiere Pro. It’s just I would have to learn how to use it is all, but the program is also freeware and it was suggested by my friends I try it out.

With that said, expect no videos for a bit. I might skip over some races due to my contract with Adobe expiring, but the latest I’d be going on hiatus after March 16th would be around the middle of April.

In my haste to finish my film project for college last night, i forgot to render the finished Mario 64 race, so it will be going up tomorrow instead.

As for tonight, Tyme Attack will be a race of the game Wai Wai World 2 at 11 PM EST. Check it out!

Super Mario 64 race uploaded to Youtube and added to the thread, next up Falconeering Friday with Super Mario RPG. As for tonight, we are racing Wai Wai World 2 for the NES/Famicom at 11 PM EST for Tyme Attack. Check it out!

Tonight at a time still undecided (though some of us have agreed upon 6 PM EST), there will be an impromptu Spraceshu race of Sonic Adventure 2, all campaigns. Check it out!

My contract with Adobe Creative Cloud ends in 3 days, and personally I don’t find renewing the contract to be in my best interest so I’m gonna work on editing together one more race and then take a hiatus from editing until I find a new program for image and video editing and properly learn how to use them.

I’m sure that by April I should be back to editing race footage again, at least trying to get one done weekly.

I predict that the Super Mario RPG race we did for Falconeering Friday should be up by the latest Thursday.

Technical difficulty with Super Mario RPG, FlamingRok’s stream footage is really choppy so I’m awaiting an upload of his recorded footage so I can finish editing. As such, the upload will likely be finished by Friday instead of Thursday.

Been on my reading week this week (no school), so I’ll be doing an impromptu Spraceshu of Pac Man World 2 tonight at 11:30 PM EST, as that was what people voted for overall in the strawpoll for deciding tonight’s race.

Friday night is Falconeering Friday, where we will be racing Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga, first to beat Popple And Rookie wins.

As for Super Mario RPG, it is taking a year to render and I’m worried it won’t finish before tonight’s race, meaning I might be scrapping 5 hours of work again unfortunately. Regardless if it gets finished or not, expect an update video in the near future!

Nevermind, Portal 2 beat Pac Man World 2, however if i do get an even number of racers, we will still be doing Pac Man World 2

UPDATE: Race cancelled, no one is interested in racing tonight it seems. With that said, the continuation of Spraceshus are now under threat of being discontinued due to disinterest.

Super Mario RPG also has me in a sour mood with it now rendering for over 10 fucking hours now, and if my contract with Adobe running out cancels the remainder of the rendering process, then expect this thread to not be updated for some time or completely abandoned due to this being one of quiet a few scrapped videos now and the amount of effort I’m putting into these videos not being worth it.

Tomorrow I’ll be updating either the failure or success of Super Mario RPG’s rendering process. Depending on how it goes will determine the fate of the thread.

This week’s Falconeering Friday race is Mario And Luigi Superstar Saga and will be starting in half an hour (11 PM EST). Check it out!

Also, Super Mario RPG is finished and is now up on YouTube!

Struggling to find a new editing program to replace Premiere Pro.

  • Openshot: A program that is just a better Windows Movie maker that doesn’t allow me to edit audio and video seperately. Also dislikes long videos and has a clunky timeline function. Best for short videos.

  • Davinci Resolve 14: Requires alot in terms of system specs and my computer is only at the bare minimum of what is required. Dislikes mp4’s and video in a H.264 format which is how Twitch saves these vods and is an immediate dealbreaker. Shame because besides that it functions just like Premiere Pro or similar enough actually to be a suitable replacement.

  • Lightworks: OK, this one is just complicated to all hell.

First, there are no menus, every is done by right clicking and knowing where to right click to make certain options appear, which makes stuff like transitions difficult to do.

Second, in order to do certain effects, you have to use the keyframe tool alot, you can’t just choose where in the video to put said effect, just doing a simple fade in is a convoluted 5-step process.

Third, Visual effects have there own timeline that appears above the existing, rather than being overlayed on top of the existing timeline like every other editing program, which clutters up the timeline and makes it unorganized and a pain in the ass to work with.

Lastly, and my biggest problem with using Lightworks, you can only work on each portion of the audio and video one at a time which makes editing take 10 times longer than with Premiere Pro. If you have tons of people working on the same project as you, then this is fine, but for a solo content creator, look elsewhere.

  • Hitfilm Express: Crashes uploading a video longer than an hour, never got it to work

I’m now reverting back to my old copy of Sony Vegas Pro 13, what I used to use before getting a Creative Cloud subscription and switching to Adobe Premiere Pro. Hopefully I have better luck using that than I have all these other editing programs