Pretty Amazing To Be Something At Least - Let's Play Night In The Woods

It’s Night in The Woods, you are a cat named Mae who dropped out of college and returns to her hometown of Possum Springs, which much like alot of small towns is just straight up decaying. While you were off at school, some things changed. Also shit’s gonna get weird, and also maybe kinda supernatural.

NOTE: IF YOU HAVE NOT PLAYED THIS GAME AND WANT TO, DONT WATCH THE LP. GO PLAY IT FOR YOURSELF. Alot of the punch this game packs is in seeing where the story goes and in the interaction between characters. Watching it before you play it will remove that impact the story has.

Lucky for you, I have a plan, it is the SELMERS POETRY CONTEST. I have one copy of Night in the Woods to give away on Steam! Here’s how it works! Send a short poem to micolithe at with the Subject “SELMERS.” - I will then post up a poll with all the poems for people to vote on their favorites, your poems will be anonymous on the poll, I’ll reveal who wrote what after the contest ends. But yeah, whoever gets the most votes will win a copy of the game! I’d offer PS4 but there’s no real easy way to gift games on PSN still.

This LP will be a little different than how I usually do them. Anyone who has followed my LP’s in the past will know the format, where I just gather whoever’s online on Discord and drag them into a call and we just shoot the shit. WELL this game is very text and story driven, so in addition to THOSE videos I’ll also be putting up No Commentary versions in case our stupid idiot jokes distract you from reading the text too much.

01: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - Disarmed
02: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - So Much Porn
03: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - Nightmare Eyes
04: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - Nuke Possum Springs
05: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - Crimes
06: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - Ft Lucenne
07: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - Rain and Crusties
08: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - Mechanics
09: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - House Call
10: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - The Juice Zone
11: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - Wounds
12: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - Dinner at Bea’s
13: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - Harfest
14: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - Ghosty Stuff
15: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - The Library
16: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - Rabies
17: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - The Historical Society
18: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - Train Tracks
19: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - Donut Wolf
20: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - Thryy Wyrd Tyyns
21: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - Best Available Friends
22: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - The Nasty Crimeboys
23: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - Possum Jump
24: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - Night Hike
25: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - Black Goat
26: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - What Trolley Thing?
27: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - Rat Mom

01: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - Screaming Forest Ice Babies
02: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - Glundinhorn
03: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - The Huncher’s Hollow
04: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - The Forest God

B1: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - Longest Night

Contest has only just started! I have one copy of NITW to give away on steam! Send your best poem to micolithe at with the subject line SELMERS.
Deadline for entry is March 11th at midnight EST!
After I have gathered the poems there will be a Google Doc here where you can vote on your favorite.

Congrats to Morroque for winning by default.


So this post actually coaxed me into buying the game. I’ve seen a little bit of it already but adored what I saw, so thank you! I hope to return to this thread to gush as I play through myself :slight_smile:

I probably shouldn’t have made this thread at 1 AM so here’s ep 2:

02: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - So Much Porn


but it is such a perfect time to make a thread.

Is “SELMERS” the subject of the poem or just the subject line of the email? Is “SELMERS” a concept in this game that it makes sense for the poem to be of, or do we just send you any poem whatsoever?

subject line of the email

just send me a nice poem

Well, I did my part. Though it is a bit tough that I’m going to have to wait until the 11th to see if I’m playing along with this LP one way or another.

Are you planning on thread voting for any of the “Spend time with X” choices?

Also - I love this damn game so much and I’m so happy that it’s good. (And don’t forget the “Longest Night” prequel game that came the year before Lost Constellation, too.)

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Oh no I’m recording all of them, dont worry. Lots of moving save files out to my external hard drive and back into %appdata% for this LP


Nice. I’m facing two more playthroughs to see everything as I messed up a sidequest you can only finish by doing a scene I already saw.

I just finished my second playthrough today! This game is spectacular. I haven’t connected with something this much in quite a while.

My first playthrough I tried to divide up spending time with friends, but ended up spending most of my time with Bea, so I spent most of the time with Gregg for my second run. I had also missed quite a few events just from getting caught up in wanting to spend time with the friends and ended up progressing a little faster than I should have.

So, I spent my second run trying to explore every screen, and the only thing I know for sure I missed was finding the three pentagrams, and locating the second musician. I found the guy playing violin, but I heard there should be another guy somewhere… No idea how I missed him.

Anyway, yeah! This is an amazing game filled with a lot of details, and that only makes me wish there were a chapter select option because having to restart in order to see everything is just a little annoying. There are so many lines in this game that just made me stop in my tracks in order to really take it in.

Y’all like to party?

03: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - Nightmare Eyes

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No, I live to party motherfucker. Also hey the soundtrack to this game is really good, and everyone should listen to it when it comes out.

Let’s get Lost Constellation rolling.

01: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - Screaming Forest Ice Babies

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Someone hecked up the dudes.

04: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - Nuke Possum Springs

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I’m finally caught up on videos, and I haven’t played Lost Constellation and omg baby Mae! She’s so violent and adorable!

Also gaaaaaasps did you go see Mallard but not find the rat babies living inside of him?? That’s what lets you steal those pretzels!!

I did not know this thank you for the information

Luckily I can still do this without a stupid amount of editing work since I havent recorded everything yet.

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OK I don’t have an update for you yet BUT someone has taken it upon themselves to upload the soundtrack to youtube…

And as a result someone made this and I cant stop laughing.

Makes sense that Mae is an AesRock fan tbh


In the last video, you mentioned that the fourth IM icon was Germ, but I think it’s supposed to be Casey? IIRC he was their drummer, he was also a cat like the icon, and I don’t think Mae knew Germ well enough before to have him on her computer.

It has been pointed out to me by a couple of people that you are probably right.

Also hey an update
05: (Commentary) (No Commentary) - Crimes

Also, just a reminder, I’ve only gotten one entry for the poetry slam and the deadline is Saturday night, if no one else enters they’ll win by default.

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