Practicing is for chumps - It's the Let's Race thread!

(If this is in the wrong area, sorry about that!)

So, who wants to play a game badly on the internet while other people are yelling in your ear about playing a game badly on the internet?

I feel it might be a good idea to have a general thread to talking about the concept of racing games and letting others know about what races are coming up and who is actually hosting races. This can also be a good place to post inquiries about racing and what it takes to race. This can also cover score attacks and the like.

I’ll be putting a directory here of streamers who host races and what races people plan on hosting. If you want to be put up here, let me know and I can add you. Also, let me know the tone of the races you tend to host like if they are meant to be competitive or just for fun.

Channels that host races:
Lolo De Puzlo’s streams (Anyone allowed to enter. Must have Discord)

Upcoming races:
Golf triathlon (Zany Golf, NES Golf, HAL’s Hole in One Golf)
Date: May 5th | Host: Lolo De Puzlo | Tone:: For Fun


These are always a good time, competing or spectating!

As someone who has won two races hosted by Lolo and endured Pilotwings, I can recommend all the suffering these events bring.

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