Post your favorite webcomics!


i really recommend Snarlbear by Natalie Riess, it was completed recently and is really short. from the website:

SNARLBEAR is a comic about a girl’s journey through the dangerous and colorful Rainbow Dimension. On the way she learns about the power of friendship and monster punching.

Namesake by Megan Lavey-Heaton and Isabelle Melançon is another really good one, it’s currently ongoing and is pretty long but it’s worth a read. here’s an excerpt from the about page on the site:

The rules of Namesakes are quite clear - Alices always go to Wonderland. Wendys always go to Neverland. However, Emma finds herself in Oz, where she is expected to act as the latest in a long line of Dorothies. She instead unveils a magical conspiracy plot that’s more than 100 years in the making.

and finally, Never Satisfied by Taylor Robin is another ongoing comic about kids and magic.

Never Satisfied is the story of apprentices competing for the position of magician representative for their city, serving directly under the king. There’s no greater job for a magician, so who could want more?
Never Satisfied features characters that are non-binary, and use the pronouns they, them, and their. When in doubt about which pronouns to use, pay attention to what other characters use, or you can look at the cast page for the main characters.


Only a few of my favorites have been listed so far, but I’m a fan of:

Three Panel Soul, a continuation of Mac Hall, another comic I followed until it ended. Mostly videogame/tech based.

Whomp! a comic of a depressed web comic artist and his struggle with everyday life.

Astral Aves is all about spooky shadow powers and witches.


He Is A Good Boy (Which is probably :nws:) and Back by noted good boy KC Green are both excellent comics.

E: Sorry, He Is A Good Boy definitely covers :tw: territory.


He Is a Good Boy is definitely :tw: as well. Lots of gore and disturbing content. I like it a lot, great to see KC Green branching out into horror.


Alpha Flag updates very sporadically, but I adore it! The symbols and overall theme is just…real neat,imo. It’s about a man called The Diver who finds himself in some place with no concept of who he was, and has to find all the “parts” of himself to find out what’s going on. Bit of a :tw: for trypophobia stuff and some gorey bits (those aren’t too bad,tho)

Not Drunk Enough gets a definite :tw: for gore and body horror stuff,tho. “A quick repair at a huge corporate lab during a late night shift should not have sent Logan into a hellish landscape fraught with monsters, but it looks like Lady Luck decided to give him the middle finger. Logan would like to give one back.”

I’ll also second Paranatural and Mare Internum,but would like to add a :tw: for csa to the latter.


OKAY okkay so
Since y’all already mentioned Cucumber Quest several times, I’m going to have to shill twice as hard for the other webcomic I’m recommending:
The Last Halloween
:tw: :nsfw: For lots of body horror / gore :nsfw: :tw:
From the comic’s about page:

The Last Halloween, Book 1 is the story of Mona and her unusual friends, who must work together to defend humanity from countless horrific monstrosities! Perhaps they will succeed, and humanity will prevail as it always has. Or perhaps this will be… The Last Halloween.

Rendered in beautiful black-and-white hatching, it will have you laughing (or quietly smiling) more than you’d think from something so…gory.

The author, Abby Howard, is pretty great, and pays attention to criticism; for instance, one of her early pages was, well, transphobic. She sat on it, then later altered the page to remove the ‘joke’. She then went on to defend her choice to alter the pages in the comments section.


I started Gunnerkrigg last year and I’ve been so engrossed in the story, especially in the recent chapters holy crap Smitty being stabbed had me worried

Questionable Content seems decent but I’ve still been in the parts about indie rock. Really cool seeing the art evolve though.

Oh yeah, I started on Sleepless Domain but the 2nd chapter’s ending was such a shock with 3 of the girls being killed I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue, but I’m going back to it now just to see where it goes from there.


I’m boring and don’t really have a favorite webcomic. I’d be down for any suggestions of cute webcomics though.

Well, I used to be into Goodbye to Halos. But then Enae got shat on for no real reason. Everybody was spoiling for a fight and then suddenly all the comments don’t want her dying. Big whoop, you wanted this. I might just be bitter because my girlfriend and I saw a lot of ourselves in the two of them, Fenic even being tiny like her. I was also disillusioned because we’ve yet to get any of the cute lesbian shit that was promised. Yeah, okay. You’re definitely a lesbian. That’s why your first kiss was you making out with your gay best friend. Go ahead and make things weird for him sure. I also take issue with “I’ve never been in a real fight before.” then what was the point of the timeskip and why are you fighting a trained fucking soldier or whatever just fine? Again, I’m sorry if I sound bitter I’m just disappointed and I’m gonna go lie down on the floor and feel like trash. I just needed to get that off my chest.


I love gunnerkrigg! what do you think will happen to antimony now since she made that deal to save Smit’s life?

I read Mare Internum, the Meek [both by the same artist!], Bird Boy, Vattu, Johnny Wander, and Monster Pulse.
A lot of the comics that I used to read, the artist either quit the comic or they’re doing other things, which is cool but some comics don’t have conclusions and it’s like :’ c


I really don’t know what will happen to Annie but it doesn’t look good…the most recent chapter was super cute for a change.



This is my thread since over the past 15 years or so I have read over 100 webcomics in my time - a lot of them have ended or are not really that good but I have two quick ones to suggest:

First Parisa Comic a relatively new webcomic (only at 125 pages long.) about two kids going on an adventure. It is basically one of the cutest webcomics I currently read:

Second on a long running comic which hasn’t been put up (despite someone already bringing up Questionable Content.) Dumbing of Age by David Willis. A semi-autobiographical comic about Joyce Brown going to College from her christian homeschooling. It contains a realistically proportioned number of LGBTQ characters (Around 80%+). [People who have been around webcomics a while may know that a lot of these characters were part of his previous comic Its Walky/Roomies/Shortpacked - but this is a whole seperated continuity without Aliens and Robots and Historically accurate Jesus.]


This might be because I’m a contrarian but I had to give up on Cucumber Quest. There’s just something about it that frustrates me and I can’t put my finger on it. Like, it feels like the author is a bit too precious about her characters? I definitely hate Almond, but I’ve always disliked “spunky” characters.

I had problems with her other work, Lady of the Shard. It just felt too melodramatic but had such an easy resolution.

I enjoyed Cucumber Quest for a while, bit it just started to grate it on me


Being too precious is kinda on point.

She never lets her jokes rest. The same gags and situations repeat nonstop since ch1.

"Cucumber wants to be normal… But nope! HAHA! “
” look at this! Ain’t this unexpected!? HAHA! "

Gave up around part 2,when the glasses mermaid girl did not add anything new to the mix.


Unintentional bump oops. Also agreeing with some previous things about Cucumber Quest - stuck around til Rosemaster and was pretty disappointed with everything after that. :slight_frown:

I definitely recommend Night Physics if you like furries, and also bad decisions. Also I’m kind of in love with the art style.


Yo I love this comic and I love powerlifting


I can’t believe no one has mentioned Stand Still, Stay Silent It’s a gorgeous post-apocalyptic comic with Nordic mythology and characters. The first adventure just finished, the second one just begun.