post near puns in this thread; NIER AUTOMATA

came out a few days back in america. So far, im loving it, even though im only a couple hours in. Kinda weird that fist weapons so rare.

when i first found emil’s shop i laughed forever

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I’m waiting for the PC release, which is probably dumb, but whatever Platinum’s games on PC have run pretty well in the past and it’s already pre-purchased.

Shame I’m not already playing it, but at least the release date is so nier.

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I was initially not a big fan of the plot because it seemed all over the place but I’m glad: It’s doing that thing Nier does by going into boss backstories as you kill em. That said I’m only past the opera boss so let’s see how insane this journey really becomes

Only two issues so far:

  • The camera can be super weird sometimes
  • Dodge counters for certain weapons can be useless on certain enemies.

Also this topic is definitely gonna become walls of spoiler text cause like everything so far is neat and weird.

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I am loving the shit out of this game to the point where I have to stop myself from playing more than a few hours at a time in case I just kinda cease any sort of life outside of N:A.

Also did anyone else do the robot philosopher quest where you find his admirers, give him their gifts and THEN have to go back to all 3 of them without unlocking the savepoint travel system? Because that almost killed me.


Does anyone know if the optimization on the PC release is any good? I know it just came out but I saw the specs and it seems graphics wise to be a bit too much for what it is.

Love that quest. Going by 9S’ rant, I kinda get the impression that Yoko Taro really doesn’t like Sartre.

Currently wrapping up a bunch of sidequests that are way above my level. Thank goodness weapon upgrades give such a huge boost to damage or this would be impossible.

On my second playthrough

I’m on Route B to be more specific, holy shit the part with Simone was so fucking good.

This time I’ll do all the sidequests I missed and upgrade weapons for those sweet, sweet stories.


Finished the game last night and couldn’t sleep for hours. I can’t believe the game pulls off this stunt.

This is everything I ever wanted a Nier sequel to be.

Also, that Emil sidequest with the lunar tears got me straight in the damn feels. Especially if you do the follow-up sidequests where you honor the dead in it.

(How do you even have a discussion in this thread, because everything is a massive spoiler until the very end?)

(How do you even have a discussion in this thread, because everything is a massive spoiler until the very end?)

You don’t! Like I’d say right after the intro level you just start spoiler covering everything.

Mechanics wise how are people enjoying it though? This definitely isn’t Platinums best Action game work (to me) but for an Action RPG it’s perfect. I like how the chip system allows broken and fun stuff.

Auto Heal +5 where after 6 seconds of taking no damage you heal 7% your max hp per second. Combined with Overclock +3 where you get witch time on dodge for 4 seconds means a lot of times I get hit I get the chance to heal all that damage back up.

Also setup a chipset with Drop Rate Up, Auto-Collect Item & Item Scan then try to use moose/boar to get around instead of transport. You should rack up tons of materials just by getting around the world.

Don’t forget that Cool Kid Emil’s shop can have materials for sale like warped wires and stretched coils which I foolishly tried grinding out. Side quests should also get you a bunch of materials too so do focus on those before you attempt to grind out materials.

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Honestly, after having just really beaten it, this game is just amazing.

I admit, for awhile there I wasn’t feeling it. I still don’t like 2B or 9S’s designs and still don’t like them as characters as much as Emil or Kaine from the first game, and even Nier himself(Who I still love for being a uggo old man in a jrpg)

But as I got into the real start of the story/route C, I slowly began to love it more. A2 is a nicer design than the other 2 imo and I’ve got a soft spot for Cherami Leigh. Story beat after story beat I was getting hooked as all hell, right up to the ending.

One thing I’m still confused on though are [spoiler]Popola and Devola. I thought the game was making it clear they’re /not/ the P&D from Nier, but after the text adventure bit the Pod mentions them having their memories erased, is that implying they ARE the same Pop n Dev just without memory of being them? Also my memory of Nier is a tad fuzzy but i don’t remember the twins turning against the project, so I assume they just got blamed for Nier/Kaine/Emil’s disaster. Either way I’m sad they didn’t really get anything til the end.

Also I hate what they did with Emil.[/spoiler]

I’m never going to stop screaming this game is so good

Oh man I just beat this game and am echoing the sentiment that it didn’t draw me in until it really got going and then I was 100% hooked and it’s cool as hell.


To explain how I read it, ALL Popola/Devola models (Of which 2 were assigned to each group of Replicants) were brainwashed to A), erase their memories of the deep inner workings of the Gestalt project, and B) generate constant feelings of guilt over “causing” the failure of the project. In actuality, most of the blame can be placed solely on (Brother) Nier, and Popola and Devola were used as scapegoats and punching bags so they could at least blame SOMEBODY for that massive string of fuckups. More to the point, I think the implication is that text story is a different group of P&D models as well, showing something that’s more the case of where their model type usually ends up. In addition, IIRC didn’t Popola and Devola give Nier some aid/direction toward “curing” the black scrawl instead of doing the smart (read: horrible and nasty but better for humanity) thing of going “she’s dead, buddy” and quietly locking him in a basement when he refused to stop looking into it? My memory of Nier is a bit fuzzy too honestly though so I could be remembering their role in the early stages of the plot.


[spoiler]Yeah, Popola and Devola were super good because they were super sad characters. (I assume) they did actually care about the replicants but they couldn’t disobey the Project directly.

Though with the different models thing, didn’t they say after the failure of Gestalt all the P&D models(save for them) were disassembled?[/spoiler]

I think they were only APPROVED for disassembly, which I took to mean that those overseeing the project just no longer cared what happened to them, hence it being considered okay for the resistance to work them to death, other androids to attack them, etc even after the last humans were gone. I overall really like how they were handled because it was a sort of pointed jab at how pointless the whole project ended up ultimately being and what I ended up taking from it was the whole Gestalt project was doomed from the moment Replicants started becoming self-aware because it was all predicated on androids, Replicants, and everything the humans made NOT becoming more like their creators.

Also sorry for the [REDACTED]s guys! Not only is it fun to play, it’s a super interesting game to talk about too!

Hegel is a bad, bad boss.

God this game is amazing. Also sorry for the spoil text, this game just has so much to talk about in it


I am 100% fine with spoil text, it’s sorta expected with this game.

E: God damn I like Taro Yoko:


I beat NieR last night. Got Ending C. Now it’s time to go back and do all the sidequests I didn’t do the first time. And get the rest of the endings.

What a good god damn game.

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