Pokémon: 801 Species in 20 Years


According to Siliconera, you can get a special Salazzle on September 4th at Gamestop. Which is kind of weird to me, cause I thought those special promotions were reserved usually for legendaries or mystics. It knows corrosion, which is it’s default ability anyways. So I really don’t know why this is a special distribution. But if you want a free focus sash, well, there you go.


I’ve been replaying the Gen 1 games from the e-shop off and on for the past few weeks. It’s so weird playing by the older rules. I decided to give Tentacool a shot since I’ve never used it, but the lack of a special defense/attack split makes it punch in a higher weight class than it does in later gens.

Also I may have abused the time capsule trade thing to give half my team some form of elemental punch in gen 2 and then trade them back.I forgot how long Charmander had to go between getting ember and flamethrower. Having a fire-punch stopgap feels perfectly valid.