Nioh: Pulsing Ki Like It's 1600


Smacks self in the forehead I completely forgot summoning was a thing. I’m used to doing a no summon runthrough of Dark Souls games but I think I need to get rid of that dumb pride and just actually get help for fights.


Honestly I was just constantly sprinting away from her until she charged in and I had a window


If you’re using dual swords, the charging slashing attack skill is pretty good for hit and run on her. I don’t know if there are any axe skills that would work as well.


Summoning really helped out as well as me actually remembering to use my spirit, I always frget I have that thing. Maybe axes weren’t the best choice fr me and I should have gone with something faster.


So, pro tip for people who didn’t figure it out (like me), but you can play a tutorial mission in the Dojo after you beat the opening levels. This unlocks some basic skills for your Ninja skill tree.

Also, you can buy ammo and a respec book at the Blacksmith.


Yeah, definitely play the dojo training missions. More unlock as you go through the game and they unlock new tiers of skills (and cool equipment, too).


I’m feeling like I should restart on a new character and try light armor and fast moves


if you have access to the blacksmith, you should be able to buy a book of reincarnation to respec


I’ve been doing a light/medium armor build and trying to master the sickle, it’s going… okay. The vampire lady was hell for me but I eventually realized that if you throw stuff at her when she’s in the air and otherwise unhittable, you can knock her down into a stun state. It’s super useful.
Also, can we talk about how great it is that this game has cosmetic customization?


Hot Hino-enma tips:

  • Anti-paralysis equipment is handy here but all you want is to make sure she can’t trigger paralysis from one ranged attack. She’s insanely weak to lightning too it seems after watching the bf try it.
  • Weapons wise I used low stance dual swords cause they’re fast and the dodge is better. I tried High stance spear too and the range on light attacks is safe too.
  • You can move just slightly left or right when she opens with the dash attack. Puts you closer to her then dodging and you can pull off a combo.
  • For her spinning attack dodge backwards and block, you should be able to dodge two hits and block the third for little Ki loss.
  • Her kick attacks are a good window to attack, it’s two side kicks and you can bait her into a third somersault kick that you can easily dodge and get in a combo.
  • There’s enough time between some of her attacks to actually shoot her with an arrow. No aiming needed just L2 then fire. It’s insanely satisfying.
  • As said before if she’s flying hurl shurikens or kunai at her to do Ki damage and get a chance to wreck her. Arrows just did normal damage for me while she was in the air.
  • ABKP: Always Be Ki Pulsing and get the Living Water skills like Thyme suggested.


Also, use Antiparalytic Needles. The level before Hino-Enma gives you a few and you can use them while you’re paralyzed to instantly cure it.


Just respec! Your first Book of Reincarnation at the blacksmith is cheap (10k coins) and it gives back all your amrita and skill points so you can spend them again.


I still haven’t really settled into a playstyle yet. I’ve pumped up strength, magic and spirit and everything’s been good so far.


What’s kind of cool is that you never really have to settle into a playstyle. A few posts up I posted a link to a Reddit thread I made where I tested some things about weapon scaling. Here’s what I found:

  • There are no soft caps. You’re going to get good returns on your stat investment all the way from 5 to 99.
  • Even though there are no soft caps, the difference between B+ scaling and C+ scaling is only about 24 damage when you’re at 80ish of that stat, and about 30 damage with C scaling. And since every weapon scales with three stats, that means you’re really not punished for diversifying at all.
  • Both Skill and Strength scale four weapons each. Skill is the main scaling stat for dual katanas and also has at least C-rank scaling with katanas, spears, and kusarigama. Strength is the main scaling stat for axes, and also has D+ to C scaling with most katanas and dual katanas, and C scaling with spears. Since those are two of the main armor stats, you’re going to increase one or both anyway.

Here’s the thread if you want numbers.


The cutscenes so far feel weird and disconnected, after the first stage Hanzo mentions you should meet Kanbei Kuroda but you don’t really meet him outside of a text blurb for the next mission. The after said mission you get a cutscene with him instead of one actually introducing him.


Yeah i’m not getting a feeling so far that my stat choices are forcing me with one weapon, more like I’ll be better with and axe but can still wreck stuff with anything else.

Course we’ll see how that sticks further in the game.


The cutscenes start to get more dramatic towards the end, and a little more plentiful, but they’re always a little weird and disconnected. It feels like they had enough story to sustain a game with like a third of the missions Nioh has.

I find it kind of charming, though, in a weird way, especially in some of the later missions where they start acting like William has established strong relationships with some characters whom you’ve seen exactly once in a cutscene before. Like it’s objectively bad storytelling but it’s done in such a hammy way that I find it endearing.


I like it’s goofyness, like post second mission scene

Kunoichi that was there just to deliver a sick burn on Will and left.


Yeah, turns out she’s (super mild spoiler, like not an actual plot spoiler) an important character that you’re not going to see again in a cutscene for like three regions but who gives you a ton of missions and the next time you see her in a cutscene I guess you’re best pals now?

Also I loved that scene. It really was a sick burn.

I wish we got to hear William try to speak Japanese. He never does. He always speaks English and I guess we’re supposed to assume that whoever he’s talking to either understands English perfectly (we know Hanzo does, at least), or we’re just hearing him speak English but he’s actually speaking Japanese.


I think the ghost-cat also translates for him.