Nioh: Pulsing Ki Like It's 1600


I got the impression that it just magically taught him Japanese and that’s all. There are times later when ghost-cat (the best character) isn’t hanging out with you but William can still understand Japanese and be understood, at least.


I was grinding out the Last Chance Trial level because I wanted to get the gear set from there, and I ended up styling the fuck out of the boss.


When things go right in Nioh, things go really right. It feels amazing to dance around a boss and kill them with style.


I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. Now that I have the Ox spirit and raging bull armor almost full set I can actually play kinda like a tank and even trade with bosses. That with the ability to heal on gaining amrita and I’ve managed to come out as a big axe fuckin dude,

Ok that phrasing made more sense in my head. T_T


I hit a wall with what I think is the last boss of the second area, so I bounced out and happened to get my first Twilight mission that I could do. Sadly it was the second level, which I’d already seen in Twilight from the demo, but I can confirm that if you’re hugely overlevelled then Hino-Enma becomes a lot easier to fight.


Wow I knew statuses were strong in this game but after seeing a blinding shell mess up the Oni boss I might dig into more status effect skills.


Notes from the end of the game:

  • Onmyo magic is the shit.
  • Katanas are the shit, as is parrying. Get Haze and Haze II if you use a katana and learn how to time it, because you can do some hilarious things like take out a samurai duel boss with nothing but parries and counterattacks. As far as I can tell, the parry timing for the katana parries is that you want the enemy’s attack to hit you just as you start to flip your katana over (you’ll know what I mean if you watch the parry animation). Really I think you just have to get it on instinct eventually, but it feels awesome when you do.
  • The story pretty much takes a vacation for like the middle third of the game but the last third is just non-stop entertaining and it rules.


Yes, status effects are extremely effective in Nioh. What’s kind of interesting is that, unlike most games where they’re less effective on bosses, in Nioh they’re more effective on bosses, because you have more time to build them up and stack them. Onryoko gets cheesed by blinding, for example. Lots of yokai get owned if you lightning them, because it’s basically a mini-Sloth Talisman. If you can ever land Discord you’ve basically won the fight.


I got some guardian talisman(I think that’s what they’re called) and I’m enjoying this Twilight mission by using the bull/ox to stampede the Wheelmonks.


Hell yes, the Guardian Spirit Talisman is really good. It’s the only good attack spell, I think. The [Element] Shot talismans aren’t worth much, even for stacking status effects, but the Guardian Spirit one kicks ass.

Every guardian spirit has a different attack they do when you summon them, too. Some of the later ones do huge AoEs or sweet multi-hit combos. Also, if you’re not aware yet, hitting triangle+circle while already in Living Weapon mode does the same attack as the Guardian Spirit Talisman does for the cost of some of your Living Weapon bar. I try to do that when it’s about to run out to get a lot of mileage out of the last bit of the bar.


Yus I figured that one out too.
I tried the dog and ox attacks. Ox seems sorta short range but can wreck a group and the status effect messes up their Ki.


Beat the game today. Extremely good and hard and silly. Very silly.

Post-game content is really cool, and I’m excited to see where the DLC’ll go. Going to spend some time farming and finishing up content before it arrives, at any rate. Some of the NG+ / post game stuff is -extremely- tough.


I’m really looking forward to NG+. I have I think three story missions left before I get there and then it’s gonna be divine equipment and crazy combinations of yokai all day long.


Did my first Twilight mission on the first mission. It was fun and jesus did it give a ton of amrita.

It was a fun twist on the mission and I really liked Onryoki getting a new attack where he throws the ball quicker.

I was checking out blinding effects against him and what it effects aside from his throw attacks missing completely. So when blinded he can start an attack at you but the attack wont track you and will continue moving forward.

When I fight Hino-enma again i’ll mess around with status effect on her.


I just made it to the third area, so I’m well behind everyone else. My favourite tactic so far has been to use light armour and dual swords low stance, and then basically play the game like Bloodborne. However I might start switching up my weapons, even just to get the titles. I’m also playing around with magic and ninjitsu because one of the sub missions in this area has a free Book of Reincarnation, so I thought I might as well level them up enough to unlock the Dojo missions and see how well they complement my fighting style.


Always be switching up stances. If you realize you can do a couple of low stance hits in an opening then try a high stance to focus on draining ki.

Oh also fun thing: Stones can fuck up Oni. Throw one at the right angle and it’ll hit his head, instantly draining all ki and knocking him over.


Huh. I never really bothered changing stances during a combo, as it seemed a bit too awkward. I guess the fact that there’s a skill rewarding doing it should have clued me in to it being a valid strategy.

On the equally “well, duh” moments - it took me an embarrassingly long time to realise that the point of the “Way Of The Warrior: Adept” fight was that you should use your Samurai skills to do damage. Whirlwind for the win!


Not really during combos but when you get more used to openings on enemies then start switching styles.

I used low stance on the axe for a while on that Twilight mission until I got used to the oni openings and then switched to high stance for more damage and ki reduction.


Learning how to use your weapon’s parry moves is really satisfying. Nothing beats parrying (endgame boss spoiler) Oda Nobunaga all day long.


Turns out being polite is all the wall demon actually wanted.