Nioh: Pulsing Ki Like It's 1600


I really hated the hat they give you in the intro level. It made my character look like a redditor.


I liked it, it was super goofy and dumb looking on my hot Irish Not-Geralt


I’m waffling back and forth on whether I want to use onmyo magic heavily in this build or not. I think I’m either going Heart/Magic/Spirit or Heart/Body/Spirit, depending on whether having a secondary strong weapon (spears) is more fun/valuable than having more powerful onmyo spells. One thing that makes me want strong onmyo magic are the spells that let you charge your Living Weapon faster, both by increasing the multiplier on your amrita gauge and by making every hit you do spill amrita everywhere.

People over in the SA thread seem really disappointed in Nioh’s magic, but I think they’re just thinking of it like sorcery from Dark Souls–they see a spell that shoots a projectile and go, “That’s Soul Arrow! Wait, why does it do so little damage? Magic sucks.” But magic isn’t about the direct damage: it’s about status effects. Status effects own hard in Nioh, both the elemental ones (which you can stack two of to hit the enemy with Discord and kill their Ki regen completely) and the non-elemental ones (poison with high ninjutsu power does tons of damage).


Wait, you can shoot the big demon in the boat? I just got really good at dodging and rolling around his attacks and then slicing him up. Also, I feel like I said I was planning on playing all axes earlier, or at least at some point, but Mugeshige’s sword + gear set is too good


You still have it! Your silly soldier uniform is in your storage box.


I assume I get a storage box after I finish this first actual boss.


Yeah, it’s at the “starting point” on the mission select map that you’ll get to as soon as you finish that mission.

You can also visit a blacksmith there and use the “Refashion” option to make armor look like other armor. Want your full set of heavy samurai armor to look like dorky English guard armor? No problem, costs like 300 gold per piece. As far as I can tell, no restriction based on armor type, either. You can make light armor look like heavy and vice-versa.


Can I make the chest piece invisible?


due to grinding Tachibana’s gear set, I accidentally made myself too powerful for the next level. Boss of the first Chugoku mission ain’t too tough.


Beat the boat boy, turns out all I had to do was use power pills & a fire talisman to take my damage from 100 from buttstabs to 300 plus fire damage.

I do seriously feel like the only issue with that boss was inflated stats.


Twilight finally rolled around for me on the first level so I decided to try it out and got my first Twilight Mission done. For some reason I was expecting them all to be end game content but that was pretty easy, really.


How’s everyone’s Nioh-ing going? If anyone’s interested, I did some research on soft-caps that you can find on Reddit here and some research on armor types and their damage reduction differences that I can post here if you want.

I’ll save you a click on that Reddit link if you don’t feel like reading the whole post, though: ain’t no softcaps, comrade. But at the same time, the differences between the letter grades for weapon scaling are small enough that you’re also not punished for being a generalist. The difference between going all-in on Heart and splitting my levels between Heart and Skill was like 10 damage for my katana, so being a generalist with the Skill or Strength stats, for example, is a perfectly fine idea.


Beat the second boss on the third try, that was a lot easier then the first thanks to a more open arena.

I’ve decided to keep William shirtless for the rest of the game.


Folks are already figuring out the punchyfist run strats and here I am swapping between weapons every time I find a new easy grind gear set. Red Demon set’s pretty good, by the way.


Yeah, the Red Demon set owns. I ended up leveling both Strength and Skill to 13 so I could use either light or medium armor, whichever I have a better set for.


Now that people are running the maths on stuff, have they figured out if elemental weapons are a good idea? They were overpowered in the second demo, but now that I’ve got a couple they don’t seem to be doing any more damage in total than non-elemental ones.


Sweating Ok how do I beat demon wings lady.

I’m having so much trouble with that boss are they just really hard when you’re a heavy armor axe build? It just feels like I can’t really get hits in or dodge some of the attacks but I imagine there must be a way. I really struggle with understanding the i frames in this game.


Keep your distance, she likes to charge and then stand still for a couple seconds a whole lot. Also, when she shouts do a side roll to dodge her paralysis shot.


Her paralysis I don’t find hard to dodge but like all the spinning attacks I just can’t figure out. Dodging to the side doesn’t seem to work, nor dodging towards her to get behind, or dodging away. She’s so deadly up close but I always struggle to even get away from her. I imagine I’ll eventually get it but yikes does this boss feel magnitudes tougher than the previous two.


If you get completely stonewalled, you can always summon at the shrine. (That’s what I did in the demo.) All her worst attacks are single-target or super short range, so if there are two of you she becomes a lot easier.