NBA 2FE: Black Eagle Dunk Force

Fodlan, the year 1185: After 5 long years of war and no end in sight, the three major powers met in an attempt to reach an agreement. After three days of intense negotiation; Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude gave in and decided that the only way to determine a winner was to have a contest. The contest in question?


(Credit to @Seismic_Xsparda for the image)

Welcome to NBA 2FE!

What is this?

I am simulating an entire season of NBA 2k, with themed teams from Fire Emblem games, mainly Three Houses.

Will there be NBA Players?

No! Every major team has players and I have attempted to represent them all as characters from their region/game. Ex. Enbarr Eagles have the Black Eagles Students and Jeritza, making 10 players. (One NBA Player survived the Great Roster Purge but we’ll get to him)

What do you mean, major teams?

Each region has at least one team that represents a major faction in Fire Emblem. The other teams are what I call ‘NPC Teams’. ‘NPC Teams’ have the same players as other NPC Teams, but growth amongst them can differ significantly. The NPC teams will fight for the coveted 7th and 8th seeds, most likely, but in my test season, the top teams lost to the bottom teams surprisingly often.

Why are there teams outside of Three Houses?

My initial plan was to mod NBA2k20 to have the models from characters in both Three Houses and FE Warriors. That project turned out to be a little ambitious to my skill level at the moment; but I’m not ruling it out for the next season!

What can we do?

The audience has a couple of options here. You can:

  1. Sponsor an NPC team, and help determine any trades, player growth, coaching style choices, etc., that will make your team better

  2. Make yourself an NPC player!  Just request the team, position, and any particular look you want, and I’ll work to make it possible!

  3. Find a team to hate or love!  Just enjoy the ride!

Add-on: NBA2k just got around to adding the WNBA, but they haven’t added a woman Create a Character unless you go in with a cheat engine. It’s super lame and I’m not about it, but I’m working with what I know atm.

Anyways. Here are the Conferences, Divisions, and Teams:

Southern Fodlan Conference

A conference filled with hateful rivalries, physical play, and backstories that won’t be expanded on until the DLC.

Central Fodlan Division

Garreg Mach Dragons, Charon Knights, Ailell Flames, Airmid Pelicans, Garreg Mach Town Basketball Club

Southern Fodlan Division

Enbarr Eagles, Brigid Warriors, Nuvelle Mariners, Fort Merceus Cavaliers, Real Morfis BC

Fates Division

Honor of Hoshido, Glory of Nohr, Valla Spectres, Macedon Whitewings, Valentia Royals

Northern Fodlan Conference

Forged in the harsh winters (and mild weather), this conference is home to the Test League Champs Fhirdiad Lions. It’s also home to three separate 3-0 series chokefests so I don’t know what to expect.

Northwest Fodlan Division

Fhirdiad Lions, Western Church Friars, Rhodos Coast Raiders, Albinea Seahawks, Sreng BC

Northeast Fodlan Division

Leicester Golden Deer, Eastern Church Monks, Gentlemen’s Recreational Club of Gloucester, Almyra Falcons, Agartha Beasts

Ylissean League

Ylisse Shepherds, Plegia Wizards, Valm Conquerors, Friege Thunder, Sacae Flash

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This post will be edited frequently for current matchdays:

Matchday 1:

Almyra @ Valentia
Ylisse @ Plegia

Matchday 2:

Charon @ Nuvelle
Ailell @ Garreg Mach Town
Airmid @ Fort Merceus
Sreng @ Valla
Eastern Church @ Brigid
Nohr @ Archanea
Morfis @ Leicester
Hoshido @ Agartha
Albinea @ Fhirdiad
Valm @ Friege
Western Church @ Rhodos Coast

I’ll capture video for about 3 of these games, then sim into game day 3, so the big question is: which 3 would you prefer?

I want to see Albinea @ Fhirdiad, Nohr @ Leicester, and Almyra @ Valentia.

Also, can you go into more detail on sponsoring NPC teams? Like, I can’t tell which teams are NPC teams and which aren’t NPC teams from the listing.

And, not to ask for too much, but can we get a blank bracket to fill out? I don’t know if we’re at the point where we need a bracket, but I’d like to fill one out once we are.

Of course!

Most of the teams are technically NPC teams, the list is as such:

Charon, Ailell, Airmid, GarregMachTown, Brigid, Nuvelle, Fort Merceus, Morfis, Valla in the Southern Conference.

Western Church, Eastern Church, Rhodos Coast, Sreng, Albinea, Gloucester, Almyra, Agartha, Plegia, and Valm in the Northern Conference.

If you sponsor one of these teams, there are options in-game for me to increase player stats, have scouts and players focus on particular things to improve, change how the coaches coach, etc. I can also build a big draft board so you can pick who you want to draft to build up your team!

In terms of the playoffs, we’ll get there and I’ll make a bracket for everyone to fill out. I’m gonna make a playoff prediction thing today and link it as well!

Edit: Agartha and Valm are unique cases as you cannot custom improve Kronya on Agartha or Valhart on Valm, but everyone else on those teams are fair game.


Awesome. I want to sponsor one of the teams. Albinea, if that’s alright.

You got it! Albinea is yours! I’ll post up some stuff tonight to give you a better idea of what you can do.


Alright, final effortpost. This is the perfect time to explain training a team and players. The basics, at least.

This is the Training Menu. Team Development, Player Development, and Injury History are useless day 1, so let’s focus on the other 4 menus.

Training Schedule shows you the upcoming week and what your team is focusing on. For instance, if you want to focus on flashy play, it might be good to focus to physicality and fundamentals. You can’t change that in this menu, but it will give you a good overview for your weekly plan.

Mentorship will be hard on the npc team, but the basic idea is that it’s similar to pair up. Two players can work together to improve faster, and if a player gets a badge (a special ability), they can teach it to their mentee. Cool concept, but I’m not sure how useful it will be in the first season.

This is the first section of Team Development. This is where you can determine what particulars you want to focus on. You can have each player type (center, forward, etc) focus on different things, or have them work on something unilaterally.

This determines how hard your team will work as a unit in each practice. I recommend resting before back to backs (2 games in 2 days), but it’s up to you and your basketball journey.

This determines what percentage of the practice is focused on what.

Individual focus is for if you feel like a player just needs a different direction. You can make a couple players focus on passing while the rest focus on sick dunks, for instance.

Your goal through this is to make your very own team of 3-13 Snipers, or whatever analogy you wanna use.

No Tellius team? Thumbs downing this thread immediately.

Just kidding, i’m all in and I shall sponsor Sreng BC.

I know nothing about basketball but I would like Sreng BC to be tactically vicious so I guess that means we’re gonna be honing the fundamentals to a knife’s edge. I haven’t seen the players in Sreng BC yet but I want players in certain positions (center, forward, etc) to be hyper specialized to be the best at their given position and I think that means my team is going to be very vulnerable to injuries and fouling because I’ll have nobody to substitute in to cover anyone else effectively since all my players are experts at One Role and One Role Only.

TL;DR please be nice to my team.

I would very much like to be sponsoring of the Brigid team please

I’d like to sponsor Nuvelle. Not because I plan on stomping any and all indoor matches. I just think they’re neat.

I have a general idea of what I want from my Albinean team, but I might describe it strangely because, despite spending my entire life in Indiana, I know almost nothing about strategy in basketball, I just know the rules and basic terms.

I want everyone to train in physicality with an emphasis towards quickness. On top of that, I want most of the team to train in passing while the remainder train in dunking. I want a rough passer-to-dunker ratio of 3:2. You can decide which positions are passers and which are dunkers because I don’t know enough to make that decision.

I mainly want to push speed to the limit. I might revise this to include more tactical training once I know more about it, but right now I want to get my team’s basics down.

. . . And I want them to come in to this:

@Jenner You got it, Sreng is yours!

@yerpalhal Brigid is yours! Anything you want them to do before I start the first set of games tonight?

@Fefnir Ah!! I’m cross posting on another forum, and someone nabbed Nuvelle last night! :sob: Is there another team you’d be interested in?

@LoakaMossi Alright, I’ve set you up: all the point guards are focusing on passing and tactics, while everyone else is getting faster. In terms of music, I’ll add it in, and i think there’s an option to make it the home music. I’ll give it my best shot, and it will at least be in the game.

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I’ll go with Fort Merceus, then.

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Sounds good! Consider it done.

I am sure they will be fine as is

its time…

to play basketballllll!

I would like to sponsor the Gerreg Mach Dragons as that owl what hoots and flies around and drops those handy feathers for easy friendship points.

So, I’m incredibly curious about this lone real NBA Player who survived the Great Roster Purge. I hope he is someone who will seamlessly fit in with the Fire Emblem universe. And now, even though I know nothing about sports of any kind, I am wondering what NBA players would fit in best in a Fire Emblem game…

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I don’t know the game super well or anything, so I guess I’ll start broad and mostly go defensive (is that physical + tactical?) since that fits the team’s theme. Except one character who’s my designated Caspar. He gets whatever training makes him super aggressive.

@bigOwlGuy I made you an npc player for Garreg Mach!

@Fefnir , I would say that it’s all three, but mostly fundamentals. Rebounding, ball control, and shot contesting are all under that. And defensive IQ and pressure are under tactical. I put all that in, and have your team focusing on speed and vertical in the physical department. Your designated “Caspar” is working on shooting through contact, drawing fouls, and chaos dunking!

This is the final preseason post, as I got a couple requests to talk about the 11 Non-NPC teams:

Fhirdiad Lions
Test League Finish: Champion
Playoff Record: 16-8

Early Starting Lineup: Ingrid, Felix, Sylvain, Dimitri, Dedue

The Fhirdiad Lions had an intense season in the test league. For most of the season, they dominated the league on the back of Dedue and Dimitri. Once the playoffs started, however, it become the Sylvain show featuring Ingrid and Mercedes. They had a lot of injuries early in the season, in particular Felix was lost for months with an high ankle sprain. The playoffs are notable for the Lions, as they came back from 3 games down in the conference finals against Leicester, and then almost blew a 3-1 series lead against Garreg Mach. In the end, Mercedes’ 17 points per game led the team to a game 7 victory and the championship.

Garreg Mach Dragons
Test League Finish: Runners Up (lost 3-4)
Playoff Record: 15-5

Early Starting Lineup: Hanneman, Shamir, MByleth, Rhea, Catherine

Garreg Mach’s season was a plethora of ups and downs. The season started with injuries to Shamir and Byleth, putting them in a huge hole in the Southern Fodlan Conference standings. By the time of the playoffs, they were 5 games back on Enbarr. They swept through the playoffs, though, only losing once to Enbarr en route to a Finals appearance.

Then Manuela got hurt
Then Rhea got hurt
Then Seteth got hurt

They had a noble comeback in games 3, 5, and 6, but it was just too much to overcome. Look for things to get personal between Garreg Mach and Enbarr this year, as all the injuries happened in game 5 of their matchup. (Thanks Hubert)

Edit: Just gonna mention an interesting stat I forgot: Hanneman averaged 5 turnovers a game. His fellow point guard Flayn had more assists and only 2 turnovers a game in similar minutes. Hanneman only lost his starting job for one game.

Leicester Golden Deer
Test League Finish: Conference Finals (Lost to Fhirdiad 3-4)
Playoff Record: 11-7

Starting Lineup: Leonie, Claude, Hilda, Lorenz, Raphael

The poster children of “How can you be this talented but also this bad?”, Leicester had a season of insanity in the test league. The team relied solely on Leonie to score 30-40 points a game, and if she didn’t manage it, the team would likely lose. They barely eked out the top seed over Fhirdiad in the regular season. After sweeping the first round of the playoffs, they almost choked away a 3-0 series lead against an NPC team (Now Albinea), then did choke away a 3-0 series lead against Fhirdiad. The first quarter of Leicester games are telling: If Lorenz is taking most of the shots, the team will likely lose.

Enbarr Eagles
Test League Finish: Conference Finals (Lost to Garreg Mach 1-4)
Playoff Record: 9-4

Starting Lineup: Edelgard, Bernadetta, Caspar, Ferdinand, Hubert

The most bizarre story is the one of Enbarr. After a regular season with only 10 losses, and two 4-0 sweeps that were embarrassingly dominant, they came out completely flat against Garreg Mach, only managing to steal game 4 with a last second 3 by Dorothea. This team never had a consistent go-to scoring option in the previous season, but if Edelgard didn’t get double digit assists, the team would struggle. Expect a little more focus on the big prize, and more rest from a team that never rested last season. Think of them like the Bad Boy Pistons.

Ylisse Shepherds
Test League Finish: Second Round (Lost to Fhirdiad 2-4)
Playoff Record: 6-5

Starting Lineup: Robin, Sully, Cordelia, Chrom, Frederick

Last year they were an NPC team, but overperformed in the season, challenging Leicester and Fhirdiad for the top seed. Now they are a full fledged big squad, led by Chrom.

Glory of Nohr
Test League Finish: Second Round (Lost to Enbarr 0-4)

Starting Lineup: Elise, Niles, Leo, Xander, Camilla

A solid 4 seed in Southern Fodlan, nothing went right for Nohr in the second round against Enbarr, as Hubert and Petra victimized Xander and Niles for 4 horrible games. At least they contained Edelgard, though.

Honor of Hoshido
Test League Finish: No Playoffs

Starting Lineup: Sakura, Takumi, Oboro, Hinoka, Ryoma

This team could not stay healthy last year, as every member had some sort of long term injury at some point in the season. They ended up not even getting a sniff of the playoffs, ending the season near the bottom of the rankings.

Friege Thunder
Test League Finish: First Round (Lost to Albinea 3-4)

Starting Lineup: Julius, Ishtar, Reinhardt, Kempf, Travant

This team was a strange afterthought during the season, staying a comfortable 5th in the conference, but never really challenging for anything beyond that. Once they got into the playoffs, they had an excellent 7 game bout with NPC team Albinea, who would later challenge Leicester to a similar series.

Macedon Whitewings (Archanea is a no no word by nba2k standards)
Test League Finish: Second Round (Lost to Garreg Mach 0-4)

Starting Lineup: Caeda, Linde, Marth, Minerva, Navarre

Minerva controls most of this team as a point forward, with Caeda and Linde performing more like catch-and-shoot guards. This team didn’t catch Garreg Mach off guard, however, and were annihilated in the second round.

Sacae Flash
Test League Finish: No Playoffs

Starting Lineup: Priscilla (lol), Florina, Lyndis, Eliwood, Hector

Last year this team relied 100% on Lyn, but improvements from Hector late in the year almost got them into the playoffs after an abysmal first half of the season.

Valentia Royals
Test League Finish: Did Not Participate

Starting Lineup: Celica, Alm, Python, Conrad, Valbar

Brand new team coming through! I flipped a coin between them and Tellius, and they won out and got the last spot in the league. They will mostly move the ball through Valbar, but don’t sleep on Python’s 3 pointers!

Some of the faces copied themselves (Celica and Takumi’s face is on nearly every point guard and shooting guard, Hinoka’s face on a lot of the Power Forwards), but I’ve fixed those, they just didn’t show up when I took the portraits.

I’m recording tomorrow, so expect a video update in the next couple of days! Our games will be:

Almyra @ Valentia (Opening Game)

Nohr @ Archanea/Macedon (Potential Game of the Week)

Albinea @ Fhirdiad

Here’s the long effortpost for gamedays 1-3, I’ll put up scores for all the games here as well:

Alymra @ Valentia: 34-49
Ylisse @ Plegia: 101-91
Charon @ Nuvelle: 80-94
Ailell @ Garreg Mach Town: 91-72
Airmid @ Fort Merceus: 79-89
Sreng @ Valla: 89-100
Eastern Church @ Brigid: 85-84
Nohr @ Macedon/Archanea: 92-90
Morfis @ Leicester: 73-124
Hoshido @ Agartha: 83-92
Albinea @ Fhirdiad: 69-87
Valm @ Friege: 85-109
Western Church @ Rhodos Coast: 91-115
Enbarr @ Ailell: 119-94
Garreg Mach @ Gloucester: 94-73
Plegia @ Sacae: 84-103

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