My terrible shit posting appears to be murdering your forums.

Hello, I tweeted at you about this but basically I’ve made 2-3 attempts at posting the same awful post and every time I’ve gotten an error message and then the forums implode, sending me connection errors and time outs.

Picture of the error message from attempting to post the shitty post:

Time out and network error messages:



I’m sorry my high quality shitty posts are so intense awful that they are murdering these forums.

Here’s a Google Doc for the post because I’m afraid to post it now, it’s for Heyboots’ CYOA thread:
The Post that Murders the LP Zone

Normally I’d advise against showing the ring as it has our True Name upon it. But since we are Bad Idea Buddies I say go for it!!

We’re kindred spirits, bonded through the powerful S-link of Bad Ideas.

But seriously I have no idea beyond the fact that we are both huge nerds who get hype for good stories and metaphors. I was excited when you dove in :3
The Only Thing I Know For Real was the first song that came to my head the moment kazoo won because (as I explained) it so uniquely expresses our current predicament. I am delighted we have hiveminded. :3

We should show them other things about us though, like our sweet tattoos!

…Wait, do we have tattoos?

  • Yes.
  • No.

0 voters

Many tattoos?

[poll name=“manytattoos”]

  • 12+: Arm sleeves and shit, yeah!
  • 9+: Check out this badass skeleton army and skeleton band I have tattooed on my thigh.
  • 6+: Unfinished projects cobbled into unfinished projects.
  • >4: Very symbolic ones that are tied to core ideals or things that strongly resonate with us.
  • I voted no tattoos earlier.[/poll]

Assuming we have tattoos, do we show these fairies our sweet ink?!

  • Yes
  • No
  • ONLY the one of the dragon humping a carriage while it spits fire.*

0 voters

Whether or not we have tattoos do you guys want to get a tattoo done by fairies? Because I do. In fact: I’m editing Operation Ludicrous to include this new agenda.

[poll name=“fairytattoos”]

  • No fairy tattoos, I hate fun.
  • Yes, gimme that fairy ink! YOLO!![/poll]
    *You might be asking, which one is spitting fire? The dragon or the carriage? The answer is Yes.

Bob was adding a few plugins to the website. I was also posting something at the time, then I went to check if it was down for others on Discord. Sounds like it was expected, but unexpectedly long and thus unannounced, downtime.

Whoa, and a post ended up in the wrong thread? Huh? ah, test post, got it

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Bob can apparently safely post the Bad Post now which means, in theory, I can too? I really like these forums and do not want to blow them up. But I’m relieved to hear it maybe wasn’t the power of my shit posting but other factors.

I’ll try posting the post where it belongs.
(The post got eaten a few times too?)

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So as @blahmoomoo said above, the issue probably has something to do with the fact that I was just working on the site’s backend for a half hour there. My bad - promise to tell everyone in advance before I do that again. Anyway, as you can see above, I successfully posted your post with one issue: the polls you’re trying to post need unique names. You were posting various polls like this:

* 1
* 2

But when you have multiple polls in one post, you need to differentiate them. I did so above by doing this:

[poll name=poll2]
* 1
* 2

Pretty sure it’s a new Discourse requirement because I just added two polls to this reply and it automatically named them differently.

Thank you!!

I appreciate all the hard work you’re doing to allow me to continue to desecrate your forums and community with my presence and content. :slight_smile: I’ll post it up now!

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Blow it up! And definitely let me know if you have any other issues.

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Thank you for covering for my friend Jenner with lies about working on the forums. We all know it was actually her shitposting that broke everything.