My hero's wear green skirts The Zelda mega thread

I don’t see anywhere to talk about Zelda so do it here.

  • Which Zelda is your favorite?
  • Talk about how Majora’s mask is underrated
    -Talk about how much you hate skyward sword
  • omg BOTW is almost a thing
    oh yes and if you wish to discuss BOTW be sure to use spoiler tags.
    and try to avoid this just turning into a big fight over which game is the best.

My favourite Zelda is Okami.

  1. Majora’s Mask
  2. Wind Waker
  3. Link to the Past
  4. Ocarina of Time
  5. Link Between Worlds

Fight me irl


My only disagreement with this list is the order of Majora’s Mask & Wind Waker.

I think my favorite is Link’s Awakening, but then again it was my first Zelda so it might just be nostalgia lenses…

I cannot wait to fuck about new Hyrule


Link is a rowdy boy who loves to tussle :allears:

I’m a weirdo who enjoys 2-D Zelda more than 3-D Zelda. I really don’t know why.

Don’t get me wrong, I still really enjoy the 3-D Zelda games. Most of the games in this series are tight. Even “Zelda II” can be fun but it’s a game where I have no qualms about using save states if possible.

Link Between Worlds was amazing. I haven’t been all that into Zelda recently–Wind Waker was the last one before LBW that I really liked–but damn Link Between Worlds was good.

I’m excited for Breath of the Wild but I’m probably going to hold off on it until I buy a Switch in a few months (unless it turns out to be so stupidly amazing that I can’t wait, then I’ll get the Wii U version).


I can understand that sentiment. Link’s Awakening and Link to the Past were both like insanely important games to me as a kid. There’s probably a high nostalgia factor, because this general impression I have bleeds over to other things that haven’t aged the best like Pokemon Red/Blue, but all those top-down “go where you want and explore all these towns and forests” kind of experiences captured my 9-or-10 year old brain’s imagination in a way that was wholly unique, in comparison to other styles of games.


When I got LBW I really dug into it and finished it in a few days. I rarely get a game like that where I just don’t stop playing it.

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Zelda 2 is my favorite Zelda game. I’m a freak.

Majora’s Mask is my favourite Zelda by far, its world building, theme and tone and wildly distinct even to this day, there’s just so much you can talk about in regards to Majora’s Mask, whether it be the way it nails a truly oppressive, hopeless atmosphere, how it demonstrates privilege through mechanics in a way more effectively than most games that want to “talk” about discrimination, or just some of the genius bits of game design, like for example situating Clock Tower in the centre of Termina Field as a way to more effectively utilize the space of its overworld to minimize the distance spent travelling to distinct ‘parts’ of it. Majora’s Mask wastes so little space and crams so much into it - contrast this with Ocarina in which Hyrule Field is dull as all heck, or Wind Waker’s Great Sea which is a super novel idea let down by the sheer size, lack of content to support it and atrociously slow navigation (Remedied somewhat in the HD version) and Twilight Princess… Twilight Princess has like Hyrule Field times four and although all of these overworlds fit their respective games themeatically, they suffer a lot when actually being played (Although TP oddly despite being the biggest, is easily the most palatable) and it makes me worry BotW is really going to run hard into the “ever expanding overworlds without enough interesting stuff to do” connundrum.

Anyway rather than wax poetic about why Majora’s Mask is still one of the most interesting games ever made, I like pretty much every Zelda besides the very first two which I’ve just never been able to enjoy, but controversially I think A Link to the Past and Ocarina aren’t really top 5 material, in fact I’d say their “Zelda formula” is kinda weak, solid foundation but both Wind Waker and Twilight Princess built on it better although for me the standout Zelda games for the 3D and 2D worlds respectively (Majora nonwithstanding) are Skyward Sword and Minish Cap. Although I think the most interesting Zelda games besides MM are the DS games by far.

Like people love to shit on the DS games, and it’s such a shame! They have problems (And frankly, so do the sacred cows of the franchise) but they also do a lot of really interesting and genuinely novel things with their puzzle design and actually make good use of the features the DS has to do so, and unlike the other controversial entries nobody will acknowledge it - you’ll get people who hate Majora or Skyward but will at least praise the things they do well, but the DS games just get dismissed out of hand which is a tragedy when there’s so much really cool stuff in them.

Also Ōkami is great and everybody should play it, it’s a dang travesty the HD version never got a Wii U adaptation with the ability to use the gamepad screen + stylus for the brush, would’ve been perfect.


It’s a toss up between OOT and MM for me, although OOT is also among the first 5 video games I’ve ever played so I’m heavily bias in my thoughts on how good it is. also I’ve never played Okami is it really good?

Majora’s Mask, Wind Waker, and a full remake of Link to the Past but using Link Between World’s engine would be my top three I’ve never had the chance to play Link’s Awakening yet im sorry also i would expect it to be exactly like MeccaPrime’s LP

I’m slightly torn on Skyward Sword. To me, there’s a lot of good setpieces that I can think of, particularly the dungeons, and the art direction was superb (and I’m so thankful the painterly look has stuck around for both LBW — at least the media for it — and now BotW). Plus Groose and a few other characters that oozed personality (the Bazaar was one of my favorite areas).

But, going through it, I took about a two month or so break, and (even though I know now that you just flick your wrist to swing the sword) the motion controls were cumbersome and made the enemies tedious. I don’t think it’s an awful game, and I’m somewhat glad it’s kinda caused a shakeup in Zelda design philosophy for Nintendo, but I don’t think I’d replay it for fun outside of a series replay.

As for BotW, I’m a poor college student that hasn’t even cracked open Pokemon Moon yet, so I can’t wait to play it on my Nintendo :registered: Switch :tm: when they’re back in stock in early 2018!

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Okami is really good.

I really liked the DS games. Spirit Tracks more than Phantom Hourglass, since it fixed a couple of the really big issues with the latter in the central dungeon, and it also has what I still find to be the only genuine friendship and romantic relationship between Link and Zelda. Even in Skyward Sword, which people latch on to more as the one to place an emphasis on them being childhood friends and the emotional weight of saving her, there never seemed to be much there to me, but Spirit Tracks nailed it in a really sweet way.


I honestly felt their relationship in SS really felt forced, like it had to be there to get the plot rolling. and after very little interaction she vanished from the plot till late game.

When can Link stop chasing Zelda and move in with Darunia already. You boys aren’t fooling anyone.

Ghost Zelda ruled. There’s one moment where you arrive at a town and Zelda talks about swimming. If you tell her you can’t swim she offers to teach you once she’s unghosted. And of course, there’s also the cutscene after the Byrne fight in which they high five… and also stop paying attention to Byrne for long enough to allow him to escape.

For me it was the moment when Link met her for the first time. The camera work helped show that he was smitten, in a really simple, yet effective way. Getting to go from that to their evolving friendship in the main game was great.