My hero's wear green skirts The Zelda mega thread



I’m a huge idiot who is buying a Switch day 1 so I can play BotW.


Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that, that’s me as well, despite owning a perfectly usable WiiU.


I already pre-bought it for wiiu I’m also getting that season pass for all that sweet sweet DLC. speaking of which any thoughts on BOTW DLC?


Not gay if it’s a bro penis… I wounder if I’m even allowed to make that joke here oh well guess I’m gonna find out.


I’m sorry you have to find out this way but Link dumped Darunia for Groose.


I’m waiting to see what the DLC specifically is before I pass a judgement. I’m not pre-buying the season pass, though. I’m not interested in a “hard mode” that’s just more difficult fights. I want like a weird-ass Kaizo Zelda like Ocarina Master Quest.

Does anybody have predictions for the “new story” in the second DLC pack? I hope it’s a hardcore survival sim starring Groose, who canonically has no powers or magical destiny.


Seems the review embargo is up. I can’t access any other gaming sites at work, but Polygon gave it a perfect 10. I also remember reading that Famitsu gave it a perfect 40/40 too. I wonder if this’ll be the game that finally breaks Ocarina’s record of best-reviewed game ever.

It sounds like the formula gets shaken up a lot right from the start, if not outright thrown out, and even the 20-minute demo that people played at E3 and those Switch events doesn’t seem to be enough to encapsulate the sheer amount of stuff to do and the way the game lets you do it.

I got the shipping confirmations on both my Switch and my copy of the game and I am so bloody excited, people.


So far I think it’s getting “perfect” scores across the board. I’ve played about 45 minutes and have to go to bed before it consumes me and I miss work in the morning, but it feels really good. The only difficulties I’m having are adjusting my muscle memory to the layout of the Joycons in lieu of having a pro controller right now.


Meanwhile I have neither the Switch or a Wii U so I’m prowling the net on the hunt for spoilers.


There’s already people twitch streaming it. I tuned into one just in time to see the Great Fairy, and :ok_hand: she thicc


I’m mega excited for BotW and Switch to get here tomorrow. Gonna eat up my time for weeks.

Favorite Zelda would have to be Twilight Princess. The aesthetic, themes, artstyle, story, dungeons, character designs, everything is just phenomenal, especially for a 10 year old game. The Twili are still the coolest race that I wish coulda been made mainstays like the others :confused: Zant is also the best villain in the series, design and personality-wise imho.

My runner up fav would have to be a usually long forgotten game that deserved more love than it ever got: Four Swords Adventures. That game, having a 2d artstyle with a 3d engine was BEAUTIFUL. The 4 character gimmick was super fun in single player, and weaved multiplayer into the main game story fantastically. I wish it could get a remaster.

I love pretty much every entry in the series, but besides those two, Majora’s Mask, Wind Waker, Minish Cap, and A Link Between Worlds are also big favorites of mine. Also been playing the Oracle games, which are both really good.

Also edit: The goron(Darunia?) in the Switch trailer is clearly the best waifu.


Can you believe some dude came up to me with Groose?! In this very thread! Appalling! (Naw it’s cool.)

Stop talking about shipping!!
(This is a joke, I am joking.)

I wanna play this game so bad. Is Link left handed?


[quote=“Jenner, post:32, topic:1640”]
I wanna play this game so bad. Is Link left handed?
[/quote]He damn well better be.


Exactly, this is a deal breaker for me! I don’t play the games where Link is right handed because they’re not canon!


I’m gonna get that gerudo outfit for my Link and then never take it off.


I can’t wait to not even be able to grab a Wii U copy tomorrow on my way to my dentist appointment! its in the same shopping centre/area so i might as well try to grab it before i get fucked up on drugs

Also can’t wait to be really deep or done with BotW and then have money to buy a Switch in about three weeks (if it’s even still in stock, so, lol) and then replay BotW!!!


what if BOTW shakes things up by making link ambidextrous?


As long as I can headcanon link as a southpaw I’m happy.

My switch isn’t getting here until tuesday, and every moment until then is like the purest torture.


my otp is link/joy-con L, they both have L in their names it’s meant to be

Also Link seems right-handed in this one unfortunately, unless there’s some previously hitherto-not-shown-off feature to equip weapons in his left hand. I dunno, people must be playing it now (you lucky bastards), is there one?


i just poped the game in i’ll let you know in a bit. E. It dosnt appear so though the presence of two handed weapons pleases me. you can also throw your melee weapon.