Monster Hunter: I killed Godzilla with the help of my two cats


The official statement was “We have nothing to announce with regards to Monster Hunter XX at this time”, which is not “No” and more “Not right now”


Ah, looks like it’s been updated. Still, with E3 come and gone, it might as well mean “not for the foreseeable future.” I can’t say that gives me much hope.


Yo you wanna check out World gameplay

It looks good.


The hill-slide hammer spin is everything I wanted from everything.


The only two things that Monster Hunter fans need to know about MH World:

  1. You can move while eating.
  2. You no longer spend five hours flexing your arms like an idiot when you drink a potion


what I wish is that you flexed while moving so you could have the best of both worlds.


The world slows down while you perform a sumptuous flex. We call this new feature ‘flex-time’


I mean, hey, as long as they balance around it. The main point of flexing like an idiot, trap setup times, and so on was to prevent you from just doing it in the middle of a melee with the monster.


Obviously, MH’s moment-to-moment gameplay revolves around mindful and deliberate action, and knowing when you have the time to chug a potion is part of that. But the potion animation suspends player disbelief–as a player, I can accept that it takes time to eat an entire leg of meat, or that I have to take the time to dig a hole before I can set a trap, or that I stare at my Bowgun in disbelief when I pull the trigger and the clip is empty, but the flexing and posturing when drinking a potion is both unnecessary and unnatural.

It’s also bad from a mechanical perspective because 1) if you get interrupted in the 0.5 seconds of immobility between the “drinking” animation and the “posing” animation, you don’t get the effect of the potion AND you lose it; and 2) you still have around a quarter of a second of additional immobility after you finish the “posing” animation anyway.


Here’s the part of the thread where I dump a whole bunch of stuff from Gamescom/TGS and get hype as hell.

We got some short footage of a mission to hunt a Barroth, who I think has been absent since 3U (unless you count Double Cross). The hunt takes place in the Wildspire Wastes, which is the new desert locale. It features tons of plateaus, mesas, and bogs of quicksand, giving it a lot more verticality than previous deserts. You can also spot Diablos and a new monster in this video!

We got information on how the new skill system works, as well. It would seem that negative skills are gone, and instead of requiring ten skill points to activate a skill, each skill gives you something with just one point, but powers up as you get more points in a skill, so for example, getting a piece of armor with one point in Attack Up will give you a small 3 point boost to your attack, and adding more points will not only boost that bonus, but add affinity to your weapons as well. Armor also appears to be universal now, as well, meaning no Blademaster/Gunner differentiation.

At TGS, we got a new trailer alongside a bunch of other information, like info on crafting and the hub town as well as a long look at the new character creation setup. Now, when you craft weapons, you can view the entire tree as you go, and if you go forward a step in the tree and don’t like a weapon, you can revert to the previous step and receive all of your materials back! Furthermore, you can now add items to a wishlist, which will keep track of the materials you need to craft them and notify you when you’re done getting all the required materials. Gone are the days where you had to routinely check in with the blacksmith only to find you were still missing a piece or two. The hub town also features a training room where you can test weapon combos with a fighting game-style input tracker and try out new ranged options with infinite ammo for guns and bows.

Character creation is far more detailed in Monster Hunter World, with plenty of options for making a character look how you want it to. Palico customization is also present and vast, with the options you’ve come to expect plus even more, like adjusting fur length and individual colors on fur. As an aside, if you’re concerned about spending so much time on your character, only to have their face covered by their helmet all the time, you can hide your helmet either all the time, or only in cutscenes.

We also get some details on the story. We’re members of something called the Fifth Fleet, which follows Elder Dragons as they move to a new continent. We’re joined by the captain of the First Fleet, the Field Team Leader (who looks kinda like the Ace Cadet from 4U), and of course, the Handler and our Palico. Finally, we also get a look at the flagship monster for World, called Nergigante, whose gimmick is that he rapidly grows back the spines you break off him, and if left too long, they’ll become hard and do more damage when used against you.

Edit: Here’s some more footage of the Coral Highlands, a new area that is unlike anything we’ve seen in other Monster Hunter games.

Most important of all, though, is that we have a release date! Monster Hunter World is releasing on :siren: January 26th, 2017 :siren: and is available in three versions.

  1. The standard edition, which comes with the Origin armor set if you preorder
  2. The Digital Deluxe Edition, which comes with a samurai themed customization set, additional in-game stickers for communication, and a few additional gestures and customization items as well as the Origin Armor set for preordering. Incidentally, the Samurai set is not an armor set but instead goes over armor to make you look like the set. Perhaps this means there’ll be a glamour/transmogrification system in game?
  3. The Collector’s Edition, which comes with everything in the Digital Deluxe Edition, a soundtrack disc, an artbook, a figurine of Nergigante, and of course, the Origin armor set for preordering, all packaged in a slick black box.

January cannot possibly arrive fast enough.


So how did ya’ll like the Beta for Monster Hunter World for those of ya’ll that played it?

It’s my first Monster Hunter and I had quite a lot of fun. I really like the feel of the weapons, the customization, and I’m hoping there will be a demo for people to try it out before it releases on January 26th, 2017. I was thinking about doing an LP of it, though I know I’m not the only one(Boh’s been planning his much longer and his will likely be much better), but I think it’ll be a lot of fun.


I’m a Dog person but:



So how did ya’ll like the Beta for Monster Hunter World for those of ya’ll that played it?

Have you seen how adorable you can make the cats?


Here’s to second chances

And when they say “all” PS4 players, they mean ALL PS4 players. :siren: No PS Plus subscription required :siren: So if you missed it the first time, preloads start on the 18th.

Trust me, it’s so good.


Aw yeah, a chance for me to try it out! Looking forward to it!


I’m gonna try this out again, I only did the first two missions but I wanna check out some other systems they had in the demo. As well as explore the levels more.

Real damn happy to see the armour skill system redone. So much better then the shitty threshold system.


I’ll probably be running rooms live on Friday. I’m trying to get as familiar with a bunch of weapons I haven’t used so much before as I can before launch in January, so if anyone of you gets in on that, you’ll probably see me being horrible with heavy bowgun or longsword.

Although I may have to pry myself away from my new bestie, Greatsword…


Beta’s live! That means it’s time to hunt. I’m running rooms for people who missed out on the first beta over here, so if you haven’t played before, or just want to play some multiplayer, come over here for room codes!

We’re done for now. A thing to note is that you can now fight Pukei-Pukei in the Ancestral Forest more easily, and Kulu-Ya-Ku is in the Wildspire Wastes, meaning the beta has a total of 8 monsters to hunt!


Capcom’s running one last beta before launch, this time with the chance to fight World’s flagship monster, Nergigante!

Also, we got a new trailer with a surprise at the end.



I’m gonna spend a weekend purrsuing only the best costumes to dress up my boy in


My god it’s so good. Meowscular Chef is also straight up the best character.

Okay so I was skeptical on how often I was going to use the Hammer’s flying spin attack but jesus i’m now actively looking for slopes to launch myself.