Monster Hunter: I killed Godzilla with the help of my two cats


That’s just Dodge Lancing with Evade+3, I think? It opens up the iFrame window for the sidestep to make it on par with like an Adept Dodge.


Evade Lancing is bonkers in the right hands. In some cases you can chase monsters by facing away from them and back-dashing towards them.


Did someone say least fun thing?


Please help I’m having hip check flashbacks


If you want an image of the future, imagine two plesioths hip checking you back and forth forever.


I killed the Khezus thanks to a dung bomb that took a while to work.

7 Normal Hunter Missions left for 4* and then the majestic meowster missions are up next.


So the MHXX demo came out in Japan and shit’s pretty darn rad, lots of cool changes although the stand out is probably Adept Greatsword:



Pretty much the only thing I want to know is if they made the monster intros interesting again. The ones in Generations were so bad you can’t even view them in the gallery.


I don’t even play greatsword and that looks rad as hell. I love the Adept style.


This is such a rad as hell update to Adept Greatsword, as if it wasn’t amazing already


I hadn’t played in a couple months, and started in again yesterday. I didn’t lose too much overall skill, but I absolutely lost my ability to use Critical Juncture in a worthwhile fashion against anything besides Rathalos’s homing talon :frowning:
Back to Sakura Slash for me~



Per google translate:
“MHXX / Monhan Double Cross | One era of appearance equipment is over. Armor combining system appeared!”

Looks like we’re getting a transmog system.


So, MHXX came out like yesterday and Gaijin Hunter already has footage of the final boss of G-Rank.


Finally we get to fight a giant robot


They just announced MHXX for the Switch yesterday, so it seems like a good time to revive this thread to say I am absolutely excited for this new development.


Here’s hoping it comes west! I mean, the fortunate thing is that even if it doesn’t, even if it doesn’t, we can still import it.

Still, it’d be nice to finally get another console MonHun.


It even has cross-save functionality and cross-system multiplayer! Uh, I mean X-save and X-system, sorry.

I’d like to think that THIS is the version that Capcom is planning on bringing to the west, but I’m not holding my breath.


So Monster Hunter

But with a non-segmented map


I really hope Monster Hunter World is good. I’ll buy the PC version. But like, I’m still really disappointed that we didn’t hear a peep about Monster Hunter XX in the west. I was really hoping to kill some dinosaurs on my Nintendo Switch.


I’m desperately hoping that Nintendo wants to announce it during the Treehouse Live streams. I mean, they announced a couple new games yesterday, and I’m pretty sure they said they’d announce more today and tomorrow.

My hopes have finally been dashed. Before I thought I’d get the Japanese version if they didn’t localize it, but now I’m thinking that’s not a great way to say to them, “They should localize this.”

(Oh, right, I should include a link to the news.)