Monday Megastream (Formerly Saturday Superstream)



Hey everybody! My friends and I will be streaming every Monday at 8pm GMT! A variety of games will be showcased, but more importantly, the streams will be fun, friendly and inclusive! Come on over at 8pm GMT (London Time) every week! Hope to see you there!

Past Streams:


Tonight, we’ve got a bit of Kirby and a bit of Drawful on the docket!

Edit: And stream over! A good time was had by all:


As well as the Superstreams, Tim and I have set aside a date to riff over the Kingdom Hearts x cutscene compilations. My birthday in fact!


Judge Dredd tonight!

Edit: The Judge Dredd stream is all done. I chargrilled a lot of innocents:


I got some fanart for my first two streams! Idea by Death Sandals, drawn by Toon Pirate!


My 10 hour long birthday marathon stream starts now! Starting with a Kingdom Hearts Machinima Riff, and spiralling out of control from there:

Edit: Done. Holy crap I’m shattered. Saturday Superstream is still on tonight!


Streaming worms! Hurray!

Edit: That was a fun one.

And here’s more art from Toon Pirate!


Tonight, Tim & I are taking on Portal 2!

Edit: Done and Done. That was a nice, chilled out stream. Will probably just leave the VOD on Twitch itself.


Tonight, we’re playing Sanctum 2! FPS Tower Defense.

Edit: Well, that turned into a mass of Jackbox games very quickly:


Viscera Cleanup Detail.

Edit: Not advertiser friendly. lmao


Trying out 100ft Robot Golf tonight.

Edit: And apparently beating the whole campaign!


Aaaaand more worms!

Edit: Done and dusted.

Wow Toon Pirate is the best!


Team Fortress 2 starts now…

Edit: That was rad, we’ll have to do more in future.


Here’s a mid-week stream of Vagrant Story!

Edit: Stream over. Here’s the playback on YouTube:

And a link to the relevant playlist:


Tonight, we tabletopping!

Edit: Aside from the odd latency issues, that owned:


Tim is streaming Elite Dangerous tonight. Spaceships and stuff.

Edit: And here is a solid video of the stream:


'Scuse the missed week, I ran out of internet! Funemloyed!

Edit: Done!


Toribash tourney!

Edit: Done!


This is honestly my favourite stream video so far. And some of that competition, goddamn.


I am stream a sneaky.

Edit: Sneak achieved.