LP Request Thread


I had half a mind to do it myself for a while, but the longer I played it the more convinced I was that I was missing some core component of the combat. If I could work up the effort to find the software for my capture card I might do it anyway just to inflict images of the gun grids upon the internet.


Eternal Darkness sanity’s requiem , I can’t find a let’s play of it that I personally enjoy someone should really consider doing it, The game is insanely good


:point_up_2: Seconding that.

Also, would there be a way to do an LP of Brütal Legend? I realize it’d be pretty hard to do that with the licensed music and all, so there probably wouldn’t be any ad revenue in it, which would pretty much suck, but I’d still really like to see an LP of that.


I’d love to see an entertaining/informative LP of Vagrant Story. It’s a game I’ve always appreciated but never had the patience to go through myself.


Bobbin Threadbare did a Brutal Legend LP on SA, it’s probably on the archive.


Hm, cool. I’ll check that out, thanks :slight_smile:


I’d really like to see an LP of Nier, maybe Drakengard too, but I’m loving Nier Automata and I can’t find any good video LPs of the first game.


I found this LP years ago, but I 100% highly recommend this LP by Chaos Shadow. It’s amazing!!

It is comprehensive and informative and overall very good!


Take it you either aren’t a fan of TheDarkId’s stuff or haven’t seen it. (He did both Nier and all the Drakengards on SA, and they’re on the LP Archive.)


Oh I actually had looked DarkId’s LPs, and while I really liked the few Resident Evil LPs he did, I’m more in the mood for an LP I can just lie down and watch an episode or two while dozing off. The LP wottermelon posted is actually surprisingly good so far.


I would like to see a LP of Axiom Verge or have some help with Dual Commentary and i’ll just do it myself


Kinda like to see an LP of Viva Pinata or the sequel.


I’d like to see someone LP Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword. Its got a very interesting design for a DS game that I dont often see. Though that also probably explains why I haven’t seen an LP of it yet either.


If someone would be willing to make (or recommend) a full playthrough of Glittermitten Grove, showing off all the weird little features and quirks, there’d be a lot of folks that’d appreciate it. It’s extremely interesting, but difficult to get into.


I’ve been trying to do a Styx master of shadows LP but apparently the PC version is broken to where it force closes every time you open it