Low Rank Style, G-Rank incompetence in MONSTER HUNTER 3 ULTIMATE

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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is the ninth release in Capcom’s Monster Hunter series of “Hunting Action” games. The game is largely about beating up various types of dragon and making hats out of them, which, as it turns out, is extremely my shit. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is an updated rerelease of Monster Hunter Tri with a bunch of added content, new monsters, and more cats than you possibly have room for, but not as many cats as the games that followed it, unfortunately.

In this LP, I’m going to be largely gushing about Monster Hunter. It’s a great series.

You should play it.

Thread Guidelines

-Don’t spoil monsters we haven’t seen yet. Believe me, I’m the most excited to show off a monster that we hunt, but for the sake of people who haven’t seen any of this yet, at least do me a solid and spoiler tag that business. You should do this especially if it’s one we’ve only seen in the intro.
-Don’t be a dick
-That’s pretty much it.

Naturally, all LP Zone rules apply as well.

Monster Hunter is a huge game. Like, hundreds and hundreds of hours huge. There’s tons of missions, and DLC has added even more on top of the already ludicrous number of quests. There’s hundreds of items with unique descriptions, tons of armor and weapons to look through, and lots and lots of little things that make the whole game tick. The game can be played in a multitude of ways, all of which are perfectly valid and fun and often, you’ll find yourself changing the way you play radically to tackle new challenges.

So I’m not doing a 100% LP. If I showed every quest, crafted every weapon and armor set, combined every item, et cetera, we’d be here for the rest of eternity. I am going to show every monster, all of the story, and a good bit of multiplayer, as well as a little bit of extra stuff from a game similar to Monster Hunter just to show how “Hunting Action” has emerged as a genre. I also intend to stream the occasional grinding session every so often, and when I do, I’ll link the stream here.

With me for the ride is DoubleNegative who, as far as I’m aware, hasn’t played a Monster Hunter game beyond one of the atrociously bad demos. Of course, when multiplayer rolls around, we’ll have some fresh faces then, as well.

So let’s get right into it with :siren:Update 1: The Great Big Tutorial Video.:siren:



-[1] The Great Big Tutorial Video
-[2] The Greatest Jaggi
-[3-1] MECHANICS: Skill Points and Armor Skills
-[3-2] BEAR.MP4
-[3-3] MECHANICS: Charm Tables, Kelbi Horns, and Harvest Tours :siren: Start point for people who don’t want to know about charm tables
-[4] The (Intentionally) Bad Hunt
-[5-1] Spongy friend
-[5-2] Kenny Rogers Appreciation Station
-[6] Underwater Combat is Suffering
-[7] Math
-[8]The Main Event
-[9]The (Unintentionally) Bad Hunt
-[11] THE BEST
-[12] The Mk. III
-[13] Year of the Dragon
-[14] Barioth keeps freezing me and I hate it
-[15] The Brute-est of Wyverns
-[16] Superhot
-[17] Jay or Dave? Perhaps Both.
-[18] Stopping the Earthquakes
-[19] Pickle Mystery
-[20] The Ballad of Tom Rubnitz
-[21]Pink is My Least Favorite Color

-[M1] Rude. (Featuring Miijhal)
-[M2] Blue Sharpness or Bust (Featuring Miijhal)

-[1] Stylish

GIFS and such

Grancheater immortalizes the most important hunting technique


Great LP dude,glad to see you brought it over.

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Awaiting more of that good good pickle. Glad to see you here!

This pickle menace must be brought to justice.

whens the cop au

There should be an update in a day or two. I finally got all the stuff I was wrestling the desire sensor for so now we can proceed.

I’ve been following this LP through the updates on Youtube and I am glad to have a place where I can converse with other followers!

If someone wanted to get into this series, is there any reason to start an older version of the game? It seems like each iteration is meant to be just a refinement of the core principles.

Honestly I’d start with 4U. 3U has a better collection of monsters in some ways, but 4U is just such a well done game that it can get by.

4U has a fantastic set of monsters, yeah. Generations has the best quality of life stuff and will probably have the most active multiplayer, but 4U feels a little more “satisfying” in a way I can’t fully quantify. I think I’m turned off by the brutal grind of leveling up your Deviant Armor, or something.

Also if you pick 4U, I can join up on low-rank guild missions with you, Compu! Might act as another spur to charge my 3DS for once.

It was actually this LP that got me really playing Monster Hunter. I’ve got a good few hours in on MH4U, which was recommended to me on the SA thread, and it’s pretty great for something to play between big releases. I’m definitely vouching for that one too. It clicked with me more than the others.

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I’m holding out for XX (Generations Generations?) but I’ll still likely grab 4U next time a physical copy goes on sale. I hope XX adds the framerate boost on the New 3DS that 4U got- the contrast between how the two looked when I played the demos was pretty stark.

Honestly, it feels like Generations starts off front-loaded with really boring and tedious quests for no good reason. I don’t recall 4U being nearly as bad about having you constantly fight trash mobs and do gathering missions as part of advancing the single player plot. Really, so much in the game is tied to doing boring missions instead of actually fighting dangerous monsters (see: prowler quests). Also, as a greatsword player, adding Blangonga as the HR1 multiplayer key mission really didn’t endear me to the game.

Plus, the new armor upgrade system really just adds even more grind to the game, and makes zenny annoyingly scarce, which was kind of unnecessary.

I think the cat quests are skippable, aren’t they? The kitchen upgrade they gives you gets unlocked in Gathering Hall high rank somewhere?

Now that I’m thinking of it, I think there’s something locked behind the egg quests, which is Bad.

Like, here’s the thing. I love LOVE the actual gameplay in Generations. Adept Longsword is the most fun I’ve had in a while with Monster Hunter. I love the new monsters, and I love Nargacuga. I don’t love the fact that I’m gonna have to fight Dreadking Rathalos like 50 more times if I want to unlock his armor skill.

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The prowler quests are also necessary to unlock more trading carts and some of the farm features.

And yeah, it’s a shame that it has the flaws it does, because I love Adept Bow, and miss it a lot when I go back to the older games.

That’s what I was thinking of! The trading carts also unlock on their own if you reach HR5 online. HR 4 and 5 also unlock a bunch of trade categories.

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Today we have to ask the important questions: What if Qurupeco were more of an asshole? How good is my current set of armor?

Where’s the Pickle?


“Bigger help” indeed. I’m guessing even when it’s a thing you can do without it being a staggeringly bad idea, fighting The Pickle is a bad plan if you have Qurupeco in the same zone.

Hope you keep the Hunter McCree look going for a few, it’s snappy.

Shame you can’t go full cowboy and ride a monster into battle, but I’ll settle for smashing big-ass birds with a poncho on.