Linebreak in between images

Hey, there’s a weird linebreak inbetween images of the same width, which kinda makes OPs look a lot more messy?

Like on here, it looks like this:

Whereas on SA, it looks like this:

Both parts of the image are the same width, so it shouldn’t really be that? Is there a way to fix this or is this hardcoded too much into Discourse?

Ack, never mind. I’m an idiot who doesn’t understand how Markdown works (yet).
However, HTML formatting to try to edit the line spacing works in the preview pane, but not in the post.

Editing the image size parameters added when you upload don’t do anything either.
This old meta.discourse thread makes it sound like this might be a feature added because people didn’t like the no space look. It looks like it’s baked into the CSS, but I’m not good enough at CSS to say for sure.

Well our buddy @Law is a CSS Wizard and can probably help us out when he gets a moment!

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Turns out that a previous fix caused this! Sorry about that, your images should be working fine now!


Basically, a fix for a previous problem caused the behaviour you’ve noticed:

By setting vertical-align: baseline to post images, the images are aligned to the bottom of the baseline, which has a little extra space that in case of text, accounts for lettering that goes below it, like q, y, p, g and j. To fix it, I simply set vertical-align: bottom, which uses that extra space below.