Let's P'zone - Enter a Realm of Pizza Discussion 🍕


This is… this is really beautiful.

Papa Johns has come up before in this thread, but I’ve just found a series of videos featuring Father John himself giving a staged demonstration of how to make one of his signature pies.

I had absolutely no idea this program existed before now but wow, it’s really something. The “Chief Entertaining Officer” of this business (?) is a treat.

“You’re only as good as your worst pizza,” is a bold statement coming from the man whose pizza “labs” produced the "Fritos Chili Pizza."


Edit: It actually looks really good.


It is time for not-pizza:

So it’s the protein pizza I mentioned before. A pea protein base with a little cheese and random meat topped on it.

First time I got one of these I tried just cooking it on one of those pizza trays with the holes. It just melted through the holes and glued itself to the tray so I got a pizza stone.

Ya gotta burn the shit outta it or the center just goes gooey.

The crust is just a solid chunk instead of doughy so it’s like a thin crispy pizza base.

It’s not bad but you’re tasting mostly the toppings on it with the Prosciutto slices being pretty overpowering since it’s salty.

If you’re on a diet or keeping to macros and got an insane craving for pizza, just take a break for a day and get an actual pizza.


It’s a long shot - but in many places across the country there are build your own pizza places (like subway, but with personal pan)

In California there is Blaze Pizza, PizzaRev, Pieology, 600 degrees, MOD Pizza, Urban Pie, among so many other names.

Have you been to these places? How do you feel about CRACKER CRUST (i go double dough if i can)


I don’t quite understand, like any pizza place that delivers here lets you choose the base, sauce, cheese and toppings.

So the difference is that you can just see them putting the stuff on your pizza, right?

I like big doughy bases versus thin and crispy bases.


Pretty much but also you can see the big pizza oven!


Every pizza that’s been posted here in the last few days is 100% disgusting; what’s wrong with people?


Did someone say disgusting pizza? I know a disgusting pizza.

Here’s another disgusting pizza, courtesy of KFC.


Chip, please put a NWS tag on this thread.


I would eat the chizza. Give me the chizza


I just looked up “KFC Chizza” to see if it was real, because I thought it was too unbelievable to exist.

What on earth is going on at KFC to make them come up with such things?


Got this anchovie and black olive pizza from Piola last night and it’s real salty but also real good.


…cat really wants my pizza.


Guys those pics are really understating how badly my cat wants this pizza.

It’s like:


Give him the za


Give unto Caesar what is Little Caesar’s


I’ve been thinking a lot about various kinds of pizza lately, and a question came to mind that I think needs to be answered.

Would a peanut butter and jelly pizza be remotely possible?


I can envision a layer of peanut butter overlaying the jelly, the toppings being like banana slices and the crust being something like graham crackers while the outer edge is whatever style of bread you want

i spent a lot of time thinking about this :v



Yeah, you could make one of those kinda abstract dessert pizzas. I remember when I was a kid the pizza hut had an apple pie pizza along those lines. Probably you’d have to use a really watery “jelly” so it can afford to cook down a bit in the oven, and then you apply the peanut butter post-bake from like a squeezy bottle so the whole thing has like a spiral or lattice of peanut butter on top.


Probably be nice with a shake of cinnamon and sugar, get it under the broiler for a bit, just enough to caramelize the banana toppings


Speaking of experimental pizzas, I’ve been seeing a lot of commercials lately about Cici’s coming out with some new pizzas. Has anyone tried them out yet? Are they any good?