Let's P'zone - Enter a Realm of Pizza Discussion 🍕


So what are people’s opinions on culture fusion pizzas?

Last year I decided to have a pizza party. I made a wood oven-baked, super spicy Korean pizza. Normal dough. Instead of tomato sauce I used a mixture of Gochujang, sesame oil, and peanut oil. I topped it with Mozzarella, Kimchi, and bacon. It was amazing.

That same day I also made a Spanish-style pizza by adding Manchego to the Mozzarella and topping it with sweet chorizo and Pata Negra ham.

I wanted to make Mole Poblano pizza by either using chicken in Mole Poblano sauce as a topping, or somehow mixing it into the base sauce, but I was so full at that point that I could’t do it.


Kebab pizza. Kebab, kebab sauce, french fries.



Holy fuck!! :staredog:
Is he baking this pizza for his worst enemy or what?

I just… Can’t… Understand…


Big news everyone!


A friend and I found Wild Mike’s pizza in a supermarket one day.
Reading the back of the pizza box in our best worst surfer voices was really funny.

Unfortunately I don’t remember what the pizza tasted like.
Look at the site, it’s like it fell out of the 90s and then tried to go modern and failed.


We reached this part pretty early in our D4 lp, but I’d like to get everyone’s opinion on the proper way to eat pizza. Is it this?


I usually grab 2 different topping pieces and make a sandwich.

Triple cheese pizza and Italian sausage pizza is the best thing ever. :allears:


I made my own pizza today and I’m extremely proud of it even though I didn’t give it nearly enough time in the oven. The crust was cooked, but it didn’t get a chance to get crispy at all.

Please appreciate my pizza.

(there would have been pineapple if I had remembered to pick some up last week, but it was still an ok pizza)


The closer the crust is to a breadstick the better.


I’m here to admit my pizza sins:

I only like cheese pizza. Get those toppings off of there.

My favorite pizza joint is Papa John’s. I’ve had “good” pizzas from pizza places that are regarded as higher quality that I still didn’t like as much as a plain cheese pizza from Papa John’s


There’s nothing wrong with cheese pizza!

But also I’m sorry to inform you that you probably subconsciously love Papa John’s because their sauce is sweetened. It is a sugar thing.


Ah the Kaysen School technique, a classic move. But I counter with the Lemon Gambit:

Also it is completely acceptable to like plain cheese pizza, in fact I think it’s a good metric by which to judge a pizza place.


Mmm Mmm margarita pizza is simply superb. Would have liked to have fermented the dough overnight but I was strong armed into making a batch of dough tonight.

Still yearning for the day I can get an oven that goes way higher than 525.


Anchovies…are good.


I believe the best pizza is none pizza with left beef. That is my controversial pizza opinion.

But also you always want to go local, there’s a place near where I live that makes great pizza, with the only caveat that they cut the pizza into rectangles instead of the holy triangle. Doesn’t impact the excellent flavor though. It’s really good.


The best pizza is paper thin and cut in squares. You can fold the pieces onto each other and eat an actual pizza sandwich that way.


Pizza should only be cut into squares if it’s a square pizza. There’s a place near my work that cuts round pizzas into tiny square slices and it’s the worst.


If it’s round, you can take the corners and make yourself a neat minipizza for your plate. There’s never a more beautiful sight.


I never want a minipizza. I always want a macropizza.


There’s never a pizza that’s too large, only a fridge too small to contain the leftovers.