Let's P'zone - Enter a Realm of Pizza Discussion 🍕


I think Little Caesar’s is actually the best big chain shitty pizza place, because the price is appropriate for the quality you’re getting, while places like Domino’s overcharge like hell for a pizza that’s not really any better quality than a Little Caesar’s pizza.

Papa John’s I think is the best of the big chain pizzas, but that’s mostly because of the free garlic sauce.


Domino’s improved their quality a lot in the mid-2000s. It’s nothing remarkable, but it’s not the sad pizza cardboard from the 90s, and the sauce actually has detectable seasonings in it.

I don’t remember Little Caesar’s from the 90s, but modern Little Caesar’s is still very cardboard-like, circa the time I had one like 3 years ago.


My Papa John’s experience has always been saturated with an absolutely obscene amount of oil dripping from the boxes. Suffice to say my opinion of their pizza suffers as a result.

Probably my favorite pizza place may be a local chain called Papa Gino’s, but it’s really only good if it’s fresh out of the oven. After it cools down it starts gettin’ gross. I don’t know what the deal is.

I gotta ask: opinions about Greek pizza? I’ve never been a fan of the crusts, myself.


I cannot remember the last time I had Papa John’s, but yeah, the owner of the business is trash. Also he had a video made about Papa John’s new website where his bored son orders a pizza from his tacky mansion. I’m high tech, high pizza.


Oof, I forgot about that video. I kinda like their crust…and that’s about it.

Hungry Howie’s for life.


Yeah, Papa John is a trash human and I avoid giving him my money at all costs.


Hungry Howie’s is my favorite and was the pizza and wings I’d eat when I was working at Pizza Hut and didn’t take food home from there. Everyone else I know though is very Anti-Howie, even though the worst I know he’s done is be hungry. I also have a negative life experience with Little Ceasars that I find funny in hindsight but probably isn’t.


I just order from local independents that I like :ok_hand:

There’s a place down the street from me where like, the only complaint I can level against them is that they put too many toppings on sometimes, which compromises the structural integrity of a slice.


Pizza trackers exist solely to disappoint people. This is just another of many reasons why independents are the preferred option.


“I’m high pizza, low tech.” A life we should all aspire to emulate, I think.

The CEO of Papa John’s lives in my county (sort of in the same city, Kentucky has weird zoning), and also owns or has significant stake in just about everything in my city. This means we are blessed to be constantly inundated with Papa John’s pizza crimes. Every single “pizza friday” in grade school was supplied by Papa John’s. Every fundraising car wash was at a Papa John’s. In general I think they’re an OK-ish chain. I won’t outright refuse a slice if offered, but boy howdy I have reached a point of intimate familiarity with every aspect of that guy’s “work.”

That said, there is one Papa John’s restaurant in town, conveniently located in the Student Activities Center of our local university (which Papa John’s owns about 60% of) which serves maybe the worst pizza I’ve ever had in my entire life. It only makes personal pizzas, they are all “made” and fully prepared about 6 hours before anyone begins ordering them, and they are all prepackaged. The crust was some kind of sponge material, the cheese looked like it came out of a lunchable, and it was invariably served cold. And sadly the pizza wasn’t the worst item on the menu, because for some reason this Papa John’s also served products they claimed were chicken tenders. It was a nightmare place and probably a crime against humanity to force college students to eat.

It’s not all bad here though, there’s a fantastic local pizza place which delivers all night, only serves 18’’ pizzas, and, if you choose to dine in, has this picture of Burt Reynolds occupying one entire wall.


holy shit??? holy shit that painting??? this is an incredible establishment


Why would you ever order delivery from that restaurant when you could dine in and enjoy both your pizza and a painting of Burt Reynolds?


Not to incriminate myself or anyone else, but if you do some soul searching on the phrase “All night delivery, 18’’ pizzas,” I think you will find your answer.

It’s an inferior option to be sure, but sometimes it is…necessary.


yawn Bo’s in the house.


Ah, I understand. Sometimes it is 3:30 in the morning, and you just need a ludicrous amount of pizza delivered straight to your house, even if it means missing out on an opportunity to dine next to the world’s finest art.


Yeah, that’s part of why I like one of my locals(the one I mentioned a while ago with the bizarre Thai potsticker pizza). They don’t charge extra for toppings, but they have a strict 4 topping limit to preserve the structure of the pizza.


So what are people’s opinions on culture fusion pizzas? I just ate at a place called Fong’s Pizza that was an interesting mix of asian food and pizza. The pizza I had there basically had a stir fry for the toppings and was pretty good (crust was a bit too thin so the stir fry made it a bit soggy after a while but it was still pretty tasty).


I’m not aware of any specific Howie crimes, pizza or otherwise. I also grew up with it, though—it was the only nearby pizza place—so my judgement may be compromised.


Seeing some pizza horror above. Can’t forget the best one!



Hmmm, okay, good start, a bit reckless with the dough there, nothing to worry abou- oh no no no no no NO NO NO NO NO WHAT IS HAPPENING