Let's Play The Sims 3 and become a Master Thief

Translator’s note: “wabadebadoo” means “I am on fire”

Sul sul! You probably know what The Sims is, right? No need for introductions or anything like that. We’re here to play it. The third one, that is.

Why The Sims 3?
Because I like it, and I feel that there is fun to be had and to be shared.

What’s the structure?
Structure is a strong word. We’re going to be creating a guy or gal and taking them as far as we can, exploring as much of the game as we can while carrying out goals we set for ourselves.

What if we d-d-die?
That’s half the fun! Hopefully our Sim will be able to breed, and we can pass the torch to our offspring. If not, it’s not like we can’t make a new Sim.

Got expansions?
Yes! So as not to provide too much of an overwhelming experience I’m starting with just a few that I consider baseline - World Adventures, Ambitions, and Seasons. As we get further along, I’ll be throwing more things onto the pile.

Oh, and I know it’s a bit strange for a game with no plot, but no spoilers. That means try to limit discussion to what we’ve already covered.

So without further ado, let’s ado this!

First we have to pick a town. We’ll be going with Twinbrook, the town that came with Ambitions.

Next, a hidden object game. EA threw this because the load times get a bit long when you have more than a few expansions.

Finally the world map! Yes, Sims 3, we’re here to Let’s Play you. Naturally we’re going to create a sim.

There’s a lot to take in here! Please ignore this randomly generated lady.

Let’s take this one step at a time. Male or female?

Part 1: Daniella Begins


Put me down for lass.
Looking forward to this all following the streams!

Let’s go with a Lady so you don’t have an excuse to make Waluigi. Again.


Lady just for the hell of it.

It’s gal time I think.

Girl Power all the way!

I’m gonna say female.

Why not Waladygi?

Be a gal. This looks fun, I only have the Sims 2 so getting to see further parts of the series will be cool.

Holy smokes, lady by a landslide! Rather than drive ourselves crazy with upwards of a month of in-thread facial parameter bickering, let’s do something a bit easier.

Sims 3 OST - Create a Sim - Fortissimo Personality

As you can see, we have a whopping 13 skin hues available. We’re going to randomly generate a few ladies from each and have our pick.

The first example of the first skin hue will be A1, the second of the first skin hue will be A2, and so on and so forth.

Bear in mind that we’ll almost certainly be able to change the outfit around near the end of creation, so if you like everything about one of our potential ladies besides the outfit, don’t worry too much about it.

Since we’ve got literally 39 goils to choose from, everyone pick your three favorites!

B1, G3, M2

H1’s got some good fashion sense, though; take notes.

M2, D2, E1

D2, J2, K3

A1, A3, H1

A1, D2, H1

I also really like M2 except for her skin tone. What is with the randomizer though for sims 3. I don’t remember getting random sims that look like this…ever…Perhaps sims 4 has ruined me a bit.

D3, E2, F2.

J2, I2 and K1 for my votes!

A3, F3, H1

I3, A3 and H1. Go weird~!

And time! Hold your horses and stop voting for a sec while my next post loads.