Let's Play Mouse Guard: a Six Feats Under campaign



Thaw 02 - Blue Patrol Is Locked Out

Francisca, Tander, Zeke, and his new tenderpaw Lily are heading to Copperwood to investigate the Spear, following the cryptic information from Darkheather. But once they get there, they find the city under lock and key, placed under the protection of the Red Hook…


I genuinely wonder if the red hook are legitimate or not. On one hand, they are pirates operating unusually inland. On the other, Copperwood is one of the largest and oldest cities and it seems unlikely that a band such as theirs could take it over themselves. Maybe there’s something more going on.

Also I really love Lily and Zeke’s dynamic, and how increasingly clear it is that they did not plan out this mentorship. I feel Zeke is going to learn more from Lily than Lily is going to learn from Zeke.


This was a wonderful episode. Zeke and Tander Donkey Kong Country their way inside is just such a perfect phrase.


Lily asking Gwendolyn to make Zeke her mentor at the start of Thaw 01 led to me imagining her giving a powerpoint presentation, which led to me creating an actual slideshow presentation of what that would look like.


This is a real presentation I made in google slides, and can also be viewed here:


Thaw 03 - Red Patrol Tears Itself Apart

Red patrol has two leads to work with, but both of them quickly turn into dead ends. With nowhere else to look and no more clues to follow, Granny’s eyes settle on one last lead, the most suspicious mouse involved: Isolde.