Let's Play Batman: Arkham Australia! (Mad Max)


I am still coughing ugggggh I hate it.

21: Rim Jobbie and THE JAW/Polsy


Still coughing. Not dead yet. Mostly.

22: Cackcrack/Polsy


Time for some scavenging cleanup.

23: Gutgash Cleanup/Polsy


“I’ll wait here with my able hands while the leathery stranger waddles out into the Wasteland alone to speak to ghosts”

I can’t comment on the meaningless of dates and places in the infinite void of the post-apocalypse but I can tell you that Chumbucket certainly has opinions about Griffa.


Roadkill Top Dogs are actually kinda tough to deal with sometimes.

24: Making Inroads/Polsy


Time for everyone’s favorite gameplay padding mechanic, minefields!

Also there’s some cool stuff that happens, I promise.

25: Let’s Go Rummage, Dog/Polsy

Timestamped last Griffa encounter, for reference. I got it last time, don’t know what went amiss this time!


Pig’N’Sticker’s camouflage paint job for the Magnum Opus 100% for sure makes it harder for enemies to spot you. Definitely a thing, sure.

26: Pig’N’Sticker/Polsy


Unlike the current president, this exhaust is good actually!

27: The “President” Exhaust/Polsy

I’m gonna be on vacation for the next week but I actually have a few videos in the hopper this time. It might take me a bit to make a post update but I should still make some youtube releases on a regular schedule. Probably.


Righto! Back from vacation. I scheduled these releases piece-meal over the last week but here’s them in a batch if you’re waiting.

28: Cock Locka/Polsy
29: The Arkytekt/Polsy
30: The Underdune/Polsy