Let's Play Batman: Arkham Australia! (Mad Max)


Today I poorly summarize Mad Max 1, a movie I really should have rewatched before trying to do a plot synopsis. Overall it’s a tonally different movie. Not bad. Very 70s. But different. Also Mel Gibson is practically unrecognizable.

10: Poorly Recalled History/Polsy


My update schedule is going to hell sooner than I thought.

11: The Clip Show/Polsy

Photo mode in this game is actually really good as it turns out. Here’s some shots of adventures in the wasteland.


You know, the more I see of Suspicious Oracular Stranger That Only Max Can See And Knows Max Better Than Max, the less I believe he’s real.

Really can’t put my finger on why though.


It’s never specified! Maybe Griffa is real! Maybe he’s just Max’s inner psyche searching for a way to recommune with his human spirit!

Today I freewheel on the nature of the Mad Max universe’s wasteland while punching its survivors in the face.

12: Australian Climate Change/Polsy


Got around to it eventually.

13: A (Conversation) Wasteland/Polsy

So realtalk y’all, you’ve seen the majority of the core gameplay loop. Aside from getting cool new parts on the car, not a whole lot else happens aside from story stuff from here on out. There’s still more to do though. I’m having trouble sitting/talking through this like I have in previous LPs.

Is it okay to start cutting out some of these camps unless something interesting happens? Most of them aren’t very interesting. The videos would have a lot less dead air, it’d just be me cutting out a lot more crap. I’ll still keep in stuff like talking to Griffa and any interesting lore bits, and the main/side missions. Plus any interesting scavenging locations. It’d make my job a lot easier, even if I have more footage to work through.


“A man with taste” he calls the guy driving around in a car painted blue and neon pink


Some kind of taste.


I know what you might be thinking, “wow that top dog just looks like a lazy recolor”. That’s only partially wrong!

14: Gaspa Grope/Polsy

I appreciate all the feedback for editing thus far. This’ll be the last one with most everything kept in, next one will be much more edited. Maybe it’ll be bad! I like it, it makes my life easier. I’m hesitant to do cuts with music because of copyright strikes and all that mess but we’ll see how that goes!

I’m gonna be on vacation for the next week so I might get in like one video during that time frame but y’know. Vacation.